The Vigilante

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Current Name
Serena Shepard

Current Occupation
Security/Internal Affairs


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You're righting wrongs and settling scores whether others see it or not. You have a very personal code of honor, and it demands justice. That's what you do: bring justice.

Current Role

Serena Shepard was on the fast track to promotion, at least until the mess that was Project Cerebus. That resulted in a lot of time with counseling and being parked at a desk for way, way too long. Project Icarus is her first assignment since then.

Incredibly scrupulous (and deemed a 'killjoy' behind her back, among other things), she works for Internal Affairs and makes sure not only the security team is clean and honest, but the mission in general as well.

Rumour has it she was once married to Warren Rambeau, but anyone who has been in a room with the both of them at the same time would be able to see why that never would have worked out.

Previous Roles

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Previous Incarnations


The Vigilante (1)

Do you think this is a game?

People die, every day. The police don't see all.

And it's not the gun in front of you that you should be worried about.

It's the people you feel safe enough to turn your back to.

It's the people whose evil you'll never see coming, because they made you comfortable.

They made you comfortable, and you got dumb. Next thing you know, there's a chalk outline on the pavement where your body used to be.

But you don't have to worry. For every ten of them, there's one of me.

Someone has to restore balance to this shitty, thankless world.



Thomas Lance (Isle of Dread)

The police can't catch everyone, and superheroes aren't real, so you became PI. Yeah, much of it boils down to catching cheating spouses on camera and the like, but sometimes you get to bring down a real scumbag. Scumbags like Conrad Wellson. He stole your old high school sweetheart's Thesis and passed it off as his own, getting her expelled from college while he coasted on, all because his family could afford to pay the right people. You were no longer a couple, but still close friends, and it damn near ruined her life. Now it's time to ruin his.

You're at the festival to make sure it bombs. The bigger the disaster, the better. You won't hurt anyone - even him, unless slapping him around counts as 'hurting' - but the more the festival suffers the better. He's staking his business and family name on it, and you plan to make sure that name is mud by the time the month ends.


William Sommerset (Alien Mutation)

Out on the frontier, the law is a very different animal. There are no courts, no judges or juries. Suspects have to be held for weeks, even months, waiting for transport back to Earth or a major colony or station. Victims' families and friends get left to stew, things get heated. You've seen riots break out and mob justice take place on a different station. You swore you'd never see it again. When you know you have a perp, are certain they're the killer, you make sure they get a chance to run or fight. And then you put them down. Self defense. You had to do it. Most of the time, nobody cares, and some even appreciate what you've done. Internal Affairs is another story, and you've been on Kinnison's radar for a while now. Chief Marshal Lydecker has had your back so far, but you need to be careful.


The Vigilante (2)

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Isaiah Colton (Prosperity's Price)

The Coltons aren't lawmen, and while they respect law and order as much as anybody, it's not really what they do, being cattle ranchers. The thing about cattle ranching is that, sometimes, people steal some of your herd. It's a part of life, a part of the business, and as long as cattle are valuable, cattle thieves will have a business. That never sat right with Isaiah.

Instead of learning the family business - though he knows it well enough - he spent his time and energy learning the other side: cattle thieving and tracking said thieves. He taught himself how to think like them, how to operate like they do, becoming perhaps one of the earliest to specialize in 'loss prevention'. Protecting the Badlands Ranch from thieves awakened something in Isaiah, and gradually he switched to being a bounty hunter. Some of the family joke that he should've been born a DeWitt, and while he works closely with them, in his line of business, he's definitely a Colton: rugged, independent, and tireless.


The Vigilante (3)

A cause, a fight, an ideal. A Vigilante stands for something and goes to great lengths to protect it. They'd be idealistic if they weren't also pragmatic: something needs to get done and no one's doing anything yet so it may as well be them. The wrongs will be righted one way or another.



Mallory Miller (Slasher)

She spent her early years in rural, Southern Oregon, her family living there because her father was a logger and it was close to his worksite. At eight she was in the car with her mother when a drunk driver ran them off the road and into a ravine. Her mother died twelve hours later from her injuries, but it was nearly 72 hours before they were found. Over two days fending for herself, stuck with her mother's body. It had an impact. They driver got off with a slap on the wrist because he was a county official's son. Dad spiraled into depression and drinking, and Mallory was sent to live with her grandparents, uprooting her from her friends at 10.

Everything she went through taught her to take care of herself, to rely on no one else. It also taught her that bad things happen and nothing gets done. No one cares. It's become easier by the day to wall herself off, to isolate her emotions. After graduating high school, she got a job as a trail guide at the Eager Beaver Lodge, about an hour or so from her grandparents' place. She's worked there ever since.


Alecto (Carnival)

Coming to America

It wasn't until 1768 or so that the Greeks came to the northern Americas; at least, that's what the history books say. Greeks from Crete, Mani, and Smyrna settled in what they called New Smyrna Beach in Florida. One Greek family - a husband, a wife, and their son, came to settle in the new world. The son, greedy, wanted to be the head of the family, and so one night he killed his father. His mother knew what he had done and felt powerless to stop him. One night she cried out to the Furies, to Alecto, and Alecto came and punished him. And others. She may have gone a little too far. Her foothold found, Alecto remained.

The going is getting rough. It's difficult to find patricides and matricides to avenge, and so mostly Alecto punishes crimes of anger. She is at her best when among those who still have an inkling of her power, those descended from the Greeks. The first colony that really took root in the United States was in New Orleans, and Alecto enjoys just a bit more worship there.

Carnival of Wonders

Alecto, who goes by 'Alice' or even just 'Al', can't use her powers for much in the carnival. There's her show, which is whip tricks with something bordering dance, which draws admirers. Mostly, her worship comes from those feeling gratitude when she goes after someone who's hurting them. Some of them, like Martha and Constance, join the Carnival to go with her.