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The Thrill-Seeker


Fortunate Breeder

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Gina Torres
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thrill seek·er
noun: thrill seeker; plural noun: thrill seekers; noun: thrillseeker; plural noun: thrillseekers
a person who is eager to take part in exciting activities that involve physical risk.
"thrill seekers are paying big bucks to swim with great white sharks"

Always seeking, always curious, looking for the next high, the next rush, maybe even without realizing it. Life needs your heart pounding to really be lived. If there must be death then live the fullest and funnest you can, right?

Archetype Roster Concept 

Yes, there's danger, but that's what makes it fun. You never feel more alive than when you're probably about to bite the big one. You go head first where others fear to tread because it's awesome.

Role in {{{story}}}

Found in the wastes at 8 by Vishys and Sebas. Chosen by the Fortunate because of her AB- blood type and pure body. She had a knack for written and spoken expression and so it was here they focused her artistic talents. But really what she wants to do was enjoy the people and hear their stories. So she did both. She started as a Companion. For several years. Then she was made into a breeder. During her first pregnancy she traded favors and promised more for a ride outside from Vishys and Sebas. Nothing untoward happened and a couple months later she bore healthy, pure twin boys. She's been mostly a Breeder, but allowed to continue collecting stories. She's is on her third pregnancy, this one by Cinder.

History keeper - Saga specializes in keeping and recording the Warkids and Scavengers stories and experiences of the Wasteland.
Former Companion - She used to be a popular Companion. Both for telling stories and her curiousity and passion in bed.


Brawn: Good
+ Rugged (Positive)

Healthy and resistant
+ Wiry (Positive)

Tight, streamlined, muscular strength.
- Cowardly (Negative)

The habit coached from birth to age eight to run and hide when things get bad remains to this day.
Finesse: Normal
+ Lithe (Positive)

The pretzels that girl can twist herself into ain't right.
+ Lethargic (Positive)

Moving fast? Why would she need to do that? Oh how the cage has muddled her.
Brains: Normal
+ Attentive (Positive)

She always did have a good eye. Especially with a scope.
- Impatient (Negative)
Spirit: Good
+ Eloquent (Positive)

The world ended and became a sea of golden sand. Upon which our warriors ride. Shiney and chrome!
+ Expressive (Positive)

She captures the tales of the Warkids and Scavengers. And makes it so people -want- to read them.
- Resentful (Negative)

Despite knowing just how good she has it, she resents it. And the ever tightening chains. It appears in fits and spells of acting out, tantrums, and the ilk.

Perks and Quirks

+ Gifted

Storytelling. Fortunate Freebie.
+ Wasteland Lore

She keeps it, she better know a thing or two.
+ Danger Sense

All the better to run and hide when bad things happen.
- Gilded Cage

Fortunate Requirement
- Small Favor

Vishys helped take her out for a midnight drive when she was pregnant. She owes him one.
- Small Favor

Sebas helped take her out for a midnight drive when she was pregnant. She owes him one.
- Small Favor

Bon Vivant was also in on the midnight drive.



Imperator of Arms

He and Sebas rescued her from certain death in the sea of golden sand. They also risked a lot to take her out for one last spin before the twins her born. She owes him.





Adam Malcom Walker (Slasher)

Adam is totally Emma's BFF and also one of her fellow Cheerleaders. He helps her do her hair and nails and she helps him with his and they talk for hours and are constantly passing notes in class and it is totally, like, the best thing ever.


Maahes (Carnival)

The star of the big cat show is the Liger, Maahes. Two times the size of any of the other cats, save for his mother (Sekhmet) in her feline form. Unlike his mother, however, he has only ever been feline. He can be any feline, big or small, but prefers his intimidating birth shape.


Erik Burton (Carnival)

Burlesque Entertainer/Cat Tender
Erik was born in Cairo, Egypt on an excavation. His father was a well-known Archeologist and his mother was his assistant. He was raised in the sand and shadows of the great pyramids, of ruins old and gran, playing in dark tombs while his parents worked tirelessly to translate. So he had a nursemaid of the land. And she told him the old stories, about the old gods. When they went to Memphis to excavate an ancient temple to Sekhmet, at age seven, his love for cats great and small was sealed.

When he and his parents eventually returned to America it was on a museum circuit. His parents following their discovery from place to place. Through his entire teenage years he followed them, learning from them, helping to teach and educate. Sometimes it seemed he knew more that some trained Egyptologists that his parents spent time with. It was happenstance, really, that led him to the carnival. His parents once again sent him off while they had a dinner party. Told him to take some money and go have fun. So he took a LOT of money, packed a bag, and went looking for fun.

He found it in the carnival. Walking on his way out of town, ready to hitch hike and go on his own adventure. So he sat in the front row and ate his popcorn as he took in the show. But the cats entranced him and he -knew- they were no ordinary cats. When their tamer turned to the crowd and bowed, he met her eyes. Those golden cat slits. And he -knew- he was witness to the goddess herself. After the show he nearly died when he came up on her after the show. He still bears the claw rake across his chest as a badge of pride and chicks love scars.


Nenet Fisher (Carnival)

Cook and Medic
Nenet's parents immigrated from Egypt in the 1800s. Despite her father being a skilled mechanic and engineer, no one wanted to hire an immigrant. Her mother made ends meet making lace and her father was a janitor. They met Sekhmet in Atlanta by chance. Where for a short time she had taken to breeding cats for the rich and elite. But Nenet's parents were not either of those things, yet they wanted something special for their daughter to grow up with. They wanted, needed, the good luck of old. They became part of her flock and she hired them to assist her at the cattery.

Nenet was born there, delivered by Sekhmet herself. When, for the last time, she took on her gentler self, the goddess of fertility, pregnancy, and birth. Yet it was a difficult labor and only by the goddesses intervention did Nenet live. Though her mother's blood was the price to pay for her life.

When WWI began Nenet answered the call for women to be trained as nurses. With tearful goodbyes, and Sekhmet's blessing, she travelled to war to heal the injured. Perhaps it was that blessing that let her save so many that would otherwise be lost. Either way it solidified her dedication to the woman. When her time was up she returned with more skills, but also the horrors she had seen in the war. Since then she has dedicated her life to helping Sekhmet. When she returned from war she found the goddess preparing to leave the sedentary life of cat breeding to join, of all things, the Circus.

Nenet took on a variety of jobs. Did some minor performing, but mostly worked the food booths. Then the kitchen tent. She has become a masterful chef after all this time, probably partly due to the brief love affair with a French chef during the war. In addition to this she helps Sekhmet care for the cats that inevitably follow the Carnival as well as the big cats.


Iggy (Project Icarus)

He's been driving mining ships and rigs since he was able too. And certainly before he got any official license. Quick and efficient, he can fly through a lot of things and run get a machine to chug through some nasty terrain. He has worked with most of the Penumbra mining crew on one job or another before, though they probably don't remember him. And he's fine with that.


Edward 'Eddy' Boon (Bonds of Blood)

Hall Monitor
Eddie has transfered in last year, moving from LA with his family. His dad is a cop and he has always wanted to follow in his footsteps. If only to make amends for all the BS he hears from the man when he comes home. One thing Eddie has promised himself is he won't become a bigot or full of hate, like his old man is.

He has made a lot of friends. Or at least he thinks so. Nice and charming and handsome, on the soccer team, and the school newspaper. Some people think of him as a Goody Goody, but really he isn't above keeping eye for a teacher. Or making sure justice is dealt.


Maeve White (Bonds of Blood)

Granny Mae's door is always open. And a few generations now have found themselves on her porch, drinking lemonade, and talking about their problems. Baked goods and fresh fruit are never far away. The cost? Helping her with small chores, simple things, meanwhile she's always there with the hugs and straight talk.


Chug (The Last Road)

War Kid
Grease Monkey who has a way with engines. He doesn't want to go out of fire guns. He can, mind you, but he prefers the heat of the shop and the feel of tools in his hands. His own parents were one of the many dregs from below. When he was offered up he seemed healthy enough. His sharp mind had him for awhile among the Savvy.

When he was 11 he caught meningitis. And while he recovered he wasn't the same. Barely able to use his legs he also seemed to have developed allergies. This made working among the fields impossible for him and so he found his place among the War Kids. His previous mechanical aptitude from his time in the Savvy was brought to the shop. Because it is super easy to roll around on a creeper he has made for himself. It even has a cup holder.

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