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Facility Archetypes Only
Archetype Roles Only
All BUT Facility Archetypes

Characters do not have a role, a job, or a name in the facility, so these fields are omitted for this form.

Core Basics

Your chosen image to represent this character in this role.
Upload your image first. You only need the file name here, DO NOT format it like [[File:MyPic.jpg]]
When you start typing the name of the image in the box, it should autofill a list of options for you to select from.
Played By
This remains persistent throughout all of the archetype's roles.
How old the character appears when in the Facility.
Also Known As
Separate alternate names with a <br>
please, not a / or anything else.
Activity Status (required)
This is the character's activity status on the game.
Active: Characters involved in the current story.
Inactive: Retired characters. This includes roles an archetype has played in a previous story, supporting roles from previous stories, and central casting characters from previous stories.
If you're playing the archetype, this should be set to 'yes'. If the archetype is opened up to be taken as-is over the course of a story, she can set it to 'as-is'. If this archetype is a new blank slate archetype available for someone to take in the current story, choose 'no'.
An overview of how you, the player, interpret the core nature of this archetype. This will remain consistent through all of your roles.
Persistent Traits
(Optional.) If you want to list any persistent traits that seem to carry over from one role to the next in some form, you can add them here. These can be habits or quirks, like smoking or a nervous tic, or something more abstract like 'always has a physical flaw' or 'has some kind of phobia' even if they are different in each setting.
Currently only applicable to the Carnival story and play in the Facility, as played-bys may change over time there. This is a space to add your alternate forms and faces for Carnival, and also record previous looks you have had in the Facility while keeping your main imagery current.

The Facility (All Optional)

Notes about your persona as your character exists in the facility.
If you want to include a visual description of the character as they appear in the Facility, it can go here.
If you want to include a visual description of your character's door in the Facility, it can go here.
If you want to include a visual description of the character's room in the Facility, it can go here.
The other archetypes the character knows in the facility, and whatever relationships they may have between stories.


Any additional notes you may want to add about your character in the facility.
Other Notes
A 'whatever' spot. Notes, quotes, random commentary, etc.

Additional Options

Soundtrack (Original Manual Formatting)
Soundtrack (Template Formatted Version)

Upload your image first.
You only need the file name here, DO NOT format it like [[File:MyPic.jpg]]
As above, start typing the name of your gallery image in each box below, and it will autofill a list of options for you to select from.
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5
Pic 6
Pic 7
Pic 8
Pic 9
Pic 10

Standard MediaWiki Inputs

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