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on MUX as

Twila, Selene, Lily, Pol (varies by face)


The Visionary


Provocative Oracle

Apparent Age


Played By

Taii Gordon
Unknown Models (Carnival)
Angelina Jolie (Carnival, Project Icarus)

Faction Membership

North Star Dance Troupe

Shriekback - Cradle Song

Sing a cradle-song now,

As the light fades around us

As you breathe like the ocean,

Lying small in my arms

See it all in a moment

You so young and unclouded

Shining bright as a lion

Feel the motion of time

As the world rolls away from the sun.

I can feel your life burning

Unlived moments within you

Further than I can see...

May the fire be your friend,

And the sea rock you gently.

May the moon light your way

'til the wind sets you free.

Florence + The Machine - No Light, No Light

Through the crowd I was crying out and

In your place there were a thousand other faces

I was disappearing in plain sight

Heaven help me I need to make it right

You want a revelation

You want to get right

And it's a conversation

I just can't have tonight

You want a revelation

Some kind of resolution

You want a revelation

No light, no light in your bright blue eyes

I never knew daylight could be so violent

A revelation in the light of day

You can't choose what stays and what fades away

And I'd do anything to, to make you stay

No light, no light

(No light)

Tell me what you want me to say

Florence + The Machine - Breath of Life

I was looking for a breath of life

A little touch of heavenly light

But all the choirs in my head sang no

To get a dream of life again

A little of vision of the start and the end

But all the choirs in my head sang no

But I only needed one more touch

Another taste of heavenly rush

And I believe, I believe it so

And I only needed one more touch

Another taste of devouring rush

And I believe, I believe it so

Whose side am I on, whose side am I?

Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence (Original)

Hello darkness, my old friend

I've come to talk with you again

Because a vision softly creeping

Left its seeds while I was sleeping

And the vision that was planted in my brain

Still remains

Within the sound of silence

In restless dreams I walked alone

Narrow streets of cobblestone

'Neath the halo of a street lamp

I turned my collar to the cold and damp

When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light

That split the night

And touched the sound of silence

And in the naked light I saw

Ten thousand people maybe more

People talking without speaking

People hearing without listening

People writing songs that voices never shared

No one dared

Disturb the sound of silence

"Fools," said I, "you do not know

Silence like a cancer grows

Hear my words that I might teach you

Take my arms that I might reach you"

But my words like silent raindrops fell

And echoed in the wells of silence

And the people bowed and prayed

To the neon god they made

And the sign flashed out its warning

In the words that it was forming

And the sign said:

"The words of the prophets

Are written on the subway walls

And tenement halls

And whispered

In the sound

Of silence."

Loreena McKennitt - Marrakesh Night Market

The stories are woven

And fortunes are told

The truth is measured by the weight of your gold

The magic lies scattered

On rugs on the ground

Faith is conjured in the night market's sound

Would you like my mask?

Would you like my mirror?

Cries the man in the shadowing hood

You can look at yourself

You can look at each other

Or you can look at the face of your god


Make My Cult!

Leave the text in the box precisely as it is, and click the 'Create or Edit My Cult!' button.


"As I thought of these things, I drew aside the curtains and looked out into the darkness, and it seemed to my troubled fancy that all those little points of light filling the sky were the furnaces of innumerable divine alchemists, who labour continually, turning lead into gold, weariness into ecstasy, bodies into souls, the darkness into God; and at their perfect labour my mortality grew heavy, and I cried out, as so many dreamers and men of letters in our age have cried, for the birth of that elaborate spiritual beauty which could alone uplift souls weighted with so many dreams."
- W. B. Yeats, Rosa Alchemica

See through the clutter and the hazy confusion of life to spot the real problem. Look long enough and maybe the solution will become equally clear. Turn off the the noise of the world and work the problem. It just takes a little creative thinking. Thinking outside of the box. The right idea at the right time.

Be the spark; start a blaze.

Imagine better, and change the whole damn world.

Imagination wrapped in flesh.

Her core purpose is to create and inspire, as she sees what others do not, and cannot.

What she creates -- a new invention, art, philosophy, trends, mystical faith, knowledge, a dystopian nightmare -- varies dramatically from tale to tale, but she is always a muse and at the whims of one or more at once.

Everything can be so much more. You see bigger ideas and potential in everything, and you do your best to realize those dreams. Innovate. Change the world.

Role in Carnival

Urania is a peculiar collection of contrasts and confusion. That she makes any sense at all is a small miracle unto itself. Not even the scholars can decide who she mothered, or by what father; is it any surprise that sense of being disconnected from the typical bonds of family? She is the eldest of the muses -- and the youngest. There are resonances, to be sure, but as the confusion itself predated this incarnation of her, it all became an intrinsic part of her as well, abstracting her further from any semblance of normalcy.

No one can make up their minds, and everyone from the Greeks and Romans to Christian scholars and Romantic poets have tried to define and redefine her.

As if she needed any other reason to not be grounded.

The very nature of the muses rendered them flighty at best, chasing one brave soul or clever hand or mind to inspire after the next in a mad dash. She is little different in this respect, save for the strange lack of urgency or frenzied rush that comes from perceiving time in a far less human way: she knows the view from the stars, and some part of her will always exist within that sense of astronomical time. Geological time's got nothing on that one.

She observes the world as she understands the stars: a series of cycles interrupted by chaos that is still predictable often enough, if you're only paying attention. Patterns are everywhere, echoing through time and space from the smallest atom to the grandest expanse of a galaxy, and she knows them well. When they appear, she pays sharp attention. A more modern mind would liken it to a thorough understanding of the workings of a vast machine: knowing which gears are turning when, how to keep them moving smoothly, or throw a spanner in the works at just the right time to prevent or cause disaster.

Abstractly, she has an understanding that these changes are outpacing her ability to comprehend them. In a sense, the world is speeding up. The machine she knew so intimately is moving at the same pace out there, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to translate all the echoes, signs, and symbols quickly enough to keep pace with the rapid changes brought by technological progress on the ground. At the same time, these changes fascinate her, as so many new discoveries are leading people to look to the stars again.

If she plays her cards just right, there is a way. She knows it.

...and if not, maybe there will be a new home out there.

Coming to America

She came on the waves, and she came early. More accurately, she came in the aspirations and fears of sailors charting the first paths to the new world, so many of whom -- being a superstitious lot -- whispered her name and asked for guidance and inspiration as they charted their way across the Atlantic by the stars over head. She was surely not alone in this, as they whispered many a name, every god and monster of the deep, the wind, the sky, fate, and fortune alongside her own. It kept her in good company, then, skipping from island to island like a stone, until they reached the shores of what would later become America.

Starting anew on the mainland, it transformed into a far more lonely beginning, and she haunted the coast like many of those same sailors and the ones that came to settle with them, and many of their superstitions became her own. Soon enough she learned the lay of this new land while only ever looking up.

Then came the missionaries, some whispering her name to suit their own purposes, likening the purity of her aura of universal love, a view of reality bestowed on her by the heavens themselves, and the creative fire of inspiration to the Holy Spirit of the Trinity they represented. She found little comfort in such spaces; the view from above the world of men the stars reflected back to her bared the hypocrisy of it all: using the name and mien of a muse to abolish the original powers where they spread, all in the name of a God she bore no relation to whatsoever. To these, she whispered the truth of her syncretization, and bade them do the same wherever she might.

She was bound to that flame all the same, and found it fed and starved her at once. It was enough to survive.

(To be continued.)

Evolution: The Stars

'When you want to know your future, look to the stars!' (astrology); 'when you see the future of humanity hundreds of years from now, look to the stars!' (space exploration); 'when you look at the potential for human achievement WHILE REMAINING HUMBLE ABOUT HOW SMALL YOU ARE IN THE GREAT BIG UNIVERSE, look to the stars!' ('what's out there?'/'are we alone out there?')

  • Starting to divine and send horoscopes by wire under a pen name to news outlets. One of her prior efforts likely would have been this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astronomica_(Manilius) and she would be encouraging other writers and former spiritualists to learn it and make this the common horoscope thing we see in most publications today, along with the common practice of doing someone's natal chart/etc.
  • Working with Kolvek and Goddard to encourage the development of their rocketry and technology with a focus on getting to the moon and beyond rather than applying their tech to weapons of war alone. Her image and name is on the Naval Observatory seal along with a quote from the previously linked work, interestingly enough, to this day, so working with them is also an option here to encourage their continued efforts.
  • Inspiring sci-fi authors and artists to continue their work, and inspiring other creatives to consider writing speculative fiction/theory/creations involving exploration of space, life beyond earth (with or without alien species), etc.


Twila Estelle

Faces (Interpretive Dance)

In terms of this story, this is her 'real' face: a youthful woman with old eyes, always seemingly focused somewhere else, a little further down the line than they can see.

VisTwila2.jpg VisTwila3.jpg VisCarnivalF1.jpg

Selene Moreau

Vendors (Fortune Teller)

'Selene' does simple card readings in her trailer for those in great need, but only during the day. She is never seen outside the trailer, though often goes missing in the evening.

VisSelene2.jpg VisSelene1.jpg VisionaryCarnival1.jpg

Lily (Just Lily)

Just Lily. Dancer, femme fatale. Doesn't talk about the wedding ring any more than she seems willing to divulge a last name. The handy face for times there's a bit of hell to raise, rabble to rouse, shit to stir, or a party going on. There's a real Lily, precisely like this one, among her followers. It makes blending in all the more convenient.

VisLily1.jpg VisLily2.jpg VisLily5.jpg VisionaryCarnival2.jpg VisLily.jpg

Miss Kate Anderson

Proper, sociable, charming, and not at all strange. The town-side female face.

VisMissKate1.jpg VisMissKate2.jpg VisMissKate.jpg


Sure, he's pretty, but sometimes a girl needs to go out wandering into the dark at night, away from the light, to get a good read on the stars. That's much safer as a shiftless drifter without any visible means, particularly a male one who seems like he's able to handle himself. He's friendly, unobtrusive, and blends a little better than her usual faces, but it's not kept secret from the carnies that it's still her under the man suit.

VisPol2.jpg VisPol1.jpg

All have the same tattoo: a depiction of The North Star in a roughly Art Nouveau style. All have been aided in some way by Urania's prophecies, though this is not the source of their devotion in every case. All are tragic figures in some way. Some have chosen to follow her and join the group rather than remain in their old lives, and are better off for doing so. Others have been known to follow the Carnival from town to town for a time, or return to the show each year when it stops in their town to see her, as patrons. The group is surprisingly diverse, composed of the surreal and mundane, young and old, male and female, of every race and social class.
OOC Note: If you want a scene with any of them, or want to borrow one for something, feel free to ask. Also, if any seem to step on the toes of your archetype or non-cult SRs, let me know so I can adjust them to avoid this.


Brawn: Poor
+ Enduring Bright (Positive)

Say what you will regarding wee wispy women, but stars have some solid staying power.
- Waify (Negative)

Even the scholars could never agree as to whether she was the oldest, or youngest of the Muses. Parts of her -- her body on the whole -- unfortunately fall toward the latter interpretation, and she's a small woman in her primary form. While she is not entirely frail, she certainly seems it at a glance. Reaching stuff on the tall shelves is right out, though. She has short people problems. For some curious reason, they seem to especially annoy her despite the fact that she's presumably always been this way, and it's still not commonly an age of exceptionally tall folk.
Finesse: Normal
+ Exceptional Grace (Positive)

She's a thing of the air and sky. Her every motion is a picture of grace itself, and she often seems to float effortlessly through her steps -- as a dancer, and in life in general. She never seems to be in a hurry, no matter how quickly she may be moving.
Brains: Good
+ Pattern Recognition (Positive)

She knows the motions of the Great Machine, and how they work. Seeing the cycles in all things brings them to higher prominence; she can't miss them. One of the primary roots of her Divinatory abilities.
+ Eidetic Memory (Positive)

Thanks, Mom. :/ This still doesn't help me remember who my kids or their fathers are. Stupid scholars. Agree on more things, please! I can't forget how many versions of leg-spreading I've done, either!
- Distracted (Negative)

When not just seeing what's before her, but its potential consequences and influences spinning out through space and time around her, it's sometimes hard to tell where the actual here and now really is, if she can't focus. As a result, she may answer the question you haven't asked yet, instead of what you want to know now. "Tomorrow's Answers Today" might make for a great slogan, but it's bad news for straight talk.
Spirit: Good
+ Inspiring (Positive)

She's a muse, and this is her primary job: to inspire.
+ Lucky Bitch (Positive)

Being able to see the threads of probability around her isn't all there is to it, but it certainly helps. Her delicate touch on the Great Machine has a way of steering it ever in her favor.
+ Indomitable (Positive)

...as much chance as pinching a star out of the sky.
- Universal Love (Negative)

If there's one thing the Christian poets and mystics got right, it's that she has a measure of love for everyone. Less hussy, more giving too much of a damn. Caring about people has major downsides for eternal beings, or those that wish to remain so. People aren't forever.
- Space Cadet (Negative)

Maybe it's the way she looks through people. Maybe it's the seemingly random, stream-of-consciousness commentary that tumbles out of her mouth from time to time. Maybe it's that she looks like someone's uncomfortably sexy kid sister that just grew up. Whatever it is, she comes off flaky, and can be hard to take seriously, no matter how insightful or clever she may be.

Perks and Quirks

+ Shapeshifter (Human)
+ Minor Power (Awareness/Divination) - Brains

Divination. Perception of signs, omens, symbols, patterns; adept with more traditional methods of dowsing and pendulum use, but primarily observational. The most common thing she perceives is 'The Great Machine' as described in her writeup -- though it isn't mechanized gears she 'sees', but the churning of galaxies, the turning of seasons, and other natural cycles and processes. Often, references are picked out with points of light like constellations, referring to other mythological entities and stories.

Urania perceives these things at all times, but in an unfocused manner. They may offer hints that something worth looking at is afoot, but make little sense until she uses the power to interpret what she sees.

Her Brains negative quality 'Distracted' reflects the fact that this is her normal state of being: perceiving the flows of energies and their cycles, which is a perpetual distraction, difficult for her to avoid. (Her Spirit negative 'Space Cadet' is related to this, too.)

(Mechanics: Predictive, heightened awareness and ability to filter for meaning.) (Stat: Brains?)
+ Minor Power (Fate/Luck) - Spirit

The future is not fixed, it is merely probable. By nudging the flows of energy, she is able to subtly shift the outcome to the direction she desires if it is already a possible outcome by tilting probability. Similarly, she is able to take note of events as they unfold and use the power to find paths of least resistance to follow, tilting the odds in that direction further.

(Mechanics: To be determined by TD as used.) (Stat: Spirit?)
+ Cult

The North Star.
- Superstitious

She originally came here with sailors navigating by the stars. It's harder to find a more default superstitious occupation.

Don't Point at the Stars
It's a bad idea. You may as well be pointing at the god or power associated with it, and they know it. Do you really want their attention? Usually, that's a hard no. For the Muse, it would be like talking shit behind someone's back and then sending them a memo to say she did it.
Careful With Those Wishes
If you spot a fallen star on your right, it means good luck, while one on your left indicates misfortune will follow. If you're quick, you may be able to shift position as the star travels in an attempt to change your luck.
When you look at a shooting star and you pick up a stone, it brings you great luck.
Make a knot in your handkerchief when you see a shooting star. That brings you good luck.
Looking at a shooting star can also indicate the death of someone close to you.
Seeing shooting stars is a sign of reaching or coming close to one’s destiny. This is not always a good thing.
Everyone's Gotta Eat
There will be a poor harvest when the evening star is low in the sky, while the appearance of Sirius, or the Dog Star — one of the brightest stars in the sky — means drought is on the way.
Falling Stars at Sea
By observing the direction that a shooting star travels, sailors can predict which way the winds will blow.
Follow the North Star Home
A glimpse of the North Star is good luck because it means their vessel is close to home. In more recent times, seafarers have been known to court luck with tattoos of the North Star as a way of carrying on this ancient tradition. (This is where the cult tattoo comes from.)
Rain and the Moon
Superstition dictates that observing how stars are positioned in relation to rings around the moon can help you predict the weather. A ring around the moon with a single star situated inside means clear weather ahead. If you spot more than one star inside the ring, you can count the stars to determine how many rainy days will occur in the coming week.
Don't Count
If you attempt to count the stars in the sky, you'll die when you reach 100.
...Except When You're Single
Only a single person looking for love can keep a tally. Even in this case, the unpaired person can count a maximum of seven stars on seven consecutive nights. If you do this, the first person of their preferred sex that they shake hands with on the eighth day is the one they'll partner with.
Signals coming plague or disaster.
Sailors and the Sea
Pretty much everything here.
- Too Pretty

So shiny. (Dammit, is that Kolvek... again?!)
- Nocturnal

Starlight is a thing, y'all. Daystar is wincey-bright.


VisCarnivalStar.jpg VisCarnivalArt1.jpg

They come for a variety of reasons. Some come and go. Others never leave.

In each case, in some way, Urania has changed the course of the life of each of her cultists in a profound manner, enough so that the strength of their faith in her transforms and sustains hers in turn.

Some fell in love with a beautiful woman -- or man -- and became obsessed. (They rarely last.) Others had warnings they needed at just the right time. Still others saw inspiration in her they found nowhere else.

On the surface, they are a rag-tag performance troupe, not unlike any other in the Carnival. They occupy a trio of trailers: one for Urania's personal lodgings and readings (as Selene or Twila), one that serves as dressing room and bunk space for the women, and a third to haul the gear and their private tent that serves as bunk space for the menfolk -- they often sleep on the roof when in transit. While they typically operate as a relatively self-contained unit, and the bulk of their activity is focused on the group, the majority of the membership are willing and ready to help out whenever called upon to do so for the Carnival at large as fits their abilities.


Twila Estelle

Role: Goddess, Troupe Leader
Age: late teens
Played by: Shapeshifted Form

...somebody gets worshipped in these arrangements. She does it with style.


Dubheasa "Fox" Deoradhán

Role: Priestess, Dancer
Age: early 20s

She gets to wear the hat sometimes, see. When dancing, she is often more covered than any of the others, and is often fully veiled when she takes the lead in the matinee performance.

Fox spends the majority of her free time with Milton, as evidenced by her colorful skin. The imagery on her body is a visual chronicle of their travels to accompany his journals.


Lily Justin

Role: Dancer, Borrowed Face
Age: mid-20s

It would be easy to mistake Lily Justin for "Just Lily," but that would be a mistake. "Just Lily" is the face Urania 'borrows' from time to time, though the real Lily Justin is part of the dance troupe. Never seen together outside of the trailer, and even then, by precious few among those in the cult.

Lily is totally Loki's fault. Or favor. It's often hard to tell. (She's determined to believe he meant well when he dropped her drunken, passed out form in her trailer with a joyful insistence that, "She's great! You'll love her!" like a birthday present.)

Blunt reality: she would possess Lily like she might any other member of the cult if there was a need, but Lily is a hot mess. Possessing someone who is often passed out, throwing up, drunk off their arse, or screwing somebody she knows professionally (very, very loudly) is just far too awkward a festival of TMI for this particular muse.

Despite the 'best' laid plans, most of the time she spends in Lily's face, she spends apologizing for the real Lily's raucous antics. (Feel free to have fun with this, y'all.)


Marcus Munson

Role: Dancer
Age: early 20s

(Coming soon.)

VisMarcus2.jpg VisMarcus3.jpg VisMarcus4.jpg

Kamilla Galli

Role: Fortune Teller's Assistant, Dancer
Age: mid-30s
Played by: Theda Bara

Assists during the day doing readings with 'Selene'. She is one of the dancers in the troupe, and typically performs during the night.


Selene Moreau

Role: Fortune Teller, Truth in Shadow
Age: mid-20s
Played by: Shapeshifted Form

'Selene' does simple card readings in her trailer for those in great need, but only during the day. She claims to be from a long line of seers and oracles, but is evasive regarding the details.

She is never seen outside the trailer, though often goes missing in the evening.


Magdalene "Mae" Weatherly

Role: Troupe Seamstress, "Mom"
Age: early 60s
Played by: Miranda Richardson

Magda Weatherly was once a costumer off-Broadway. She fell in love with a vaudeville performer who had enough name recognition to get a one man show in 'legitimate' theater, and she followed him along when he moved on. The two were later married, but he never abandoned his womanizing ways. He was shot by the husband of a woman he was caught in bed with, and Mae was on her own again. Ultimately, she found herself trying to make her way back into the working world in New York, and it was a struggle for a recent widow.

She met up with Urania when the muse was in New York, in the days before the Carnival, invited to share an apartment with four other disorganized and chaotic mythical beings: three pixies performing for various chorus lines around town, and one thoroughly mischievous nymph. It was easy enough for Mae to write off their quirks under the usual shrug, sigh, and endless repetition of, "Theater people."

As the most serene of the lot, it was easy enough to understand how the two became friends, and, later, revelations and aid flowed between them. Mae followed when Urania joined the Carnival, providing necessary assistance to the troupe as it began in the form of her own irrepressible -- if somewhat old-fashioned -- style. Predictably enough, she's taken on something of a role as 'Mom', particularly as concerns it Milton and, more recently, Marcelle.


David "Lou" Barker

Role: Troupe Security
Age: mid-30s

She helped his little sister get out of a bad situation and into a safe, new life. That's enough for David, better known as "Lou" for the Louisville Slugger he carries with him everywhere. Rumor is he even sleeps with the thing in hand.


Callum Carver

Role: Troupe Security
Age: mid-30s

Callum Carver was once a preacher in Texas, not that he talks about those days much. It would be the last guess most would make about the scruffy man in the leather hat. He still knows his last rites, though, and can be called on to deliver them to those in need, should occasion arise, even if it's hard for him to muster himself to it. It's hard to sell what you don't believe in any more, particularly once you've found something too solid to deny. There's something to be said for the old gods, the ones that don't get so fucking judgy about righteous vengeance when it's taken into one's own hands.


Milton Tanner

Role: Chronicler, Tattoo Artist
Age: late 20s

Marcelle Petit

Role: Wash Girl, Bait
Age: 19

Marcelle's situation isn't the best of the strange family of the North Star troupe, but it's better than it was. She's one of the few connections made through Urania's present male incarnation, typically only known as Pol. Still recovering from injuries sustained before a last minute rescue, with the aid of Fenrir, on a recent stop on the trip, she finds herself in the position of handling the laundry for the troupe, and taking in wash from others as she can to try to earn her keep.

More and more, she's been considering less squeaky clean employment in the cooch tent, though her injuries have thus far prevented any active pursuit of a position. She's tried to join the dancers, but a terminal case of two left feet isn't promising for any career on stage. Her complete and total obliviousness to the way nature screams 'do not touch' seems to keep this otherwise mundane-seeming woman from being a constant case of the freakouts on the grounds, even if it isn't promising when it comes to keeping her actually alive for very long.


Bob Nolan

Role: Occasional Handyman, Carnival Roustie
Age: late 60s

"Uncle" Bob Nolan is one of the old coots that knows how everything works. Not how it's supposed to work, but how it actually works once you sweet-talk it just so and whack it in the right spot with a wrench. He's a crotchety, ancient codger of a gremlin exterminator. (Possibly, literally so, even if he's blissfully unaware of it.)

Twila gave him warning that kept him from being crushed to death in a potential ride collapse, sparing not only him, but the patrons he was able to save by fixing an old, hidden part before it could invisibly give way. He broke his right leg, but it was better than crushing his skull. Ever since, he's been loyal as a hound dog, and helps do handyman work when it's needed, even if it takes him half the day to get from one end of the grounds to the other on his bum leg.



Role: Hanger-On
Age: early 30s
Played by: Shapeshifted Form

Pol is just... around, sometimes. Pol sounds enough like 'Paul' that no one outside the group really seems to know it's short for 'Polaris', the North Star. The cult seems to know him well and holds him in some esteem, regardless. Often wandering the grounds wherever they set up, after hours, barefoot and scruffy. Friendly, charming enough, when not keeping to himself or lost in his thoughts.


Antonin Kolvek

Role: Actual Rocket Scientist
Age: early 40s
Played by: Burn Gorman

...he's a long story. (Some people are grateful when they don't end up kidnapped and pressed into service by Nazis, even if they don't know what Nazis are yet.)

He's known Twila since the days before she joined the carnival, and presently resides in Roswell, NM, where he works on making actual rockets, in the days long before people believed this could ever be a viable thing, and has bounced across the country with the Goddard team as they work on precisely that problem. He comes to see the show -- often at great expense -- when he can.

VisAntonin1.png VisAntonin2.png VisAntonin3.jpg VisAntonin.png

Miranda Kolvek (Barker)

Role: Watcher
Age: late 20s
Played by: Mia Kirshner

Lou's sister. Sent off to happily ever after with Antonin. And keep an eye on him.


Additional Dancers

Role: Dancer(s)
Age: varies

There are always 8 female dancers in the troupe in addition to Twila. This is more or less the placeholder to represent the mass of them, where specific writeups are not in place.


Dubheasa "Fox" Deoradhán (Carnival)

Cult Member, Dancer, Priestess
Cult member. Serves as priestess to the cult. She is one of the dancers in the troupe, and typically performs during the day.


Milton Tanner (Carnival)

Cult Member, Tattoo Artist
Cult member. Tattoo artist.

He views the world through a painfully twisted lens, and reworked the whole of his skin to 'fit in' with the way he sees others, cursed with a psychopomp's sight. In his eyes, it is the only way to not be a freak, even if the rest of the world is quite the opposite.

But Gods are a little different. Goddesses, too. Especially those who seem to exist in astronomical time. Urania may be faded, and she may be translucent skin stretched like parchment over bone, but the pinpoints of light that radiate from her are a thing he cannot help but see as well. She is a palpable reminder to him that even in death, there is light, there is love, and there is acceptance. It is a hope he clings to out of desperate need; she is the literal light he found at the end of a seemingly endless dark tunnel. As a result, he is extraordinarily devoted, despite being the one soul in the flock that cannot ever perceive her physical beauty as the others do.

He designed the tattoo for the others who follow her, and does the work himself when they are accepted into the fold. If Fox is her high priestess, he is her right hand in a far more subtle way: he has taken it on himself to chronicle her 'miracles' and the stories of the cult's travels in a series of journals he keeps jealously guarded, as an ongoing record of their living story as it happens, interspersed with sketches, quotes, scraps of poetry, and the errant photograph or article from a local newspaper.


Kamilla Galli (Carnival)

Fortune Teller's Assistant, Dancer
Assists during the day doing readings with 'Selene'. She is one of the dancers in the troupe, and typically performs during the night.

No badges for Carnival.

Bearing Gifts
(2019-04-29 • Apothecary Tent) Lorraine, Urania, Low-Key, and Diamanto visit Hypnos' opium den and come bearing gifts.
Cast  •   La Llorona  •  Hypnos  •  Diamond Devil  •  Loki  •  Urania  •
Ghosts in the Graveyard
(2019-04-25 • Carnival Grounds - Midway) Mr. W's minions deliver a message: Management is to meet with Washington at a specified location in exchange for Mephistopheles.
Cast  •   Taema and Tilafaiga  •  Hypnos  •  Thunderbird  •  Dionysus  •  Hodr  •  Manticore  •  The Unicorn  •  Osiris  •  Urania  •  Mad Sweeney  •  Gran Brigitte  •  Coyote  •  Sekhmet  •  Áine  •  Loki  •  Zeus  •
Patrol Stories - Starry Night
(2019-04-22 • Lakeside) Sekhmet and Diamanto are patrolling around and outside the Carnival. They happen upon Urania and her cult trying to relax.
Cast  •   Diamond Devil  •  Sekhmet  •  Urania  •
Truth and Boundaries, Michigan
(2019-04-18 • Games Area) Sekhmet seeks out Loki amidst the chaos post-teleport. Because where else will you find a trickster but in the middle.
Cast  •   Loki  •  Urania  •  Sekhmet  •  Hodr  •
Paradise Found
(2019-04-18 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) The group sent to town for supplies returns with dire news and a mob not far behind them.
Cast  •   Bik  •  Urania  •  The Unicorn  •  Coyote  •  Mad Sweeney  •  Manticore  •  Gran Brigitte  •  Osiris  •  Hodr  •  Hypnos  •  Itzhak "Itchy" Rosencrantz  •  Dashiel Hogarth  •  Ouroboras  •  Urania  •  Artemis  •  Thunderbird  •  La Llorona  •
Fear and Loathing in Truth or Consequences
(2019-04-15 • Egyptian Camp) A simple conversation about options for transformation and choices becomes horror and chaos and the monsters reveal themselves.
Cast  •   Osiris  •  Bik  •  Ouroboras  •  Diamond Devil  •  The Unicorn  •  Manticore  •  Urania  •  Fenrir  •  Hodr  •
Confused as a Cat
(2019-04-14 • North Star Troupe Circle) Confusion continues to flow about the options the wonders have regarding their uncertain future.
Cast  •   Osiris  •  Diamond Devil  •  Urania  •  Loki (as CAAAT and Low-Key)  •
Four Roads
(2019-04-12 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) Having options isn't the same as having good options. Urania delivers the news from Management to the carnival.
Cast  •   Alecto  •  Manticore  •  Mad Sweeney  •  Urania  •  Coyote  •  Áine  •  Gran Brigitte  •  Hodr  •  Diamond Devil  •
Between a Rock and Several Hard Places
(2019-04-12 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) Urania informs the myths on what's to come and the various choices that they can make. Most of which seem difficult or horrible.
Cast  •   Alecto  •  Manticore  •  Mad Sweeney  •  Urania  •  Áine  •  Hodr  •  Coyote  •  Ouroboras  •  Diamond Devil  •
The Unhallowed Trinity
(2019-04-11 • The Carnival) With strange dreams come even more unnerving revelations.
Cast  •   Gran Brigitte (as ST as Management)  •  Urania  •
Bonds Beneath the Desert Sky
(2019-04-10 • New Mexico Desert) In the midst of chaos, two souls unite beneath the desert sky one night in Truth or Consequences, embracing their own truth in the process.
Cast  •   Manticore  •  Sekhmet  •  Osiris  •  Loki  •  Gran Brigitte  •  Arthur Grim  •  Fenrir  •  Hodr  •  Diamond Devil  •  Urania  •  Nike  •  Dionysus  •
ReBirthday Party
(2019-03-31 • Carnival Grounds - Adult Area) The Children Of A Lesser God have a reason to celebrate. Everyone's Invited.
Cast  •   Ouroboras (as Oh)  •  Urania (as Urania)  •  The Unicorn (as Colorado)  •  La Llorona (as Lorraine)  •  Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •  Nike (as Nikki)  •  Bik (as Bik)  •  Diamond Devil (as Diamento)  •  Sekhmet (as Leona)  •  Mad Sweeney (as Cedric)  •  Hodr (as Holden/Owen)  •
In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
(2019-03-28 • North Star Troupe Trailers) Urania catches Loki up on current news.
Cast  •   Loki (as Low-Key)  •  Urania (as Twila Estelle)  •
Sing me to sleep
(2019-03-28 • Apothecary Tent) Lorraine stops by the apothecary tent to get some help sleeping.
Cast  •   Nike  •  La Llorona  •  Hypnos  •  Urania  •
Time and Change
(2019-03-28 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) Two wonders chat about the changes of time and perception at camp in the later hours between shows.
Cast  •   La Llorona  •  Urania  •
The Story So Far
(2019-03-24 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) A fairly typical carnie morning turns to less typical conversation concerning a particular radio ad. They learn others went to investigate and talk about that.
Cast  •   Diamond Devil (as Diamanto)  •  Dionysus (as Dean)  •  Mad Sweeney (as Cedric)  •  Áine (as Eve)  •  Theodore Walker  •  Nike (as Nikki)  •  Hodr (as Holden)  •  Zeus (as Sky)  •  Osiris (as Aya)  •  Maahes  •  Urania (as Cultist: Lily Justin)  •
A Dance to Nowhere
(2019-03-18 • Midway) A brief meeting on the midway.
Cast  •   Loki (as Low-Key)  •  Urania (as Just Lily)  •
(2019-03-16 • North Star Troupe Side Tent) A new arrival catches a unique sort of attention from a rarely surprised muse. Cat-staring ensues. (Backscene, roughly 3 years ago.)
Cast  •   Loki (as Low-Key)  •  Urania (as Twila Estelle)  •
Post Chaos
(2018-04-16 • Fenrir's Truck House) After the chaos at the camp site, Urania sends one of her cultists to check up on the Big Bad Wolf.
Cast  •   Fenrir  •  Urania (as SR: Marcelle Petit)  •