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Hey, folks. Thank you for the great time I've had here. This game, and everyone on it? Inspiring as hell. So many good ideas, and good people.

I'm going to be stepping away, and Vis is back on the roster now. This choice doesn't have anything to do with anything that happened on this game, or anyone currently (or even recently) on it, so please don't consider this a reflection on any of you. Y'all are amazing. Keep being amazing. Be well. Be better than well: be awesome. (Y'all are good at that.)

TD has my contact info, so if there are issues with the wiki, she can snag me to help as needed. I'm not going to be using discord -- the account isn't deleted but it is quit out of, I'm not just invis -- and I don't use other messengers any longer, and haven't for quite some time.

Good luck, the very best of wishes, and I hope things keep going strong here for a long time to come.

I've been in and out of surgery for this year (2019), and will be until summer of next year (2020), at various times. Due to painkiller hazes and, well, pain, I deliberately create low-key, low-drama roles when this is happening. I try to avoid logging in when it's heavy painkiller time for a variety of reasons, as well.

That said, I really do not enjoy play that involves extensive or melodramatic guilt trips, passive aggression over multiple scenes, or being that rando target that someone decides to beat on or endlessly grief to make themselves look or feel big. When this starts up, I stop logging in because I genuinely dread being on the game, as these things wear me down fast. Plenty of people enjoy these things; I'm just not one of them.

If you want to set up an antagonistic relationship of some kind with one of Visionary's roles in a story, please talk to me about it before dashing off to the races with it on grid. This is usually fine if we can agree on a dynamic! It can be a lot of fun when everyone is on the same page.

This is different than conflicts arising IC. Those are what they are! All actions have consequences. I don't go looking for PVP hostilities in the course of play, or seek to create roles focused on this. If something is likely to start in RP, I will likely chat with you about it OOC first, because I want you to be comfortable with where things may go, too!










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These forms are for The Director (or staff) only, when a new blank slate archetype slot opens up on the game.

When using this form, please remember to manually edit the Archetype's core page ('The_<Archetype>') to raise the 'count' parameter by +1, and adjust availability/etc. as appropriate.





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