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Mind the Dust
Characters  •   Locke  •  Eden  •  Faustina  •  KissThisThen  •
Location  •  Sanctuary - Prime - Main Concourse
Factions  •   for  •
Date  •  2019-12-05
Summary  •  In the Main Concourse, people talk, plan for/around the storm, and watch the radioactive ambient commotion as the brave come across the catwalks during the weather for meals in the Mess Hall.

"I expect as much of the older ones, but I was wonderin' whether some of the Blackthumbs or even those newly appointed into their branches would brave the storm and make the trek across the walkway every time one of these hits." Says Castor, a man who most recognize as a long time Keeper. He stands tall and looks to be around Locke's age with unremarkable features, but he has a strong jaw and a broad build.

Locke stands alongside the other Monitor, both their gazes staring out at the walkway as they watch a few brave (there's no such thing as a cowardice War Child, right?) young War Children, some of them still Black Thumbs, scurrying over, making whooping sounds or uttering a loud battle cry as they rush their way from the Garage to Prime so that they can have a meal in the Great Mess Hall.

"Brave, but some are still foolish." Locke starts, his gaze holding a neutral cast, "Surely, they know that their lives are short ones, but facing off against the storm is not a true battle and if they get further contaminated due to not even donning the most basic of protective gear, that they are not doing themselves any favors."

The pair watch as some of the Monitors work to help 'decontaminate' those who are reckless enough to cross before they proceed further. Locke continues, "But everyone's gotta eat."

Eden can go where she likes within reason about Sanctuary, more or less, but she never does much wandering. Especially not during a storm, that'd be ridiculous, she's pure and wouldn't think of endangering herself so or marring her skin and general health. On top of that, she's very dressed down, at least as far as Eden goes. Wearing a thin pale blue skimming shift to her knees, her frame is billowing with partially tied matching robe that's hem-embroidered, and her hood is pulled up over very loose, brushed out glossy hair.

There's no cosmetics save for the flushed balm on her lips, features fair and fresh instead of edgy or dolled up. There's no chains or feathers or beading through her hair and no riotous arranging curls or braids. There's no bright colors and no jewelry accessories. This is the version of Eden typically seen at lounge in the Cage, not out on the main grounds or in the bazaar. Given her elegance and bearing and attire, it may //look// like a soft version of dress up to others, but Locke has seen this kind of attire on her before they part, when she doesn't want the fancy attire back on just to walk back from the Bazaar to the Cage.

She's not approaching the monitors with a situation or anything. Mostly, she just crosses the mess hall to the main concourse to watch from a distance as the rowdier stock risk their hides and pump their adrenaline all in the name of a meal.

KissThisThen arrives from Sanctuary - Prime - Loading Bay.

Faustina arrives from Sanctuary - Prime - Loading Bay.

Speaking of 'Everyone's gotta eat', someone who does not have to make the tall and uneasy travel up there is KTT, who instead is coming from the Fungus Farm at the back of the Garden Tower. He is dusty, but his hands are clean, and he is wearing what looks like several layers of cloth that can be taken off. Right now he is making his way towards the central concourse at the base level - perhaps wary of the dangers of the dust that blow in. He spots Eden and Locke and Castor and begins making his way over towards them.

"I feel badly for our brothers or sisters who have to make that journey from both the Garden and the Garage." Castor continues on, his eyes turning to look directly at Locke's profile, when he says, "Everyone in Sanctuary knows that we will not leave those Towers unmonitored. In fact, I have duty at the Gardens in a few hours, myself."

Locke half-turns his head, his dark eyes meeting with Castor's. "Travel safely then. I'll more than likely wander through both at some point during all of this." He says of the storm. He then faces forward to watch the interaction between Monitors and War Children again, this dull look in his eyes, "Just make sure to don the appropriate protective gear." Locke already knows that Castor knows this. This is nowhere close to their first storms.

It's Castor who spots Eden first, as attentive as Monitors are. He then spots the Counter, Casper approaching them as well. Casper being far more lean in build than Castor with fairer hair and complexion. "Back to my rounds then, Copper. See you at at the mess hall later."

Locke notices Casper two, giving both Castor and Casper a simple nod, before he turns in full to spot Eden as well now. It's surprising to see her so far from the Bazaar. "Patron Eden," he murmurs, giving the room a quick look over before he crosses over to meet with her. "I dare say, are you lost?" It's a joke, spoken in that dead-pan way. If he notices KTT as well, he makes no immediate acknowledgement, though theirs eyes may meet.

Faustina is apparently coming in from the Monitor's area with slightly tight eyes as she watches the bridges over from the garage tower. "Someone said they think Mark and some others may be stuck over there without proper gear. Apparently he was seen heading that way last night after dinner before the storm came in." There is a small pause and then she adds, "We should, perhaps, see about whether it is possible to send some food over. If it would cause less exposure and risk fewer lives to transport the food rather than the people. At least cake and water." She considers more. "We may want to revise our storm protocols to minimize travel, particularly for Monitors."

ROLL: Eden rolls spirit+1 for: [2]: x1 [3]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 5 6 3 2 3 -- d6)

Eden looks like everything is fine, she's not wearing the serious face that comes with concerns or complaints, she even pulls on a gentle slip of greeting smile that's dusted with humor for Locke's deadpan. She's not entirely infallible, though, because when he finishes speaking with the other Monitors to come closer with greeting, he can hear the subtle drag of fatigue in her tone and see the barest of sleepless shadows under her eyes.

But, as with most things Eden, she seems just so, clasping her hands draped in robe sleeves in front of herself after stepping to meet with. She keeps her distance from the direct passage into the mess so as not to be mowed over or brushed against by any of those passing through from a bridge to go eat, "Perhaps this commentary is indicator I should get out and about more."

After looking up at Locke's eyes for a prolonged moment, she breathes out a soft breath of laughter because yeah, right, get out more. Fortunate's got jokes, it seems, despite her own more genteel and soft deadpan that's a bit lighter. Then her gaze shifts to the figure that is KTT coming in off of a bridge and clicks her tongue once with small dismay on his behalf.

"I thought I would walk a bit."

Eden doesn't digress on why. It's late, but not overly late, it's more like she planned to take to rest early and just is kind of failing at that and taking a wander. Which is... odd for her. But again, she seems fine and pleasant enough and she quiets to let Faustina's words for security carry over with her own entry.

KissThisThen swings down. Reapers live in 'tree' houses, or at least houses made of greenery and grown pieces, so he has to climb more or less anyway, even if he spends most of his time in the dark of the fungus farm. He is wearing multiple layers of cloth, including several over mouth and nose to reduce the intake of radiation. You work with what you have on hand. He unhooks an outer cloak and rolls it up, careful not to shake out the dust, then puts it in the bag he carries with him. For once, he is fully dressed. The man says to Locke "I have a request for the Monitors. Good evening, Patron Eden. Hello, Comptroller."

After departing from Locke's company, Castor meets up with Casper, discussing a few things, before gesturing over at the catwalk towards the Garage. "The only lucky ones during this are the Fortunates and... the Scavvys." Castor speaks of the Scavengers. "They don't have to move from Tower to Tower like the rest of us." They both take notice of Faustina on her approach, hearing her voice her thoughts about this annoying predicament. "Good idea. But someone's still gotta make the way over. At least the Savvys can eat while they work, but they still need Counter supervision either way." Looking back over his broad shoulder at Locke and Eden, Castor then says, "Mark's over at the Garage, huh?" Both C's look at one another, "I guess we ought to gear up and go rescue him. Take a few extra protective gear. I'm sure there's quite a few Monitors trapped over yonder." Just as the pair begin their departure to try and rescue Mark, supposedly, Casper lowers his head in deference to Faustina, departing with a, "Copper."

Narrowed eyes look Eden over in an overly scrutinizing manner. He notices the weariness, but doesn't want to come out and say, thus, he goes with a much safer, "Is everything alright?" Giving the space a brief look over, he murmurs, "Today, out of any other day, is not the best to go wandering. But I'm sure that the populace appreciate your presence either way."

He, too, had overheard what Faustina had said and he gives one more look out at the bridge, already hearing a few War Children out in the distance planning to go all gung-ho to cross. "If approved, that should be simple enough. Just have the Counters monitor what goes into each delivery and making sure that each bit of ration goes into correct hands by watching who takes what.

KTT's presence is finally acknowledged and Locke looks curious to what the man states, "Oh? And how may we be of help to you this day?"

Faustina nods to Casper and Castor. "That would be appreciated." Then she glances over Eden, gives a small nod, and looks to Locke. "I will need to calculate the weight the bridges can support under the extra stress from the winds, but we can use the Children of War who are in the main tower and possibly some of the scavengers for transporting the food. We can utilize the Monitors already in place for the bulk of supervision." Her eyes tighten a little more. "Not today. I will do calculations. Perhaps tomorrow or next storm. If we lose one of the bridges, it will be worse." Finally, the Copper gives her head a little shake and turns her attention to KTT waiting to see how he answers Locke.

"I have not slept since the storm began. The Cage is..." Eden pauses and changes how she's making small explanation to Locke, deciding to say instead, "There are nerves about, many to soothe." Both inside the Cage and in the Bazaar, no doubt, as the dome top probably sets the more delicate natures of some of the young and the sheltered Fortunate on edge. The other people on edge come to work that out in the Bazaar, so she's been doing internal and external double duty taking care of people instead of sleeping more or less.

At least, that's what she's implying and she's been seen keeping busy. But she also has the rank and right to take some downtime and rest, so it //may// also be a drive or deliberate tactic for her own nerves. She certainly isn't going to let onto that last bit, at any rate. Busy is a valid excuse.

After that, though, Eden stands still with her hands clasped following conversation across the way with Castor (etc) and Faustina. Then she looks at Locke to check and see if he's leaving as well, briefly pensive behind the blues of her eyes. Eventually, she looks at KTT now nearby with some concern or issue and bows her head with greeting, "Hello."

"It would be useful to collect samples from different areas," says KissThisThen, touching his bag with a piebald hand "We need to work out if the mushrooms we grow on this sort of dust carry less radiation, as the indivations currently are. If that's true, we may have a way of turning this...ex-topsoil back into something useful." There is always an opportunity, apparently, even with something like this. Even KissThisThen's dreadlocks are hidden under the hood of a cloak. "Plus it would be useful to work out if they can remediate clothing carrying the dust, even if they rot it partly. Would help with storage issues." After all, contaminated clothing has to be reused and stored somewhere.

The Reaper adds to Eden "May I ask how my mother is doing?" Another Patron, a Breeder in this case, though retired due to age "Is everything well? Is she still..." He tries to find a nice word for his relationship with his parent "...firm in her. Support. Of the system?"

As C&C wander off, Locke's eyes flicker over in their direction, watching idly as they make their exit. He's still listening to the conversation around him and it's Faustina who he turns to first, "If time permits and if you wish, you could do your calculations starting tomorrow." His gaze is then drawn to the nearest window, watching how the wind whirls contaminated sand and debris about the tower, the sounds of now only the strong, threatening gusts, but also the debris striking against the windows can be heard throughout the place. It's a little unnerving at times. "If we're lucky, then we won't need to use this new protocol until next time, but of course, we will be prepared for that. If we're unlucky... then we might need to deal with this now rather than later if these storm does not soon subside."

For the moment, Locke doesn't look as if he's going anywhere, simply monitoring the comings and goings at the Garage catwalk and observing the storm from the safety of the tower. His attention back on Eden, he nods, "I see. It's good that you are taking this moment for yourself then. Hopefully, one of the others are able to soothe your nerves as well, the way you do with others."

He then gives time for KTT to relay his idea, watching in a dull silence. Finally, he says, "If you get the expedition approved and the routes are mapped out, you won't have to worry about not having Monitor protection." He then looks to Faustina, "It's part of our job description and we need to document your findings anyway."

Faustina nods to Locke. "I will begin work on the calculation as soon as I have a chance." Then she blinks slowly at KTT, while she seems to think about her response to him, she comments to Eden, "Sleep is necessary, but it is annoying that it takes up so much time which could be put to other uses."

Finally she asks KTT, "From which areas do you wish to gather samples? How much of a sample do you need? Will you need a separate area of the Fungus Farm for these experiments?" She seems to stop herself from asking even more questions. "Could you put together a proposal for the Professors? They or the Triumvirate, or at least the Green Man will need to approve such a scheme. Once it is approved, I can consult on logistics and we can figure out how it should be accomplished."

ROLL: Eden rolls spirit+1 for: [1]: x2 (Pair) [3]: x1 [5]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 5 6 1 1 3 -- d6)

"That will not be necessary. I will find rest when it suits. Eventually, my body will win out." Eden says to Locke after a beat of almost careful, cautionary pause. Then she's nodding to Faustina's commentary with understanding, murmuring gently, "It does feel there are not enough waking hours some days. Other days, there are far too many and it seems to never end. Balance in all things, I suppose."

Even though Eden still hasn't moved, her hands still clasped while standing there and she turns her attention to KTT's explanation to the two Monitors and the responses given. Then she answers with the standard response, "She is well. I cannot say I know a Patron who bemoans their lot, so surely things are as they should be. She gets such time with all the wee ones, I cannot imagine it's anything but satisfying and occupying."

Eden was raised by the system, so her idea of lingering parental bonds is something she tends to either blind eye or just fails to understand. The answer is more cordial and neutral than anything, because //of course// a Patron should be happy with their lot in life, why answer otherwise?

During a break in the conversation, she asks Locke aside, "... you have migration to patrol and secure the Gardens soon? I did not mean to eavesdrop. I thought you might have been at things overlong and due rest yourself."

"Expedition?" says KissThisThen "I meant the outside of the towers - while people are on patrol, collect a patch of dust, label where it came from, and bring it in. Anything else would be inefficient. One of the first rules of the Green is to try to have every action do more than one job. It's just that if I do it myself, individually, that's a large amount of exposure. Unless you want that." The dullness, though, has him hastily saying "Perhaps do not concern yourself. I know it is beneath you." And he says to Faustina "I already have my own area of the Fungus Farm - there are quite a few caves moving back. The unused ones, I've been working in. Some of them, anyway - there are a lot." Now it is starting to get a little difficult to tell his thoughts from his startled admissions "What. Why would I need approval?" he says, puzzled "This is my job. Well, if you want to process the backlog, then that's five years worth of notes I have at the back of the FungusFarm. Bring a working knowledge of Linnean Latin." He then says to Eden "I miss spending time with the children." It comes out blunt "Of course it is...satisfying and occupying. It is the, most. It is very good. The most. Yes."

Locke heads towards Sanctuary - Garden - The Farm <GDT>.

Locke arrives from Sanctuary - Garden - The Farm.

Faustina nods slowly to KTT. "Ah, you wish Monitors to collect samples from the walkways while they cross. That was the unclear part of your request. Do you have collection containers? I am not sure how much they will be able to collect in the wind. They could, perhaps, collect what comes off those crossing while decontaminating people." She considers. "That is probably most efficient and will keep people from courting extra exposure."

Locke blinks at KTT's confusion, perhaps being confused himself now, but he soon comes to an understanding. "Ahh. Then you should set that up with one of the Imperators, let them know that you'd like someone to collect samples at each of their stops. They'll probably grumble about it, because they have their own work to do, but as it's for research, they can't complain too much." Locke doesn't look like he has any interest in pouring over the man's notes. Though, that wouldn't be /his/ job either.

Listening to KTT and Eden speak of the former's mother in the Cage, the Copper allows his attention to drift, constantly doing sweeps of the area around them. Only when they are done and Eden approaches him does he look at the Patron curiously. "I'd considered making the journey to the Gardens tonight, but was biding my time to see whether the storm would start to die down or not." The mention of his rest has his gaze lingering on Eden for a silent moment before he nods, "I see. I appreciate your looking out for my well-being, Patron. When I have the time, I will make certain to pay the Bazaar a visit. Thank you."

Locke adds in, "This will need to be done once the storm has passed and the decontaminated dust settles."

Eden tips her head with small, satisfied nod and a bare slip of smile when Locke speaks appreciation. And maybe it's all the talk of radiation around, considering, but Eden has started to shift on her feet and unclasped her hand to adjust her robe and the draped hood over her hair, despite being well away from the bridge walkways.

In fact, after a moment of this, Eden announces to all and sundry before turning to stride off and take leave, robe train lifted so it doesn't skirt and drag the ground, "Excuse me. I believe I will resume my walk back. Perhaps I will take up in one of the lounges to see what a measure of quiet does for me. Be careful crossing, please."