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Milton Tanner

on MUX as

The Visionary


Cult Member, Tattoo Artist

Apparent Age


Played By

The Visionary

Role in Carnival

Cult member. Tattoo artist.

He views the world through a painfully twisted lens, and reworked the whole of his skin to 'fit in' with the way he sees others, cursed with a psychopomp's sight. In his eyes, it is the only way to not be a freak, even if the rest of the world is quite the opposite.

But Gods are a little different. Goddesses, too. Especially those who seem to exist in astronomical time. Urania may be faded, and she may be translucent skin stretched like parchment over bone, but the pinpoints of light that radiate from her are a thing he cannot help but see as well. She is a palpable reminder to him that even in death, there is light, there is love, and there is acceptance. It is a hope he clings to out of desperate need; she is the literal light he found at the end of a seemingly endless dark tunnel. As a result, he is extraordinarily devoted, despite being the one soul in the flock that cannot ever perceive her physical beauty as the others do.

He designed the tattoo for the others who follow her, and does the work himself when they are accepted into the fold. If Fox is her high priestess, he is her right hand in a far more subtle way: he has taken it on himself to chronicle her 'miracles' and the stories of the cult's travels in a series of journals he keeps jealously guarded, as an ongoing record of their living story as it happens, interspersed with sketches, quotes, scraps of poetry, and the errant photograph or article from a local newspaper.

Milton does not speak often, but on the rare occasions he does, it's typically worth listening.
Gentle Soul
Despite his horrific appearance, Milton is intrinsically kind-hearted and compassionate, having too awful a reminder of how transient life can be, and how little time one may have to spend with those around them. His curse prevents him from growing close to most, but the few friends he has, he cares for deeply.


Brawn: Normal
Finesse: Normal
+ Nimble (Positive)

Tattoo artist, generally quick with his hands, and has had to duck out of the way of more than one beating, as he's not especially inclined to inflict injury on others if it can at all be avoided. Between 'hit back' and 'get out of the way', he goes for the latter.
Brains: Normal
+ Insightful (Positive)

He sees a great deal from the fringes, and is smart enough to understand people well enough, even if he primarily observes from the outside.
+ Creative (Positive)

Talented designer.
Spirit: Normal
+ Resolute (Positive)

Being surrounded by death at all times makes him strangely resigned to its inevitability, and it doesn't scare him personally any longer. This makes the normally meek artist uncommonly resolute in the face of potential danger.
- Never Gonna Blend (Negative)

...not after the face got skulled up.
- Major Introvert (Negative)

While a gentle sort of soul, Milton is extremely introverted. It's hard to get close to corpses, even if he cares about their well-being, and everyone looks like a corpse to him.

Perks and Quirks

- Psychopomp (Sight)

(Note: This character has quirks for story purposes, but no perks.)
- Freak

(Note: This character has quirks for story purposes, but no perks.)


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