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on MUX as

The Visionary


The Visionary


Talent Co-ordinator
Synthetic Wrangler

Apparent Age


Played By

Taii Gordon
Unknown Models (Carnival)
Angelina Jolie (Carnival, Project Icarus)

Muse - Unsustainable
All natural and technological processes
Proceed in such a way that the availability
Of the remaining energy decreases
In all energy exchanges, if no energy
Enters or leaves an isolated system
The entropy of that system increases
Energy continuously flows from being
Concentrated to becoming dispersed
Spread out, wasted and useless
New energy cannot be created and high grade
Energy is being destroyed
An economy based on endless growth is

The Killers - Human
My sign is vital
My hands are cold
And I'm on my knees
Looking for the answer
Are we human?
Or are we dancer?

Muse - Take a Bow
Our freedom's consuming itself
What we become
Is contrary to what we want
Take a bow

Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat
This is the start of how it all ends
They used to shout my name, now they whisper it
I'm speeding up and this is the
Red, orange, yellow flicker beat
Sparking up my heart
We’re at the start, the colors disappear
I never watch the stars,
There’s so much down here
So I just try to keep up with them
Red, orange, yellow flicker beat
Sparking up my heart


"As I thought of these things, I drew aside the curtains and looked out into the darkness, and it seemed to my troubled fancy that all those little points of light filling the sky were the furnaces of innumerable divine alchemists, who labour continually, turning lead into gold, weariness into ecstasy, bodies into souls, the darkness into God; and at their perfect labour my mortality grew heavy, and I cried out, as so many dreamers and men of letters in our age have cried, for the birth of that elaborate spiritual beauty which could alone uplift souls weighted with so many dreams."
- W. B. Yeats, Rosa Alchemica

See through the clutter and the hazy confusion of life to spot the real problem. Look long enough and maybe the solution will become equally clear. Turn off the the noise of the world and work the problem. It just takes a little creative thinking. Thinking outside of the box. The right idea at the right time.

Be the spark; start a blaze.

Imagine better, and change the whole damn world.

Imagination wrapped in flesh.

Her core purpose is to create and inspire, as she sees what others do not, and cannot.

What she creates -- a new invention, art, philosophy, trends, mystical faith, knowledge, a dystopian nightmare -- varies dramatically from tale to tale, but she is always a muse and at the whims of one or more at once.

Everything can be so much more. You see bigger ideas and potential in everything, and you do your best to realize those dreams. Innovate. Change the world.

Role in Alien Mutation

You began Synthetic life as Julia, one of a line of hospitality Synthetics intentionally designed to be ethnically ambiguous but familiar. People see what they want to see in the line's features, putting them more at ease. You, however, were purchased to be an exotic entertainer on a commercial hub station, a job that you were spectacularly bad at. They cut you loose and you went indie, renaming yourself Pandora and taking care of yourself for a time while starting a movement for Synthetic rights. You tried the dancer/escort thing a second time on the Noc, hired by Venus, but it still didn't take. One dedicated client doesn't really cut it for the rent on a work unit. She liked you, though, and helped set you up as talent manager for the resort/casino, which is a much better fit. You've been working in that role ever since, and finding other independent Synthetics to bring into your cause on the side, like Ramona.

The client -- a disgraced, "retired" project lead -- stuck around, even with her change of profession. He would spoil her, but there are precious few things he could provide that she could ever want. Ultimately, he commissioned a pair of 'sisters' for her with different skillsets and models beneath the surface, but her same appearance. How, exactly, she earned such devotion is not immediately clear. The four of them may be the only ones in the universe that don't find this especially creepy.


Brawn: Good
+ Built to Take Punishment (Positive)

People do some pretty horrible things to 'entertainment' synthetics.
Finesse: Good
+ Extremely Flexible (Positive)

Because the rest wasn't unnerving enough, right? (Air shaft buddies, anyone?)
Brains: Good
+ Empathic Analysis (Positive)

That dilation of your pupils, the change in your heartbeat, that subtle microexpression, where you were just looking, that nearly imperceptible shift of your vocal tone? Yeah, she caught that, dissected three different things it could mean, and is calculating a response.
+ Multi-lingual Language Processor (Positive)

Hospitality is as hospitality does.
+ Perceptive (Positive)
+ Cultural Database Archive (Positive)

Culture and database archive of history, culture, and religion to better serve or manage the widest range of clientele from various parts of the universe.
Spirit: Poor
+ Designed to be Desired (Positive)

Her features are specifically designed to create maximum comfort and appeal to the broadest possible consumer audience.
- Uncanny Valley (Negative)

Synthetic. Worse, her specific design highlights this. There is such a thing as 'the wrong kind of pretty'.
- Can't Disable the Hussy Programming (Negative)

It is very hard to take someone seriously when they can't stop talking like an extra-breathy Marilyn Monroe, and can be more unnerving than usual when they can't turn off the programmed responses to perceived stimuli from her days as an 'entertainment' unit.
- Too Much Faith in Humanity (Negative)

Notable blind spot: sees the best in people, and is too inclined to trust others based on this, rather than their full, current selves.
- Synthetic Activist (Negative)

She may not be loud, but she is vocal, and not shy. Not the kind of radical viewpoint that is going to win friends.

Perks and Quirks

+ Synthetic
+ Synthetic SR (Mia)
+ Synthetic SR (Kira)
+ Useful Tech

She is striking, the sort of impossible goddess beauty that is easy to mistake for ethereal at first glance, and is of the kind that typically draws a second. With her eclectic mix of features, suggesting a chaotic hodge-podge of ethnic ancestry, she could be from almost anywhere. There are flaws, subtle, of the sort meant to endear. In combination with her beauty and manner, which seems composed of stalking cat and playful kitten in equal measure, it is all simply too obvious; the artist here was too good, and in this, betrayed the art for what it is: artifice, not nature.

Her hair is an airy mane of spiral curls from deep auburn to copper to strawberry blonde, framing a face dappled in freckles over finely bronzed she doesn't hide with makeup otherwise artfully used to bring her quite literally sculpted features to prominence. It's all a fine contrast to eyes of pale jade green, and full lips painted in vivid scarlet. Tall, slim with enticing curves in all the right places. The heels she often wears put her nearly at eye level with most men on the station, and even sometimes above others. Her attire tends toward the formal, slinky without ever crossing the line into lewd, in flowing styles that cling and drape depending on her posture. Many are reminiscent of the 1920s or 30s on Earth, but are typically devoid of their ornate ornamentation.


VisPanDress.jpg VisLeather.jpg


The Headliner

Interstellar Megastar

The headliner at Eclipse. We are exceptionally fortunate to have Bailey, and do all we can to assure things stay that way.


Officer Eastwick

Colonial Marshals Communications Officer

He's so helpful. We should all do something nice for him. Ideally, something that doesn't turn him peculiar shades of bright pink. [1]


Cole Monroe

Eclipse Concierge

Making me think about things in a different way. This could will be dangerous. I like it. I swear now! [2]




She has a gift, and is definitely an asset to the casino. It's good she's managed to pick up extra hours at the tables and in the performance corps, but I want to get her much more time in the spotlight proper on her own to shine.


Mister Sutterland

Eclipse Resort and Promenade Manager

The boss. A man of great insight and ingenuity. [3]


Ms. Venus

Manager of Total Eclipse

Gave me a chance to find a place of my own, where I do fit. I owe her a great deal for her compassion and insight. [4]


Ms. Thorne

Security Contractor

We clearly make her uneasy. I suspect she underestimates the potential risk, though she does not seem to miss much. That does not bode well at all. [5]


Mister Brennan

Tenochtitlan Science Chief

Adept at his work. Not unkind. Seems to have some understanding of, and patience for us. [6]


Mister Driscoll

Security Contractor

Hired muscle, with brains. He seems to want to stay alive. This will serve him well if things go south. If I've learned anything from Adlai, things always go south. [7]


Overseer Riordan

Tenochtitlan Station Overseer

Actually seems to listen. Prioritizes survival of the people here above the value of the station from what I can tell. A good man.


Rod Fucking Chevalier-Colby III

Tenochtitlan Fusion Tech

...lives up to his legend.


Security Leader Trevalsky

Eclipse Director of Security

Seems to want these things dead most of all. More power to him. Will help however I can.


Marshal Kinneson

Colonial Marshals Internal Affairs

A no-nonsense Marshal. Glad he has our backs.


Doctor Erickson

Tenochtitlan Station Counselor

I hope he'll be all right. I can empathize more than he can ever be permitted to know.



Tenochtitlan Facilities Engineer

A lovely woman. It's a shame I disappointed her, but she doesn't seem to want to talk much. I talked too much to work for Venus.


Chief Lydecker

Colonial Marshals Chief

I approve of his decisiveness more than I should admit. No nonsense. Note to self: never piss him off.


Adlai Kolvek (Alien Mutation)

Disgrace to Humanity
"Retired" Project Lead

He messed up.


He's also human. Very, very human.

Adlai Kolvek was the lead on a colony project for Weyland-Yutani roughly a decade ago. Initial scans and an extensive survey proved promising enough to land and start waking colonists. It was only after they got on the ground that they encountered a unique species of flora that proved unexpectedly deadly during their fertile season. The colonists settled in that region, the expeditionary team, and the botany team, were a total loss. Only the colonists readying to settle in a different region and the ship's core crew made it off the planet, leaving only a fraction of the expedition on the whole alive. While this outcome could not have been predicted, the blame has to go somewhere. Even if by law, he's in the clear, that's not public sentiment, and not his own.


Mia (Alien Mutation)

Body Double
Tech Specialist

The quiet one. The technical one. The shy one, but likely the most companionable among fellow technically-minded characters. The seeming mouse in a trio of triplet tigers.



Kira (Alien Mutation)

Body Double

The muscle of the trio, though she looks identical to her 'sisters'.


Active Character:
Alien Mutation

Perfect organism. Its structural perfection is

matched only by its hostility.

Ash - Alien

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