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The Thrill-Seeker



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Played By

The Thrill-Seeker

Role in Carnival

The star of the big cat show is the Liger, Maahes. Two times the size of any of the other cats, save for his mother (Sekhmet) in her feline form. Unlike his mother, however, he has only ever been feline. He can be any feline, big or small, but prefers his intimidating birth shape.

The following archetype players and/or staff members have permission to use this Supporting Role as needed: The following archetype players and/or staff members have permission to use this Supporting Role as needed: Scholar, Martyr


Maine Coon

A smaller cat to follow around. More socially acceptable even if he weighs in at over 30 pounds and dour feet in this form.



Still a small cat, but more ferocious and dangerous. With a fantastic ability to leap.


Brawn: Good
+ Stalwart (Positive)

When you're as big as he is
Finesse: Normal
+ Agile (Positive)

Despite his size he is really fast.
Brains: Poor
- Animal Thinking (Negative)

Maahes has only ever been a feline. He doesn't understand, or care to, about the specifics of human interaction.
Spirit: Poor
+ Lucky (Positive)

Perks and Quirks

- Bestial

Liger, can't get more bestial than that.
- Freak

He is a freak among his own kind. And the only one born wild and still, technically, wild.
- Goliath

1100lbs and 11' long as a Liger. And any other form is equally freakishly huge. As a house cat he is 30lbs and 4' nose to tail. Other species he is the apex of size and weight and then some.
+ Shapeshifting(Animal)

He can change into any feline species. But he prefers his true form of the Liger.
+ Good Luck

Cats are lucky. Him especially so.
+ Minor Power

9 lives! Well, it used to be. He's down several now.



No badges for Carnival.

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