Edward 'Eddy' Boon

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Edward 'Eddy' Boon

Also Known As


on MUX as

The Thrill-Seeker


Hall Monitor

Apparent Age


Played By

The Thrill-Seeker

Faction Membership


Role in Bonds of Blood

Eddie has transfered in last year, moving from LA with his family. His dad is a cop and he has always wanted to follow in his footsteps. If only to make amends for all the BS he hears from the man when he comes home. One thing Eddie has promised himself is he won't become a bigot or full of hate, like his old man is.

He has made a lot of friends. Or at least he thinks so. Nice and charming and handsome, on the soccer team, and the school newspaper. Some people think of him as a Goody Goody, but really he isn't above keeping eye for a teacher. Or making sure justice is dealt.

Pianist - Eddy has more than one talent. He's been playing since he was five. He plays for Choir and drama usually.
Hall Monitor - Doing something bad between classes? He might catch you!
Good Guy - He really just wants to help people...


Brawn: Good
+ Tough (Positive)
Finesse: Normal
+ Marksman (Positive)

His dad insisted he learn how to shoot. And takes him hunting. And he has talent.
Brains: Poor
Spirit: Good
- Bribable (Negative)

He is totally happy to look the other way for the right person, reason, or price.
+ Friendly (Positive)

Everyone really likes him. He really IS the Good Guy...even if he might be on the take now and again.

A little shorter than average at 5'8" he is handsome. With a kind smile, blue eyes, and short cropped brown hair. He isn't heavily muscled like some of the jocks, but he is strong and moves with confidence. His smile comes easily and his voice is higher than one might first expect.



Gang Kid

Older brother. Dad says he's a fuckup and loser, but he was a fun, funny older brother as kids. He got in trouble all the time and never took school seriously - or much of anything. He took off with some biker gang shortly after moving here.

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