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Landon Marchant

on MUX as

The Capitalist


The Capitalist


Senior in High School

Apparent Age


Played By

Ben Barnes

Faction Membership


Always "professional" no matter the profession. Even in dire situations, there are things that people need and are willing to pay for. Some might call him cold, calculating and opportunistic. At some point, those same people will thank him for providing just the service that they so desperately need.

Archetype Roster Concept 

Even in the darkest times, people have wants and needs. You're there to get it for them. It has a cost, of course, but that's how the world works. Any situation can be made profitable.

Role in Bonds of Blood

One half of the boys thought to be the the twin sons of Karl and Beth Lester, that turned out not to be the case. More than likely the cause of Karl and Beth's divorce when they were twelve. After Karl sued to have the Lester name removed from the boys as to not have to pay child support for them, Robert Marchant stepped up and took them under his wing, finding them 'salvageable' despite his dislike for both his own brother, Vincent, and Beth. He's been grooming Landon and Lucas ever since to live up to the Marchant name. Landon is pretty proud to be a Marchant, believing that this is where he belonged all along. He strives to be successful and to make a name for himself. The more serious of the twins, even with his white trash upbringing.

Landon is always on the lookout for opportunities to get ahead in life. He can be as crafty and ruthless as his brother for often another person's feelings are rarely ever put before his own, unless that other person were Lucas. He usually has an agenda for most things, including friendships, but on the inside, it's harder to actually gain his trust despite how friendly and warm he might pretend to be.

He despises his mother and isn't fond of either of his fathers. Something about the whole messy divorce had made him distrustful of most people, a little paranoid and has filled his sleep with vivid nightmares, turning everything he fears and despises into the things that haunt his dreams at night. It's nothing that he really talks about and if anything, Lucas is one of the few who knows about it. Landon hoped he'd grow out of it, but ever since the breakdown of their family, it continues to subconsciously bother him.

  • Lester Family- Landon and his brother Lucas were born Lesters and lived with the family for 12 years. While they may not be Lesters by blood, they've grown up believing that the Lesters were their family, including having other siblings. So if you're a Lester, the boys lived with Karl up until 6 years ago.
  • Marchant Family- Landon and Lucas are Vincent Marchant's bastard sons. For the most part, they live with their mother, who has been set up quite comfortably thanks to Robert Marchant. Since they were 12, they've been spending summers with the Marchant family, being groomed by Robert, himself. If you're a Marchant, well, these are your uncle Vincent's sons who show up ever so often and are treated well enough by the family Scion.
  • School Newspaper-
  • Athletics-
  • Let's Make a Deal-
  • Short-Term Relationships- Thanks to Lucas' meddling, though it's more than likely due to his own indifference, Landon's had a slew of exes, no matter who broke things off. If Lucas didn't take a liking to someone, didn't trust them or felt that his brother wasn't invested in that relationship much at all, he sometimes sabotaged things for Landon's benefit. This does tend to leave behind quite a number of exes who a grudge against both twins.


Brawn: Poor
+ Resilient (Positive)
Finesse: Good
+ Fast (Positive)
+ Quick Reflexes (Positive)
Brains: Normal
+ Clever (Positive)
+ Perceptive (Positive)
- Nightmares (Negative)
- Distrustful (Negative)
Spirit: Good
+ Strong-Willed (Positive)
+ Manipulative (Positive)
- Twin Loyalty (Negative)

Landon and Lucas are thick as thieves and will always put the other before anyone else. This also means breaking off relationships and friendships if their twin deems it unworthy or troublesome. They'll also never leave the other behind.
- Callous (Negative)

Due to issues with abandonment and bad parents letting him down, it takes a lot to really gain Landon's trust.

Perks and Quirks

+ Youthful Exuberance (FREE)

Makes your one re-roll per scene free instead of 3GP
+ Bloodline Trait: Marchant (FREE)

Dignity and Class. Get +1 on rolls to resist intimidation or intentional fright (not all Freak-Out Checks), and +1 on rolls involving manners and decorum.
+ Bloodline Boon: Marchant (-20)

Can roll Spirit to exude an air of confidence and authority that gets others to listen and pay attention. On an exceptional success, can get NPCs to go along with basic requests without question.
+ Area of Expertise: Insightful
+ Adrenaline Boost
+ Good Luck
- Unreliable (MANDATORY +10)
- Bloodline Taint: Marchant (+10)

Arrogance. Intentional or not, you tend to come off as having an ego and thinking less of others.
- Bloodline Bane: Marchant (+20)

Severe Anemia. Cannot have Brawn over Normal, no Strength-related Positives.
- Tasted Blood (+20)
- Jilted Lover II or III

Probably the same person as with Lucas.


Landon2.jpg Landon3.jpg Landon5.jpg Landon4.jpg


Lucas (Twin)

Student/Smug Little Shit



Robert Marchant

President/CEO of First Havasu Bank



Beth Lester

Karl's 2nd Ex, Bartender



Karl Lester

Factory Foreman


Beast Lester1.jpg

Morrison Lester

Factory Worker/Boxer



Lennon Lester

High School Student


Scholar 2 blood 1.png

Sebastian Lester

Horse Trainer



Vincent Marchant

Kokomo Club Owner, Family Fuck-Up


Loner Marchant 1.jpg

Theodore Marchant




Desdemona Marchant

High School Senior



Thea Marchant

Feral Ingenue






Silver Luna Thistle

Senior Morbid Thistle Student


No supporting cast found for this story.

No badges for Bonds of Blood.

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