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Movie Night at Marchant Manor
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Amy Lester  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •  Sean Winters  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Spear Thistle  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Thea Marchant  •  Star Thistle  •  James Thistle  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •
Location  •  Marchant House
Date  •  2019-09-12
Summary  •  There's a sleepover in the Marchant home theater, with burgers, popcorn, and Buffy.

The home theater is a large, windowless room with a big screen occupying one wall. Facing it are a number of reclining seats. There is also plush, carpeted floor space to mingle. Scattered around the floor are blankets and pillows. After all, it's a sleepover!

There is popcorn available, as well as soft drinks, candy, and gourmet burgers and hot dogs courtesy the house chef. There are also a few bottles of booze circulating, so spiking one's drink on the sly is entirely doable.

It wouldn't be Mona if she hadn't hauled in a few bits to add to the sideboard: coffee fixings, and a small selection of tea she picked out from Mr. Chen's. It's destined to be a long night, and she seems to know it. Surprisingly enough, her slumber party PJs aren't completely ridiculous on the fashion angle: silk PJ pants in slate, ivory, and plum stripes, a clingy charcoal grey cropped tank top, and a kimono in matching colors she picked up at the local thrift store, of all places. For all the pomp and circumstance of the costume parties, movie night seems to be a lot more casual for the quiet one of the Marchant triplets; she's already claimed a double recliner to coil up in with a spare pillow and a woven chenille blanket. There's an enormous flouf of a cat in shades of ivory and coffee brown nestled at her side, intermittently pawing at the blanket's fringe between yawns and bouts of dozing. As teddy bears go, Prince Prance the ragdoll cat is a fine, if bumbling, choice.

Jade is in flannel pajamas, blue checkered. They seem appropriate for the event. His hair is devoid of product, meaning it's in waves around his head like it might burst into cherubic curls any moment. As seems to be his preference, he's on the floor. He's got a pillow and blanket, and he's chowing down on one of those gourmet burgers with some fries. Dinner before the gorging of snacks. Not that burgers and hot dogs are all that fancy or anything, but these are the quality that would cost well into the double digits in a restaurant.

A snooty looking Siamese cat loafs near Jade, watching that burger like a hawk, just in case any of its elements fall to the floor, where they become the cat's. That long brown tail flicks expectantly.

Gourmet. Burger. Such a bounty of food. It's one of the things that can be counted on at the Marchant's place, and despite her previous complaints about coming to this movie night sans-Ashley, of course Amy is going to show up. Look at the food! She's even allowed herself some soda to drink. Amy's busy with the food and hasn't said much to anyone so far, and while she's got her overnight bag with her, she's still wearing her jeans and her t-shirt combo like always.

Hector has found black and purple plaid pajamas somewhere. He is right now helping himself to fries and a burger with all the trimmings.

Felicity has forgone regular pajamas for light-weight sweat pants and the sort of over-sized t-shirt that hits her knees and mostly conceals her form. It's got the Vitruvian Man printed on it. Her hair is back in a loose braid. Felicity also has a backpack that seems to be stuffed pretty full and her leather jacket. She drops her stuff off in a corner and gives everyone a wave before drifting over towards the food.

There are worse ways to spend a Thursday night. As the crowd begins to filter in, Mona offers a wave here, a grin there. "Hey, Jade?" She tilts up her chin, glancing toward the sideboard. "Were we still doing the crazy cupcakes for later?" She seems to be saving room for precisely that, if so, but damn if the rest doesn't look especially tempting.

Sean wears a pair of grey and blue plaid flannel pajama pants and a plain white t-shirt, and seems to have found himself a recliner to curl into with a drink and a burger with fries that he is picking at somewhat slowly as he watches others in the room. He tends to quietly drift in and out of big social events like parties. Despite being a performer, he's rather quiet off the stage.

Lucas's usual fare is either business (very) casual or athletic. Tonight it's the later with his home team basketball shorts and matching purple sweatshirt with a 22 on the back and MARCHANT across the shoulders and the 'Knights basketball' across the front, socks scrunched down and no shoes. Screw shoes. His pillow is tucked under arm with one of the throws from the other room. He's still checking his damn pager, though he spots the coffee added, leans over and gives Mona's cheek a smooch, "Yooooou rock." And passing through he grabs a recliner and grabs himself a burger.

A plain black t-shirt that reveals only the fact that Spear is a skinny bastard, and black flannel pants. Nothing exciting here. He says brightly "Hey everyone. Oh, hmm, Sean - burger. That's a good idea." He nods to the dude and then heads over to start arranging himself a meal. As he puts it together, he adds "Nice shirt Lucas. Makes it harder to forget your name, I should get one of those."

Jade looks up to Mona, mouth stuffed full of burger. He can't speak, and his hands are occupied holding the burger, so he nods quickly to her, his waves flopping around his eyes. Yes to cupcakes! He also glances at people as they come in, and he chews his bite of burger, swallows, and says, "Hey, welcome in! Grab yourself a burger or something. We have vegetarian patties and tofu dogs if you don't eat meat. Make yourself comfortable."

The cat watches that burger with the patience of ages. Soon a bit of burger's going to fall, and when it does... The animal does glance at newcomers, but his heart is set on human food.

With her spot there on a recliner and her seriously good burger -- Amy could never spend the kind of money needed for a burger this good -- the Lester girl is just living the life right now. Fries too, she's got everything. "Crazy cupcakes?" She asks out loud between mouthfuls, glancing at that cat that just stares at Jade's burger. Time to turn things around.

By presenting the animal with a small piece of bacon from that burger. A click of her fingers to try and get the cat's attention and the offer of delicious bacon on the tip of her finger. Amy's good at making friends with animals. Maybe because she's always offering them food. "Hey," she notes relatively distracted like to the others around, offering a vague wave to Lucas.

Hector clocks the Vitruvian Man and asks, "Was Leonardo your favorite ninja Turtle?" He smiles at his brother, "That is a help, yes." He flops down near Jade and is about to let a bit of burger fall when Amy makes her move.

"Burgers are always a good idea," Sean agrees with Spear with a little bit of a grin. He wiggles his in that general direction. "You should grab one." Then he chuckles, "How could anyone forget your name?" Because Spear's name is probably one of the most unique he's ever heard.

Lucas wades over folding the burger back so he can maul it. Amy gets a scritch to her shoulder, nodding while he's chewing. "Hey, sis." Looking to Spear he says, "POTUS. Sean."

"Love you, too, cous," Mona replies to Lucas, snaking up an arm for a half-hug over the coffee. "Looks like it's gonna be a long night, so seemed about right." Rather than attacking the food herself, she scoops the immense cat beside her into her arms, where he melts into a purring lump of fur. He does spy Amy offering up food to Meezer, and sends a longing stare in her direction, along with a plaintive 'I'm starving' mew. He is anything but starving. "I begged them to do something ridiculously addictive for dessert," she explains. "The guy loves doing up these truffle brownie cupcakes, and there's a cherry cheesecake kind that... will probably keep me doing laps in the pool for the rest of my natural life," she half-heartedly laments.

Meezer lifts his head to look at Amy. What's this? Someone to take pity upon him in his languishing state? Do the Marchants simply not feed their cats? The lanky beast abandons his very own human to pad up to Amy, greeting her with a loud, rattling meow that makes Mona's cat's mew sound tiny. It's like a metaphor for brother and sister. Retiring versus HELLO WORLD. Meezer sniffs delicately at the offering, then licks it and, finding it delightful, takes it from Amy's fingers like a little gentleman. Then he crouches to munch on it.

Jade watches his furry companion involving him for greener pastures. "Thrown over for cured meats," he says with a shake of his head. "I see how it is." How it is, is that Meezer's a social cat, and there are people to visit. People with bacon. To the room at large, he says, "Don't let the cats have chocolate or onions." He knows beggars gonna beg.

Looking toward Spear, Jade beckons to him. "Do you want a chair?" he asks from the floor. He munches down the last of his burger, wipes his fingers off with a napkin, then takes a drink of root beer. He then says to Hector, "I like your PJs, dude."

"That's His Highness, Meezer," says Spear to Amy "He rules with an iron paw. If someone grabs a shower, he decides they need rescue." And wanders near Sean, with his burger over a plate "I know. Mum and Dad kind of weren't expecting _three_ of us, and only had two names? So they just ditched all of them and named us after types of thistles. Star, Silver, and Spear are all different sorts, with differing levels of spikiness." He takes a bite and nods to Lucas "Senator, I'm expecting your views on the terrible scourge of under age drinking in this town." And now he drifts over to Jade and pulls a chair over "So what are we gonna watch?" he asks "And are there any other non-Marchants here who wanna mug these guys for their chef?"

Lucas leans over to give a half-snug to Mona. When he's not abusing socaial levelrage for the forces of 'good' he's immensly laid back apparently and as this is a movie night and not a party per se, Lucas is switched 'off' and back into 'human' mode. "I know ya do, Mona. What movies we get anyways?" He pauses and lifts one foot up to avoid stepping on Meezer and then the other. The damn pager buzzes again. "We got more peeps incoming." Pausing he checks the string of numbers and grins faintly biting into his burger.

Hector starts in on his burger like he's starving. "Nothing about Spear is forgetable." He nods in exagerated commisseration, "Cats. Men. Men cats. The alure of bacon. The old tory." He flashes Jade grin, "I like yours." he waves at sean, "How's it going man?" He tells Lucas, "I'm trying to cut down for the duration."

"Iron paw?" Amy says with a laugh, shaking her head a little as the animal takes the bacon. Naturally. What cat can resist! Meezer gets a scritch in reward for ... being offered food? Man, cats have it pretty damn good sometimes. But she's good with animals. That Lester charm. Wiping her finger on her jeans, Amy finishes up what's left of her burger and leans back, nursing along her coke as she looks around. "That does sound like a crazy cupcake," she agrees with Mona's description of the things. She's thoughtful on that whole thing.

Felicity flashes a grin at Hector. "Maybe. Though I'm really more about the reporter." Then she's collecting a burger for herself and some of whatever other snacks are around and looking for a spot to sit. "My parents never let me have a cat."

"Heya, Lucas," Sean says with an upnod before taking a bite of his burger, greeting the Marchant. He tries to keep all the toppings inside, but it is an ongoing battle not to squeeze one side of the burger too hard and have everything slip out the other. This seems to occupy some of his attention, at least. When Spear wanders over he grins and says, "Well, it works. I think it's kind of cool to have siblings with themed names." He pauses and then says, "Nora and Sean are kinda boring names." He falls into his own musings again though as Spear wanders back off again, accustomed to the comings and goings. He lifts a fry in salute to Hector in greeting.

Lucas pauses and looks up to hector. He's generally been cool at best towards Hector especially after that night he's not bringing up. He blinks to Hector and shrugs, "Well cutting back is good. I think the theme for tonight is that Canibalis is wrong, so... good." Looking to mona he says "we might have the Reeds inbound." Looking up he says "Landon might come down. He's working on finishing up some things. Either way I need to kick em off the phone in like fifteen." To Sean he admits, "Ours used to alliterate. Mom named us after movies she liked. Huge Touched by an Angel and Lucas fan. She watches way too much TV."

"You can borrow this one for the evening, Felicity," Mona offers, hefting the enormous furball in her lap for a moment before he seems to pour right back into her lap like the liquid he is. "I'm sure he'll be doing the rounds for petting, sponge that he is." The creature is as mellow and laid back as Mona typically isn't. For the moment, though, he seems intent on filling as much space on the chair as she does.

Jade laughs at Spear and says, "Yeah, when I take a shower, Meezer meows the whole time, he's like 'what are you doing in there, human?' Meezer looks back up at Amy. Hello, human, source of bacon, and friend. Whereas Prince Prance is a puddle, Meezer is a sleek, lithe miniature panther poised to make quick work of any stray burger meat or bacon.

"Mona has two more around here somewhere," Jade says, "and Thea's cat might wander out. You can totally have a loaner." He scoots back so he's leaning against Spear's legs. "I think we're watching Buffy," Jade says. He looks to Mona. "Are we watching Buffy? Do you have the remote? Is it under Prance?"

Spear says "They're good names. I like Nora and Sean." Which is no surprise to anyone, he has been friends with Sean for ages. He kicks up his feet and he says "I think it's a good idea, this party, we're all gonna chill and relax. It's gonna be awesome. Wait, eating people is wrong?" He pauses "I think I'm missing parts of the conversation - hey Hector. Everyone. Fries..." He reaches out, Spear does, for one of them and chews it thoughtfully. Then he is being a seat for Jade and he pulls a leg up so the man can lie back more easily "Yeah, let's do Buffy."

Hector returns Felicity's grin, "Sensible.... I'd like cats, but with all the disruption... The goal is for after college, we get a place where we can have a couple of cats for me and a dog for Cash." He too is struggling with his toppings, but has decided he can scoop them up off the plae later. "It's kind of cool having siblings, even if I'm currently living likeafugative for their safety." He waggles a fry back, "At least your parents spelled Sean the cool way." He shudders at mention of 'touched by an Angel.' "I always thought that ought to be a porn movie name, not a network show." He looks around him in case of lost remote, "I still thik having terrible cramps when vampires are near isn't exactly helping with the fighting part." he eyes spear, "Canibalism is definately frowned on most places, yes."

"What have you got against showers, huh?" Amy wonders of Meezer, offering a few more pets as she finishes the last few fries. No doubt her plate contains some of those escaped toppings, and they just might be continued to be offered to the animal as something of a bribe. "Loaner cat. What a fucking idea," she laughs, brows lifting up. "Buffy. We're watching that stupid mov-- oh." Amy suddenly gets it, blinking.

"I mean, they still do Alliterate, if you just say Lucas and Landon, even without the Lester," Sean points out to Lucas with a little bit of a grin. He pops another fry into his mouth and finishes it off before laughing, "Yeah, eat fries, not friends, Spear. Like in Finding Nemo." He munches on a few more fries and then tells Hector, "There is only one correct way to spell Sean. The rest are all poor imposters."

Lucas stuffs his burger in his maw taking it down like a teenage athlete and grabs tiny burger number two and says "Heck yes Luke Perry night. Alright, I'm going to go follow up on this call, and will come back for Dylan takes on the world." He points to where he dropped his pillow. "No one takes my seat." And with that he checks his watcha nd jogs out of the room to go get Landon off their phone to make his call.

Felicity grins at all the offers of borrowing cats. "Excellent. Though later. Because currently I have food and no practice fighting off mooching cats." The she laughs. "Canibalism is right out, yes." And she bursts into a bit of song: "I won't eat people! I won't eat people! Eating people is wrong!" It doesn't seem to be extemporized, like that was a song which somehow already existed in Felicity's world. Then she goes back to speaking. "Buffy sounds /perfect/."

If the remote is under Prance, they're screwed. "Uh," is Mona's initial reply, and she tries to wrangle the fluff into something resembling a ball of cat she can search around. "Well, Spook is hiding under the bed, and Diva may wander out later, if she smells the food. Or the attention." The ball of fur is not cooperating, sprawling this way and that every time she tries to move him. It's like trying to wrestle with a bag of purring, fluffy jello with a mop of a tail swishing in her face. "I don't have it." Tilting up her head, she scans the room with a squint. "Check the bottom shelf under the player? There's... something little and boxy there. Is there a blinking light?"

Meezer sizes up Amy in her chair, and his butt wiggles. Then he springs up and is suddenly sitting on the arm of the chair. She's done it now. She's summoned him. He meows again, loud, low, and long. Just like a Siamese. Then he bonks her hand with his head. These recliners are big, and if Prance can puddle on Mona's, surely there's room for Meezer to loaf next to Amy.

Jade watches the complete lack of loyalty in what is supposed to be an incredibly loyal breed, and he just shakes his head. "I don't think he can figure out why I'm in there getting wet on purpose," he says. He gets to his feet to check under the player. Sure enough, there's the remote. He dims the lights, then goes to Spear's recliner and slithers up onto it, cuddling next to him.

He turns the movie on, and the surround sound makes itself known. Built into the wall are speakers in every corner of the room. It's a little loud at first, but Jade quickly turns down the volume so that the movie is loud enough to hear, but people can still talk. It's a social event more than anything.

"Yeah, like 'Sha-wwwwn'," says Spear, and then he says "Ooh, Luke Perry. Sexy. Sorry, Amy, for me the movie pleases on all fronts. I kinda dig the clothing too." He puts a hand on his chest. Usually Spear is more or less quiet about the kinds of people he likes - probably to protect them - but actors? Nope. He adds "Both the leads are hot." And he continues as Mona spears "I'll never let another man pass my lips!" Wait. That. Sounds really...it is part of the song. But. Spear shrinks down into the chair, and slides an arm around Jade. Two will fit "...holy shit," Spear says "It really _is_ like being in a theatre. If the end of the world comes, we're hiding _here_."

Hector eyes Amy, then smiles as she gets it. He nods agreement to Sean, "My best friend back home used to say the same." He follows up Felicity with a sung, "Sweeney Todd the Barber, by God he were better than the plague,/Sweeney Todd the Barber, "I'll polish 'em off" he used to say/His clients through the floor would slope/But he had no fear of the hangman's rope/"Dead men can't talk with their mouths full of soap,"/Said Sweeney Todd the Barber..." He eyes his brother, "Dude!"

Amy is happy enough to make a little extra room for Meezer to relax in right next to her. It even comes with extra pats and scritches. Her other hand continues to finish off the fries as she just listens to the conversation back and forth, smirking a little and shrugging at Spear's apology. She's got fries and a movie to watch, apparently. And a cat to pat, but alas, no Ashley in sight. "Buffy is fine, fine," she waves a hand.

Sean can't help the snicker that passes his lips at Spear's blurted statement and subsequent shrinking into the chair. "How romantic," he teases, just a little bit, because it's his best friend and he can. Then he quiets to put another fry or two into his mouth to shut himself up, curled up in his recliner with his blanket pooled around his legs.

Felicity blinks at Hector and grins. "There's a musical about him. They wouldn't let us do it last year at my old school. Which was too bad because they were going to let me help design the who stage slide thing. But it was too expensive to get the rights and someone worried it was too edgy." She's settled in somwhere by now, eating her burger. She gives Spear another grin. "And it's okay. We're just the only ones who appreciate old British comedy. We'll laugh at them all when we understand the first and second law of thermodynamics and they don't."

A bit late to the party, though that seems to be her norm of late, Thea wanders into the home theater room with a bright smile. It's evening, so she's her far more customary vibrant self, and she's dressed for the occasion in pajama shorts that feature sleepy little sloths, with a cami that matches and bears the text, 'Sloth Mode: On.' Trailing just behind her is her faithful feline companion, a gorgeous specimen of Ocicat named Jiji. "Sweeny Todd the Barber said 'dude'?" she asks of Hector, laughing lightly as she overhears the tail end of things.

Likewise late, and surprisingly -- or unsurprisingly -- arriving without the benefit of a sibling dragging him to the Marchant home by his arm, James' appearance is precipitated by the sound of his knocking at the front door before he's led to the home theater room. With a lifted hand, he waves greeting towards Hector and Spear, but predictably gravitates into an orbit around Thea, gradually and inexorably finding his way to her. "What are we watching?" he wonders, managing to put together a smile at her before glancing inclusively over at Jade -- the probable party planner -- with the query.

Once the remote has been located, Mona sinks back into her corner of the recliner with arms wound around Prance like he really is a teddy bear. His front feet dangle over her crossed arms, and he rumbles a contented purr with eyes half closed. There's a prrt noise when Thea arrives, though the greeting is likely for her spotted compatriot. "Heya, sis," Mona calls over. Spying James' arrival, her smile grows by a fraction before she hides it behind fluff.

They say the party never truly starts until Star Thistle is there. Wait. No. No one actually says that.

Why? Because Star rarely parties and is a skulking, broody runt of a thing. But there she is, turning up for the second straight time at a Marchant event. Perhaps she's a pod person and not really Star at all.

She glances about, looking for familiar faces to hide hide behind, and sees a few potential targets - Sean, Mona and James.

Meezer settles in next to Amy, a warm loaf by her side, and he purrs when she pets him. She's good with animals, and he's an animal; it was meant to be. Jade accepts his mercurial feline's bonding choices with aplomb, and snuggles up with Spear in their chair. He knows his cat loves him, and will be reminded at 3am, no doubt, when Meezer is walking all over him and howling.

Looking over at Thea and James, Jade grins and says, "Buffy." The movie has just started. There's gourmet burgers and hot dogs available, along with fries and chips, not to mention popcorn and candy, soft drinks, and a few booze bottles circulating for making with soft drinks. Mona has a sideboard dedicated to coffee and tea, with a spot left bare for imminent cupcakes. There are still unclaimed recliners, and there are blankets and pillows on the floor in true sleepover style.

"It's part of the song!" says Spear to Sean, and he scrunches up his napkin and throws it at Sean with a snort of laughter "It is!" Another fry goes into his mouth, and he says to Felicity "I like Flanders and Swann! And a whole lot of that old stuff. Tom Lehrer too." He finishes off his burger and is slid down next to Jade, and he says "It's a little known fact that Sweeny Todd was a radical surfer." He calls out "James! Grab one of these tiny...boutique burgers?" He still sounds puzzled. Boutique teeny burgers. Made by a chef. As Star enters, he looks up, and waves to her "Tiny burger? Done rare?" Now he is under a cat, and Jade. He ouffs, but looks very pleased with himself.

Sean smiles when he sees Star come in and he lifts his red solo cup of coke in her direction as a kind of salute, before munching on another fry, cleaning the last one off of his plate, the last bite of his burger following shortly after. He's only sort of glancing at the screen every so often. He's seen Buffy before, and seems more glad to just be around people, and not at home, than anything else. He laughs at Spear's protest and the subsequent napkin throw, which lands right in his recently emptied plate. "Uh huh. Of course it is."

T-shirts and flannel pyjama pants are clearly the proper male fashion for this do, and Zane is thus properly attired! Okay, the pants do have a pizza print rather than plaid, and the work the t-shirt is doing to fit him suggests it either might not technically be his or it's been his for several years -- which, since it's one of the screen-printed shirts they make for shows and this one's from when they did The Odd Couple freshman year, is very possible -- but all the same. He emerges from Mona's suite, as often happens, and hair's damp enough to suggest he just got out of a shower.

"Hey!" he greets the room at large, grinning brilliantly at all and sundry, and heads immediately toward the food, to fill a plate to unreasonable levels with gourmet burgers and fries and cupcakes and such, and a drink of some sort as well. "What're we watching tonight?" As if it weren't already being started up.

Hector croons at Felicity with an exaggerated mooning puppy face, "I feel you, Johanna/I feel you,/I was half convinced I'd waken,/Satisfied enough to dream you/Happily I was mistaken/Johaaaaaaannaaaaaa!" He rolls his eyes, "Too edgey?" He gives Thea and James a wave, then sings to Spear, "All the world seems in tune on a spring afternoon/When we're poisoning pigeons in the park/Every Sunday you'll see my sweetheart and me/As we poison the pigeons in the park..." He has a nice light tenor, well suited to Mr Leher's ouvre.

Felicity laughs and applauds Hector's singing after finishing off the last bite of her burger. "I think it was all the death. And the whole plot with Johanna's mother. I'm not sure. Maybe it was just the money." She gives Zane a cheerful wave. "We're watching Buffy."

Thea eyes the food offerings, ultimately taking a burger which will undoubtedly wind up shared with Jiji. There's really no denying him when he gives her those big soulful eyes that so clearly communicate that he is ohmigod staaarving and must eat now or he will fall over dead, after all. A couple other 'nibbly' things are added to her plate, and a soda is snagged before she turns to nuzzle a cheek fondly to James's shoulder. "Want to cuddle up in a chair?" she invites quietly, lest she interrupt the movie as it starts to play.

"Hey, Star," Mona greets from behind her least intelligent cat. This means she's doubtless rooted to the spot, though there's a vacant recliner right near by, nudging it with one elbow around her lapful of fluff. "S'Buffy," she calls over to Zane, crooking a hand toward the chair with a brightening grin. "You have an anxious cat. Have an anxious cat!" Once again, she tries and fails to lift Prance, though she does a fair job offering the prodigious flouf in his direction. "Could you snag a burger for him?" Yep, a whole burger, most likely. No wonder he's gigantic.

Star makes her way over to Sean, hands stuffed in the pockets of her baggy, low-slung black jeans, said jeans tucked into a lower pair of pink Doc Martins than her usual thigh-highs. A black fishnet t-shirt vaguely performs the minimal function of a top, a black bra clearly visible beneath. Her hair is a shock of black frizz that erupts unbound all around her head and shoulders, bouncing as she moves. Black eyeliner and lipstick is the only makeup she's put on, and her septum ring tonight is a spike-tipped semi-circle, steel with pink spikes.

One hand pulls out of a pocket to wave to Mona as she slouchy-stomps to Sean. Once there, she simply climbs in the recliner and settles in on his lap without invitation or word.

Having an entire mansion to run around must be the only reason these cats aren't little flufflards, though Meezer has left off his begging in favor of human companionship. He purrs next to Amy, his paws tucked in. Like his human, he's friendly. Unlike his human, he's capable of being chill about it.

"Hey, Star," Jade says. He is already in his pajamas, cuddled up with Spear. Without product in his hair, the waves flop over his eyes, and he keeps swatting them away. He kind of watches the movie, though he does try to lure Jiji over with a little kiss-kiss sound. If his own cat has abandoned him, maybe he can steal someone else's.

Relatively bereft of his customary broodiness, James has endeavored to make up for it by dressing as gloomily as possible: in a pair of plain black pajama pants and an equally dark v-neck. On spotting Star's arrival, he lifts his hand to wave towards his half-sister, lips twitching into a quick smile until he turns to study the boutique bougie-burgers that Spear indicates. He appears dubious for a moment -- sometimes getting James to eat at all can be a struggle -- but on the mention of their rarity he licks his lips and swipes one, with a little mini-plate to match. "Sure," he agrees to Thea, leaning down to give Jiji a chin-srub with his index finger before taking her invitation and making his way over to one of the reclining chairs, moving his miniature plate to the side so its well out of Thea's way when she joins.

Sean watches as Star slouchy-stomps her way over and he shifts a little from how he was curled in the recliner for her to settle into his lap. He's got on a pair of grey and blue plaid flannel pajama bottoms and a plain white t-shirt. He lets one arm loop around her loosely, the other elbow propped on the arm of the recliner, where his head rests. "Hey," he greets her. "You came." There's only the faintest hint of surprise in it. His voice is low though, for those who might actually be watching the movie with any kind of interest. "Did you want something to eat?" he asks her, nodding toward the food and drinks, though he doesn't seem to intend to move unless she a) wants something and b) wants him to get her something.

With food procurement and seating decisions out of the way, Thea turns her attention outward in a broader sense, casting smiles toward her siblings, waving to Spear and Hector and Star and.. wow, there are more people here than she'd thought! Her attention is momentarily drawn downward as Jiji, thoroughly pleased with the chinscritches he'd gotten from James, paws at her leg as though to point out to her that she must now show proper devotion. With a wry grin, she reaches down to rub at one of his ears, then moves over to join James in the recliner chair. Thankfully, she's a rather diminutive thing, so there's plenty of space.

"Got it!" Zane assures Mona, and manages to pile an extra burger on top of the already ridiculous tower that's developing. He probably ought to just get some more plates, but he's only got two hands and one needs to hold the drink. The food should just be right next to the chair! "Anyway he's not the anxious cat, Spook's got that part. Prance is the king."

He heads over to her chair and hands the whole pile over to Mona, so that he can pick up the massive cat, instead, and claim the rest of that chair, repositioning the cat on their legs once he's squished into the next-to-Mona space himself. And then reclaiming the food and drink. "Oh, I remember that one!" he says to Felicity, even if Mona answered it too, "With the," and he does a brief, cheerful imitation of Paul Reubens dying extremely hammily. Yup, that's what stuck in his mind!

Balancing the food over Prance suddenly animates the creature considerably. The whiskers flick forward, and his eyes go wide as saucers. He chirps at the bottom of the plate as he's collected into Zane's arms and piled onto joint lapspace. The chirruping at the bottom of the plate continues in a series of tiny squeaks. Mona shifts, squirming into a proper arrangement of limbs before passing the pile of plates back, and pulling the blanket back over their legs. It comes up to the cat's chin, and he scrambles back over the top of it to ensure is no barrier to begging. "Pretty sure most people think Spook is a myth." She steals a fry off of one of the plates, nibbling on it lightly. "You know, I wonder if all those gymnastics classes when we were kids means some of this stuff would actually work," she muses, gesturing to the screen with the remains of the french fry.

Star shakes her head, her picked-out afro swishing and floofing. "Not sure I'll be here long," she says quietly to Sean, not because she's being thoughtful of movie-watchers, but because she has two settings - quiet and ragey. Her declaration explains why she's not all PJed out like most others. Unless she sleeps in jeans, a fishnet shirt and boots, which is actually not out of the realm of possibility with Star.

Hector waggles a fry at Zane andstar. He nods, "People are weird about stuff. It's not like we haven't seen worse on TV. Sweeney Todd would be fun though." He's sitting on the floor near Jade and Spear wearing purple and black plaud flannel pajames.

Silver has been here awhile. Arrived with Hector actually, though not in jammies, and a foil covered something. That she disappeared with to heat up. She has poked her head into the Theater room once so far. And that is exactly what she did, poke her head in, look around at who was there, then disappeared back down the hall. Now she returns with said pyrex dish unveiled. It's a smores lasagna thing by all counts. And she moves to set it with the other goodies.

Felicity seems to have settled into quiet, thoughtful mode. Half watching the movie, half watching the other people while absently eating her fries.

Jade watches Spear watching the movie more than he's watching the movie, himself. He grins and settles in. Though after watching for awhile, he says, "So does anyone have any idea what we're going to do about everything going on? This place looks pretty secure, but I don't know if my mom and dad are going to let us have everyone over all the time."

Thea's tush had just barely come into contact with James's lap when the aroma of heated chocolate and marshmallowy goodness tickles her senses, and she's standing right the hell back up. Scurrying on over to the noms table, she shoots Silver a grin that's equal parts sheepish and worshipful -- which are amazingly hard to blend together smoothly, mind you -- and doles out not one, but two portions onto her plate. Because she's thoughtful like that. Then it's back to James, to whom she beams with all the pride of a lioness that just brought her mate a freshly-downed gazelle. She places one of the treats next to the burger on his own plate, then looks toward Jade. "I mean if it was just on the full moon, we could maybe get away with it. But with Fran's threats against our loved ones.."

"Alright," Sean says when she says she thinks she won't be there long. No judgment from him. He knows she'll stay or go as she pleases, and he seems content to sit there curled up with her for however long she decides to stay. "Well, I'm glad you came," is all he says on that note, and then goes back to idly watching the movie. He's only half paying attention to the conversations going on around him, if that. Though he does glance over between Jade and Thea curiously.

Star gives Jade a belated up-nod of her head in return greeting once she's settled in with Sean. At his question for the room and Sean's curious expression, she explains helpfully, "Vampires are trying to kill us all. Run for your life."

Spear rouses from watching Buffy and says "...I have an idea for how to blow up the hotel, but also probably doing anything is pretty hard because older people don't believe us, the cops are probably in on it and..." He wrinkles his nose "And most of us would just get up and leave, but our parents are here."

Settling back into the recliner, James leans back to better accommodate Thea into the seat with him, looping his arm lightly around her waist. His realignment causes the backrest of the chair to suddenly tilt back, jostling James and nearly toppling his plate from the arm before the Thistle braces and saves his rare miniature burger while his chairbound companion escapes and meanders off to fetch desserts. He eyes Thea enviously, at first, but flashes hints of a grin in thanks when she comes close enough to reveal the paired servings on her plate, deposits one onto his which has been made spacious by the progressive disappearance of the burger, and plants her backside back in his lap. Snuggling in cozily with the Marchant, he distractedly turns his eyes towards the movie, but doesn't seem to be paying much attention at all, instead focusing on Thea, small bites from his burger, and the conversation surrounding them, which he doesn't exactly contribute to aside from offering in dry helpfulness to Star and Sean: "We've all got to die somehow. At least this is interesting."

Hector sees what his sister brought and gets right up for some, "Nice, Sil." He sighs, "And what do we do about Prom?" He blinks, not having realized Sean wasn't looped in, "Fran and the Painkillers are trying to make some of us vampires and are threatening to kill some of the rest of us and anyone we love. Don't drink any mystery substances, don't invite people in, stay put once the sun goes down. Oh, and they can fly, are super fast, and possibly can make you hallucinate."

"Uhh," Sean says at Star's explanation for Jade's question. "Right. So that's why we're watching cheesy vampire movies? To prepare for the imminent apocalypse?" He grins at her sidelong, clearly thinking it's a joke. He takes a sip from his coke then and raises both brows. Then Hector gets a kind of a blank stare. "Uh.. Kay." His look is completely skeptical, like he fully believes they're all fucking with him, so he goes back to watching the movie. "I've got my garlic necklace. I'm good." He does /not/ have a garlic necklace.

Silver gives Thea and Hector a small smile. As Thea snags the first plate she doesn't serve herself up any. Instead she grabs a Coke and finds herself a corner seat towards the back. She hasn't even really greeted anyone, except who let them in, and seems content to just hunker down and drink her soda. Though she does nod towards her siblings as she settles in. Pulling a James tonight it would seem.

"It would!" Zane agrees with Hector, and sings, "No, we'll serve anyone, meaning anyone, and to anyone at all!", the grin turning into a laugh when he breaks off. Mona's thought has him studying the screen while he eats a large bite of burger. "Probably we could," he decides, before getting derailed by the arrival of Silver and her not-sagna. "Silver! That looks awesome, can I have some?" he calls over. He can't GO over there. He has a huge cat on him. Also a good portion of the rest of the buffet.

Mona points a finger to Thea as she speaks of the threats. "That. I mean, I'm pretty sure we can have people over a fair bit, but not everybody, and not all the time," she notes, though her eyes shift to Star as she nods to her assessment of the situation. "I mean, we have some 'care packages' with restraints and some supplies put together to hand around, and if you want to pick one up tonight, just let me know. But that's only going to get us so far. We probably need to talk to Mr. Chen again, and soon."

"Fran and the Painkillers still sounds like an indie band," she adds, even if the mention of them directly seems to make her uncomfortable. She sinks in around the lapful of cat, shrinking by a few inches. There's a more or less unconscious glance toward his hand. Her eyes shift toward Sean, and she notes, "They threatened all of our evening activities, which does include rehearsals and the show, so. You know. Be careful." Then, her head whips around, and she looks blankly at Spear. "...blow up the... " she repeats slowly.

Star gives Sean the quick version. "Vampires are an actual thing. Our vampires are a biker gang based out of a motel in Topock. Some mental midgets drank their blood twice and are in danger of turning now. Now we're all doomed." Blink. "I leave anything out?"

"That's the gist of it," Jade says agreeably to Star. "Oh, and last full moon, since we didn't let Fran and her gang have the people who drank, she threatened their loved ones. As one of the aforementioned loved ones, I'm not a fan. I wish we were fucking with you, man. I had a hard time believing it, but I saw it. I saw them floating and I was only a little high."

Spear says "I haven't actually seen any vampires, or anything weird, to be honest, _but_ I totally trust what my sisters and Jade say." He pauses "Maybe if we burn down the funeral home instead mum and dad will have to move and we can go." He does honestly look distressed about his parents and other relatives. And he reaches over to squeeze Jade's hand "I mean, someone suggested the hotel, but honestly, super powerful things we can't do anything about?"

"Sure, it's for everyone," Silver replies in a soft voice to Zane's request. She glances over at him and Mona, but she's chosen a spot where other people and chairs are in the way mostly. So she doesn't see that he is trapped and can't get his own. As the talk about plans goes around, and the various plans, she doesn't chime in. In fact she seems to focus on the television intently. Sipping on her soda.

Hector trails after silver with his plate and leans down to murmur something to his sister. He flashes a quick grin at Zane, "Nice one!" He raises his hand for a care package. He says quietly to sean, They hunted me and Cash in our own cemetary. Vampires are real." He gives spear a horrified look, "We are NOT burning the funeral home. That's a lot worse than burning the motel."

"It's not bullshit," Amy pipes in from the sidelines. "And I was the one who spent almost all my time saying 'haha, this fucking vampire bullshit'. And then I saw them and took a swing at Fran. Couldn't even touch her." She shakes her head a little. "Dunno about doomed though."

Cozily nestled into the curl of a Thistle arm, Thea sets about breaking off little pieces of burger from around the edges of the patty, one of which is soon enough offered out to a starving, soulful-eyed feline. For the most part, she simply listens quietly to the talk of vampires, though Star's characterization of the half-pires (that's half vampires, obvs) as 'mental midgets' prompts her to.. yes.. stick her tongue out at the other girl. At one point or another, too, she leans up to whisper something to James.

"You'd have drank, too, if you were there," James grumbles over Thea's shoulder at Star, taking offense at the mental midgets remark but stopping short of throwing anything at her; somebody forgot to bring his book. "Have you seen this Mr. Chen guy?" he asks, voice lowering into a curious aside directed at the lap-lounging Marchant, though he pauses in the query to lend her his ear.

Sean looks from one person to the other, gradually getting the idea that they're all serious. And he goes quiet as he listens and seems to mull it all over in his head. There's a sort of tension in him, like something's nagging at the back of his mind, but he's not sure what. Still, the whole thing sounds far-fetched. For the moment, though, he doesn't argue. Both brows raise as he looks over at Amy, finding it hard to believe there was someone she /couldn't/ slug.

Jade takes Spear's hand and wraps the Thistle's arm over his shoulder, playing little spoon for the moment. "I never thought I'd be the one to tell you this," he murmurs lovingly, "but not everything can be solved with arson. Though my only beef with burning the motel down is if anyone innocent got caught up in it." He smiles over at Amy and says, "You were a rock star that night, though. For real."

"No," Star counters James. "I wouldn't have. Because I FUCKING PAID ATTENTION TO STRANGER DANGER IN KINDERGARTEN!"

"I can't reach it though," Zane says, woeful as any unfed cat, and gives his previously entirely satisfactory pile of food a sad look before claiming some fries out of it. Alas. Still, there's other things to consider. "Are we really maybe blowing stuff up? 'cause that'd be kind of awesome." And probably unwise. "But yeah they... I wasn't high or drunk or anything like that at all. And they were definitely..." He trails off and just shakes his head. "It's not good. Amy was pretty amazing though."

"It doubtless won't cover all the bases, but it's some of the gear from the Reed house all split up, in case we can't all get to one place next time something starts to go down," Mona explains, nodding once to Hector. Much as she may be in a decent mood, there's a distinct seriousness with which she takes note of the request. There's a too-sober nod to Amy, and the sudden tension in the room summons a wary mrowl from the puddle of cat in the fashionista's lap. She collects the creature back up into a hug, asking, "Need to get up?" to Zane. "Sober here, too. Wish I hadn't been, but I was." Some of the color drains from her face, and she tries to contain the liquid feline in a wrap of her robe.

"You mean the guy who sells tea?" asks Spear "Apparently he said some stuff about it, but I'm not sure? I just don't want my parents to get hurt. Or any of you guy's parents! Or any of you guys! I just don't want anyone to get hurt! But I don't really, erm. I'm not a fighter, I'm not as smart as Silver, and I don't think a 'complex understanding of taxidermy' is gonna help." He pauses. "So I'm gonna have a seance and see if any dead people have ideas."

Hector is focused on Silver, obviously concerned, the whispering between thenm continueing. He nods agreement with Jade, "Seriously, you were amazing, Amy." He smiles at star, "I have to agree with my Sister on that one." He sighs, "It's the innocent people I worry about too." He says grimly, "I was sober both times, and the symptoms of drinking vampire blood are real enough." He nods, "I'll do my best to be there, Spear."

Silver looks up in surprise at Hector. Says something softly. One finger finding the tab of her soda and beginning to twang it. Their soft little conversation has her glancing up again in surprise. Turning red, shaking her head, and then a drink of her soda. Star raising her voice of course draws her gaze and she just cringes. Not saying anything, but having the grace to look guilty. And gulping her soda. "I'm not that smart, Spear. I drank too, after all," She says with one shrug of her shoulder.

"I mean, in all fairness," Jade says, "you were compelled. They don't really cover mind control in grade school. Or high school, or any school." To Spear, he says, "That's not a bad idea. Do you need any help? Snacks? Shoulder massage? I can sit cross-legged and chant if that's your thing." He smiles at Spear, sleepy-sweet. "Whatever you need me to do."

Felicity notes kind of absently. "I'm still working on numbers and cross checking the data on explosives and accellerants. I just kind of have to fit it in around other school work and not make it quite obvious what I'm working on. So it will be a few days before I've analyzed the motel destroying options."

Having turned a bright red in the wake of Thea's whispering, James shoots an argumentative glance at Star, but proves too flustered to continue the argument and instead lets it die as he settles into his seat, frowning pensively. He does pause, though, to reply in kind to the Marchant and then smile thankfully at Jade's excusal.

"It's a whole lot more complicated than.. like.. some creepy stranger offered us a bottle and, like idiots, we were all, 'down the hatch!'," Thea points out quietly. "I mean, okay, sure. First time's kind of on us. It seemed pretty harmless then, though. And.. that," she adds, nodding her head toward Jade. "After that first drink, we were sort of.. supernaturally compelled to want more. Most of us are resisting though. As best we can."

"I've also been told all the families are like, various things, but what's a witch anyway?" asks Spear, puzzled "I mean, I don't _think_ of myself as a witch. I mean, I do like girls, but I don't wanna be one -" His rambling stops, and then he says to Jade "It actually does help if everyone is focused and making the way easier. It's easiest for Thistles - we'll actually be able to tell if something shows up. But if the whole, erm. Thing is working well, it's possible everyone will feel it."

"Yes, but that FIRST drink you were all like, "Hey strange biker people! Why yes! I'll totally drink your mystery hobo hooch! What could go wrong?"" Star points out.

Hector squeezes Silver's shoulder gently. "You were in a bad place. So was Cash. Sometimes people make mistakes, but we'll keep fighting to help you." When she catches his hand, he squeezes it gently and sits down at Silver's feet. He starts eating his gooey dessert.

Sean glances at Star and says, "So .. this is actually some crazy Lost Boys shit going on here? For real?" Then he looks back over toward the others and seems to circle back around to something that's been nagging at him, "You said they can fly?"

Thea whispers something in return to James, then turns her gaze toward Star again and scrunches her nose. "If I do get turned.. I'm eating you first," she mock-threatens.

Jade nods toward Star and says, "That totally sounds like something I'd do, and I'm not really a role model. The only reason I wasn't there that night is I had a headache and stayed home." Not that he ever obsesses about that alone at night, how close he came to being one of the halfpires. He curls in closer with Spear. "I'll be focused," he tells him. "I'll even be sober if that's how you want me, though if you want a connection with the spirit world, I could get shrooms." He glances to Thea. "Hey now, cannibalism is still wrong."

Felicity gets up and wanders over to claim some of the s'mores and maybe some cupcakes if those have yet made an appearance. If they haven't, popcorn. "I believe it's been explained that Witches interact with spirits and sort of do magic naturally as a kind of conduit? Sorcerers do magic from books, like casting actual spells." And then she nods at Sean. "I was really dubious at first, but kind of went along with it on the original theory that safe was better than sorry, but they've convinced me. It's weird and impossible, but the kind of impossible that's way more likely than the improbability of it being fake."

Silver reaches out, saying something to Hector, to take his hand. Then releasing it as she settles back deeper into the chair. Sean's question gets a quick, "Yeah. They can. And they can rip a person to pieces too." She takes a last sip of her soda and makes a face. It requires a new one and so she gets up to get one. And while doing so she grabs a plate, throws a slab of smoresagna on it, then passes it off to Zane before she goes to sit again.

"Yeah, because when somebody offers you some mystery hooch at a bonfire, the first thing you think of is: 'Hey, maybe I shouldn't do that, because obviously they're vampires and they're going to turn me into a monster by making me drink this stuff and listen to Art play guitar,'" James retorts to Star, growing uncharacteristically animated as sibling squabbling manages to get under his skin. Thea's whispers only cause his face to grow more red, though, prompting him to shut up and chew on his lip.

"Any time, baby," says Star to Thea. "Why wait?" Then Jade chimes in. "That. See, I get Jade doing something like that. But no. It wasn't Jade. Irony is dead."

She narrows her gaze and looks down at Sean. "What is it?"

Hector says, “Yep, very Lost Boys, and they definitely fly. Then there's the whole thing with the cursed brick. I was thinking of checking that bridge for ghosts. Maybe the dead know something.... Yes, cannibalism is still wrong."”

Cringing back into her robe, Mona buries her face in the back of her cat's head, peering out from between tufty ears. "Can we maybe not?" comes out far more muffled than she may intend as a result. "I mean. I'm sure everyone had their reasons. People have handed some pretty trippy shit around here from time to time, too, before anybody gets wise to it." And sometimes on purpose, but she's not typically party to that part of the party. There's another small nod to Sean. "There's some bigger threat, supposedly, if any of us get brought over. Something about our families. But-" Straightening, she cuts a glance over to Thea. "-that's secondary to making sure everybody's safe. Not taken from us."

"Not like this."

"I think you should be yourself, Jade. Ghosts tend to value honesty. Or at least, they probably don't have any energy left for lies." He scratches his chin, and winces a bit at Star, and he says "The whole, erm. Blame thing is probably pointless right now. We need to focus on what we can do. You know, erm, what we can bring to the table, our various skills, and that kind of thing."

Abruptly, James snaps at the corner of the room: "It wasn't dumb!" Evidently, somebody agrees with Star. He remains irritable for a few seconds, but then eases and admits, "Maybe a little. Okay, it was pretty dumb," he sighs, looking harried as his gaze swivels slowly over to Mona and he asks calmly, "Do you still have those ballgags?"

Amy seems pretty oblivious to the comments about how awesome she was or wasn't, just shrugging as she pets that cat at her side, staring at nothing in particular, listening to people discuss what happened. "Doesn't really matter what happened," she says after a moment, shrugging her shoulders and looking at Star. "Some fucked up shit happened. Maybe people were dumb. Doesn't fucking matter now, question is what's next." She offers quietly.

"I can do that," Jade says to Spear. "I'll bring snacks and drugs." It's the role he was born to play. Then he perks up at James' outburst. "Aw, yeah! Do we have ghosts?" This attitude is probably what's gotten him over the Thistle creepiness. He looks toward the corner, like the ghost might manifest if he looks for it. "Yeah, man, we should work on the problem. Once everyone is safe, then we can give them an endless ration of crap." He looks to Mona, since she's the one being asked after ballgags.

Meezer continues to watch all this from his perch at Amy's side, nudging his head into the petting. When voices rise, he meows loudly. Unbothered, but he wants to be part of the conversation. Jade calls over, "You tell 'em, Meeze."

"I had this really weird dream," Sean says to Star. "That my sister, the one that's been missing, she was .. floating, outside my window." He glances over at Silver and frowns. "She didn't hurt anything. We just talked. But she floated in my window, and floated out the window. And when I woke up in the morning.. there was one of her snowflakes. Which is weird, right? It was like a dream.. but the snowflake was there." He shrugs his shoulders. Then he asks Mona, "What bigger threat? What about our families?" Well, not /his/ family, but he doesn't know that part.

"Thank you!" Zane says to Silver, accepting the plate with a brilliant smile for her, though it's brief, and he watches the hurrying off with something like worry before he looks down to the food again, and eats some. Mona's question about having to get up, of course, gets a small headshake, since the very important problem is handled now. "Pretty sure we've all done some stuff that was kinda dumb at some point. So... yeah." Team Plans Now, Blame Later/Never, though really 'plans now' is the less usual part of that. His free hand sneaks over to pet the portion of Prance not enveloped in robe.

Hector looks around to see if he notices any random dead people, but Sean's comment makes his eyes go wide, "Is... is she missing? Did you let her in?"

"I do, but I officially gave her-" 'Her' being Star. "-permission to assign them generally," Mona notes, "which I dare not revoke." There's a wink in Star's direction, and she glances back to James with a tiny hike of her shoulders. "Make that two care packages, then. I think we have four or five put together in backpa-" But Sean's words catch her off guard, too, and her head snaps toward him. Unconsciously, she tugs the cat closer to her chest, and flicks a worried look over to Zane.

Star chews at her lower lip, listening to Sean's story. "Your sister. Lenore, right? Kinda tall and thin, black bowl cut?" She frowns and rubs her forehead. "Fuck. That's why she looked familiar. Yeah, dude. Uh. Your sister's probably a vampire."

Thea's reaction to James asking about ball gags is to choke back a giggle and murmur something along the lines of "Sorry, sorry, I'll stop," so apparently she figures he intended the contraption to be used to put an end to her whisperings. As talk of Sean's sister arises, though, she falls quiet again and listens, wincing a bit and casting a sympathetic look toward him.

"I mean, yes? No? She was missing, but if she was actually /there/ then I don't suppose she's missing anymore? Not that I know where she is.." Sean says, "So I guess.. yeah, I mean, of course I let her in. She's my sister. She said she was going to make sure I never got hurt. She didn't threaten me or anybody I care about. She just hugged me." He frowns at Star and says, "Yeah.. that's her. You've seen her?" The whole vampire bit, he's still having a bit of a hard time processing. "Are you /sure/?"

"The future is the thing to focus on," says Spear in agreement with Amy - apparently." And then he grins at Jade and he wraps an arm around him, pulling him back up "I do not have any ballgags. I am not entirely sure what they are, so..." And then he stares at Sean. And he says "What was your sister's full name?" He opens and closes his fingers, hesitant, and finally he sits up and he says "Lenore. That's a name that makes ghosts...er. She's a vampire? But maybe not as aggressive as the others?" He frowns "Maybe she's good?"

Silver turns to look at Sean and then Star. Then Sean again. Popping open her can of drink she cringes before taking a long drink. "I'm sorry Sean. And for once...I'm out of ideas. And I added to the mess," She says as she reaching up to rub at her temple. Again her eyes flick to focus on the movie playing, though her attention isn't really on it.

Star looks torn, which is uncommon for the moody black goth girl. She's usually blunt and not exactly considerate of feelings, so those who know her best might pick up on her hesitation. "I mean... I've only seen her in family pictures at your place, recently? Before we..." -- started hooking up? -- "...I never hung around you much, or her since she's a few years older, so never really paid attention to her. But, I think so? She wears a leather biker jacket now."

Felicity frowns. "Maybe if you're not from one of the bloodlines they care about you're not in as much danger. Or I mean, people probably still care about the people they used to care about. So maybe she does want to protect //him//, but wouldn't be safe for the rest of us. Or maybe she hasn't gone completely to the darkside."

Jade watches Sean as he speaks, and his good mood falters. Looking to Silver, he says, "I know what to do. We kill Fran. If Fran made her, then killing Fran will unmake her. She'll be human again." He glances around at the others. "I mean I can't be the only one thinking it, right? We can't beat her in a one-on-one fight, but look. According to the Council of the Evil Brick or whatever the hell the people talking to Chen are, the Lesters are the best people to be in a physical confrontation with them. Maybe the rest of us have something useful to contribute, like Spear asking the ghosts if they know anything, and... I don't know, I don't know what the rest of us can do to support the muscle, but we have to think of something."

Lucas eventually comes back into the room. That was one hell of a phonecall but he comes back with a reserve bag of chips and pretzels. He pauses, looks around, and pauses looking around, pauses and stoops giving Silver's forehead a smooch. Hector gets s light kick with his toe. This is apparently 'hi'. "Soooo we figure out how to help out people already there yet? I'm assuming yes? We're all fie now. I can wake up in teh morning and not feel like the sun hired a hitman to make us all miserable?" He nods to his cousin, "Good work Jaden."

Sean's focus is largely on Star at the moment. He's aware of the others talking around him, and he nods a little at Silver's sorry, though he doesn't seem mad, just, trying to digest the possibility of these things being real. He's a little behind the rest on this whole vampire extravaganza. "Yeah, a leather jacket, with pills on the... oh. Painkillers.. I get it." He rubs at his face with one hand. "Fuck." He nods to Star then, acknowledging everything that she says. He looks over at Spear then and says, "She.. seemed to want to protect me and mom." He doesn't elaborate on that, but he does glance over at Silver, who knows much more of his story, briefly, "Maybe she's not .. all bad? They're not all bad, are they?"

"Why?" Amy asks Jade. "Why will killing Fran make someone not be a vampire anymore? You're just assuming shit, right?" She shrugs her shoulders and leans back, petting the cat practically in her lap now without even thinking about it. "I dunno about being in a fight with her again though. I'd prefer to avoid it, if I could. I know, I know, it's fucking me, but." She shrugs. "I don't know that I can beat her. Don't get me wrong, I won't back down if I gotta. And I might just get pissed off enough anyway. But yeah. She's fast. And strong."

"Money," says Spear "You have a lot of money. All of that will help. I mean even having a place we can all be in like this - we shouldn't dismiss it. The rest of us can't provide that. Also you may be less freaked out by them? I'm not sure? And yeah, I guess we're all assuming stuff, Amy - but maybe some of the legends have a smidgeon of truth. It's possible something will work." He pauses "Jade, the Marchants should see if they can get like...security guard body armour for the Lesters."

"Mr. Chen implied Fran wasn't the elder vampire," Star reminds Jade. "I mean, I'm all for that on general principle, but I dunno if it'll help Lenore."

Sean gets a faintly concerned look. "Maybe not? Maybe it's Fran's influence. Maybe there are decent vampires? I barely believe any of this myself, but I saw what I saw."

"Didn't Mr. Chen say something about her not being able to make anyone a vampire, though?" Mona asks Jade, her brow furrowing. "Or, not ones subject to her specifically. Something about the ritual or whatever it was being too complicated or guarded?"

"Not that I think getting rid of Fran is a bad idea."

Silver tilts her head and slowly turns to look at Jade. He gets a smile and a nod, "I guess that's a start...but how do we seperate her from her flunkies?" She blinks and looks up to shoot Lucas that smile now. "Hey you," There is some sort of relief in her voice at seeing him. Casting around she points at an open bean bag, "The smorsagna is ready, by the way. Though not as ooey gooey as when it first came out," She then flicks a finger to the food table. The smile fades as she looks at Sean thoughtfully. "I dunno. I'm not an expert. But some part of the person they were before has to be there still. So...I mean...I imagine. But they still have to do what Fran says. That's what the Historian dude said."

"Well some of them, at least, think nothing whatsoever of ripping a woman apart in front of a group of teenagers, so I can't really hold out much hope that there's good left in them," Thea muses, frowning a bit. "And yeah." She nods to Star. "He said Fran was like.. working for some vampire even older than her, and that it was his blood that we drank. And if he's powerful enough that our ancestors had to bind him or whatever because they couldn't kill him, we might be screwed."

"And does anyone actually _know_ what a witch is?" asks Spear, puzzled "Thistles are supposed to be witches? What's a _witch_? Does that mean we're supposed to be evil people who lock kids in gingerbread hosues?" Well, it might be a personal response, but he _is_ confused by it.

Jade admits, "I was assuming Fran made Lenore, and if you kill the vampire that made you, you're free. I might've misunderstood." He then says, "Still, though. Fuck Fran. Threatening us, trying to take our family away from us. If anyone was ever aching for a staking, it's that bitch." He then says, "Amy, I don't take lightly the idea of putting you in her path. I know you'd fight, and I'd know you wouldn't back down, but please don't ever think I consider you or yours expendable. Quite the opposite." He considers Spear thoughtfully. "That's not a bad point. If we figure out how to fight these things, we could maybe outfit people properly. Body armor, weapons. We'l have to get creative so Mom and Dad don't ask too many questions. Can always say it's for theater." Then he kisses Spear on the nose. "I think you're a warlock, technically."

Star gets up, climbing out of Sean's lap. "Look," she says, fussing at her hair absently, a visible manifestation of the dark cloud that hangs over her much of the time. "I gotta go, and you need some time to think. How about I give you a ride home? I can take the long way." That means sex. "Let you clear your head. Yeah?"

To Spear, a bit edgy and distracted, "Dude! Just fuckin' ask Mr. Chen if it's got you that worked up. Jesus fuck!"

Frowning, James remains quiet and thoughtful for a long while after his outburst, preoccupying himself with stroking his hand down the centerline of Thea's back as he considers. "Lenore does sound familiar, I think she was there," he agrees uncertainly, going a little pale at Spear's claims of witchery but clearing his throat and steering clear of that topic to focus on the one broached by the others. "I don't think we were drinking Fran's blood," he mentions in a quiet, dismal tone, settling his gaze towards the floor. Forcing a subject change, he looks to Thea and wonders: "Do you really have a library?"

"I don't think it matters, Spear," Amy says with a shrug. "What's a witch and all. Your ancestors may have been witches, but Mr Chen did say there are no more witches or werewolves and fairies or sorcerers and all of that. You're not a witch. You're just distantly related to one. Might be worth asking Mr. Chen what happened to all these creatures though." She waves a hand vaguely at Jade. "That isn't what I meant anyway. Point is, I'd avoid trying to fight her and expecting results. Want me to delay her? Maybe."

"Um, yeah," Sean says somewhat absently, half lost between all this new information, and not seeming about to argue with Star. He gets up from the chair and finds his socks and shoes. He'd shown up in his pajamas, so he was leaving in his pajamas as well. Sex might not clear his head, but it would definitely empty his brain for a little while and take his mind off of things. So he is more than willing to let her lead him out. He does grin at Spear a little as he goes by and drops a kiss to the top of his head affectionately, "Well you were talking about cannibalism earlier. Try not to boil children in any stews."

Lucas reaches out with his fingers to give Silver's a squeeze. That big of a grin holds, pauses and he turns to Sean stone sober and says without any bullshit attached, "Dude, Sorry to hear about your sister. Got a friend in a, um....similar ... yeah. So... Its rough man. We'll help if we can."

"Thanks, man," Sean says to Lucas as well.

The question from James sends a spiderweb of cracks through Thea's shadowed, pensive expression, then causes it to melt away altogether into a smile. "We do," she confirms, tipping her head to rub her cheek lightly against his shoulder -- a gesture of affection that seems just feline enough that it's entirely possible she learned it from one of the plethora of Marchant cats. "Want to see it?"

Felicity has gone quiet and contemplative again, just letting the others talk. Eventually she pulls out a notebook and starts writing something in it, glancing up occasionally.

Initially calm, the tip of Thea's head into his shoulder, with his own cheek falling to settle against the top of her head, leaves James flustered and blushing again. "Uh," he breathes out, before flashing a smile. "Yeah, can I?" he accepts the invitation, waiting for the Marchant to stand before rising up himself and taking her hand so that she can lead the way.

There is a brief pause as Mona listens, absorbing information more than she contributes to any of it. Still bundled around the cat, for the most part, leaning into Zane's side. Her attention skims briefly to Thea and James, and a tiny smile starts at the corners of her mouth, which remains closed, and quiet. The approval? Doesn't require comment.

Jade smiles at Amy and says, "I take your meaning. I just don't want you to think when I talk about Lesters being the physical threat that I'm suggesting you guys have to be the ones to assume the risk. If I could swing a fist without exhausting myself, I'd do it." He's always been a fragile thing, though, in and out of the hospital most of his life. The alcohol and drugs sure haven't helped. "Anyway, if we ever do attack them, it should be during the day."

Thea does catch sight of the smile from her sister, and a resultant wash of subtle heat blooms across her cheekbones, but she isn't deterred. Once she's risen to her feet, she waits for James to join her, then laces her fingers through his and leads him off to the library. To.. uh.. read. Or something.

Following Thea's lead, James elopes to the library with her, face burning, steps occasionally stumbling, and making a concerted effort not to look at anybody else, before the pair pass from sight.

Spear blinks, having been quiet after various comments to him about not checking with Mr Chen. He watches James go, and thumbs up as he leaves.

Lucas drops back into his seat moving his pillow to get comfy. He looks to Silver, arches his eyebrows with a shrug and leaves that there. "Jaden, don't slap anyone with a fist. It won't help." He slouches down and considers the math of the room and says, "Thea?"he motions for her for a moment and looks up maybe asking about leaving a message or something, blinks at her, and turns his attention back to the movie

Felicity glances around. "I see it's time for people to go slinking off. Was there anything else we wanted to discuss or is it nap time? For values of nap which may or may not involve actual sleep?"

Jade scoops a blanket off the floor to tuck around himself and Spear, so as to be even more cozy. "It doesn't really matter," he tells Spear. "You know your legacy, you can talk to the dead. Our legacy is money and anemia." He snuggles closer, and he grins over at Lucas. "I'll try to keep that in mind." He then says to Felicity, "I still don't know that we've come up with any kind of plan."

Lucas grins at Felicity, "It's senior year, like any of these people are going to get ny damn sleep? Half of us are jsut waking up." He squints knowing damn well he's not allowed outside right now and looks back to Jade and Mona, "Miss swimming at night. It's a weird thing to miss you know that?" Looking to jade there's a wry grin that is forming, "Protect amy while she punches the world? I think the actual plan is like....don't die. I'm feeling it has some room for improvement here."

"Well, don't be injured as well?" says Spear, and he yawns heavily, and puts his cheek on Jade's shoulder "I'm feeling pretty tired," he admits "It must be the tiny burgers. Curse their deliciousness."

Zane counterleans into Mona a little, half-listening to the conversation, half-watching the movie, and entirely working on eating everything he put on that plate (and on the one he was kindly given). He gives his seatmate a sidelong glance when Thea and James wander off, specifically at James's part in that, which is kinda funny, after all, and the amusement looks clearer when Felicity gets to her 'may or may not' remark. Even if he manages to look faintly pink without even being one of the people wandering off, at present.

Still, there's more serious things going on. "I dunno if we have any plan except, like, tie people up on the full moon and maybe look into getting them out of town and maybe we kill Fran?" He doesn't look like he loves the last one of those. "But if she's not the elder one maybe if we kill that one we could save her too?" He tried to save the evil witch/sorceress/queen/whatever at least once when they played as kids. 'course, sometimes in that it kind of worked.

"I mean, it sounds like the real fucking elder elder vampire even our powerful ancestors couldn't actually kill, anyway," Amy says with a shake of her head. "Swindle is like, a whole 'nother level of fucked up and they couldn't kill him." She shrugs though, turning attention vaguely back to the movie.

Felicity shrugs. "I was trying to be subtle. Also, I kind of skimped on sleep last night, so I'm a little tired." She looks back down to her notebook. "I'm working on some plans, but I haven't finished the calculations, yet. The research is taking a while and it turns out the calculations aren't as simple as I'd thought they'd be." After a moment she glances back up. "Didn't Chen say something like if you all don't drink again, then it wears off after a while. Dunno about people who are actually vampires. I don't think Fran is savable. Maybe other people, though."

"That does sound like the size and shape of the plan," Mona confirms with a slow nod. If she's going anywhere, it's not likely soon -- the cat weighing her down seems to certify this fact. "I mean, we don't have too many specifics, aside from 'don't invite people in' and... " Sinking further into the chair, she adds, "I do think we should see if people who have the compulsion can stay at homes other than their own on full moon nights -- they're the most likely to invite someone in, after all, if impacted. Reduce the risk some." Untangling an arm from around the cat, she winds it around Zane's back, and sinks in comfortably with a light peck to his shoulder.

Lucas stretches and says to Felicity perfectly comfortable to have this conversation, "Three strikes rule. I think after that you have to destroy the source. If that's so we're having to destroy the main dude in teh block. If we cna do that? Shit, we cna save Sean's sister and Justin's brother and ... take classes at reasonable hours. Be nice wouldn't it? To get clean? We have to wait five more months cold turkey."

"Maybe we can brick Fran," Jade says. Then he listens to Lucas, and he says, "I don't disagree, though Mr. Chen seems to think even looking at the brick sideways is a bad idea. Like if we do anything to it, Skittles or whatever the dude's name is will jump out and say booga booga. I don't know, maybe we can purify it. Like, cleanse the evil right out of it. Or maybe we can get a rocket launcher. Maybe our ancient ancestors couldn't kill this guy because they couldn't fire a bazooka at him point blank."

Lucas considers the thought and looks to Jade al comfy and shit, "Hmmm maybe?" He pauses, "It's Lan." He pauses boggling. He is upstairs. "Alright this... is probably about Calc 2. I can't wait til finals are done." Looking up a Felicity he wonders, "If you're free on lunch come by Newspaper? Bring what you have. We'd be interested in poking at it."

Felicity nods. "Sure. I'll come by once I'm done." Pause. "Wait, did someone need math help?" She sounds way too excited about the prospect of someone needing math help.

Lucas pauses and arches an eyebrow to Felicity, "Yeah I mean, we're still mid study session. If you want to hop in o that yooooou are entirely welcome to. I'm ," Pridefula nd a little arrogant? Oh fuck yes, though he reasons logically, "I'm not going to turn down help there."

"That sounds like a good idea though. I mean. Bricking her?" Zane says, nodding to Jade, and he shifts position a little bit to let Mona get more comfortable. Prance is already dozing. That kind of thing's contagious, though not yet to him. The little kiss to his shoulder does make him blush and grin though, and briefly study the burger he's about to eat as though it's important to make sure it's not turned into something else when he wasn't looking. Like a hershey bar. Or a ferret. One never knows.

"Mr. Chen seemed pretty sure about the leaving that one brick alone though, so. Maybe we shouldn't destroy it?"

The movie is winding down, and people are getting tired. The recliners are comfy enough to sleep in, and there are blankets and pillows. Meezer has drifted off to sleep, sprawled upon Amy. For all her fierce reputation, kitty's not afraid. Sure, he'll get up in the night to come lay on Jade, but for now, he's Amy's fuzzy buddy.

"It's something to think about," Jade says. "I'm not saying we should go out and start chipping away at it. We just need to consider some of the logistics. We've got means now that our ancestors didn't. It'd be easier if our parents believed us. Maybe we should film next full moon. Get proof. Make them believe us. I don't know. I just don't think the problem is going to go away after five full moons. She's still going to want her brood." He's mostly rambling, looking pretty sleepy, himself.

Felicity grabs a bunch of food to take upstairs. She's practically bouncing. "Oh, yeah, I think we need long term stuff, too. But keeping people safe is first priority. We can talk to him more. I just don't think blowing up the brick or tossing it in the ocean is a good idea which were some of the things being suggested. Especially if its influence pulled our families here." And then she's heading towards the door. "But now, MATH!" No one should be that excited about math.

"It might go away then if we have!" Zane replies, before chewing his bottom lip and allowing, "...though I guess there's, you know, people younger than us, so she could just keep trying." And that's not ideal. "Proof's maybe a good idea, yeah. They can't say it didn't happen if we got it on film, right?" You know. Like this movie they're watching. "But yeah I don't think I wanna be a merman for real, so, no ocean thing. You're right, we're gonna have to figure out how to make her just stop."

Jade nods to Felicity. "Yeah, we'll figure it out. Happy... mathing." No, no one should be that excited about math. To Zane, he says, "Point of order: I would be a sexy merman. That said, limited options for shopping and partying in the ocean. And honestly? If I thought waiting it out would make it stop, I'd happily wait it out. I just don't think we'll get that lucky, and when the other shoe drops, I want to be ready with some way to retaliate, but when I asked Mr. Chen how do we kill the bitch, he straight up ignored me."

For real, no one should be that excited about math. But Zane's not going to call attention to his cousin's weirdness! ...for one thing she might make him do math, and Silver's tutoring's the only reason he's technically passing that class. That and maybe the teacher's kindness. "Well, yeah, you would, and I like swimming?" And people have expressed general approval of his during-and-post-swim-ness in the past now and then, so it might not be a terrible look for him either! "But also yeah there's not a lot else to do in the ocean except swim and I'm pretty sure they don't do musicals, The Little Mermaid aside. So... yeah." A sip of soda, and he looks thoughtful. "He sounded like he was maybe thinking about that, when we left? Like what we could do to her. Maybe it's harder than just shove a stake in her chest? We should probably go back and bug him more."

"Life under the sea might be fantastic," Jade says. "Still, not going to risk it." He closes his eyes. "He's probably trying to protect us by not giving us information on how to kill them. Thinking we won't try if we don't know how. That's like not letting your kid learn sex ed, because you think that'll keep them from fucking. I mean we can ask again, but someone else ask."

"The seaweed is always greener/in somebody else's lake," Zane sings, and gives Jade a grin before popping a few fries into it. "And maybe, yeah. Though... though I guess he could've just told us nothing at all then? But... I could ask, maybe. Next time." He chews lightly on his bottom lip. "I dunno if I like the idea of killing her, but. If it's what we've gotta do to stop everyone else getting killed, I guess... then we gotta."

Jade murmurs, "I don't want to kill anyone, but if it comes down to that or let my sister and cousins go, give me the gun and I'll shoot her myself." He's dozy, fading. "I know I'm not exactly the golden child of my family, but I'd die or kill for any of them. I know you'd do whatever it takes to protect your brother. Just remember, whatever happens..."

He drifts off to sleep. Then he breathes in sharply, looks up, and says, "Just remember, she brought this on herself."

"She kinda seemed like she was up for killing my other brother too," Zane says, reminding either or both of 'em. "And, yeah..." His gaze flickers around the room to various people or where they'd been. As Jade drifts off, there's a pause, waiting for the rest of that sentence, and he's just gone back to the food and started eating more thoughtfully, last one not either dozing or off somewhere, uh, not-dozing, when Jade wakes enough to finish the remark. His head lifts, and he studies the male Marchant for a moment, silently, then nods. "Yeah," he says, if still a bit reluctantly. "I guess she did."

Jade nods. "Yeah. If she hadn't started it, there'd be nothing to finish. It's good to feel bad about killing. That's the right way to feel about it. Don't ever not feel bad about it. Just remember, she brought it on herself. Sucks it's gotta be this way, but..." He shrugs. Then he lays his head down again and lets his eyes drift closed. "There's gonna be an omelet bar in the morning."