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Sky Bloomquist

Known As

Sky Bloomquist

on MUX as

The Hunter

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Played By

Sebastian Stan

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It's a wonder how one can go through life as if on a hunt. There are no allies, only those who will aid you in the goal of hunting the prey. Only those who will distract the eyes of many while you move in the shadows, ever ready to spring the trap.

Archetype Roster Concept 

Stalking, tracking and observing, that's your trade. You go into the dangerous places and figure out what's going on. You rarely attack head-on, though. That's for heroes and idiots. You plan and use every advantage you can.

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Mighty Zeus.jpg

Zeus (Carnival)

--Who is Zeus--

Zeus is the Father of the Greek Gods and King of the Greek Pantheon. He is the ruler of the skies and the skies are his domain (which is ruefully shared with very few other deities). Zeus is the God of the Sky, Thunder, Authority, Hospitality, and Honor. He is considered to be the mightiest of the Greek Gods.

--To America--

The King of the Gods (of the Greek Pantheon), Zeus, was realized once again in the Greek Immigrants that came to America in order to start a new life. Once there, Zeus had subtly helped the Greeks that still called him a God with good weather which lead to bountiful harvests. However, when Christianity and other religions seeped into his own people, Zeus had left them, realizing that the age of wonder was coming to an end.

For a few years, Zeus was inactive. Until his return.

But, as it turns out, Zeus was only active for a brief moment. His anger over discovering the loss of one of his Godly brethren had sent the Wrath of Zeus upon the southern half of America. It is still considered one of the worst storms in human history.

Eventually, Zeus found himself in New York after many more years of sublte actions of helping people (the Greeks) and even a few Italians who knew him as Jupiter.

--The Carnival of Monsters and Gods--

Zeus had come across the Carnival when ith ad arrived in New York City. Curious, and ever always the lavish entertainer, Zeus had summoned an Eagle, which he had named Alcaedus, and joined with them.

Hoever, this is very recent, and Zeus has recently taken the position of Falconer, dazzling the crowds with his magnificent eagle.

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