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Prototypes and Experiments
Characters  •   Xavier  •  Kitten  •  Faustina  •
Location  •  Sanctuary - Garage - Workshop
Date  •  2019-11-27
Summary  •  An evening in the Garage

The work day is in full swing here in the Garage. It's scarcely controlled chaos here. Sparks are thrown, the smell of grease taints the air. It's dusty down here, and in an older world, one would have to wear a mask to work under circumstances like this. Some of the War Children at work do wear some kind of cloth over their nose and mouth. Especially on jobs where there are tiny bits of metal flying here and there. Metal clanks on metal, engines rev.

A glimpse of pigtails shows where Kitten is, at a work station surrounded by what looks like small pieces of weaponry. There are hooks. Lots of hooks hanging off a metal mesh. Kitten's wearing goggles and leather trousers, and they're hard at work doing something requiring fine detail with their hands. It's hard to tell what from a distance.

Xavier is dressed in their light brown homespun, face mostly coveredand hands gloved. They peer around nervously, but on spotting those pigtails, they lift their chin and pad determinedly towards Kitten's work station, trying to hide their terror of this place of metal and noise and violence.

The Anchor Man's feet are sticking out from under his Chariot. Assorted growled curses can be heard.

Faustina is here, Mark trailing behind her. She's got a cloth tied over her mouth and nose and seems to be watching the work going on for the moment, gaze traveling over the workshop as she seems to mentally tick things off. Mark, meanwhile, is doing his affable kind of grin, greeting those he knows, though also keeping an eye on the chaos. When Faustina spots Xavier she pauses for a few seconds, eyes tracking him as he moves through the space.

Kitten looks up when they see Xavier, and they grin. "Hey!" they yell over the din. "What are you doing down here, love?" Then they show Xavier what they're working on. It's a small thing, maybe thumb-sized, a flat-ish rectangle of metal. They drop it on their work bench and it jumps, spring-loaded. The rectangle falls away and, in its place, is a barbed metal hook. Kitten laughs hysterically as they hold the thing up for inspection. "I solved the problem with the hooks getting caught in the net when it deploys!"

Xavier hasten their steps and give a little wave. They come to peer over Kitten's shoulder, "I wanted to see you work!" Their eyes go wide, "Oh wow! That's really clever!" They attempt to hug the War Kid, entirely heedless of grease stains. "How does it work?" It's only then they spot their sister. They duck their head nervously, but give a little wave.

Cinder's been here but with his hood and goggles and face covered in cloth, he might have been hard to discern from the others, even with his tall and healthy frame. He's exiting the sick room, having apparently done his service as a donor. Exo comes bounding towards Cinder. Cover's blown. The War Kid chatters on about a gun or somesuch thing. Cinder raises a hand. "Exo? Can you fix up a bullet for me? Empty, like these two?" He's indicating the necklace he wears with two blackened bullets. There used to be a third. Exo nods. "I can! And then you can shoot the new gun! I got the recoil down to something manageable. I don't need that kick in the shoulder. Why do you wear bullets?"

Cinder answers without missing a beat. "Protection. You don't see the one with your name on it, they say. So I wear them. One has my name and the second has Drak. You make another and I can get an artisan to imprint my little brother's name. I lost it months ago and it's time to replace it." He sees Kitten among others he knows after he hands his necklace over to Exo. "No live rounds, Exo." Exo gets to work and Cinder unburies his art satchel from a dusty poncho as he moves towards Kitten's work space.

Faustina inclines her head to Xavier, but then her attention is pulled towards Cinder's exchange with Exo. She glances around the workroom again before heading towards Kitten's work space. "You're making progress on the hooked net, then?" She asks, studying the little device.

Mark looks around and then drifts over towards Anchor Man's car and peers underneath. "You alright down there?"

Kitten leans into the hug, though they don't return it with their hands full of hook and hook parts. "Inside this little box is a spring," they say, and they slide the hook back into the rectangle. They press until there's a small click. "See? It stays like this. The hook doesn't get caught in the net because it's got this metal bit covering it. And you can swing it around." Which they do. "And load it up and tap it lightly." They do the latter. "And it just stays like this. But when it hits something at speed..." They slap it down on the work bench and it springs open, hook bouncing dangerously into the air and coming down again. "It deploys. I'm going to attach the rectangles to the hooks with wires or something so that we don't lose them to the desert. That way we're not always replacing them." They glance up at Cinder, then Faustina, and they perk up more. "Hey!"

Xavier looks at Kitten adoringly, happy with the halfhug, "I love how smart you are." The pull away to look, "Is it like the music box? I think the wire idea is good." They kiss their cheek. "Shiny in all the best ways." They wave cinder over, "Come see! Come see!"

The Anchor Man's gravelly voice rumbles, "I hink I got it! Give me a tug!"Presumably to his feet, but you never know.

Cinder makes a little chirping noise at the demonstration of the net. He even claps a little. "Kitten's so smart! An asset to the War Kids." He has two rolls of paper in hand, tied with a frayed scrap of colorful fabric. One he hands to Xavier. "Just look at it. I'll deliver it on the way back up." The other is for Kitten but he just opens it to keep grease stains off the drawing. A drawing of what? It's Xavier snuggling up against a fuzzy plant. It's more cartoonish than his portraits. Something fun and quick and cute.

Faustina nods solemnly. "I had been going to ask about the need to replace the covers. Wise to connect them." She studdies the net and the spring contraption. "How much time do you think they will take to manufacture?" There's a glance towards the artwork being shown to Kitten and then she blinks at it a few times.

Mark bends over and helpfully tugs on Anchor Man's feet, possibly a little too hard.

Kitten puts the hook back in its rectangle, and they put it in a box for safekeeping. "The hooks and the net are made," Kitten says. "I just need to make the casings, and I stamp them out of sheet metal, so as long as we have enough sheet metal, I only have a hundred forty three to go." They lean over to look at the drawing, and they squeak. It's not the most badass noise Kitten has ever made. "I love it!"

Xavier smiles at faustina, "See? efficient and useful!" They carefully unroll the drawing and their eyes go all soft as they gaze at it. Carefull tying it back up they tell Cinder solemnly, "This is a wonderful gift, and one I can't repay." They start tearing up.

There is resistance, so too hard turns out to be exactly right. When the Anchor man pops free, they are holding what appears to be a chewed up leather strap, "Got caught in the mechanism. Wonder who's it is?"

Cinder giggles at Kitten's reaction. "That'll hold you over until I can draw Ecks proper. I'm...out of charcoal at the moment. Some is in the kiln now so I won't be without for long. Then I need to wait on paper...but I recycle most of my sketchbooks." He glances to Faustina as he says that. "Only keep sentimental stuff for myself. The other doodles..." A shrug.

Xavier's reaction makes Cinder sniffle behind his scarf and goggles. He puts the latter on top of his head for a moment to wipes his eyes. They drained him good in the sick room. Quite the pallor he has. "Ecks, you have helped me get my head and house in order. That is priceless to me. I wish I could give you more but...I put my heart into that. And I got sibling approval. You are most welcome." Down go the goggles. Dust.

Faustina nods to Kitten and then to Xavier. She does not comment on the use of paper, though she looks as if she might be considering saying something, but then doesn't. She does glance between Xavier and Cinder, though.

Mark laughs. "Who knows. Good you got it out, though. Imagine it caused a lot of trouble in there. It's always the little things, huh?"

Now that they're not holding hooks, Kitten hugs Cinder, then Xavier. Then, from further down the row, Rebar calls, "Kitten! It's doing that thing again!" Kitten frowns with a fair amount of determination. An engine in their care isn't performing properly. "I'll see you guys later. It's the carburetor. I'm going to have to pull it out and put in a different one." And off they go to fight with Rebar's chariot.

Xavier looks between Cinder and Kitten, terribly curious. Then, still teary eyed they slowly and delibrately clasp Cinder's forearm, "You're a good man. I'll treasure it forever. It's perfect." Then they gaze lovingly at Kitten, who the think much the same of. When Kitten hugs them, one of X's hands strays lower than is polite, but they are descreet about it. Gaze following the departing war kid, "Come on, Sis. It's a small thing and it's... nice to have something to hold when so much is... consumed."

Anchor man grins. "Isn't it though? sand is the Worst. at list this is an easy fix."

"It's unfair that sometimes all we get are memories of loved ones." Cinder says, looking between the siblings, Faustina and Xavier. "Memories or trinkets if you are lucky. To draw the person, makes them real to me. Immortal, even. I wish we had images of the ones from before. So, I do what I can. Usually in trade for goods or Lux. Sometimes, it's a gift." A beat passes. "I recycle most of my sketchbooks. And my charcoal comes from vines I trade Lux for. Never, ever wood. All's fair. All is on the up and up." He sounds sincere and all. But with goggles and a scarf over his mouth, it's hard to tell.

There is a bit of a noise from the catwalk above. SKIDMARXXX is lowering a cable with a few pieces of iron tied in it that serves as something of a ladder. And right now, KissThisThen is climbing down it, though trying to talk back up to him. Given KTT's bad hearing, it might not be a strange thing that Skidz is left yelling "SOAK FOR HOW LONG?" KTT flicks his hand out, showing a 'five'. "FIVE HOURS?!" Skidz objects "WHO'S GOT THAT KIND OF WATER?!" "Five _MINUTES_!" KissThisThen tries to yell back "MINUTES!" "FIVE MONTHS?" yells Skidz back and KissThisThen nods "FIVE MINUTES!" he agrees "FIVE MONTHS THEN?" says Skidz. KTT lands down and nods back up to the confused War Child.

Faustina actually looks startled for a second as she blinks at Xavier and then Cinder. "I didn't... that is not... I do not begrudge people art or drawings of loved ones. It is good for morale." Though her eyes tense a little. "I do not like seeing you cry," she admits after a moment in Xavier's direction. "And there seemed to be subtext I was not understanding." She pauses just a moment and then looks around the garage again. "I should be working." And her attention is drawn over towards the misunderstanding.

Mark nods to Anchor Man. "I can imagine. There's certainly enough of it out there." Then he glances over and bellows like a sargeant. "Minutes, not months!" Because clearly what the situation needed was more noise. Though at least his tone tends to cut through things.

Xavier peers worriedly up at SKIDMARXXXand KTT. They join Mark in yelling, "Minutes! Minutes!" They give the Reaper a wide eyed look, what are you doing?" They blink at their sisteer, "It's okay, Fausty. It's happy crying. I... Kitten is very important to me and, um, life can be sort."

The Anchor Man rolls his eyes, "It get Everywhere. I really mean Everywhere."

"F-Faustina, I think..." Cinder begins, shifting his weight. He's trying to be delicate. The yelling distracts him for a moment. "Hm. Kay needs a better way to communicate. Hearing loss can cut people off. Isolate. A bad fever can fry a kid's ears. I've seen it up there." He grumbles in thought. "Oh! Faustina, I just--what Ecks said. War Kids are very finite. If the sickness doesn't get them, any trip out there could."

Speaking of, Exo has returned! Three bullets dangle from Cinder's necklace. "You have to try the gun now! Please?" Cinder takes the necklace, makes a discreet exchange of Lux that puts a bigger smile on the dark skinned War Kid's face. "I will fire it once. Can't blow ammo." Exo leads towards his makeshift firing range. "Exo? Did you know those mute twins that came through here a few months ago..." He's off behind Exo.

Landing, KTT flips over the lid of his pouch. White willow bark is one thing - and makes a good tea for those who experience pain. But Mitragyna speciosa - Kratom? Is something else again. And it grows in the asiatic region. Especially for the sort of long term pain that War Children can suffer from. The tea, though, would definitely be dust if steeped for five months. KTT looks up, hearing Mark, his eyes widening. He heard that, unusually - but Mark's voice cut through. Then he limps towards Xavier, and he says "Delivering his tea." He closes the latches on his satchel, and he swings his head towards Cinder, and begins to smile. A quiet, abrupt expression - he almost never smiles, ever. But now he sees Cinder leaving, and he blinks a bit, and then he looks towards Faustina and Xavier again.

Mark sort of huffs and returns to a more normal tone, still a little loud, but no longer parade-ground voice. "Hopefully he got that. Someone should probably check that he did." His tone implies that he isn't going to be the one climbing up the ladder, though. Still, he gives Anchor Man a nod. "Yeah, when we do protection duty, it's a problem. Cleaning the guns afterwards is always a pain."

Faustina glances sideways at Xavier and nods once. "I am aware of Kitten's importance to you." Pause. "Ah. It is a picture of Kitten. That makes sense." Still she pulls her eyes away from him to go back to looking over the garage. "Why did you think I would object?"

Xavier cocks their head, curious about the exchange, but is too polite to ask here. They nod, "Tea makes sense." They duck their head, "Pictures. For momentoes, Kisses." X studies their sister, "It's not strictly utilitarian."

The Anchor Man eyes KTT, then SKIDMARXXX "Is he remembering to ask?" he nods ruefully to Mark, "It's true." They eye SKIDMARXXX's hole. "I'll go." And up he climbs, still reasonably nimble.

"You're calling me Kisses too?" asks the Savvy, but he does not seem to mind overmuch. He is, it has to be said, generally very calm. Not the kind to panic - well, not now any way. Rumours are that he used to, rather badly "Good evening, Monitors. Evening?" A pause. Is it evening? He is not entirely sure. Now, though, he says "Tea to see if it helps with his pain. It might. I am not sure. Kratom can also cause pain." He eyes Anchor Man in turn, and he says "Yes. He asks. But right now, he needs tea with his nightly water ration." He frowns "Burns seem to be difficult to treat."

Faustina gets that little tension around the eyes that probably means she is frowning slightly behind the cloth covering her mouth and nose. "I do understand that other people need non-utilitarian things. For morale. Most of the Bazaar is given over to non-utilitarian things and I have never objected. Just because I do not need things for myself does not mean I do not recognize their use and purpose for others." There's a small pause and then she adds more quietly. "I am not..." Her voice trails off and she shakes her head. "I should be working," she murmurs and starts looking around the garage again, though she hasn't moved away, yet.

Mark nods to Anchor Man and then strolls off around the garage, watching people work and poking his nose into things as only a Monitor can.

Xavier takes off their left glove to show the unbandaged burn from about a week ago, "Mine's healing okay. It just itches now. I use salve. Do you and SKINMARXXX need salve? I mean it doesn't help the pain, but I heals things faster." They duck their head blushing, "I was calling you Kisses before too. It's nicer." They try to sound casual, "Have you, um, been doing more? Kissing?" They wince, "I'm sorry, fausty. I..." They touch her arm with unburned fingertips, "It's, um, guilt. For wantng something just for me. I...I'm not used to things that are just for me."

The anchor Man nods, calling over his shoulder, "Good. Asking is good."

"Hmm. She's so anxious," says KTT and then he pats his pockets, before he frowns, and he takes out a fabric pouch and says to Faustina "You should try this. Eat it some time after your meal and then tell me how it affects you. I've been needing to find someone like you for it." He dusts his hands off, and then he says "They are looking very tense. What is going on. Is it because of - wait, what." And then he peers at Xavier's arm, and he wrinkles his nose "Hmm. You are very lucky that is not infected." And then he says "Oh, yes, salves are useful. That would be a good swap." He tilts his head "Yes, I have. And I hired Pyroclast the other night. What is going on here?"

Faustina takes the pouch and studies it closely. "What is it? What do you mean someone like me?" She asks KTT. Then she looks at Xavier, even though she startles a little at the touch. "Oh." Pause. "You are allowed some things which make you happy and are just for you. The ideal for Savvy is to share, but some things make more sense to be personal." There's another small pause, then she says, "Cinder gave him a portrait of Kitten. Or he purchased it. I am unsure. They were concerned that I would disapprove."

Mark continues working his way around the garage, asking things like "What are you boys making over here?" and "So what's the trouble here, then?".

Xavier eyes the pouch specifically, "Is it going to confuse her or make her lose track of limbs? Because that would be a bad thing to feed monitor." They nod, "A good swap yes. It's safe if you get a little somewhere else by accident." They look sideways at the Reaper, "we should maybe talk later, Kisses." They duck their head, "I know it's allowed, but it feels, um, wicked, so I, uh, worry? even though I know you'd understand it's like... maybe did something wrong anyway? I don't know. It was... a kind of trade. For helping him with something."

"Someone clearly suffering from an anxiety problem," says KissThisthen, completely bluntly. He has almost zero emotional intelligence, or so it seems "We share," he says "But we have some of our own things. That is why I had lux to pay for Pyroclast." And then he says to Xavier "Yes, and yes. But it will also mean she can stop focusing on the minutea, and have an experience of seeing the totality." He tilts his head "I am happy to talk. Why are you worried?" He adds to himself "Why is he worried. They worried. Anyway. I don't. I don't get it."

There is some distant gunfire. Demonstration, a pause, and then application. Once, then again. That is followed by Exo whooping happily. Third round. Demo. Application. And Cinder cries out in pain. "You said it had a little kick! That wasn't little!" Exo replies, "You are bigger! You are stiff. You have to flow!" Cinder snaps back, as they seem to be returning to the group. "Tell that to my dislocated shoulder!"

Cinder's shoulder isn't dislocated. Probably. Maybe? He's holding his arm as if he is pained but the rest of his face is impossible to see. He tries to deflect, as if no one heard that commotion. Or can see him favoring his left shoulder. "You all look confused. Are we discussing emotions?"

Faustina shakes her head. "I can not take something which will make me confused." She offers the pouch back towards KTT. Then she blinks at Cinder. "We were discussing... the purpose of non-utilitarian things and that even in a communal society some things may be kept for one's self." No emotions here. Nope. Absolutely not.

The Reaper lifts his head, faintly, but distant gunfire does not actually register. He can barely detect it. As the pouch is offered back towards him, he says flatly "I can't turn down the chance to see what will happen to someone with your general demeanour. It's very important. The fact is, you are confused when you are asleep, and it will wear off fast enough. Please report back what happened." He pauses, then digs in his satchel and takes out a few sheets of pressed fiber that serve as paper "Make copious notes." Poor Faustina. The notes are stacked on top of the pouch. After a moment, he delicately adds a charcoal stick. Because Monitors never have their own pens, right, even when he has actually seen them buying one. Then he looks at Cinder and he dusts his hands, and he says "...I...do not know. I don't think I have emotions. Properly, anyway."

Xavier blinks and shoots their sister a warning look. "That's not safe to take without someone to watch over you, sounds like." The skin around their eyes wrinkle, "It's not fair to try to order her to take that, nor is it safe. she could hurt someone while confused. Also, how do you know their might not be lingering effects?" They study the Reaper, eyes friendly, "I'm not upset and I will explain everythig later, okay?" The wince and duck at the loud sound, but very quickly realise nothing is exploding and straighten. "Oh! Are you all right, Cin?" They duck their head, "Yes."

Cinder gingerly passes Exo another payment of Lux. "That was helpful, overall, Exo. Thank you." Exo takes the Lux but seems deeply confused. "I know how to use a gun. I only need to get used to different type of gunfire. I usually--" Exo cuts him off. "Freak out? Yes. I am proud of you I hope your shoulder is okay." Cinder sighs. "It's dislocated. You dislocate it once, it's more likely to happen again. This is the fo--no, third time. So, I need to get it back in. Find someone, please, Exo?" Exo nods and scampers off. Cinder is breathing slowly, calmly.

"Faustina, don't take anything without a sitter? Kay, you have emotions. You come up and see me and your family, yeah? You love them. Maybe other feelings are confused and feel strange but you are not emotionless. Neither are you, Faustina. Do you /not/ show love and concern for Ecks? Emotion." He looks to Xavier. "Kat said something about not understanding having something all her own and if I had a drop of water for every time I heard a version of that, I could fill the all the baths under the dome. I told her as I will tell you. It's normal to want things for yourself. It's not a bad thing, in moderation. Wanting is different from acting too. That said, follow your heart and be selfish in a healthy way. It's freeing." Exo returns with a scawny, older War Child. "NOT HIM, Exo." They both scatter.

Faustina takes the pouch and the paper, but returns the charcoal stick. "I will consider it. Perhaps Mark can ensure that I do not injure anyone or do anything too dangerous. And I can put my weapons away before I try it." At Xavier's comment about lingering effects, though, her eyes go wide. "Before I take it, I need to know the possible effects, and, preferably, the likelihood of each. Also how much time I will likely be affected."

The monitor turns to study Cinder, then. "Of course I care about Xavier. He is a valuable resource to Sanctuary. It would take a lot of time and work to train someone else to do what he does." Pause. "Emotions are messy and complicated and I do not like feeling them." Oh, the irony in that. "Would you like me to summon Mark to fix your shoulder?"

"How am I supposed to know without testing? But apparently constipation can be an effect," says KissThisThen "But really, I am better with mushrooms. This however is an old time remedy. I do know that it helps Skidz achieve a certain. Balance? Balance." He adds "I cannot order anyone to do anything. I have no power." And then he says "...you aren't upset about what? Very well. Later." As Cinder speaks, KissThisThen volunteers "You should go to a healer. You need to have it put back in by someone who knows what htey are doing. Otherwise - damage." A sharp nod, and then he is falling quiet.

Xavier guestures at Cinder, "What he said. About the sitter and the emotions." At the bit about Faustina having emotions and Xavier's value, the Chemist lowers their head and carefully does not comment. They nod, "I'm not giving up the.. the music box or the picture, but I still... feel things about having them." They study their sister, "If you do take that, I'd like to.. bethere for you. To help if things get... complicated. There are things you might not want anyone to see, esecially another Monitor." They nod again, and say eagerly, "Better haveKat do it, don't you think?"

Cinder looks at Faustina, utterly incredulous. "You just described a feeling! An emotion. Care. Appreciation. Hell, I thought I saw love when you saw him cry." He sighs. "Please summon Mark before the spasms get worse and the whole thing tightens up." He looks to Kay and Xavier and nods in agreement. "I'm going straight to Kat after Mark gets it back in, I promise. I'm..." He exhales. "I'm afraid to walk much further as the pain increases. Pain triggers panic in me. like I said, this is not my first dislocation. It pops right back in." Beat. "I am afraid of heights too. I can cope on the catwalks, clearly, when not hurting this much."

Then he looks to Faustina. "If you decide to try something and are worried about the long term, I can testify to what Ecks gave me. Notice how...calm, I've been? Mild. Not edgy, nervous, afraid, and insecure? I've reconnected with Kat and made up with my little brother and have been prolific artistically. I sleep better, not perfectly. And the dreams are more livid...but less scary. I felt poorly for about two days. Then, it's like...fine. I'm fine. And you need to take time to understand your mind."

Faustina studies the pouch more. "If it isn't mushrooms, then what is it? And I thought you might have a book which had a description. Especially if it is an old remedy. An old remedy for what? Where did you learn of it? What amount should be taken?" She gives Xavier a nod at him saying he'd like to be present.

"Monitors don't love people. Monitors love Sanctuary." Faustina's mouth is hidden but she has that tightness around the eyes again. Still she calls, "Mark! I have need of you!" More quietly she notes, "I understand my mind. Why are people so concerned about my mind? My mind is quite functional."

Mark come trotting up, "You called, Boss?" Faustina gestures to Cinder. "Help him with his shoulder, please. I believe he can tell you what he needs done."

"It's from a plant. Opiate-like effects. Except. We don't have opiates any more. So all I know is that it causes feelings of wellbeing and confidence, and also freedom from pain. In most." Says KissThisThen. He is looking at Cinder, intently, quietly. And then he says "Mix a spoonful by standard weight - a teaspoon - into a cup of hot water and drink as a tea. That is enough that should not leave anyone disoriented." And he shrugs "You seem unsettled." But he, himself looks awkward now, and after a moment he says "You can't be hired with a dislocation," to Cinder "Can you? Unless I hire you just to talk to me. But I don't have any lux left. Why does Ransom want me to talk to him?"

Xavier touches a gloved finger to Cinder's uninjured arm, light as ash, "Would it help if I walked you there? To distract you?" They covertly study their sister, "I don't know. I mean you and I have a similar temprament, Cin? Sort of? I was pretty sure how you might react to... to chemicals. I can't begin to guess how my sister might.... This sounds different from your experiment ofthe other night, Kisses."

Cinder gives Mark very exact instructions. Step by step, once and again as he follows along. There must be a story here. "One moment, Ecks..." It can't be seen or heard but from Cinder's yip of pain and the ability to move his left arm properly, it worked fine. He exhales slowly, holding his arm to himself. "Kay, give me that charcoal stick. You can talk to me and we'll call it square. I was just lamenting my lack of art supplies. I have some charcoal in the kiln but only just. Bring paper too. That's it. It's a deal. You'll have my ear and my entire brain to unravel it with you. I /prefer/ people who just want to talk to me." He then says to Xavier. "Yeah, an escort would help. A lot of heights. I learned not to look down and just push forward long ago but..." He trails off. "Plus I just donated."

He looks at Faustina again, studying openly. "Well, there's the nervous shaky types, the sad ones, the disorganized ones and the tense and upright ones. Among others I've noted. She /could/ benefit from having her mind expanded for new ideas." He regards the group. "I understand The Citadel. I understand how the wheels turn. I get it but...it's not in my marrow. I'm always going to know a different way of living. Feeling and being. Being a Fortunate One affords me the ability to be who I am, for the most part. I need to not take that for granted."

"But I am not in pain," Faustina states. "Perhaps Cinder could use it if it helps with pain." Her gaze travels from Cinder to Xavier and back. "I do not reject new ideas. I study new ideas. I am always willing to listen to them, but I do need them to be fleshed out ideas which are actually explained to me so that I can weigh them properly." Pause. "This does not seem like a confusing requirement to me."

With Mark having helped with Cinder's arm, Faustina says, "I really should return to work. I need to check the sheet metal supplies, if Kitten is going to be using them to create covers for the hooks. We were slightly over stocked at last inventory, but I need to check current levels and account for the new use, then recalculate proper reserve." She glances to Mark, "Was there anything else we needed to look into?"

"Yes. I have a very different mental state, so the data can't...be used. In the same way," says KissThisThen, and he eyes Cinder "Maybe I should dose him," he mutters "He looks peaky. But I don't know. I should tell him what happens when you pop a joint back in badly. No, wait, I should not. Maybe he will be upset - does he like me? I like him. But he likes Kat. This is all very stupid. Trees are better than people. Every single time. And mushrooms are better than trees." He rubs his mouth with his free hand, and he stares unblinkingly at Cinder. And then he says to him "I. Yes. I see. I see." Does he? He puts his hands into his pocket and he turns his head to one side "Being Fortunate is. More or less literal." No bitterness, but his voice is a little yearning "I make art supplies for some. Fortunate may have what they desire."

As Faustina states that, he says "It's not your physical state I'm interested in. It's whether you would still work effectively with it. Good night." He seems to be refusing to take the container back, for whatever _that_ means.

Xavier nods, "You can... touch me. For balance. If you get dizzy. I will see you there safe." They gaze at the sick room, "I should come back and donate after, maybe. I have good blood and I'm due." And they've been completely sober ince that night helping Cinder, so odds are they won't accidentally pass anything odd on.

They lift their chin, "It is in my marrow and in my sisters. I... My sister is a very good Monitor who takes her duties seriously, more seriously than most do, I think. She's not broken or... or ill." They eye KTT, "I suspect I'm of limited use as a test subject, but if it would help...." Then their eyes soften, "I think only a monster wouldn't like you, Kisses. Or are you thinking of Like Like which is a different thing."