The Addict

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The Addict

Known As

Amir Valeh
Rashid Khan

on MUX as

The Addict

Has Been

Wealthy Family Heir
Pilot of USCSS Hephaestus

Apparent Age


Played By

Rami Malek

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For some, it’s a substance. For others, it’s a behavior you just can’t shake. Whether we’re talking booze or shopping, drugs or sex, the addict has a fixation on at least one thing, and it’s a thing that threatens to consume. His life is about living with the consequences of these urges. When it gets bad, treatment is an option. Most of the time, though, it’s easier to say fuck it and just give in.

Archetype Roster Concept 

It may change from story to story, but there's always a deep, insatiable hunger for something - alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, food, sex, attention - and the worse the craving gets, the more unpredictable you get.

In the Facility

Memento Mori

Isle of Dread

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Alien Mutation

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Navid Kamali (Isle of Dread)

"Innocent" Grad Student
Arguably the most responsible of Amir’s entourage, he initially opted out of Wyred Fest until strong-armed by his older brother. It was decided that this would be the perfect getaway before jumping into his final stretch at Stanford Law School. Though he doesn’t approve of most of what the guys get up to, he’s still here, so they can’t be all that bad, right?


Sam Kamali (Isle of Dread)

Hotheaded "Bodyguard"
His life has been a bit of a roller coaster ride up until now and Wyred Fest presents the perfect escape. Until recently, he’s been in denial about the emotional issues everyone else seems to see, though his latest messy divorce has convinced him anger management might be something to look into. For now though, he’s here to party and keep an eye on his family, because you can absolutely do both at the same time. Just try and tell him any different.


Scott Wilson III (Isle of Dread)

Former Child Star
Amir’s oldest friend and a big reason the gang decided to attend Wyred Fest. He got his start on a paranormal sitcom at the age of six, playing the titular ghost hunter’s adorable youngest son who, in later seasons, became possessed by the spirit of a serial killer (at which point it was decided the show jumped the shark). As an adult, he’s picked up a few critically-lauded roles, though his reputation as a Hollywood bad boy is what generally makes the press.


Zoe Rawlings (Alien Mutation)

Waste Management Supervisor
She's newly responsible for waste disposal and management on the Noc, leading a team that has its hands in just about everything. To get there by her age was no easy feat, but her feisty attitude and penchant for blackmail helped her score the position. One of the few people who supported her over the years was Rashid. In return, she makes him feel like not a total fuckup, and the two have formed an unlikely friendship in the process.


Miles Bishop (Alien Mutation)

Colonial Marshal
A reliable tank of a man, he's been a Colonial Marshal for years, but has been passed up for promotions time and time again because of lack of leadership skills. This doesn't keep from trying, though. A couple years ago, he swore that his best friend, Rashid, cheated him out money in a game of poker. As such, he holds a grudge against the man and, by extension, the crew of the Hephaestus.


Brad Laroche (Alien Mutation)

Refinery Dispatcher
He's worked as a dispatcher at the refinery for the past five seasons now and has proven himself to be an indispensable part of the team, particularly able to cut down time on docking and transport through careful planning and coordination with the ships that move through it. He recently became engaged with Zoe Rawlings, which has only fueled the jealous nature that torments her male friends and colleagues.


Amir Valeh (Isle of Dread)

You're a smart guy, you know you're the heir of a major, influential Iranian-American family (you know some of the Shahs of Sunset people, who are actually small-time compared to your family) and your future is already golden, but it doesn't hold your interest. You've always had what they often call an 'addictive personality', much to your Persian family's dismay, but opioids are the best of the best. Other drugs are great and can hold you over or distract you for a while, but only for a while. It threatens to destroy everything, and one day probably will if you can't get it kicked, but right now you're still young and supposed to be having fun, right?

You're attending the festival for fun - you bought a ticket, you have no responsibilities - but you know that you'll get hit up for investment money or whatever by someone at some point. Rich kids don't all get together like this without sharks circling. If you can make some kind of business venture while there, maybe your family won't see it as a total waste of your time. If not, no sweat. They never expected anything, anyway.


Rashid Khan (Alien Mutation)

You're a good pilot - a damn good one, always have been. You'd be a wealthy star on the racing circuit, or getting paid bank to fly prototypes, but you have a problem. A big one. You gamble everything you have away, time and time again. You've washed out at more companies than you can count, taking advances on pay, borrowing from co-workers, and you always blow it all. The Hephaestus might be your last shot at steady work, and so far you've done four years with them without blowing it, but they haul to the Noc, and it has the best casino there is. Luckily they're closed when you guys come in, but last year the haul was late and the refinery took longer to process it and so you were around when Eclipse opened for tourist season. It only took a few days, and now the Casino Manager (Gambler) and Chief of Security (Martyr) are watching for you, and you owe Hartmann, Winterbourne and Chevalier more money than your share for this haul. You made a deal with (Heretic) to smuggle in some Drift, a highly illegal drug, but you only have about half of what he wanted, so you have no idea if he'll pay now or how much. You need cash. Fast.

Contemplating the Countdown
(2018-08-06 • Parlor) The Beast, Survivor, and Addict contemplate the meaning of the four day countdown.
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Sometimes You Just Have to Freak Out
(2018-08-03 • The Facility) The Addict runs into the Penitent shortly after waking for the first time.
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