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How To Get Playing

xxxxxAs mentioned in the introduction, you don't make characters here like you would on most games. You pick an Archetype from the available list and are assigned a role in the current story. This is provided by The Director, and includes a brief background and concept of the role, hooks to get involved in RP and the story itself, and often one or more Supporting Roles attached to the role. If none is given, ideas for such will at least be suggested that you can then make if you like.

xxxxxJust before the start of each story, The Director will make changes on your wiki and fill in sections that relate to the current story, all based on your Archetype. If you are joining mid-story, the same will happen. This is who you are for the duration of the story. You may then take your PC on the game through chargen and set your Stats and Qualities the way you want them for that role. These can and will change from story to story as your roles do. One may be charming, and the next socially inept. That's an extreme example - most changes will be more subtle as the Archetype means you'll be playing similar kinds of roles, but sometimes extreme makes sense.

xxxxxIf you utterly hate or absolutely cannot play the given role, let us know. The Director will do her best to help you get a good fit.

xxxxxSo in conclusion, just follow these simple steps:

  • Make a character object on the game at the login screen. Name it whatever you like, but not the Archetype you want.
  • Pick an Archetype from the available list.
  • Put in a +request (+help +request) on the game with the Archetype and wiki account name you want. The Director will give your wiki account Write access and give you the login for your Archetype bit on game.
  • Go to the wiki character page for your Archetype. Fill it out.
  • Wait for The Director to add all the story-specific sections related to the role you get for the current story.
  • Go through chargen on the game and set your Stats and Qualities.
  • Wait for final approval.
  • Once approved, go IC!