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No More Kama Sutra
Characters  •   Cinder  •  Kat  •
Location  •  Sanctuary - Garden - Hospice
Date  •  2019-12-02
Summary  •  Cinder makes yet another trip to see the Healing Hands, this time with a legitimate medical issue. Gasp.

It's late in the day and the Garden is slowing down, in general. One of the other Healing Hands has tracked down Kat. "Kaethe? Cinder's here. I think he's actually hurt this time but you know how he is. He's asking for you and didn't tell me anything. 'Get Kat. Get Kat.'" They roll their eyes and point out the exam area he was left in. "He's pale and cool. Clammy. He's favoring his left arm. All I know." A shrug.

Kat allows a low chuckle to slip free, shaking her head as she removes a small container from the heating element it'd been resting atop, and setting it aside. "I'll take care of it, Rain. Thank you for coming to get me." After washing her hands to ensure that no residue remains upon them, she gathers up her bag and heads over into the exam room her associate had indicated, stepping inside and donning an indulgent and gentle smile. "I'm told you asked for me? What seems to be the trouble, Sin?"

Cinder appears as described mostly. Drained, damp, and holding his left arm to his body. He's taking slow, deep breaths. A bruise is starting to form around his left shoulder, upper arm and chest. It's the only reddish flesh on him. He looks up and smiles. He couldn't help it even if it fades quickly. "I dislocated my shoulder again." This is the third time. "A Monitor set it. I just need you to make sure I didn't hurt it that badly. And it hurts."

Clucking her tongue as she moves around to a better position from which to examine his shoulder, Kaethe keeps her tone warm and silken, her demeanor soothing. And, it seems, tries to keep the mood light. "You really should start putting limits on the unnatural positions your clients request, darling. You're not getting any younger, you know." Pfft. As if he's even remotely close to 'old.' Her touch is whisper-soft as she traces her fingertips over the afflicted joint, carefully feeling for any signs that the Monitor set it improperly.

Cinder laughs, weakly. "No, it wasn't a slip in the tub or that time I tripped out of a treehouse. This was a gun. Something Exo had made. I'm trying to get used to the noise of gunfire. He warned me that it had a kick. It recoiled so hard that my shoulder popped." He sighs. "I learned how to set it after it happened the first time. Mark did a good job but my hand...feels odd. A little numb? Tingly?" His words are quiet, measured, careful. He just seems to be clinging to his calm.

"Mm. You're going to need to be much more mindful of this shoulder from now on," Kaethe cautions him softly, stepping away and going to a low cabinet. "Every time you dislocate a joint, it becomes easier and easier to do it again. Ultimately, you could even need surgery to tighten the ligaments." Straightening again, she returns with a rather homemade-looking sling, fashioned out of scraps of fabric sewn together. "The numbness and tingling should subside, but if it hasn't after a few days, I'll need to check for damage to the nerves. And you're going to have to wear this, and keep your arm close to your body and don't move it," she stresses gently.

"A sling again?" Cinder whines. "I've been careful since the second time. I didn't expect Exo to hand me one of his experiments." He looks at his hand, and flexes it. "It's probably just some swelling pinching the nerves but it's scary. I need my left hand." He pouts.

"Well, if you want your left hand, you'll wear the sling. Without sulking," Kaethe teases, her eyes twinkling as she steps in close again. Out of her bag, she draws a small pot with a wide cork stopper, opening it. The goop inside actually has a rather pleasant smell, truth told. Dipping two fingers into the stuff, she begins to gently spread it over his shoulder. "This should help relieve some of the pain, relax the muscles and help prevent spasms. It might make you a little drowsy, too, so be careful what activities you get involved in for at least the next several hours, all right?"

Kat is putting Cinder at ease. His own color is coming back. "I like my hand. I'll listen and take a few days." He smiles at her and there is something in his eyes. Warmth? Appreciation? Attraction? It's hard to read exactly. He's known to come in three flavors. Neutral, Anxious, and Bedroom. This is something else entirely. "You've been very patient with me. I know I can get wound up over every bump and cough and...thank you." He reaches with his good hand and grabs her forearm. "I want to stay with you."

Pausing as his hand catches hold of her arm, Kat lifts her gaze to Cinder's and blinks, canting her head to one side. "In my pod? It's awfully small, darling," she murmurs, her eyes taking on an amused light. "And I'm not sure you could manage the climb, just now. Would it make you feel better if I came and stayed with you, for a few days? Until you're well on the road to recovery?"

Cinder releases her arm and sighs. "I can't make the climb with one arm, no. And a little drowsy. And...those pods are tiny. Are all the Savvy so small?" He chuckles. "You come up to the Cage...people'll talk. I doubt any caste gossips as much as we do. But you are a healer and I am clearly injured." He leans close. "I would feel so much better with you near me. If a Monitor starts up, you tell them...something medical." He nods a little. "Or I can stay I am being paid. It's...weird. You could be seen as hogging a resource so...two plans. You come to me." He purrs out those last words. Is he flirting?

Despite her arm being freed from his grasp, Kaethe lingers close, her fingertips remaining still upon his shoulder. Eventually, she'll finish smoothing the salve over his skin, but for now, she appears content to bask in his gaze. Drawing her teeth over her lower lip briefly, she draws a steadying breath, and smiles shyly. "I'll come. You wouldn't be able to.. er.. work, for a few days anyway. If the Monitors raise an issue, I'll.. I'll just tell them that you're receiving round the clock medical supervision, to ensure that your shoulder heals quickly." She pauses a moment, leaning in without realizing it, her body pressing a bit more firmly against his leg. "I do hope you'll get to see where I live, someday. It's.. cozy."

"That'll satisfy anyone who makes a fuss. Since this is my third time with a busted shoulder." Cinder places his hand lightly on her hip. "Who says I haven't seen it already?" He smirks and looks away a moment. "I've hidden in those things many, many times. Usually whatever one is empty. It's quiet there and the Cage has a certain hum to it all the time. They are cozy. I swear they caste me as Fortunate because they knew I would never fit in those pods." He chuckles. "Soon as my arm is better, we'll see if we can both fit. I mean...you may have to sit on me..." He is flirting now.

"Oh, I'm quite certain that if we got that close, we'd fit just fine," Kaethe replies, a subtle heat blooming along the lines of her cheekbones as a blush takes root. And yet, she doesn't move away by so much as a fraction of an inch. "And it'd be a whole lot more private than your little nook over in the Cage.." My, my. What's on her mind, now?

"My nook is private enough! I take clients in that nook." Cinder winches. "I-I...It's clean. I keep it clean. Very, very clean. Messy acts make germs and I take advantage of the free access to water. There are different little corners for different needs though so, uh, not all clients are seen there." He's blushing but he remains confident. "Plus, if something requiring privacy happens in the Garden, doesn't that mean you all have to share me? I don't know all the rules here." He teases.

"We do share anything we have, and help one another when help is needed," Kaethe confirms, traces of a grin lingering as she eases her focus back over to his shoulder, and resumes carefully applying the fragrant salve to the muscles around the joint. "But in this specific case, I have my doubts that a caste-wide orgy with you is essential to the survival of mankind, so I think it'd be all right if I kept you to myself."

Cinder laughs, covering his mouth to mute the bark of it. "I had the wildest image in my mind." He settles and says, changing his tone to something more serious. "All to yourself? I like the sound of that. I'd like the sound of that from any Savvy but you? That's music to my ears. Nothing is wrong with wanting something just for you. Nothing is wrong with having it." He leans closer. He stops just short of being nose to nose. "I want to kiss you. May I?"

"I've been aching for you to, ever since we got back from the Wastes," she admits, in a breathless little voice barely above a whisper. "I just.. didn't know how to ask." Which tracks, really. It's rare for Kaethe to ask anyone for anything, much less something she wants specifically for herself.

"I...I didn't know either." Cinder admits before closing that space and kissing her. This is a practiced kisser. He knows what he's doing. At least, he's supposed to. He breaks contact after only a moment and chuckles. "It's like kissing for the first time. Kissing anyone, ever. First time." He goes back in and the skills are now at work. His free hand reaches up and settles on the back of her neck.

Kat isn't virginally awkward, granted.. but neither is she experienced on the same level as he is, and it shows. Both in the way she responds to his expertise, and in the missteps she suffers in her reciprocation. Like the way she seemingly forgets to breathe altogether, for long moments. Or the way her fingers reflexively curl to grasp at his shoulder, before the slickness of the salve and the protesting jerk of his muscles reminds her that he's injured. Oops.

Even so, it's perfectly clear that the heat, the fledgling ardor she feels is utterly genuine, and she doesn't seem at all inclined to pull away.

Cinder does. Even mid-kiss, he parts to tell her to breath but it was the shoulder grab that brought it to a close. A gentle parting with a peck on the lips before he says, "Ouch." He smiles at her still. His face is flushed and his free hand is trembling as he pulls it away. "I'm alright. You aren't so bad at that." He sighs and shakes his head a little. "You make me feel so different. I'm going to head back up to the Cage and clean up a bit for you. You can come up later. Or, uh, now...I..." He doesn't finish.

"Different good? Or.." Shaking her head, Kaethe cuts herself off and smiles up at him. "Never mind. It shouldn't take me long to finish up here, and gather a few things, if I'm to stay with you for a few days." As she speaks, she picks up the sling she'd brought over earlier, and works at helping him into it. Truth told, she does the lion's share, which only serves to punctuate her earlier instruction that he should refrain from moving that arm, while he heals. "If you want to go on ahead, I can follow shortly after." Or he could wait, but she apparently wants to leave that up to him.

"Good. Very, very good. It's outside of my actual understanding." Cinder admits, after some thought while letting her work him into the sling. Again. "I think...I'll wait in the Farm. I need to think but I don't want to go too far." He leans in to steal a kiss on the cheek. "See you soon." When he leaves, he meanders. Lingering around to watch her until he finally exits at another healer's urging. He has a hard time taking his eyes away.