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The Vigilante


Whip Artist

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Liz Gillies

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Whip Artist

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A cause, a fight, an ideal. A Vigilante stands for something and goes to great lengths to protect it. They'd be idealistic if they weren't also pragmatic: something needs to get done and no one's doing anything yet so it may as well be them. The wrongs will be righted one way or another.

You're righting wrongs and settling scores whether others see it or not. You have a very personal code of honor, and it demands justice. That's what you do: bring justice.

Role in Carnival

Coming to America

It wasn't until 1768 or so that the Greeks came to the northern Americas; at least, that's what the history books say. Greeks from Crete, Mani, and Smyrna settled in what they called New Smyrna Beach in Florida. One Greek family - a husband, a wife, and their son, came to settle in the new world. The son, greedy, wanted to be the head of the family, and so one night he killed his father. His mother knew what he had done and felt powerless to stop him. One night she cried out to the Furies, to Alecto, and Alecto came and punished him. And others. She may have gone a little too far. Her foothold found, Alecto remained.

The going is getting rough. It's difficult to find patricides and matricides to avenge, and so mostly Alecto punishes crimes of anger. She is at her best when among those who still have an inkling of her power, those descended from the Greeks. The first colony that really took root in the United States was in New Orleans, and Alecto enjoys just a bit more worship there.

Carnival of Wonders

Alecto, who goes by 'Alice' or even just 'Al', can't use her powers for much in the carnival. There's her show, which is whip tricks with something bordering dance, which draws admirers. Mostly, her worship comes from those feeling gratitude when she goes after someone who's hurting them. Some of them, like Martha and Constance, join the Carnival to go with her.

Sense Of Justice: Society may not care about what happens to the average person, but she does. Also animals.

Angry: Easily pissed off by just about everyone who isn't a damn saint. At the very least...

Grouchy: Not every scene has to be a marathon! A grouchy encounter might be short but interesting.

Vengeance: Need help seeking it? It's her specialty.

Whips: C'mon, these are just neat. Alecto uses these to perform tricks and also to be very, very cruel to people she feels deserve some cruelty.


Brawn: Normal
+ Whip It (Positive)

Bonus when using a whip for brawny purposes.
Finesse: Normal
+ Whip It (Positive)

Bonus when using a whip for things requiring finesse.
Brains: Normal
+ Hunter's Instinct (Positive)

A hunter's instincts, when applicable - spotting ambushes/danger sense, tracking, etc..
Spirit: Good
+ Courageous (Positive)

When it comes to administering GREAT JUSTICE, Alice will get it done.
- Resting Bitch Face (Negative)

Even other gods are put off by her, at least initially.

Perks and Quirks

+ Power (Major): Madness - Brains/Spirit*

Drive people coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs. Hallucinations are big one; Alecto herself will appear to have blood dripping from her eyes, snakes for hair, bat wings, and be ugly as hell, inspiring terror. Other hallucinations might include things the victim is afraid of, like snakes or spiders; maybe general hallucinations like everyone around them looking dead. The power weakens and distracts an opponent, and is probably far more effective on mortals than supernatural creatures.

* - Spirit if used forcibly by her sheer, avenging presence. Brains if done subtly without notice.
+ Power (Minor): Magic Whip - Finesse

One magic whip, from the good ol' days back in Greece! Supernatural control over it. Coils, flicks, and otherwise behaves oddly. Makes the trickiest trick shots easier and showier.
- Bestial

There's just something scary about Alice. Maybe it's the coiled anger, the way she seems to always be on the brink of erupting into violence. Even the people she helps or saves are scared shitless. That and sometimes she hisses. Like a snake.
- Freak

There are snakes in her hair. Little dark snakes. She can pull her hair back and kind of hide them, but it's uncomfortable and the snakes don't like it. Pulling her hair back is one way to disguise them, but it's a bad idea to get too close to people, because then they'll notice. She's also fond of hoods for this reason. Alecto really likes letting her hair down.
- Monstrous Diet: Raw Meat

The bloodier, the better.



Sideshow Bally Talker

It was my pleasure, but fine, you owe me.


Constance Martin (Carnival)

Pie Vendor
Constance married Otis Martin when she was all of seventeen years old. The marriage started off alright; for a few years, they were happy. Or at least able to pretend they were happy. But Constance and Otis couldn't conceive a child together. Was it something wrong with Constance? Something wrong with Otis? Otis liked to blame Constance, and he blamed her with his fists. She put up with it for years and years.

Then the carnival came to town. The carnival's whip artist, a glowering woman named Alice, happened across Constance on the street and noticed her black eye. Later, Alice came to the house. Otis died. Constance joined the carnival to be with her savior, the Greek goddess of Fury, Alecto. Now Constance makes little pies to sell. She's happy enough. Otis is long gone, and she likes baking. Always has.


Martha Campbell (Carnival)

Martha Campbell was never interested in boys. She liked the things men did, and she dressed like a man and worked like a man. Not everyone in a small town likes a lesbian, though, and she eventually ran afoul of some very nasty people.

The carnival was in town. Alecto punished the people hurting Martha and now Martha travels with the carnival, doing heavy lifting and smiling at the pretty ladies.


Gorgeous (Carnival)

Mean Dog
Gorgeous is a big, mean, scarred dog who used to be pitted against other dogs in fights. The name is a bit of a misnomer. His owner was a very bad man who needed to be punished, and Alecto was all for that. She took George with her after dealing with his owner, and now the huge dog is happy to follow the Fury. He likes tummy rubs, but only from a chosen few. Gorgeous serves as a guard dog, on the lookout for unfamiliar forms in the night.

No badges for Carnival.

Show and a Dinner
(2019-04-13 • Show Tent) Hermes puts on a show and has a meal with Alecto after, during which she catches him up to speed.
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Between a Rock and Several Hard Places
(2019-04-12 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) Urania informs the myths on what's to come and the various choices that they can make. Most of which seem difficult or horrible.
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Four Roads
(2019-04-12 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) Having options isn't the same as having good options. Urania delivers the news from Management to the carnival.
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Hollywood, Where Dreams Go To Die
(2019-04-10 • Lycium Cinema) Several of the carnival troupe visit Truth or Conesquences' cinema in order to meet with Ishtar.
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