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Directing Workshop
Characters  • 
Location  •  The Workshop
Date  •  2019-11-28
Summary  •  This is a log of the first Directing Workshop run by The Director. Please Read This if you are planning to run scenes involving Monsters/Raiders. The Director also touches upon other theme/PrP questions here as well.

<OOC> Locke says, "Anyway, it's logging OOC too."

The Director says, "Okay! So, this is to help you guys direct scenes and side-stories of your own in this story and going forward. Before we begin, are there any general questions, or things you want covered?"

<OOC> Locke says, "I think people can just ask questions without OOC, so I'll shut it off. If people want to make a comment, they can OOC."

The Director says, "Cool! Away we go!"

The Director says, "I want to start letting you guys run side-stories for yourselves, and the best way to do it is to use NPC heavies - this game works well in part because there's minimal PvP. You work together to survive or defeat the threat. In that spirit, once you have an idea for a story to run, poke me about making the needed Central Casting parts, or clear with me which existing ones you want to use."

The Director says, "Stories can be as free-form or dice-heavy as YOU want them to be. If you want to let the players generally succeed or win and just RP it out, that's great. If you want to challenge them with dice to accomplish tasks, that's fine, too. It's up to you guys."

The Director says, "If you're using Monsters, then dice and potential death are a thing. Please note, though, that you CAN have a scene with Raiders (for example) where no dice are rolled. If you want to just RP it without dice, you totally can."

The Director says, "So in otherwords, if there's not going to be any real risk, you can use Monsters without dice."

The Director says, "Questions so far?"

Eden says, "Is there a general bestiary for what's left that would be a threat in the wastes, aside from Raiders to serve as Monsters?"

Eden says, "Mutated creatures or anything?"

The Director hasn't made one, but you're quite welcome to! This story is set in Australia for reference.

Eden says, "Yaaay."

The Director says, "So feel free to make their already-terrifying wildlife moreso."

Locke says, "Are there set components that we can use for them? Or make those up?"

Locke says, "Or not use components at all?"

The Director says, "You can use any existing components."

Locke says, "When I say 'set components', I just mean.. right. That."

The Director says, "If you want to make some, run them by me."

The Director says, "But really, just RPing through it is fine."

Cinder says, "So if I make a mutant kangaroo, do I need to run it past you?"

The Director says, "See Sebastian, Lucas and Lyle's run-in with Big Jenny for an example."

The Director says, "Only if it's going to have componnts and poteniall kill. If it's just used free-form, no."

Cinder says, "Gotcha"

The Director says, "Whether freeform or with dice, it's generally best to emit the Monster(s)' action, let everyone react, and repeat."

The Visionary says, "Mechanics question: In this setting, teamwork rolls in combat seem like something that would be realistic/part of how war kids work especially: as coordinated combat teams. If this is viable, how to divide the SP? All to the roller, split among team with roller getting any 'round up'... ?"

The Director says, "Can you give me an example?"

The Visionary says, "Say Joe and Bob are a combat team; they are doing some crazy two-person wire-fu move or somesuch, one person flinging the other at a target, maybe."

The Director says, "That wouldn't give SP."

The Director says, "SP is purely for trying to escape or aoid harm."

The Visionary says, "Makes that much easier, then!"

Locke says, "This is why in stories like Aliens, anyone shooting at the Aliens did not gain SP, while those running away did."

The Director says, "Right. Bob the driver CAN roll to get a better position for Joe the gunner to jump cars. Any MV Bob rolls can be added to Joe's roll as bonus dice, up to 3."

Locke says, "Now in a situation like what we had earlier, with the occupants on the wagon, are we relying mainly on the driver to get us away? Or for our gunners to take out/chase away the Raiders attacking?"

The Director says, "Both. The driver accruing SP gets everyone inside away. Gunners can kill/hold off Monsters."

The Director says, "All clear?"

Locke says, "I believe so. At least for me."

The Visionary nods!

The Director says, "Cool! So. Next, we get into Kill Scenes. Up front: IF a PC dies in a player-run story, TRY to make vague/obscure so I can put them back in play, unless they're FINE with dying. Ideally, only should be killing people."

The Director says, "Only I, even."

Eden nodnods.

The Director says, "In a Kill Scene, the Monster(s) WILL SUCCEED at whatever action they attempt unless the PC(s) counter or dodge. Always declare and POSE the Monster(s)' intended action first, THEN have the PCs declare their responses, then roll, then pose."

The Director says, "I think the best way to go from here is to let you guys try to run something. Who wants first crack at Directing?"

Vishys says, "That's fair"

The Director says, "Or do you think you've seen enough Kill Scenes to get it?"

The Director says, "This is your best friend: http://horrormu.com/index.php/Cheat_Sheet"

Locke says, "I've run a couple at the end of Slasher, so will give others a chance if they like."

The Director says, "Any other questions?"

Xavier says, "What's meant by "components?"

Locke says, "http://horrormu.com/index.php/Monster:Devil_Boys"

Locke says, "All Monsters have Components or abilities that they use."

Locke says, "http://horrormu.com/index.php/Story:Slasher#Monsters"

Locke says, "For example. They all had their own Components."

Xavier says, "Thank you. The pain is making me a little stupid today."

Xavier says, "Do we put story ideas in +reqs?"

Cinder says, "Mine is a story question, more or less. Say I have this idea for side story, I know I need to put it past you but any sorta general guidelines or limits within the setting? Just to not waste anyone's time or energy. Example: Can me and my buds take a trip down the Last Road?"

Locke says, "For those planning on running mutated Australian animals: http://horrormu.com/index.php/RPG:Index <-- Scroll down. I believe all Monster Components from all stories are listed there."

Xavier says, "Oh! Thank you. Thar's going into my notes. :)"

Locke says, "A Fortunate going on a road trip down the Last Road?"

Cinder says, "It's a random example"

Cinder says, "Or extreme, rather?"

Locke says, "Definitely always +Request."

The Director says, "Not very far, no. It's the unknown."

Cinder says, "Okay. +requests it is"

The Director thinks we can wrap here?

Xavier says, "Thank you."

Locke says, "Yes, thanks for running this. Now everyone can try to kill, well, maim and endanger one another!"

The Visionary nods! Thank you. :D

Locke says, "Oh!"

Locke says, "One thing I am not sure that we've used, but vehicle components."

Cinder says, "Thank you! I look forward to my maiming"

Locke says, "How do we gauge armor etc."

Locke says, "Those with vehicles, don't forget to stat yours up as per the RPG guidelines for them."

Locke says, "Oh I see how armor works. For some reason, I didn't really read much into that aspect, but read the others."

Kat says, "Thank you, TD. I didn't contribute much, but fully plan on scrolling up and familiarizing myself with everything. :)"

The Director nodnods! Thanks for being patient with me lately!

Locke is definitely looking forward to wrecking people's vehicles. Or knocking a few of their armor levels down for the scene. >.>

Xavier cheers.

The Director grins.

Eden says, "Thanks for this, feel a little better about doing it now."

Xavier nods emphatically. Thanks again.

Eden has a house of people helping for tnxgiving atm but I think I asked the question I'd been thinking on.