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[[Thrill-Seeker2/Bloom{{!}}Jasper Bloom (The Thrill-Seeker)]]


Jasper Bloom

Also Known As


on MUX as



The Thrill-Seeker


Mining Crew Hazards & Demolitions

Apparent Age


Played By

Gina Torres

thrill seek·er
noun: thrill seeker; plural noun: thrill seekers; noun: thrillseeker; plural noun: thrillseekers
a person who is eager to take part in exciting activities that involve physical risk.
"thrill seekers are paying big bucks to swim with great white sharks"

Always seeking, always curious, looking for the next high, the next rush, maybe even without realizing it. Life needs your heart pounding to really be lived. If there must be death then live the fullest and funnest you can, right?

Archetype Roster Concept 

Yes, there's danger, but that's what makes it fun. You never feel more alive than when you're probably about to bite the big one. You go head first where others fear to tread because it's awesome.

Role in Project Icarus

"BOOM baby!" Jasper Bloom had a fairly boring childhood, if you were to ask her. Growing up on a space station orbiting Jupiter isn't really boring. Plenty of people came and went almost daily. It was the second major station in the outer part of the system for ships coming back from long hauls. She and her brother Braden were some of the station terrors. Her mostly because she was so bossy. And when she got older she picked up way too much vulgar argot from the wide array of people coming and going.

Never able to sit still for long she was never the less brilliant in her school work. Her parents had to adapt schooling for her as she moved through subjects far quicker than most of her peers. Things got weird when Braden left and she was without her partner in crime. Everyone thought that she would leave first, but he sure inspired her. Within a month she had signed on with a mining operation and was shipping out. Waving happily to her parents as she did.

Her first few years on the crew she stayed out of hyper sleep to study and earn degrees through the online stellar academies. It also meant the crew didn't have to rely on a Synthetic during inner-syste, trips. From the get-go she made a name for herself. Not only was she smart, but she also picked things up fast and had a gnack for the job. Space-walks, demolitions preparation, hazardous zone recovery, all of those were things she was first to volunteer for.

Things were a little difficult a year after she started. A communication from home, from Braden, that was an emergency. It was lucky they were on their way back at the time. When she showed up he had a not-quite one year old and their parents were in a tizzy. Always one to take charge she happily took over. Assuring their parents and Braden that she'd take care of Ben. And she did. Between her and their parents she set up a schedule that allowed her to do work right there on the moons of Jupiter and in the asteroid belt itself. And Braeden always sent whatever he could back. Jazz never asked where it came from, only encouraged him to be careful. Her time of bossing him around was over and she accepted that.

Hazard pay pays quite a bit and Jazz racked it in. Most of that money went to making sure Ben and her parents were well taken care of. But she wasn't above the finer things. Over those years she found herself working and meeting a wide variety of people. The small mining group she was with was hired widely, even by the military for blasting out an asteroid for a base. That's where she met Angel. They hit it off and remained pen pals over the years.

Eventually she was hired by Penumbra for work on Io. Where she spent the last several years doing deep mining for Rare Earths in the volcanic systems. During that time she found herself in a mess at least once. Coming out of it with nasty burns all over her back. But alive! After that she got lessons in better drone control, after she got a reeming from the Penumbra Drone Tech who came to find out what the issues with drones were. It wasn't all her fault at least, faulty programmining more than her own piloting skills.

Then came the chance of a lifetime. Go and dig for rare earths on an asteroid on the edge of a black hole?!? Who wouldn't jump at the chance? And the pay would have all of her family set for life. At that point she put in a call to Braden, telling him about the project before angling to try and make sure he got hired on. If they both pulled this off? Ben would be set for life. They all would.

Rock Nut - Jazz is here for her hazardous environment and demolitions experience, but she knows her silica from her quartz from her granite and more.

Family - Her brother, Braden, is on board.

Crude Fun - Jazz hates to be bored and if there is nothing to be done...she's up to trouble.

Mining - Part of the mining crew and one with some of most experience in exomining and hazard zones.


Brawn: Poor
- Spacer (Negative)

Living in space most of your life means you actual tend towards having muscle atrophy on anything without artificial gravity. Sure she can move like a cat, but brute strength?
+ Reilient (Positive)

Though she may not be super strong, she is super tough hardy in other ways! Been blown up once at least!
Finesse: Good
+ Fast (Positive)

When a tunnel is collapsing it helps to be able to beat feat.
+ Fine Dexterity (Positive)

When dealing with explosives you need to have super fine manual dexterity.
Brains: Good
+ Intuitive (Positive)

Part of what makes her a good demolitions and hazard zone specialist.
+ Sharp (Positive)

You have to think fast and act fast in the places she likes to go and things she enjoys.
- Impulsive (Negative)

Part of what makes her a dangerous demolitions and hazard zone specialist.
- Obsessive (Negative)

Everything needs to be in it's place and tidy or the world is fucking falling apart y'all!
Spirit: Normal
- Bossy (Negative)

"No, Bwaden, you's moving the tentacle beast all -wong-! You gotta wave it like thiIIIiiiiIiiiis, not doggy pawddle. Sheesh." An excerpt from her early years.
+ Gutsy (Positive)

When your job entails going into hazard zones and setting massive explosives you have to be tough.
- Crass (Negative)

Fucking stupid ass piece of shit no good son of a diseased cunt!

Perks and Quirks

+ Area of Expertise

Mining & Demolitions
+ Area of Expertise

Environmental HAZMAT Survival
+ Area of Expertise

+ Versatile

You don't survive in space without being able to adapt.
- Big Favor

(To Penitent) Jazz had to pull strings to get Braden on the project, his background didn't make it easy. She made some big promises too.
- Doomed

Those who burn bright tend to explode.


Jasperbloomhorromu2.jpg Jazz1.jpg Jazz4.jpg Jazz3.jpg Pulpmining.jpg Jazzbadge.gif


Braden Flower


Braden is her sibling. She's the older of the two. And bossier.

Loner MacLeod 2.jpg

Jamie MacLeod

Lead Drone Tech

After a number of drone crashes and issues, Jamie was sent to Io to see what was up. Not only was their some software issues, but Jazz needed a bit more training in flying the things. They became friends in mostly silence through drones flying over Io.


Angel Ocasio

Asst. Security Chief

There was an asteroid that needed excavation for a new military base. Jazz landed the gig and met Angel there. They became drinking buddies and acted as each others wing man on at least one occassion.


Katya Minin

Dig Crew Chief

They put her in charge. She better listen if I say shits going bad...I haven't lived this long for nothing.


Ronnie Bosch

Damn Good Miner

She works hard. Harder than some people in the Corp. Hell...many probably. But don't try and out drink her. It's a mistake you will regret.


Mira Chevalier-Colby

Exploration Geologist

She's right their crowing with me when we find something new. We both love this work because it's never dull.


Samantha Davies

Project Icarus Director

I owe her one. Big time. But she won't be disappointed in Braden. Or me. I'll make sure of it.


Iggy (Project Icarus)

He's been driving mining ships and rigs since he was able too. And certainly before he got any official license. Quick and efficient, he can fly through a lot of things and run get a machine to chug through some nasty terrain. He has worked with most of the Penumbra mining crew on one job or another before, though they probably don't remember him. And he's fine with that.

No badges for Project Icarus.

Warning: Display title "<span style="display:none">Thrill-Seeker2/Bloom</span>" overrides earlier display title "<center><span class="headline">Jasper Bloom (The Thrill-Seeker)</span></center>".

Jasper Bloom - Personal Log

09 JUN 2249 - 01:05:14

Jazz has decided to make her journal in her pod. The camera is set up on a shelf. She is laying on her side with head propped up on her hand. Looking at the camera she is smiling faintly. "This is Jasper Bloom, Hazards and Demolitions for this shitty mission," She says with a sigh. The forced smile falters and she brings her e-pipe up to her lips. Taking a draw and then blowing out a billow of smoke. "So first off we all got to wake up through the emergency routine. Always great way to start things off, right?" Her eyes roll and she shifts in her pillows.

"Apparently the asteroid moved and so we overshot our target. We wound up near the event horizon of the fucking black hole and had to do a screaming turn. That was fun. Our pilots barely got us out of there. Then they crashed the ship on landing. I mean, we had a rude awakening so I can't totally blame them for being a bit bleary...but FUCK! The landing gear is gone. We can't drill because we can't open the doors to get the equipment out. Of course there are a ton of other repairs that need to be done on the ship itself. I thought that -maybe- I'd get to do something other than solder and weld hours on end...but nope. Can't even review the footage from the other mission until it gets cleared. Something about a linguistic virus? Never heard of it, but I'm not a biologist." Jazz takes another draw off her pipe, eyes staring off into the distance. "Anyway...until we figure something out mining is screwed. The whole reason I'm here is stimmied. Can't get any of the Rare Earth without pulling out the drills. And we can't go use Icky Ones because it's got some alien lifeform..."

Again she pauses and looks troubled. A couple of puffs on her pipe before she starts talking again. "I've never seen anything like it. A dark...blob of something. It reminded me of lubricant in zero-G. Except it definitely exhibited freedom of movement, curiousity, transformed itself into a copy of our drone," Jazz is looking serious and bothered. "It's a first. Never seen anything like that before...and some people are excited. But after seeing the gore on the footage? I'm just nervous. I got this gnawing in my gut that won't go away..." Jazz takes another long draw off her pipe. "I've had bad feelings before...and this one just keeps getting worse..." Another moment of quiet as she stares at the ceiling of her pod.

"I wonder if I did the right thing...bringing Brae along. What if we can't get back? What about Ben? Our parents can raise him, sure, but..." She brings up and rubs her palm into her one eye, looking away from the camera. There's a little sniff and a sigh. "I miss him. Them. I'm here for them...but why do I get the feeling I won't be seeing them again? Fuck...end recording!!"

And the screen goes black.

Jasper Bloom - Personal Log

16 JUN 2249 - 01:05:14

Jazz is in her personal pod and she is stroking a well-loved stuffed tiger. Her expression is somber and serious and there is quiet for a few seconds. When she starts speaking her voice is low, but steady.

"Things are bad. The time dialation means every thirteen days is a year. And we had a lot of days of work ahead still even if things go smoothly. By the time we get's possible almost five years will have passed. And for what? Nothing. Fucking nothing." There is quiet again as she pinches the bridge of her nose and ducks her head. Taking a deep breath and slowly shaking her head she is quiet for almost a full minute. When she looks back up her eyes are maybe a little shiny. With a sniff, rubbing at her nose, she continues.
"It gets better. Our engine core is toast as is. The core of the Icarus One would have worked...except it's gone. Not gone for good, mind you. Fuck no. It's at the damned center of this forsaken rock. So to get out of here we have to go get it. And the people on the Icarus One? They went mad and...well, they're in pieces all over the ship now after going down into the asteroid. Near as we can tell. But we need that core. And guess what? Mira and I will have the lovely job of making and excavating that hole. Not sure if we'll be able to manage with drones...I hope so. But...we also have an alien life form to worry about. I have a bad feeling..."

Jazz reaches up and smiles sadly into the camera. "Ben, I love you. I miss you. And I'll try and make sure your family, me included, all get back in one piece." She then kisses two fingers and blows them at the camera before turning it off.

Jasper Bloom - Personal Log

2249 probably

Jazz sits in the small and tight bunk of Icarus One. Her face is strained and lips pulled tightly as she stares off-screen. A whole minute passes before she says anything.

"It was bad. It was really bad. We disarmed and retrieved the explosives. But the way to that impossible city of chaos was open. We were able to make our way down and...It's like Escher went mad and then raw chaos rolled the dice. Stairs went to nowhere only to start again. Things went up but also down, curve up and to the left while you descended. It hurt and it was wrong and it all glowed. I've never seen that wasn't right." Her voice is monotone and her gaze doesn't waver from whatever she is staring at. "But we went down into that impossibly wrong place. We landed on some kind It was made of a glowing, swirling, green glass-like substance. I set charges up there before we climbed down. Minin slipped and fell. I rushed to help her up and...that's when the writing got me..."

She stops speaking and gets that thousand yard stare. The stare of the traumatized and fearful. Ever so slightly she rocks and then clutches something to her chest. It looks like a child's stuffed animal. Within a few deep breaths she starts speaking again. "It was like the words were worms. Worms that as I read them became whispers that wiggled deep into my brain. And they started telling me...I don't know what. But something was in the church. Somethng huge. I remember terror. Minin went for the core and I tried to tackle her, sure something was going to get her. I was so sure. Good thing I'm not much of a fisticuff person..." There should have been some sort of laugh there, but her lip only twitches. "Minin got the core, I got control of myself, and we got the hell out of there. I set charges once we were out of the cavern, all up the shaft. But...I can still hear them. Louder helps, sleeping...yeah. So that's that."

The video ends as she reaches out, not even looking, and ends the feed. </span>

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