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Desdemona Marchant

on MUX as



The Visionary


High School Senior

Apparent Age


Played By

Taii Gordon
Unknown Models (Carnival)
Angelina Jolie (Carnival, Project Icarus)

Faction Membership

Marchant Family
Robert + Monique's Daughter
Triplets with Jade and Thea

Shakespear's Sister - I Don't Care

Mark the spot you hate with an X

Then shoot your bow and arrow

Do your worst, get it all off your chest

I'll hold my breath and swallow

We hurt the ones we love the most

It's a subtle form of discipline

I don't care if you talk about me

I don't care if you write it out in stone

Whenever I fall I land on my feet

I don't care, I just don't care now

I don't care if you act like a queen

I don't care if you take it out on me

I've got nine lives and I land on my feet

I don't care, I just don't care now

Tori Amos - Happy Phantom

And if I die today I'll be the happy phantom

And I'll go chasin' the nuns out in the yard

And I'll run naked through the streets without my mask on

And I will never need umbrellas in the rain

I'll wake up in Strawberry Fields every day

And the atrocities of school I can forgive

The happy phantom has no right to bitch


"As I thought of these things, I drew aside the curtains and looked out into the darkness, and it seemed to my troubled fancy that all those little points of light filling the sky were the furnaces of innumerable divine alchemists, who labour continually, turning lead into gold, weariness into ecstasy, bodies into souls, the darkness into God; and at their perfect labour my mortality grew heavy, and I cried out, as so many dreamers and men of letters in our age have cried, for the birth of that elaborate spiritual beauty which could alone uplift souls weighted with so many dreams."
- W. B. Yeats, Rosa Alchemica

See through the clutter and the hazy confusion of life to spot the real problem. Look long enough and maybe the solution will become equally clear. Turn off the the noise of the world and work the problem. It just takes a little creative thinking. Thinking outside of the box. The right idea at the right time.

Be the spark; start a blaze.

Imagine better, and change the whole damn world.

Imagination wrapped in flesh.

Her core purpose is to create and inspire, as she sees what others do not, and cannot.

What she creates -- a new invention, art, philosophy, trends, mystical faith, knowledge, a dystopian nightmare -- varies dramatically from tale to tale, but she is always a muse and at the whims of one or more at once.

Everything can be so much more. You see bigger ideas and potential in everything, and you do your best to realize those dreams. Innovate. Change the world.

Role in Bonds of Blood

Family black sheep, in that she's more fond of being behind the scenes than a 'public face' in a family very keen on making an impression and flaunting their position on the social ladder. Though she isn't much inclined to do embarrassing or reckless things in public view, she isn't keen on drawing much attention to herself or her positive accomplishments, either. Attention draws scrutiny; scrutiny just gets people too involved in your personal business, which means it is anything but personal for long.

Steadfastly refuses to act like a lady or wear a dress unless it's at gunpoint... or useful. Or funny. Unfortunately for her, it's often one of these things, and the frequency rises the older she gets. This observation isn't lost on her at all, and she's keenly aware that the 'freedom' that comes with graduation and heading off to college is 50% idealistic fiction, 30% utter bullshit, and 15% heartbreak waiting to happen when it all turns out to be a sham. Hitting that remaining 5% takes foresight, planning, determination, and the kind of real work no one expects from the rich girl.

Artsy, backstage theater geek. Thrift store junkie. Suffers endless attempts to fix her up with 'a proper nice young man'. Dates so badly and so very briefly. Planning for F.I.T. in the fall. Bringing all the family of besties to NYC to start a life of fabulousness? Totally on her agenda.

Has more or less given up on changing everyone's mind that she's a not actually a Mean Girl. Haters gonna hate; this is what we have snark, shenanigans, siblings, besties, and smoking behind the gym for. Is actually pretty dang nice, not that anyone would notice, normally, and has a habit of going out of her way for others in a subtle way. The more public displays often amount to out-snobbing the assholes.

Works backstage for most productions as costumer of doom.
She knows it, inside and out.
Three giant floufcats: Prince Prance, Spook, and Diva.


Brawn: Poor
+ I Can Do This All Night (Stamina) (Positive)

...dancing, sneaking out for a swim, late night cram sessions, finishing up a costume, rehearsals, movie marathons. Mind out of the gutter! She has excellent stamina for a hothouse flower, particularly at night.
+ Is That All You've Got? (Tough) (Positive)

Enough dance classes and gymnastics will make a girl tougher than she might look.
- Night Owl (Negative)

Fuck everything about mornings, heat can go die in the fire it feels like, and skin this pretty doesn't come from running around willy-nilly in the sun!
Finesse: Good
+ Crafty Precision (Positive)

Expert crafter, particularly as pertains to anything wearable or on the body. (Clothing, makeup, hair, jewelry.) One could say she's a bit obsessed.
+ Nimble (Positive)

All those dance classes and gymnastics paid off. She's quick and graceful AF.
Brains: Normal
+ Perceptive (Positive)

Situations, details -- all things have little tells and specifics and all of them are important.
- Bored Now (Negative)

Flighty attention span is flighty as can be when the subject at hand is not something that normally interests her.
Spirit: Good
+ Stealth Diva (Positive)

While she prefers to keep a relatively low profile much of the time, the fact that she's drop-dead stunning and knows how to make one hell of an impression is not to be discounted. Just because she prefers the work involved to not stand out doesn't mean she can't flip the switch to do precisely that, and when she does, she does a damned fine job of it. She's definitely got it -- she's just very selective about when to flaunt it. Being 'always on' is so gauche, after all!
+ Strong-Willed (Positive)

Surprisingly self-aware and composed for someone her age; often self-assured, which naturally reads to most of the world as 'totally stuck up'. She doesn't back down once she has an idea in her head, and a lady never lets them see her sweat or get ruffled, making her seem fearless.
- The Quiet One (Negative)

Of her trinity of terror, Mona is the quiet one. That should be a big red flag right there. She may have good intentions deep down, but between her relative introversion and the perception of her family, she always seems to be up to something.
- Individualist (Negative)

...right when everyone else is often trying their hardest to fit in.

Perks and Quirks

+ Bloodline Trait (Marchant, Free)

Dignity and class. Get +1 on rolls to resist intimidation or intentional fright (not all Freak-Out Checks), and +1 on rolls involving manners and decorum.
+ Bloodline Boon (Marchant, 20)

Can roll Spirit to exude an air of confidence and authority that gets others to listen and pay attention. On an exceptional success, can get NPCs to go along with basic requests without question.
+ Adrenaline Boost (10)

Can add an additional +1 die. Once per Scene.
+ Area of Expertise (Style/Expression, 10)

Budding "it girl" and trendsetter. Excellent, well-trained taste. Perfectionist when it comes to style and detail, in fashion, mannerisms, performance. Nothing is worth doing if it's not going to be done exquisitely.
+ Area of Expertise (Social Awareness, 10)

Being raised to blend into any social situation leaves a mark on even the most dedicated trendsetter. She pays attention to the social cues of various subcultures and settings, and fully embraces her family's skill when it comes to making the very most of it.

Your college education or extracurricular activities give you an edge in a specific field. Can add an ADDITIONAL +1 to a Brains or Finesse roll once per scene in that field.
+ Youthful Exuberance (Free)

Your 3GP cost for a re-roll is waived. Obviously you're young and indestructible.
- Bloodline Bane (Marchant, -20)

Severe Anemia. Cannot have Brawn over Normal, no Strength-related Positives.
- Bloodline Taint (Marchant, -10)

Arrogance. Intentional or not, you tend to come off as having an ego and thinking less of others.
- Jilted Lover II (Explorer SR, -20)

"...Mr. Can't Take a Hint."

You have an ex present in the story, and he or she will try to make your life miserable. This level is a Supporting Role character played by another player.
- Unreliable (Required, -10)


Vis90sDress.jpg VisBoB12.jpg VisBoBPhone.jpg



Feral Ingenue

Trinity of Terror Triplet. <3



Wild Child

Trinity of Terror Triplet. <3

Loner Marchant 1.jpg

Responsible Brother


...oh, good. One of us makes Dad happy. <3


Landon Marchant

Senior in High School

...some day I swear I'm going to just walk up to you and unstraighten your tie on fucking principle.


Lucas Marchant

Student/Smug Little Shit

(I will slip you cash to unstraighten your brother's tie.)

BV3 Bloomquist 00.jpg

Bestest Bestie

Future Broadway Star

Pretty much the perfect conspirator and always has been. <3 <3 <3 (They're too confusing for even the best guesser at 'will they or won't they'.) Well then!


Star Power

Creepy Goth Kid

Another sister, full stop. <3


Spear Thistle

Gadfly Gloomcookie

Birds! The birds! ...also, I have such an existential quandary regarding ever making you a hat. Can't I just make something that accentuates the hair? Because a hat on you just feels like hiding the sun under a basket, here.


Lennon Lester

High School Student

Always the best with photos -- whether for hire or trade. Also buds with Jade, which means she's golden so far as I'm concerned.


Alyssa Laine (Bonds of Blood)

High School Senior
...that girl from summer camp. Whyyyyyyyyy did she have to move here?


Stan Slipinski (Bonds of Blood)

Vice Principal
Detention Monitor
Useful Idiot

I have no idea yet, but this is totally happening.

No badges for Bonds of Blood.

(This page now exists!)

Coming in the Back Door
(2019-10-23 • From Behind) A team led by Morrison Lester come in quietly through the backdoor in the hopes of getting a drop on the Vamps for the final showdown. There are some casualties along the way.
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Coming In the Front Door
(2019-10-22 • Old Abandoned House) It's the final showdown with Fran, and the group splits up to take both sides of the house. This intrepid group walks in the front door while the others go around back.
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French Toast
(2019-10-15 • Marchant House) A couple Marchants and their guests gather for breakfast.
Cast  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •  Cash Freeland  •  Hector de la Huerta  •
A Heads up
(2019-10-10 • Lake Havasu - Big Ben's) The teens catch Morrison up on their plans.
Cast  •   Felicity Bloomquist  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Morrison Lester  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Desdemona Marchant  •
Taken Flight
(2019-10-01 • Den) Immediately after the graduation kidnapping, Zane and Mona head back to the Marchant House, and contact Sky.
Cast  •   Sky Bloomquist  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Desdemona Marchant  •
(2019-09-30 • Lake Havasu - English Village) Graduation is a time for celebration, and yet, the celebration in the English Village goes horribly wrong when The Painkillers make an appearance, claiming they've captured one of the new graduates.
Cast  •   Spear Thistle  •  Esme Reed  •  Landon Marchant  •  Theodore Marchant  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Star Thistle  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •
Prom Night 1994
(2019-09-28 • Prom Night) Against all expectations and odds, everyone has made it to Prom Night, for Lake Havasu High's class of 1994, in one piece.
Cast  •   Ashley Freeland  •  Sean Winters  •  Cash Freeland  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •  Thea Marchant  •  James Thistle  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Star Thistle  •  Spear Thistle  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •
Bad Girls
(2019-09-26 • Lake Havasu High School - Smoker's Court) Mona and Alyssa talk about the plan for prom, and the problems surrounding it. Sometimes it isn't just stage fright. (Cutscene.)
Cast  •   Desdemona Marchant  •  Alyssa Laine  •
As I Lay Me Down
(2019-09-25 • Mona's Suite) In the midst of finals week, Zane and Mona talk prom, future plans, and cats.
Cast  •   Zane Bloomquist  •  Desdemona Marchant  •
Inside the Actors Studio
(2019-09-23 • Lake Havasu High School - Backstage) The second night of the show goes off without a hitch. Or, without any vampire-shaped hitches... thus far. It's surely a relief to all present and in the know. It's still after dark, and some planning and preparation is required before actually leaving the school in addition to the usual setting away props, and organizing costumes for the last show, the Sunday matinee, tomorrow.
Cast  •   Zane Bloomquist  •  Cash Freeland  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •
Mystic Pizza
(2019-09-23 • Marchant Mansion) People chill out after the show and discuss cats and future plans while gorging on pizza.
Cast  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Spear Thistle  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •
(2019-09-21 • Phoenix) Senior Skip Day is declared, in the form of a trip to Phoenix for food and fabric.
Cast  •   Ashley Freeland  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •  Cash Freeland  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Hector de la Huerta  •
I Love Trouble
(2019-09-21 • Marchant House - Sauna) The Marchant triplets catch each other up on plans, romance, the future, prom, while relaxing before the first night of Kiss of the Spider Woman.
Cast  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Thea Marchant  •  Desdemona Marchant  •
This is the Moment
(2019-09-18 • Mona's Balcony) Whoever had 'Monday, May 24, 1994' in the betting pool can finally collect.
Cast  •   Zane Bloomquist  •  Desdemona Marchant  •
2nd Moon Gathering
(2019-09-18 • Lake Havasu - Marchant House) A lot of the senior students gather at the Marchant house this time under the guise of another party to hide from the Painkillers. They're left alone by the vampires.
Cast  •   Lana Reed  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Amy Lester  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Spear Thistle  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •  Cash Freeland  •  Landon Marchant  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Esme Reed  •  Sky Bloomquist  •  Zane Bloomquist  •
The Air Up There
(2019-09-17 • Mona's Suite) Before the night when everyone expects the call to come, Zane and Mona take a moment to reflect on where things stand in life as the sun goes down.
Cast  •   Desdemona Marchant  •  Zane Bloomquist  •
Piece Of Cake
(2019-09-17 • Lake Havasu - Marchant House) A handful of people show up to the Marchant place early. Hector apologizes to Lucas, cards are played, and baking is done.
Cast  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Thea Marchant  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •
Pat Robertson, Liberace, and the Count from Sesame Street
(2019-09-15 • Big Ben's) A variety of topics are discussed, some more appropriate than others.
Cast  •   Zane Bloomquist  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Spear Thistle  •
The Dead Can Speak
(2019-09-14 • Lake Havasu - Thistle Funeral Home) The Dead Can Speak - The teenagers manage to get some time with a ghost.
Cast  •   Ashley Freeland  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Thea Marchant  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Spear Thistle  •  Star Thistle  •
Movie Night at Marchant Manor
(2019-09-12 • Marchant House) There's a sleepover in the Marchant home theater, with burgers, popcorn, and Buffy.
Cast  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Amy Lester  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •  Sean Winters  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Spear Thistle  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Thea Marchant  •  Star Thistle  •  James Thistle  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •
All Over You
(2019-09-06 • Mona's Suite) Waking up in a pile of costumes is strange enough. Where things go from there takes turns both predictable and completely unexpected.
Cast  •   Zane Bloomquist  •  Desdemona Marchant  •
Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
(2019-09-05 • Lake Havasu - Marchant House) Lucas goes to see how Jade's coming out went which erupts into a family feud on how to deal with the collective bigger issue.
Cast  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Thea Marchant  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Landon Marchant  •
Falling is Like This
(2019-09-04 • Mona's Suite) Later, there may be things they need to talk about. Knee-thieving butterflies. Vampires. Breakfast.
Cast  •   Zane Bloomquist  •  Desdemona Marchant  •
Found Out About You
(2019-09-04 • London Arms) After the meeting with Mr. Chen, several students linger around to catch up with Felicity Bloomquist.
Cast  •   Felicity Bloomquist  •  Landon Marchant  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Amy Lester  •  Zane Bloomquist  •
Something's Always Wrong
(2019-09-04 • Lake Havasu - London Arms) After surviving the full moon, the teen crew shows back up to talk to Mr. Chen, as promised. The information passed is... certainly something.
Cast  •   Lucas Marchant  •  Esme Reed  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Marianne Igesund  •  Arthur Bloomquist  •  Georgina "George" Lester  •  Amy Lester  •  Cash Freeland  •  Star Thistle  •  Landon Marchant  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •
Vampire Blues
(2019-09-03 • Reed House) There is a sleepover at the Reed's on the full moon, in order to protect those who have drunk from the pull of the...adversary. The vampires seem to have left, but that doesn't mean the teens are home free.
Cast  •   Spear Thistle  •  Ashley Freeland  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Amy Lester  •  Arthur Bloomquist  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Star Thistle  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Cash Freeland  •  Esme Reed  •
(2019-09-02 • The Workshop) The Reed house is open to volunteers and those affected-by-drink. They enact teenage protection against monstrous intruders as a group during the Full Moon. No one but Silvio gets invited in.
Cast  •   Arthur Bloomquist  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  James Thistle  •  Georgina "George" Lester  •  Marianne Igesund  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Star Thistle  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Lana Reed  •  Cash Freeland  •  Esme Reed  •  Silvio Bloomquist  •  Amy Lester  •  Ashley Freeland  •  Francine 'Queen Fran' Sunderland - Painkiller  •
Caught in a Web
(2019-08-31 • Lake Havasu - London Arms) Several of the students meet with Mister Chen at London Arms, and plans to keep their friends and loved ones safe over the next few days begin to form.
Cast  •   David Chen  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Esme Reed  •  Cash Freeland  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Landon Marchant  •  Star Thistle  •  Lana Reed  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Ashley Freeland  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Marianne Igesund  •
(2019-08-22 • Marchant Poolside) The first night back to school after Spring Break is hard on the Marchant triplets, from reasons varying from personal dramas to local murders. Mona wanders off to bemoan a future as the town bitch no matter what she does, and Lucas swings by to fill in the gaps and catch up on plans.
Cast  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Thea Marchant  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Desdemona Marchant  •
Come to My Window
(2019-08-22 • Mona's Balcony) After the costume party and a brief conversation with her siblings, Mona's still tense. Luckily, a talk with Zane and some feline therapy seem to do the trick to get her head back on straight. Finding out her balcony is scaleable may have something to do with that.
Cast  •   Zane Bloomquist  •  Desdemona Marchant  •
Viva la Masquerade
(2019-08-19 • Marchant House) The Marchant triplets throw a masquerade party to celebrate Spring Break. Everyone who's anyone is there. It's the event of the season!
Cast  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Sean Winters  •  Jonny Lester  •  Spear Thistle  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Ashley Freeland  •  Amy Lester  •  Landon Marchant  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Esme Reed  •  Star Thistle  •  Lana Reed  •  Thea Marchant  •  James Thistle  •  Alyssa Laine  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Heather Burnett  •  Anna Wilkins  •  Cash Freeland  •  Hendrix "Squid" Lester  •
(2019-08-18 • Mona's Suite) Sooner or later, it all comes down to sequins, show tunes, or cats with Zane and Mona. Sometimes, all three at once.
Cast  •   Zane Bloomquist  •  Desdemona Marchant  •
Earthly Creatures
(2019-08-14 • The Park) Hector meets Zane and Mona. Silver turns up.
Cast  •   Zane Bloomquist  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Hector de la Huerta  •
Heavenly Creatures
(2019-08-14 • The Marchant Residence) After meeting up at the park, Zane and Mona head back to the pool to discuss costumes and chaos. Spear joins in, looking for Jade, and joins in the chatter about upcoming parties and events while dropping off a present for the male member of the trio of terror. (Immediately after Earthly Creatures.)
Cast  •   Zane Bloomquist  •  Spear Thistle  •  Desdemona Marchant  •