The Dead Pool

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For humor and fun, below are the various characters in the game, and those who are calling them to die first (or next, once someone does). Put your Archetype after the name to pick that person.

The Addict (Jade Marchant):

The Adherent (Danielle Lester):

The Advisor (Silvio Bloomquist): Thrill-Seeker

The Analyst (In Chargen):

The Artist (Arthur Bloomquist):

The Athlete (N/A):

The Beast (Morrison lester):

The Bon-Vivant (Zane Bloomquist):

The Bravo (Lennon Lester):

The Capitalist (Landon Marchant):

The Caregiver (Esme Reed):

The Caretaker (Noah Thistle):

The Competitor (Ashley Freeland):

The Confidant (Cash Freeland):

The Coward (Colorado Thistle):

The Creepshow (Star Thistle)

The Crusader (Dick Lester):

The Dabbler (Marianne Igesund):

The Defender (N/A):

The Deviant (N/A):

The Explorer (Thea Marchant):

The Fatalist (Hendrix 'Squid' Lester):

The Fool (Yves Bloomquist):

The Gambler (Felicity Bloomquist):

The Healer (N/A):

The Heretic (Jonny Lester):

The Hunter (Sky Bloomquist):

The Idealist (Thomas Bloomquist):

The Innocent (N/A):

The Judge (N/A}:

The Loner (Theodore Marchant):

The Lover (Lana Reed):

The Martyr (Hector de la Huerta):

The Medic (N/A):

The Melancholic (James Thistle):

The Pedagogue (Ian Thistle):

The Penitent (Amy Lester):

The Perfectionist (Marsha Lester):

The Rebel (George Lester):

The Rogue (Lucas Marchant):

The Scholar (Sebastian Lester):

The Scientist (N/A):

The Soldier (N/A):

The Stoic (N/A):

The Survivor (N/A):

The Thrill-Seeker (Silver Thistle) :

The Vigilante (N/A):

The Visionary (Mona Marchant):

Coroner's Report

Cash Freeland
 (Archetype): Upon witnessing the death of his beloved Hector, Cash took his own life.
Hector de la Huerta
 (Archetype): Hector is grinning like a lunatic or possibly Douglas Farbanks Sr. in some swashbuckling role. he is swinging the machete when the bullet takes him. He has just long enough to look surprised and rasp, "Cash?" in a small lost voice, before collapsing like a marionette with cut strings, gouts of blood pumping hard out of the massive hole in his chest as his throat rattles in death.