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They come for a variety of reasons. Some come and go. Others never leave.

In each case, in some way, Urania has changed the course of the life of each of her cultists in a profound manner, enough so that the strength of their faith in her transforms and sustains hers in turn.

Some fell in love with a beautiful woman -- or man -- and became obsessed. (They rarely last.) Others had warnings they needed at just the right time. Still others saw inspiration in her they found nowhere else.

On the surface, they are a rag-tag performance troupe, not unlike any other in the Carnival. They occupy a trio of trailers: one for Urania's personal lodgings and readings (as Selene or Twila), one that serves as dressing room and bunk space for the women, and a third to haul the gear and their private tent that serves as bunk space for the menfolk -- they often sleep on the roof when in transit. While they typically operate as a relatively self-contained unit, and the bulk of their activity is focused on the group, the majority of the membership are willing and ready to help out whenever called upon to do so for the Carnival at large as fits their abilities.

Members and Associates


Twila Estelle

Role: Goddess, Troupe Leader
Age: late teens
Played by: Shapeshifted Form

...somebody gets worshipped in these arrangements. She does it with style.


Dubheasa "Fox" Deoradhán

Role: Priestess, Dancer
Age: early 20s

She gets to wear the hat sometimes, see. When dancing, she is often more covered than any of the others, and is often fully veiled when she takes the lead in the matinee performance.

Fox spends the majority of her free time with Milton, as evidenced by her colorful skin. The imagery on her body is a visual chronicle of their travels to accompany his journals.


Lily Justin

Role: Dancer, Borrowed Face
Age: mid-20s

It would be easy to mistake Lily Justin for "Just Lily," but that would be a mistake. "Just Lily" is the face Urania 'borrows' from time to time, though the real Lily Justin is part of the dance troupe. Never seen together outside of the trailer, and even then, by precious few among those in the cult.

Lily is totally Loki's fault. Or favor. It's often hard to tell. (She's determined to believe he meant well when he dropped her drunken, passed out form in her trailer with a joyful insistence that, "She's great! You'll love her!" like a birthday present.)

Blunt reality: she would possess Lily like she might any other member of the cult if there was a need, but Lily is a hot mess. Possessing someone who is often passed out, throwing up, drunk off their arse, or screwing somebody she knows professionally (very, very loudly) is just far too awkward a festival of TMI for this particular muse.

Despite the 'best' laid plans, most of the time she spends in Lily's face, she spends apologizing for the real Lily's raucous antics. (Feel free to have fun with this, y'all.)


Marcus Munson

Role: Dancer
Age: early 20s

(Coming soon.)

VisMarcus2.jpg VisMarcus3.jpg VisMarcus4.jpg

Kamilla Galli

Role: Fortune Teller's Assistant, Dancer
Age: mid-30s
Played by: Theda Bara

Assists during the day doing readings with 'Selene'. She is one of the dancers in the troupe, and typically performs during the night.


Selene Moreau

Role: Fortune Teller, Truth in Shadow
Age: mid-20s
Played by: Shapeshifted Form

'Selene' does simple card readings in her trailer for those in great need, but only during the day. She claims to be from a long line of seers and oracles, but is evasive regarding the details.

She is never seen outside the trailer, though often goes missing in the evening.


Magdalene "Mae" Weatherly

Role: Troupe Seamstress, "Mom"
Age: early 60s
Played by: Miranda Richardson

Magda Weatherly was once a costumer off-Broadway. She fell in love with a vaudeville performer who had enough name recognition to get a one man show in 'legitimate' theater, and she followed him along when he moved on. The two were later married, but he never abandoned his womanizing ways. He was shot by the husband of a woman he was caught in bed with, and Mae was on her own again. Ultimately, she found herself trying to make her way back into the working world in New York, and it was a struggle for a recent widow.

She met up with Urania when the muse was in New York, in the days before the Carnival, invited to share an apartment with four other disorganized and chaotic mythical beings: three pixies performing for various chorus lines around town, and one thoroughly mischievous nymph. It was easy enough for Mae to write off their quirks under the usual shrug, sigh, and endless repetition of, "Theater people."

As the most serene of the lot, it was easy enough to understand how the two became friends, and, later, revelations and aid flowed between them. Mae followed when Urania joined the Carnival, providing necessary assistance to the troupe as it began in the form of her own irrepressible -- if somewhat old-fashioned -- style. Predictably enough, she's taken on something of a role as 'Mom', particularly as concerns it Milton and, more recently, Marcelle.


David "Lou" Barker

Role: Troupe Security
Age: mid-30s

She helped his little sister get out of a bad situation and into a safe, new life. That's enough for David, better known as "Lou" for the Louisville Slugger he carries with him everywhere. Rumor is he even sleeps with the thing in hand.


Callum Carver

Role: Troupe Security
Age: mid-30s

Callum Carver was once a preacher in Texas, not that he talks about those days much. It would be the last guess most would make about the scruffy man in the leather hat. He still knows his last rites, though, and can be called on to deliver them to those in need, should occasion arise, even if it's hard for him to muster himself to it. It's hard to sell what you don't believe in any more, particularly once you've found something too solid to deny. There's something to be said for the old gods, the ones that don't get so fucking judgy about righteous vengeance when it's taken into one's own hands.


Milton Tanner

Role: Chronicler, Tattoo Artist
Age: late 20s

Marcelle Petit

Role: Wash Girl, Bait
Age: 19

Marcelle's situation isn't the best of the strange family of the North Star troupe, but it's better than it was. She's one of the few connections made through Urania's present male incarnation, typically only known as Pol. Still recovering from injuries sustained before a last minute rescue, with the aid of Fenrir, on a recent stop on the trip, she finds herself in the position of handling the laundry for the troupe, and taking in wash from others as she can to try to earn her keep.

More and more, she's been considering less squeaky clean employment in the cooch tent, though her injuries have thus far prevented any active pursuit of a position. She's tried to join the dancers, but a terminal case of two left feet isn't promising for any career on stage. Her complete and total obliviousness to the way nature screams 'do not touch' seems to keep this otherwise mundane-seeming woman from being a constant case of the freakouts on the grounds, even if it isn't promising when it comes to keeping her actually alive for very long.


Bob Nolan

Role: Occasional Handyman, Carnival Roustie
Age: late 60s

"Uncle" Bob Nolan is one of the old coots that knows how everything works. Not how it's supposed to work, but how it actually works once you sweet-talk it just so and whack it in the right spot with a wrench. He's a crotchety, ancient codger of a gremlin exterminator. (Possibly, literally so, even if he's blissfully unaware of it.)

Twila gave him warning that kept him from being crushed to death in a potential ride collapse, sparing not only him, but the patrons he was able to save by fixing an old, hidden part before it could invisibly give way. He broke his right leg, but it was better than crushing his skull. Ever since, he's been loyal as a hound dog, and helps do handyman work when it's needed, even if it takes him half the day to get from one end of the grounds to the other on his bum leg.



Role: Hanger-On
Age: early 30s
Played by: Shapeshifted Form

Pol is just... around, sometimes. Pol sounds enough like 'Paul' that no one outside the group really seems to know it's short for 'Polaris', the North Star. The cult seems to know him well and holds him in some esteem, regardless. Often wandering the grounds wherever they set up, after hours, barefoot and scruffy. Friendly, charming enough, when not keeping to himself or lost in his thoughts.


Antonin Kolvek

Role: Actual Rocket Scientist
Age: early 40s
Played by: Burn Gorman

...he's a long story. (Some people are grateful when they don't end up kidnapped and pressed into service by Nazis, even if they don't know what Nazis are yet.)

He's known Twila since the days before she joined the carnival, and presently resides in Roswell, NM, where he works on making actual rockets, in the days long before people believed this could ever be a viable thing, and has bounced across the country with the Goddard team as they work on precisely that problem. He comes to see the show -- often at great expense -- when he can.

VisAntonin1.png VisAntonin2.png VisAntonin3.jpg VisAntonin.png

Miranda Kolvek (Barker)

Role: Watcher
Age: late 20s
Played by: Mia Kirshner

Lou's sister. Sent off to happily ever after with Antonin. And keep an eye on him.


Additional Dancers

Role: Dancer(s)
Age: varies

There are always 8 female dancers in the troupe in addition to Twila. This is more or less the placeholder to represent the mass of them, where specific writeups are not in place.

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