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thrill seek·er
noun: thrill seeker; plural noun: thrill seekers; noun: thrillseeker; plural noun: thrillseekers
a person who is eager to take part in exciting activities that involve physical risk.
"thrill seekers are paying big bucks to swim with great white sharks"

Always seeking, always curious, looking for the next high, the next rush, maybe even without realizing it. Life needs your heart pounding to really be lived. If there must be death then live the fullest and funnest you can, right?

Yes, there's danger, but that's what makes it fun. You never feel more alive than when you're probably about to bite the big one. You go head first where others fear to tread because it's awesome.

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Previous Roles


Kimberly Constance Alistair (Slasher)

Being pretty and popular can get you far in life in the 1980s. Kimberly is one of those girls. And one of those girls. She's always had everything she's wanted, always gotten away with anything she does, and seems to move through life day by day like it's one big party. She's not bad, or selfish, or mean - she's just oblivious to life outside of her privilege.

She got into college more because of who she is and who her parents are than anything she's actually done, and she coasts on the same. The squad and the sorority are her main focus, the centers of her universe, and so they take priority over everything else. Her carefree outlook can make her reckless at times, and she's never one to shy away from something exciting or new, even if it might be risky.


Sekhmet (Carnival)

Coming to America
There once was a time when the pharoahs feared and worshipped her. Hers are the statues that have lasted thousands of years. Hers are the rites that, aside from Anubis and Osiris, have stood the tests of time. War and Healing were her purview. A twin-faced goddess, sometimes paired with Bastet and more often with Hathor. She was a creature of blood and rage, and in many ways still is. They gave her many names. The Destroyer, The Red Lady, Lady of Pestilence, and in those days her breath could bring the heat of the midday sun and plants to wilt and wither. In those days she could send plagues against those who angered her. But she was still also associated with healing and could tend their wounds and remove illness from them. But above all she was protector of Ma'at (balance/justice) and the Pharoahs who were its arbitrators.

Brought to America first with African slaves centuries ago, since it has been enhanced. Then she brought courage to people. Was a reminder of fighting back. That was spilled in a good fight, a war (Civil War), would feed her. Those days were full of bloodshed.

It has changed with anthropology. Statues and remnants from tombs travel museums these days. The times of old a fascincation for the curious and the elite. Now more bound to big cats than war and strength. She doesn't protect the pharoahs anymore. Now she can barely protect what she considers as hers. Before the Carnival there was her own plantation in Louissiana. It was a life of luxury. A home filled with felines that brought people here and there. But time passed and she grew bored. And she grew hungry for more than the one or two who would come to adore her and her 'eccentric' feline mansion. And the Carnival's lights tempted her away at the very beginning.


Jasper Bloom (Project Icarus)

"BOOM baby!" Jasper Bloom had a fairly boring childhood, if you were to ask her. Growing up on a space station orbiting Jupiter isn't really boring. Plenty of people came and went almost daily. It was the second major station in the outer part of the system for ships coming back from long hauls. She and her brother Braden were some of the station terrors. Her mostly because she was so bossy. And when she got older she picked up way too much vulgar argot from the wide array of people coming and going.

Never able to sit still for long she was never the less brilliant in her school work. Her parents had to adapt schooling for her as she moved through subjects far quicker than most of her peers. Things got weird when Braden left and she was without her partner in crime. Everyone thought that she would leave first, but he sure inspired her. Within a month she had signed on with a mining operation and was shipping out. Waving happily to her parents as she did.

Her first few years on the crew she stayed out of hyper sleep to study and earn degrees through the online stellar academies. It also meant the crew didn't have to rely on a Synthetic during inner-syste, trips. From the get-go she made a name for herself. Not only was she smart, but she also picked things up fast and had a gnack for the job. Space-walks, demolitions preparation, hazardous zone recovery, all of those were things she was first to volunteer for.

Things were a little difficult a year after she started. A communication from home, from Braden, that was an emergency. It was lucky they were on their way back at the time. When she showed up he had a not-quite one year old and their parents were in a tizzy. Always one to take charge she happily took over. Assuring their parents and Braden that she'd take care of Ben. And she did. Between her and their parents she set up a schedule that allowed her to do work right there on the moons of Jupiter and in the asteroid belt itself. And Braeden always sent whatever he could back. Jazz never asked where it came from, only encouraged him to be careful. Her time of bossing him around was over and she accepted that.

Hazard pay pays quite a bit and Jazz racked it in. Most of that money went to making sure Ben and her parents were well taken care of. But she wasn't above the finer things. Over those years she found herself working and meeting a wide variety of people. The small mining group she was with was hired widely, even by the military for blasting out an asteroid for a base. That's where she met Angel. They hit it off and remained pen pals over the years.

Eventually she was hired by Penumbra for work on Io. Where she spent the last several years doing deep mining for Rare Earths in the volcanic systems. During that time she found herself in a mess at least once. Coming out of it with nasty burns all over her back. But alive! After that she got lessons in better drone control, after she got a reeming from the Penumbra Drone Tech who came to find out what the issues with drones were. It wasn't all her fault at least, faulty programmining more than her own piloting skills.

Then came the chance of a lifetime. Go and dig for rare earths on an asteroid on the edge of a black hole?!? Who wouldn't jump at the chance? And the pay would have all of her family set for life. At that point she put in a call to Braden, telling him about the project before angling to try and make sure he got hired on. If they both pulled this off? Ben would be set for life. They all would.


Silver Luna Thistle (Bonds of Blood)

First born of the Thistle triplets, she came out wide-eyed and looking around. One hand reaching out. Good thing they were small, though she was the biggest. That would even out as they grew up. She turned into a waif-like child. Easily getting bruised, tripping, things falling on her. But she got better at dodging, though shit kept happening around her. And she got blamed. She was ultimately banned from the urn room, at least until recently. Of course she doesn't like that room...too many whispers and memories.

Despite this she was always exploring. Out in the woods and in books. When she could be found it was with books or her various 'collections'. Of which she would scour their small town, when old enough, to flush out. She even kept an ant farm at one point. Despite always being covered in bruises she was usually all brash smiles. Waving the newest off as nothing.

School would leave its mark. Kids with bug and dead thing fascinations were rare in big cities. And girls with dark skin being into it? She was very much on the outskirts, but bullies learned she wasn't worth it. Waif-like she may have seemed but she still could kick a guy in the crotch and slam another in the neck. That got her suspended for a few days, but no one messed with her after. They avoided her really. When her middle name got out in Junior High that sealed the 'name' people called her. Looney Luna. But she let it slide off her back. They just couldn't handle her smarts and talent.

It didn't keep her from Gymnastics and Photography club. It didn't stop her from joining the school newspaper team. Though mostly she kept to writing and pictures. In Choir she showed the most open passion with her mezzo-soprano voice. The popularity contest did keep her out of the Cheer squad. There's rumors floating that she doesn't date living people, kisses corpses, and other stuff. Probably because she's never been on a date or had a boyfriend yet. Who knew formaldehyde was a turnoff? That didn't stop her from becoming friends with Landon and Lucas though.

When not at school she is either out in the woods looking for specimens, hanging with her sister in cemeteries, hanging out with the Lester-Marchant twins, or helping out with the corpses at the funeral home. She's a very astute and studious young woman who tries to not let herself get ruffled. Experiments and investigations are what seem to bring her alive. That and her pet tarantula, Fang. She treats that thing like most people do their poodle.


Saga ({{{story}}})

Found in the wastes at 8 by Vishys and Sebas. Chosen by the Fortunate because of her AB- blood type and pure body. She had a knack for written and spoken expression and so it was here they focused her artistic talents. But really what she wants to do was enjoy the people and hear their stories. So she did both. She started as a Companion. For several years. Then she was made into a breeder. During her first pregnancy she traded favors and promised more for a ride outside from Vishys and Sebas. Nothing untoward happened and a couple months later she bore healthy, pure twin boys. She's been mostly a Breeder, but allowed to continue collecting stories. She's is on her third pregnancy, this one by Cinder.

Previous Incarnations


The Thrill-Seeker (1)

xxxxxA life without adventure, danger and mystery is death and the Thrill-Seeker seeks the Lovely Feeling of passion. She escapes stasis by hunting what makes her feel alive. She is a rebel that defies norms and breaks away from ordinary bonds and flirting with death and harm, she is in control, for a moment.

xxxxx"This is what you need, that is what we all want. From Long John Silver to Perseus to Neo to Walter White we love watching people grow, change, struggle. Good people, bad people, we don't care, we wanna see it we need entertainment, and we need it now!"



Dr. Alexis January (Alien Mutation)

You were born into a religious family and grew up feeling a personal connection with God. Your fascination with science started as a way to understand God's splendor, but it eventually killed God for you and left you alone and empty. You started making unusual concoctions for stimulus, trying to feel alive again. Then you graduated to crimes of the moment, little things that could still get you in trouble if caught. It keeps escalating, the need to feel something - anything - pushing you further and further. When you started tinkering with specimens and life-forms in the lab, you got what you were looking for - why mourn the loss of a god when you can BE one? The Company, always ethically dubious at best, liked your work and assigned you to The Project.


Esther Munson (Prosperity's Price)