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You Cant Go Home Again
Characters  •   Kitten  •  Faustina  •  Locke  •  Eden  •  Cinder  •  Kat  •
Location  •  Sanctuary - Prime - Gilded Cage
Date  •  2019-12-04
Summary  •  In which the rules regarding non-Fortunates being in the Gilded Cage are made clear.

So. Cinder's been sporting a new fashion accessory, the last day or so. Though, to be fair, calling the haphazardly sewn-together scraps of fabric that create something resembling a sling 'fashionable' would be stretching things. To their limits. It's helped him keep the arm immobilized, though. Which is good, when one's shoulder has recently been dislocated.

Kat's devotion to her trade as a healer could, on the other hand, be far more accurately called above and beyond. It certainly isn't within the bounds of normalcy, after all, for a Hand to spend the night in the Cage, rather than the Garden. Even more out of the ordinary for one to sleep there two nights, but as evening flows on toward night, she's still there. Quiet, staying out of the way and writing in her journal, but there.

Cinder is sitting near Kat. He has a book open, something he picked up from a fellow Fortunate. He has his knees up and balances the book there. "Have you ever heard of a place called Nantucket?" He looks back and asks Kat. "It's a place...as someone is coming from there in this little poems. A man..." He's been only taking a handful of clients these past two days. Regulars and a polite Monitor or two. And nothing strenuous at all. He's /resting./

Zephyr is sitting with Georgie, the Fortunate who flipped out getting his blood drawn and ended up rather wounded. Georgie looks pale and a little shaken still, but he's sitting up on his own, and he's paying attenton to Zephyr as the redhead speaks to him quietly. Kat has checked on him frequently, so her presence here doesn't seem to register as off with him or Zephyr. Something has been odd with Zephyr lately. He no longer fights with Cinder. He's actually showing compassion to Georgie, and he doesn't seem to be taking anything in exchange for it.

Lyra is nearby, tuning her harp. She's been in and out with performances in the bazaar and clients and is settling down for her evening practice, which apparently counts as relaxing in her world, though she did give a slightly confused look to Kat's presence.

Eden has been busy of late, and not quite as watchful as she might be otherwise when left with more idle time. She also generally trusts the collective and isn't overly nosy when it comes to certain flitting word around the Cage-- to feed too much into the words of others is to wane your own objectivity. However, something has finally hit her ears as highly abnormal and she's been watching and listening a little more to try and glean details on the sly for the past hour or so.

Eventually, she goes downstairs and speaks briefly with Locke (who does not return with her, at least not yet), then returns to cross the Cage to the out of the way area that Cinder has sectioned off for his belongings, rest space, etc.

"Knock knock. All is well?"

"Can't say I've heard of Nantucket. It sounds exotic -- is it very far away?" Though, yes, Kat is curled up just inside that little nook Cinder's made his own and thus out of sight for the most part, it's not as if she's actually hiding. And Eden is a familiar face, one the healer has always looked upon warmly. So it should be no surprise that, when she looks up, she dons a smile for the Patron. "Eden. How lovely to see you. We're doing well enough, I'd say.. Cin's fingers aren't tingling so much anymore, and that poor fellow who lost a fair amount of blood is resting and recovering under Zephyr's watchful gaze." Her own eyes gain an amused glimmer. "That last part isn't something I ever thought I'd say out loud, I admit. How are you faring?"

Cinder stiffened when Eden appeared. He drops the book and watches their exchange before replying. "I'm fine. My fingers still seem to work." It is his left shoulder that is bruised and slung. He is left handed. "I'm hoping Kat will let me use my arm tomorrow. I've been, uh, more sensitive to pain this time. And that can make me light headed but I'm better now." He pauses a moment. "I know better than to trust a young War Kid to be a safe gunsmith." Cinder smiles a little. This is the third time he's injured that shoulder in the last year and a half or so.

Zephyr looks up as he sees Eden going to visit Cinder's area. Georgie takes Zephyr's hand, taking what comfort he can in his unwellness, and Zephyr glances back to him. After a few quiet words are exchanged, Zephyr rises and slips an arm around Georgie, helping him stand as well. The pair of them make their way casually toward Cinder's cubby. Just to say hello.

The harp tuning pauses for a moment, and Lyra looks up to watch Eden at the entrance to Cinder's area, then she goes back to finishing her tuning, even if her attention is over on the other room.

Clasping her hands before herself, Eden turns her eyes visibly to Cinder's arm to gauge for a moment, along with his posture before taking the pair in together as they make greeting and explain the man's current state of being. Wearing a deep burgundy dress with fringe hem and beadwork below the knees. The halter ties are beaded too, and her hair is pinned with elaborate kept curls and twists, up and back with sweep away from her face and kohl-smoked blue eyes.

The patron is also calm and pleasant as can be, despite the thought ticking subtle behind her gaze and delicate word choice. Kat even gets a smile and she sounds genuinely pleased that Cinder is on the mend, "I am glad you are on the mend and feeling better, Cinder." Her dark head tips to the female, "And it is always pleasant to see you. Zephyr certainly is broadening his horizons, I am proud of him."

There's a pause, then. It's not thick, it's just a breath of audible nature to indicate backhanded concern, "This is certainly a thorough level of care. Is there something else amiss or something wrong with the medical space for observation where required? I was not aware it was an injury that required such attention."

And, as most things with Eden, her touch of confusion she allows to lace her words with the inquiries is genuine.

When Eden informs Locke to meet her at the Cage in twenty minutes, that's enough to raise his suspicions that something was amiss. She's subtle about it, only speaking to him in brief before she fades like a whisper back to the Dome. If there was something going on in the Cage, it could be a variety of things. Thus, he gestures for a couple of Keepers to accompany him, in the case that an arrest needed to be made or something unruly was occurring. He then flags down Faustina. Her Counter sensibilities will help if there's other sorts of corruption going on. It's concerning to be called up to the Dome, and even though there's no sounds of violence or anger on their approach, it does little to ease his mind.

In the distance, those gathered in or around Cinder's little space may hear some conversation going on between the Monitors and a few of the Fortunate One's at the entryway to the Gilded Cage. That is then followed by heavy footfall on their approach.

"I was... slightly more concerned than I might normally be, due to the fact that this is the third time he's dislocated this particular joint. As you may know, with every dislocation, it becomes easier to injure it again, ultimately requiring surgical intervention. And, of course, he complained of numbness and tingling in his hand and fingers, which could point to nerve damage," Kat explains quietly. She remains, for all appearances, perfectly at ease. The smile upon her lips doesn't falter in the slightest.

"Too, I'd learned of Georgie's exsanguination incident, and though I have every faith that Zephyr is keeping a close eye, I felt it wise -- with two patients requiring medical supervision -- that I should remain on site." Her smile turns somewhat apologetic, even a trifle sheepish as she gazes up at Eden. "I've been doing my utmost to stay out of everyone's way, so as not to be a disruptive influence. I do hope I haven't caused any problems."

Cinder is up on his feet just as Kat finishes explaining. "Too many...around..." He spots the Monitors and grumbles. "Is this a problem, Eden?" He says, carefully. He's flustered but probably from the growing number. He steps out of his nook as he just needed the space. "I get nervous, you know? If something twitches or hurts I can't always...deal, you know?"

Zephyr sits Georgie down, then joins him. "Is everything okay?" he asks. At the sound of footfalls approaching, he looks around. Georgie looks around, too, then leans against Zephyr, shoulder to shoulder. Zephyr puts an arm around his shoulders. "When you need to lie down again, let me know," he murmurs to the youth, who nods in response.

Lyra seems to have finished tuning and is now looking through her carefully collected books of music. And if she's staring at the same page for too long, that's just because she's trying to decide what to practice, obviously.

Faustina follows Locke in, quiet for the moment. Her gaze is travelling around the space, noting who is where before moving on.

Eden doesn't turn when the sound of approach is apparently, she keeps her eyes on Cinder and Kat, visibly quiet and weighing exactly how to explain. All the while, she keeps her hands clasped in front of herself and stands with still posture and bearing, save for the occasional tilt of the head for animation, eyes keen with sudden decisive focus. She's direct instead of delicate and polite in order to draw things out of them (because the Monitors are no doubt going to take over with questions very soon).

But all the while, the tinge of concern and confusion stays with her, as does that genteel and quiet tone of voice.

"Yes. This is not suitable or standard, to have prolonged visitation or overnight guests. It should come as no surprise. It causes complications and sets a precedent for all others to bring company, does it not? Tell me, what security and piece of blessed luxury is the Cage then?" There's a pause as she points out the rationing system and the very stark caste-earned setting of luxury, "The other healers could cry favortism, the Cage is not a sickbed, there are facilities for that. I could go on."

Then, finally, Eden lowers her voice, "It was better for me to come than for this to come from the Keepers and go elsewhere." Higher than her, "There are due diligence questions that must be answered for your own protections."

The interior of the Gilded Cage is not a place that Locke sees often, so his wandering eyes take in the beauty of what looks like an airy palace. The Dome smelled wonderful too with fragrant perfumes wafting in the air and then there was the gentle notes and melodies being played by various Fortunate Ones. The only thing that offsets any of this is the howling winds that can be heard coming from outside.

Right before he reaches his destination, he catches sight of a young Tattler standing in a corner and beckons for her to join them. She was another witness here. The Tattlers themselves are allowed access everywhere. That said, they take no pleasure of these accommodations, standing off to the side with those ever watchful eyes.

The first person he sees is Eden, looking beyond her, he sees many a familiar face and he makes note of everyone here. Surprisingly, at least to him, one of those familiar faces is that of the Healing Hand, Kat. There's an acknowledging flicker within his eyes before he turns his attention to Eden, "Patron Eden," His gaze drifts back towards the others, "I see that the Cage has a guest."

Kat's hand stretches out toward Cinder as he rises to pace past her and outside the screened nook he calls his own, and she offers a soft shushing sound, as if trying to calm and quiet the man before he grows overwrought. Her gaze remains on Eden throughout, at least until the Patroness is finished speaking, at which point the Hand reaches into the satchel she'd brought with her, and retrieves a small parcel wrapped in cloth, which she passes toward Zephyr. "Have Georgie eat, when he can. He needs the iron." It's the half of a cake she had remaining. Savvy are, after all, known for their selflessness.

Then she rises to her feet, and returns her attention to Eden. "I wasn't aware that the presence of a healer could be seen as a security risk, or a detraction from the atmosphere of luxury you enjoy. Believe me, I would have greatly preferred the tranquil privacy of my pod in the Garden but, as I said, I felt that I was needed here. Naturally, I will remove myself, and leave the care of these two gentlemen to you."

Locke's arrival didn't go unnoticed, naturally, and Kat offers both him and Faustina a small smile. "Indeed. I was simply monitoring the recovery of two of our Fortunate, but Patron Eden can oversee it from here on." Only the briefest glance upward to the domed ceiling gives any indication that she's aware of the storm, before she begins to move out of Cinder's nook in preparation to depart.

Cinder looks up at the dome. He takes a whiff. "That's rad rain." Cinder's nose is pretty sensitive. It's the same reason he covers his face outdoors. "We need to double check the dome." He mutters then repeats, louder for other Fortunate to hear. His tone has an edge to it and gets a few to their feet. He looks back towards Eden as Kat is beginning to leave. "She's a healer and I'm a nervous sort, you know that. She was only keeping an eye on me because no one else will. And..." He shrugs. "I-I can be bothersome to staff..." He straightens up and shifts the sling on his shoulder. "If I can't have a little help here then I suppose I will move to the Garden...until the storm passes." And now Cinder's off to gather his things.

Zephyr nods to Kat as he takes the parcel. "I'll make sure he eats," he tells her. Georgie murmurs, "Thank you, Healer." As he picks at the cake bit by bit, Zephyr watches his brother get up to leave. "Are you going to be okay, Cinder?" he asks with some concern. "Do you..." He almost offers to come with, but Georgie here is in a bad way, so he just lets the words trail off.

Lyra looks up from her books at Cinder, looking... worried, concerned at least, then she glances towards Zephyr and then over to the monitors, then back to Cinder. "If instructions could be left, I can help monitor him. If that's all that's needed. I thought you said his arm was mostly better, now?"

Faustina's gaze flicks from Eden to Kat to Cinder to Locke and back again. She's looking especially impassive, though. Her face blank of all emotions. She still doesn't say anything.

Eden takes a moment to look at Kat and pulls in a breath as if to explain her reasoning, but after a beat of pause, she looks at Cinder with mild concern instead. Especially when he says he's going to sleep elsewhere through a storm, but she lets him make that decision and steps aside to let Locke and Faustina talk and ask questions as needed.

Eden may be a hardass, but she's not quite the type to give someone a full lecture in public or ask their motivations. Cinder gets a lengthy look that says she wants to speak to him later, but mostly, she seems pensive, not bothered. She does ask one question, though, before letting the Monitors say their bits, "... did you start the concoction for your nerves?"

His eyes on Kat, watching her with a Monitor's scrutiny, despite being quite familiar with the woman, Locke visually takes in her personal belongings as well as anything else that Cinder is now collecting for his move. Hearing that the man plans go crash over at the Garden, he shoots an inquisitive look at Eden, before his attention refocuses on the Fortunate, "It's too dangerous to traverse between Towers right now. There are perfectly good tents downstairs that you both can stay in and she can tend to your injury." In fact, the Copper observes just what the other man's injury is.

"Healers are allowed visitations. To check in on patients every so often." Eyes are on Cinder again and he raises his chin towards the arm, "Fractured? Non-life threatening." This is when he looks off to the side at Faustina when he inquires to Kat more than likely, "The provisions here are meant for the Fortunates and Fortunates only. Everyone else has their own rations." The Monitors have an exception to this, but they are not just everyone else! "These are things you all know already, so we're mainly here to ensure that no theft had taken place." He did take notice of the woman's satchel, but he will hear out what the young Tattler has to say as Faustina does her own investigating.

"I have nightmares and I think she was concerned about that but..." Cinder sniffs and puts his items down. "Anything that she owes is on me. I was spooked and she is kind and stayed out of concern. This is my fault." He rubs his arm in the sling. "Yes, I have begun taking something for my nerves. I've been on the upswing but...maybe it makes me fuzzy sometimes. I just began it." He shrugs the good shoulder. "Dislocated but this is my third accident. Thus the need for extra observation." His jaw tightens and eyes avert.

Stilling her steps as Locke addresses her, Kat offers up a smile to the Copper, though it's tinged with the barest trace of tension. Who could blame her, just now? Cinder's explanation earns him a small nod, before she looks back to Locke. "Such injuries must be closely monitored to ensure that no nerve damage has been done, and surgery isn't required to tighten torn ligaments, or repair the labrum. Additionally, Georgie suffered acute blood loss during a donation, so I felt it wise to be on hand, should he go into hypovolemic shock -- a condition which would require immediate medical attention."

Her gaze slides over to Faustina briefly, and her eyes cradle a mildly sardonic glint as she slides her satchel down off her shoulder, and offers it out to Locke. "You're perfectly correct, though, that everyone has their own rations. Which is why I brought my own with me, along with my medical supplies. You won't find more than a few almonds in there, unfortunately. I just gave my last bit of cake to Georgie."

Zephyr glances toward the dome. The storm raging outside draws a frown from him. "I'm sure no harm has been done that can't be repaired," he says gently. He keeps an eye on Georgie, who slowly but surely eats the cake he's been offered. "When you're done," Zephyr tells him, "we'll put you to bed for awhile, okay? You need your strength."

Faustina has bent over slightly to listen to the tattler, eyes studying Kat and then Cinder and then Kat's bag. She nods a few times as the child whispers to her before finally straightening up. "It sounds like this was a case of being a bit too enthusiastic, but no one saw her take any food or fill her water from the Fortunates' supply. In the future, if you are going to be here over-night to monitor a patient for some reason, please check in with the patrons and get permission ahead of time so no one ends up concerned." Her gaze flicks up to the dome. "That said, you may need to stay in the bazaar if the storm is bad."

Lyra has gone quiet and still, though she glances over towards Georgie. "Maybe some fruit and some dark greens as well, and then sleep, yes. I was always told we should eat the darker greens after we donated."

Eden moves her head into a tiny nod at Kat's explanation, but it's not so much that she's approving or agreeing so much as she's glad the woman thought ahead and can prove it. Like she said, she probably handpicked who she told to come do that kind of due diligence so gossip and assumption from the outside didn't make way around more than it might have already.

Then she looks back at Cinder when he confirms he's started a new treatment and for some reason, this actually seems to take away the lingering confusion and thought. Instead, she just looks placid and mildly concerned, speaking between Cinder, then Zephyr with Georgie, "I will not be sleeping much this night with the storm. I am just a name call away for any of you that have trouble tonight as well."

Apparently, she's said her piece she's going to say for now in front of everyone about the matter at hand, she leaves that for more personal and private nature at a later date. Now she's right back to genteel Eden. There is, however, a brief sidelong glance with subtle flash of gratitude in her eyes when Cinder puts his things back down after Locke mentions the storm danger and other options."

Locke nods to what Kat explains to him, giving Cinder or his arm another look. For now, he waits patiently as Faustina asks her questions of the whispering Tattler who stands up on her tip-toes to speak to the Copper. At this point, Locke looks between the others, his gaze falling on Eden once to note that she seems to be more at ease. "We can accompany you both to one of he tents in the bazaar. You should be able to relax there." Lifting his chin as if listening to the sounds of the wind, he has to shake his head, "It might be a few days before it's safe to go outside. The War Children have the worst of it, needing to brave the walkway just to get to the mess hall and back..." Here, he looks to Faustina again, "I have a feeling some of them might just crash here at Prime."

He then goes on to say, "Yes, I was witness to the aftermath of Georgie's... ordeal. I am glad to see that they made a full recovery." His sharp eyes look on the young Fortunate. "Thank you, Patron. I'm glad to see that things are in order here. We'll be out of everyone's way shortly." Locke looks ready to lead the others back downstairs to the Bazaar where Cinder can get his rest.

Kat slings her bag over her shoulder again, casting her gaze toward Lyra and nodding faintly. "Spinach would be ideal, if you can procure some. Water and rest are important as well." She looks again toward Zephyr and Georgie, affording the former a slight bowing of her head in silent gratitude, before she turns and wordlessly heads toward the exit.