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Character Creation

This story is a little more involved in terms of making your character, but it will run longer than most stories, so hopefully you'll find it worth it. With all the lore I've written for this to reallly flesh it out, it would be a waste to only go 2 months or so. This one should be at least 4.

Below are what you need to consider for your character's background and concept.

Were you born in Sanctuary or out in he wastes?

There's no right or wrong answer. The easiest answer is you were born here, or your parents were wastelanders who gave you to the Sanctuary at a very young age and you have no idea who they are or were. If you want to just go the quick and easy route, that's the best. But you could have been old enough to remember them (Sanctuary takes kids up to 10). Maybe they were part of one of the many little tribes scattered throughout the wastes, and wanted a better life for you. Maybe they were raiders and you were brought back by a War Party. Maybe they were from Gastown or Bartertown and thought you'd be safer here. It's entirely up to you. Of course, if you're making a Scavenger it's not as important since you came in as an adult (or the child of Scavengers here in Sanctuary and never joined a caste).

Are you pure (completely healthy), contaminated (minor but clear defects/health issues), or sick (cancer present)?

Pure means you are in perfect health with no defects, no mutations, no genetic issues you'll pass on, and no chronic diseases. Contaminated can be anything that ISN'T cancer. The majority of humanity now, 80 years after the world died, are contaminated. They have a cough. They have poor hearing or eyesight. They're misshapen in some way, even if it's just being born with one less finger or toe on each hand or foot, or webbed toes, or a bit of a stoop/hunch, etc. It is something you were born with, or something that may be spread or passed down. Losing an eye is not, but being born with one missing us. Sick means you have cancer, even if it's slow. You have tumors, lumps, nodules, etc., and it will one day kill you. You may have been born with it, or it may have developed early in childhood - or even later, but it means you'll have a half-life. You don't HAVE to be a War Kid just because you're sick, and you don't HAVE to be a Fortunate One just because you're pure, but there should be a reason why you aren't as that's where most end up in each case.

What caste are you in? What position do you hold in it?

If you are Fortunate, you MUST be pure. Beyond that, there are no restrictions on castes in a strict sense. Some War Kids are merely contaminated, and some Savvy are sick. It happens. You should generally pick one caste and stick with it, but SOME people DO switch for various reasons. The most obvious example is a Fortunate that later shows sickness. If you want to have been originally in one caste and now in another, talk to me first. There are a few things I will outright reject, such as a Scavenger joining any other caste. Also note the moving TO Fortunate is a lot less likely than moving FROM it. Moving TO Savvy or War Kids is much more likely.

What are your character's thoughts/views on their caste and Sanctuary as a whole?

Again, no right or wrong answers here. This is purely up to you. It's your character.

Assistant Directors

This story I'm testing out the idea of Assistant Directors - letting players run potential Kill Scenes for fellow players. As 'wandering monsters' is actually a thing this story and every trip out into the wastes can be dangerous, I want to allow for more regular danger than I can run myself. I'll be holding a workshop to teach interested players and posting a log of it for everyone to read in case they can't make it. Here are the basics.

  • Monsters always declare action(s) first. They roll no dice. Any action they declare WILL succeed unless the players successfully avoid or counter it. The Monster always has the advantage.
  • Raiders are the most common danger out in the wastes, and therefore the most common 'Monster'. As Monsters (and to make them a threat) they have no stats as mentioned above and will automatically succeed at any action The Director or an Assistant Director declares. It is up to the PCs to roll to avoid it and escape, or counter it with action of their own.
  • Each Raider Monster is one vehicle. A vehicle always has a driver, and sometimes that driver also fights (if on a motorcycle, for example). Most have a second person who does the fighting, like a War Kid Centurion and Charioteer team. Each Raider gets a separate action, meaning Monsters in this case may get multiple actions. The driver may try to run your vehicle off the road while the fighter shoots at you, for instance.
  • Each action must be resolved individually, 1 for 1. Your driver can roll to avoid being railroaded, and your fighter can dodge the shot. If your vehicle has a third person, they could return fire.
  • You can take an additional action at -1. Each action extra is another -1. If there are only two of you in the example above, your fighter could dodge, then return fire at -1. If you are the only person in the vehicle, you'd roll to avoid both, the second roll (dodging the shot) at -1. Taking a third action to return fire would be at -2.
  • Any action not countered succeeds. If you fail the roll to avoid being railroaded, you get run off course and lose control of your vehicle. If you fail to dodge the shot, you get hit. And so on.
  • Hitting a Monster with a fist or foot only does 1DT no matter how good you roll. A melee weapon does one additional DT for an exceptional success (2 Pair or 3 of a Kind). A firearm or explosive does does one DT per match value. A 3 of a Kind does 3DT, for example.
  • You can choose not to shoot for damage and instead lay down cover fire to create distance and separation. In this case, you give your driver 1SP on a successful roll, and 2SP on an exceptional success. This is a good strategy to use when you're heavily outnumbered or overpowered - escape and live to fight another day.
  • Raider Monsters (vehicles) have Damage Tokens equal to the number of Raiders in the vehicle x2. A vehicle with a driver and fighter has 4 Damage Tokens, for example. After it takes 2 DT, it loses a man (the fighter first, then the driver).
  • If a Raider Monster loses all 4 DT, the Raiders die and the vehicle crashes, or flips, and so on.
  • Every time a Raider shoots or otherwise successfully attacks a PC, they do 1d3 Survival Points of Damage. Archetypes soak the first hit in a scene (free fail) and take no actual damage from it (it's superficial). SRs do not.
  • If a driver gets 8SP or more, they can escape and leave combat, leaving the Raiders in the dust.
  • SP for fighters and others serves as bankable hits - the more SP you gain, the more you can afford to lose. Only dodging at first and building up SP early means you can skip dodging later (you have enough SP to survive a full 3SP hit) and can instead focus on killing the bastard without the -1 for an extra action.
  • Hitting on an attack does not give you SP. It does DT to the Monster.

Obviously this is for vehicle-based combat. Combat on foot is a straight 1 for 1, with each Raider being a Monster with 2DT. 8SP or more allows you to escape on foot or lose them. 2DT kills them.

Some Raiders are better and more equipped than others. Assistant Directors should choose Components to toughen them up if they want to ratchet up the danger. Raiders only have Components if so chosen. By default, they get none.

Perks and Quirks

This story you can buy up to 50 points of Perks for up to 50 points of Quirks. These are in addition to your freebies for your caste. So you get your free Perk and Quirk, then up to 50 points more.

Some Perks are capped this story, like Area of Expertise. You can only have one (except Savvy).

Because in some cases they determine what caste(s) you can or cannot be in, things like Pure, Contaminated and Sick are NOT on the list of Perks or Quirks. You can pick whatever.


10 Point Perks
Good Luck

Re-roll 1 die. Once per Scene. You must select which die you wish to reroll.

Adrenaline Boost

Can add an additional +1 die. Once per Scene.

Area of Expertise

Your college education or extracurricular activities give you an edge in a specific field. Can add an ADDITIONAL +1 to a Brains or Finesse roll once per scene in that field.

Witness Me!

Allows the character to forego a Freak-Out Check and simply attack the source instead at a +1. This is obviously not always a great idea. If they choose not to attack and roll the Freak-Out Check as normal, keep in mind that failing and panicking is seen as cowardice, and such mediocre behavior will be remembered until they find a way to redeem themselves. War Kids Only


Gives the character a +1 in a specific artistic or creative discipline of their choice. Examples might be music, dance, crafting (garments), crafting (jewelry), and so on. Fortunate Only

Taken Care Of

The character does not need or even use rations. Whatever they need is given to them. This way they cannot be bribed - whatever you might offer them they can just take. Monitors Only


The character possesses a vehicle, weapons and gear all their own. While they start with all of this, maintaining it must be done IC. Scavengers Only

Wasteland Explorer

The character has a solid familiarity with the wasteland and who and what is where in it. They don't get lost.

Wasteland Lore

The character has heard a lot of stories and rumors from the wastes, and can roll Brains +1 to see if they know anything about a name, place, creature, and so on.

20 Point Perks
Found Item

At a crucial moment in the story, you can find an object or item you desperately need. Can only be used once per story.

Danger Sense

You have a knack for sensing when bad things are about to happen. For 3GP you can cancel out the monster component Surprise! once per scene.

Steel Yourself

Use before a Freak-Out Check to automatically succeed once per Scene for 3GP.


Use a Positive quality in a tagential (other) Stat Check once per Scene.

30 Point Perks
Let's End This

Double SP gain on a Stat Check that has a Matched Set. Once per scene for 3GP.

Obscure Death

When your character dies, this Perk is triggered and a body is never found. You may return to play later, alive and kicking.

Back for More

If put in negatives, roll 1d6. On a 4-6, stay at 1 SP and continue. Once per scene for 3GP (if successful).


10 Point Quirks

Deserved or not, you got a bad rep, and it follows you. -1 Spirit on your first social roll once per scene. Others are encouraged to RP your reputation with and around you.

Two Left Feet

You're clumsy, and your first athletic-type Finesse roll in any scene is at -1. You are encouraged to RP it beyond this.

Small Favor

You owe someone else in your group a small debt.


Whenever the character is injured they must make a Brawn Check without modifiers. Failure means their immune system does not kick in and they will not heal, leaving them at 0 SP going forward and without a Free Failure, much like an SR. They can only heal by being given a blood bag/donor and must roll again once a week until they get a success, at which point they are healthy again. War Kids Only

Communal Mindset

The character doesn't get things like jealousy, competition and profit. This can result in them making sacrifices that may not be strictly necessary, and often makes them seem callous to the feelings and desires of others. Savvy Only

Gilded Cage

The chaacter cannot leave the Sanctuary without permission and escort, and have many 'duties' expected of them. While they are often required to perform for or sleep with whomever chooses them as a luxury, you ARE NOT required to RP this, nor are you required to RP it as a Breeder. Fortunate Only


The character gets a -1 on all social Spirit Rolls involving non-Monitors that isn't work-related, reflecting their detachment from the other castes. They aren't great at making friends, and the others are wary of them to begin with. Monitors Only


The character can never belong to a real caste and are only going to be welcome in the Sanctuary for as long as they are useful. They regularly need to earn their keep. Scavengers Only


The character is unable to read or write.


The character has little or no experience outside the Sanctuary, and everything out in the wastes is new to them. They react more strongly to shocking experiences and are very naive to the ways of the wasteland. Gives a situational -1 to rolls for things dealing with the wastes, from Freak-Out Checks at Monsters, to being conned by grifters, to finding their way around.

20 Point Quirks
Faint Hearted

You have to make Freak-Out checks at any bloody or gruesome sight, not just when freaky things happen. Failure leads to the character passing out cold.

Big Favor

You owe someone else a big debt.

Fortune's Fool

You're unlucky. Cursed. Bad to be around. Once per scene, you can be given a -1 on any roll. Or it might be given to someone else. (Director picks)

Can't Shoot

You are completely untrained in and have no experience with firearms.


The character once belonged to a group that is not pleased with them leaving. This group now hunts them, and will go to great lengths to capture them if they come across them. Examples include a raider gang, a crime syndicate, a cult, etc.

30 Point Quirks

You're going to die in a horrible way. When the time comes for your character, no rolls are made, no GP can be spent. Your time is up.


The character has a severe physical disability - missing or paralyzed limbs, etc. - and MUST set EITHER Brawn or Finesse to Poor. In addition, they are at -1 to all rolls where their disability would hinder them.

Supporting Roles

This story you get two Supporting Roles, one Sidekick and one Useful NPC. Sidekicks should be in your caste and get normal SR stats (plus the caste Perk and Quirk). Useful NPCs should be in a different caste, and can take 30 points of Perks and Quirks (plus the caste Perk and Quirk).

Genre Points

This story I will be allowing you to run scenes that include danger and risk (I'll be posting guidelines and 'Monsters' you can use), and you will get 1GP for running it. Everyone who participates will get GP as well. You can only get the GP award for running once a week, and participating once a week. A link to the log is required.