Alyssa Laine

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Alyssa Laine

Also Known As

Summer Camp Girl

on MUX as

The Visionary


High School Senior

Apparent Age


Played By

The Visionary

Role in Bonds of Blood

...that girl from summer camp. Whyyyyyyyyy did she have to move here?


Brawn: Normal
- I'm Not Breaking a Nail for That (Negative)

She might be able to lift that, but we're not going to find out. (Strength-based.)
Finesse: Normal
+ Nimble Minx (Positive)
+ Cat Fight (Positive)

Bring it!
Brains: Normal
+ High School Machiavelli (Positive)

Devious as hell.
Spirit: Normal
+ Persuasive (Positive)

"I knew you'd see it my way."
+ Smokin' (Positive)

...and knows it.
+ Oh, really? (Positive)

Willpower for days, determined as a wrecking ball.
- Vindictive (Negative)

"Remember that time? This is because of that time. Call me Karma."
- Grumpy Cat(ty) (Negative)

Emphasis on the catty.

No badges for Bonds of Blood.

Bad Girls
(2019-09-26 • Lake Havasu High School - Smoker's Court) Mona and Alyssa talk about the plan for prom, and the problems surrounding it. Sometimes it isn't just stage fright. (Cutscene.)
Cast  •   Desdemona Marchant  •  Alyssa Laine  •
Viva la Masquerade
(2019-08-19 • Marchant House) The Marchant triplets throw a masquerade party to celebrate Spring Break. Everyone who's anyone is there. It's the event of the season!
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