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|icdate='''Day 195''', 79dw<br>''(12/03/19)
|icdate='''Day 195''', 79dw<br>''(12/03/19)
|custom=In which the [[Log:You_Cant_Go_Home_Again{{!}}rules regarding non-Fortunates being in the Gilded Cage]] are made clear.
|icdate='''Day 196''', 79dw<br>''(12/04/19)
|icdate='''Day 196''', 79dw<br>''(12/04/19)

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Two years ago, Locke and Eden changed the way they spend their companion time. A single moment forges a rare, intimate connection that impacts both of them in the time that follows.


It's been one year since Locke opened up and let Eden in, and it's been a year of gradual progress. The pair of them have learned to share and care in transitional ways. This is one of those moments.

Day 173, 79dw

Day 174, 79dw

Phoenix and Visa meet in the bazaar. Visa agrees to make a new piece of clothing for him to wear while performing.

Day 175, 79dw

Phoenix goes down to Scavenger Central in search of Charlie. He picks up some booze and asks if Charlie's seen any feathers for Visa.

A convoy to finalize a deal with the Tribe of the Sun gets ambushed by Devil Boys.

Day 176, 79dw

Cinder recovers after the group is waylaid in the wastes. Phoenix is the world's worst choice for a nursemaid.

Day 177, 79dw

Day 178, 79dw

Early morning finds Phoenix wandering the farm. He runs into Xavier and Faustina there and they talk of plant extracts, mimics, then Faustina and Xavier talk of relationships after Phoenix leaves.

Kitten and Xavier unconvincingly claim they are sober for KTT and Faustina's benefit.

Day 179, 79dw

Phoenix and Eden take personal quality time together in the bathing pool before starting their day.

Day 180, 79dw

Locke must wait for Eden's company, but finds it worth the wait. Supposedly, good things come in threes, and it's their third year of therapeutic companionship. The pair makes it a notable 'anniversary' by getting rather personal.

Day 181, 79dw

Day 182, 79dw

Day 183, 79dw

Day 184, 79dw

Day 185, 79dw

Day 186, 79dw

Day 187, 79dw

Day 188, 79dw

Day 189, 79dw

An evening in the Garage turns into a mild medical emergency for Cinder. Having dislocated his shoulder, Cinder pays Kat a visit in Hospice. Cinder decides to shoot his shot.

Day 190, 79dw

Rebar is unwell.

Day 191, 79dw

Day 192, 79dw

Day 193, 79dw

Day 194, 79dw

Zephyr comes to Eden winding down for the night to make her aware of a bloody situation.

Day 195, 79dw

Day 196, 79dw

Day 197, 79dw

Day 198, 79dw

Day 199, 79dw

Day 200, 79dw

Day 201, 79dw

Day 202, 79dw

Day 203, 79dw

Day 204, 79dw

Day 205, 79dw

Day 206, 79dw

Day 207, 79dw

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