The Competitor

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The Competitor

Known As

Dr. Jenette Sterling
Amity DeWitt

on MUX as

The Competitor

Has Been

Weyland-Yutani Geneticist

Apparent Age

Mid 20s

Played By

Dichen Lachman

Florence + The Machine - Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)


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What is life without struggle or conflict? To you, it's meaningless.

There are many different types of ambition. The challenge is what you're after, whether it be physical or mental. Pushing boundaries and testing your limits is what truly makes you feel worthwhile.

You chase your goals tirelessly while some part of you wonders if you will ever truly be satisfied.

Archetype Roster Concept 

For some people, everything is a contest and there are always winners and losers. You're a winner. You live to compete and thrive on success and glory.

In the Facility

The Competitor's Door

A young woman, preparing herself for sport, or battle, or competition, or... It changes each time you look.

Memento Mori

Alien Mutation

A tablet that belonged to Jenette Sterling. It contained most of her research data but the screen is cracked and it seems to be broken.

Prosperity's Price

No memento mori from this story yet.


Mr. Rook (Alien Mutation)

Shady Security Officer
Mr. Rook, aka Isaac Rourke, has a mundane public record for the most part. He was discharged from the Marines and went to work in the private sector until he found a job with Weyland-Yutani as a security officer. A long-time worker for The Company, Mr. Rook understands loyalty and the rewards that come with it. He has proven himself as a reliable, in-house operative that performs dirty work with no questions asked as long as payment is provided. An invaluable trait in this market.

Mr. Rook is a gruff, taciturn man that suffers under no illusions of what he's done. He's difficult to read at the best of times, leaving doubts as to whether he's affected at all by the dubious acts he's done in service to Wey-Yu. Largely amoral, he still possesses an even temper and is not necessarily quick to violence. He only takes it to extremes when necessary and prefers to just stick to the job otherwise.


Dr. Jenette Sterling (Alien Mutation)

As a brilliant scientist and total sociopath, there is no question of whether or not a thing should or should not be done. There is only the question of whether it can be. If it can be, and if it'll make you prosper, then that is reason enough to do it. Project 937 is one such thing. The Company wants a specimen of Xenomorph XX121. Fine. You can do that. All the whining and crying about danger and ethics are just noise, and a perfect example of why you're headed to the top and Grey is not. You get the results The Company wants. This will be no exception.


Amity DeWitt (Prosperity's Price)


Do We Come Together?
(2018-10-07 • The Facility - Dining Room) The Competitor and the Defender have a brief discussion about whether everyone should try to find common ground and cooperate to find answers.
Cast  •   The Competitor  •  The Defender  •
Weyland-Yutani Reunion
(2018-10-05 • Hallway of Doors) The Thrill-Seeker and The Competitor finally meet. Some deep discussion ensues.
Cast  •   The Defender  •  The Thrill-Seeker  •  The Competitor  •  The Capitalist  •
We Are What We're Not
(2018-10-04 • The Facility - Parlor) The mysterious doors are discussed.
Cast  •   The Hunter  •  The Defender  •  The Competitor  •  The Capitalist  •  The Penitent  •  The Visionary  •  The Creepshow  •