The Vigilante

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The Vigilante

Known As

Isaiah Colton

on MUX as

The Vigilante

Has Been

Bounty Hunter

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You're righting wrongs and settling scores whether others see it or not. You have a very personal code of honor, and it demands justice. That's what you do: bring justice.

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Prosperity's Price

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Isaiah Colton (Prosperity's Price)

The Coltons aren't lawmen, and while they respect law and order as much as anybody, it's not really what they do, being cattle ranchers. The thing about cattle ranching is that, sometimes, people steal some of your herd. It's a part of life, a part of the business, and as long as cattle are valuable, cattle thieves will have a business. That never sat right with Isaiah.

Instead of learning the family business - though he knows it well enough - he spent his time and energy learning the other side: cattle thieving and tracking said thieves. He taught himself how to think like them, how to operate like they do, becoming perhaps one of the earliest to specialize in 'loss prevention'. Protecting the Badlands Ranch from thieves awakened something in Isaiah, and gradually he switched to being a bounty hunter. Some of the family joke that he should've been born a DeWitt, and while he works closely with them, in his line of business, he's definitely a Colton: rugged, independent, and tireless.

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