The Heretic

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The Heretic

Known As

Victor Kline
Cole Monroe
Gabriel Munson

on MUX as

The Heretic

Has Been

Marketing Guru
Eclipse Concierge
Pale Rider

Apparent Age


Played By

Bradley Cooper

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I am the voice on the shoulder, telling you what to do. I'm also the voice on the other shoulder, contradicting the first. Everything you choose is going to be wrong this way. Which means I get to be right.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You're a troll, a provocateur, always saying what no one wants to hear. Someone has to, because people need to hear it. You're the devil's advocate of every situation.

In the Facility

Memento Mori

Isle of Dread

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Alien Mutation

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Prosperity's Price

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Ariel "Ari" Levy (Isle of Dread)

Former Israeli Army and Intelligence, a great hire as a personal bodyguard for Victor Kline. Smooth, deliberate, socially inept. Everything someone is looking for to keep your ass from getting shot.


Brian McIntyre (Isle of Dread)

Sleazy Lawyer
There's good Lawyers, there's great Lawyers, and there's Brian McIntyre, Esquire. Who is actually on his third name change after several issues previously. With a law degree from a Caribbean Island and the reputation as oily as a sunbathing socialite, Brian specializes in finding the way around any law that might exist. A particularly useful skill for someone like Victor Kline who needs to skirt the edges of society.


Stacy Kline (Isle of Dread)

Marketing Associate
Stacy Kline, sister to Victor Kline has made it her personal job to endear herself to everyone and utilize that for the advancement of her brother and herself whenever possible, earning her a well deserved name of 'That Bitch, Stacy'.


Victor Kline (Isle of Dread)

The forbidden sells. Danger sells. People want what they know they shouldn't have. You say give it to them. That's how you've made it in life, by getting people to do what they've always, really wanted to. The taboo is the most in-demand commodity. For this festival, it's not about sex or drugs - there will be plenty of both without your help. No, the giant goldmine buried on this island is the history no one wants to talk or think about. Freakshows were once all the rage because people love to rubberneck and gawk. They still do - just look at reality TV.

The ruins, where an entire village was brutally slaughtered, are ripe for exploitation. Madison would be appalled by the idea, but Conrad wants money more than anything, and there's tons of money to be made. You even got a big bruiser of a local named Bruce to agree to guide tours in. You just need to sell Conrad on the idea. And if you can't, well, he doesn't have to know you did it, anyway.


Cole Monroe (Alien Mutation)

You've smuggled, stolen and swindled. You've conned and robbed. Years of various criminal endeavors has built you quite a network of contacts and suppliers, so when Penumbra hired you several years ago to be the concierge at their ultra-lux resort and casino, you accepted. A legitimate cover for what you do. They know you break the law, bring in illegal goods, offer illicit services, but that's what their high rollers want. You just have to stay a step ahead of the Marshals, and your man on the inside, (Fool), has your back. The station's best EVA tech, Numminen, helps you move product outside the station without notice. Various mining ships bring in goods to be moved. Leung, the resources manager, gives you places to stash it. Venus and her boys and girls in Total Eclipse help you move and sell. It's a well-oiled machine. Riordan even knows vaguely, but not the details. Plausible deniability and all.

You have a younger sister back on Earth, the pride and joy of the family, who has a degenerative condition. Caring for her is expensive and you've always been the black sheep of your family, so you do whatever it takes to make sure she has the best. No one in your family knows that her mysterious benefactor is you, of course. You don't want them to.

Heretic West.jpg

Gabriel Munson (Prosperity's Price)

Being told who you were going to be and raised for a specific purpose never sat well with you. As you came of age, the demands and expectations of the Widow Munson sat heavy on your shoulders leading to a large falling out. Leaving Prosperity, you sought your own path as best you could, joining the Army and serving in the Indian Wars on the Plains.

But it was as if the curse followed you out of Prosperity, death was on your footfalls and swathed a path in front of you. During the Massacre, you were shot by one of your own when they fell under a spell of rage. Bleeding and on the threshold of death, you took a bargain to continue to live but at a price you did not expect.

For a decade you have wandered the midwest, answering the call of your dark benefactor but the pull of the curse to come home can only be ignored for so long. The journey back to Prosperity was undertaken with your Native American companion, friend, and wife, Nahihama. What awaits you in Prosperity you are uncertain, but there are many old wounds that have been left to fester and unfinished business that demands reckoning.

The Survivors Arrive at the Facility
(2018-08-01 • The Facility Parlor) Many new Archetypes appear in the Facility, those of the survivors, thus stirring up confusion on whether they are all dead or alive or what.
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