The Soldier

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The Soldier

Known As

Cassandra Wei
Mèng Pó

on MUX as

The Soldier

Has Been

Ex-Military / Lodge Security

Apparent Age

Early 30's

Played By

Florence Faivre
Maggie Cheung (Carnival)

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Duty to family, to honor, and to self, in that order. The Soldier understands that they are but one cog in an expansive machine and are willing to accept that their own comforts may be superseded by the needs, and whims, of a greater vision. Adaptable to ever-changing circumstances yet decisive in times of need, they will push forward doggedly in the name of their purpose. And if they lose that purpose, they will find another to fill the void. The arrow always points forward for The Soldier. Regret cannot be in their vocabulary.

You are a cog in a bigger machine, and you do your duty. You may not be an actual warrior every story, but you serve in your own way and follow orders. It's what you were born to do.

In the Facility

Memento Mori


A scratched semiautomatic pistol with three bullets missing from the magazine. Harmless and nonfunctional, of course.


No memento mori from this story yet.

The Soldier is a tall woman with strong, sloping features, lean limbs, and a facial structure suggestive of mixed Asiatic and European heritage. Her gaze is usually kind, but at a glance there is something about the way she carries herself that does not project much outward warmth. The timbre of her voice is low and smooth, and she speaks in a colorless American accent devoid of any identifiable regionality save for a brisk urban clip, which tends to emerge when she is excited or agitated.

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Cassandra Wei (Slasher)

She had no desire for this path but she had chosen it, and so she would accept nothing less than excellence while living it. That was the pledge Cassandra made to herself when she enlisted in the army at eighteen, turning down a coveted university offer to study engineering when a kitchen fire burned down their home and their finances with it. The military was a logical fast-track to a career and a salary, if perhaps an aggressively unpopular one in the wake of Vietnam.

A decade and an honorable discharge later Cassandra made the transition into armed private security. It wasn't meant to last long, of course; after a couple years of taking contracts she was ready to restart what she had intended years ago, matriculating at Oregon State. But the fallout from the savings and loan scandal plunged the barely recovered Wei household into another financial crisis with sadistic timing, and Cassandra for the second time made the choice to find financial stability for herself and her family at the expense of her education. A convenient job opening at Eager Beaver presented an attractive enough offer for a semi-burnt out ex-military to bite, and she's been with the Lodge ever since--now going on a little under two years. The job largely entails regular patrols of the grounds, responding to calls over the walkie, and keeping watchful tabs on overcurious visitors who tend to represent the most dangerous aspect of the Lodge at any given time.


Mèng Pó (Carnival)

Coming To America

Han Dynasty China

孟婆. Lady Dream. Guardian of the Last Gate. These are some the names given to the deity who served in Dìyù, where the souls of the dead gather to atone for their sins committed in life.

It was Mèng Pó's duty to wipe clean the memories of each spirit in preparation for their reincarnation. Hers was an act of mercy as much it was an act of requirement; if not for her, each renewed soul on earth would become ever more burdened by the knowledge of their past follies and the grueling punishments they had endured in the ten realms of the underworld.

To this end she brewed an enchanted tea made from a mysterious blend of herbs, flowers and waters to give to all passing souls. A single sip would be all that was necessary for the deed, eradicating memories so thoroughly that the drinker would lose even the ability to speak. Then, and only then, would the soul be ready to cross the bridge to reincarnation, a purified vessel for the new life that awaits them on earth.

Mèng Pó served her people for over two thousand years in this way, ensuring that no other would be burdened as she* had been while the wheel of life turns.

*For comments on her origins, see Additional Notes & Miscellany below.

Gold, Iron, Blood

The first large wave of Chinese immigrants to the United States arrived in the mid-1800s after the First and Second Opium Wars, comprised largely of young men hailing from Kwangtung Province. They had caught wind of the opportunities that awaited them across the ocean. Laborers were needed, and labor they could provide.

In the 1850s they came to California to work the gold mines. In the 1860s they braved freezing winters and scorching summers to blast through imposing granite rock, fell trees, and lay tracks for the Central Pacific Railroad through the infamous Sierra Nevada. Unknown numbers of these men died to explosions, accidents, disease, and landslides.

It was one of these laborers who called her to the New World--a "John Chinaman" bleeding from stumps that were once his legs, blown off by the dynamites that he himself had lit along the precarious mountainside. He raged at his fellow workers who did not lift him away fast enough in his basket, and raged that he should die so far from his wife and children, and raged against his lot in life that brought him to these strange lands in the first place. Then he began to cry, wishing for his mother's comforting hand and a heavenly kindness that the next life would not be so cruel.

Thus Mèng Pó came to him, conjured from the deep in the recesses of his mind that still remembered stories of what comes after death. She knelt by his side and held his head in her lap, murmuring words of calm to ease the agony of his final minutes. When at last he succumbed to his wounds she found his soul not too far away, and she was there to greet him with a smile.

He was left behind, as so many were in the wake of the project's time-pressed ambition. Mèng Pó stayed long enough to watch the vultures settle over his body; then she began to follow the tracks that lay ahead, for she could hear others calling.

Carnival of Wonders

Mèng Pó has settled into an unobtrusive role with the caravan since she and the Carnival found one another in the outskirts of New York City, a far cry from who she was in the prime. As Madame Willow she runs the apothecary jointly with Hypnos, plying her trade in Chinese herbalism with a dash of sensational Eastern myth and decadence to entertain the masses who have only ever heard whispers of the faraway lands. Her presence has altered the space such that it is now a strange amalgamation of East and West, where absinthe and pu'erchá, snake oil and "snake oil" coexist in odd harmony. And on her own she runs a small tea room that remains out of the way from much of the carnival proper.

Of course, the apothecary itself serves largely as a front for less legal goods behind the curtains. The opium den has not been entirely spared from her touch, though only with Hypnos' assent; the smoke-filled tent is his domain, undoubtedly, and she but a familiar guest.


First Story: Slasher

A waking world of innocence

So grave those first born cries

When life begins with needles and pins

It ends with Swords and Knives

Tears for Fears - Swords and Knives


It's so hard to be careful, so easy to be led

Somewhere beyond the pavement

You'll find the living dead.

Dancin' at the Zombie Zoo

Tom Petty - Zombie Zoo

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