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Duty to family, to honor, and to self, in that order. The Soldier understands that they are but one cog in an expansive machine and are willing to accept that their own comforts may be superseded by the needs, and whims, of a greater vision. Adaptable to ever-changing circumstances yet decisive in times of need, they will push forward doggedly in the name of their purpose. And if they lose that purpose, they will find another to fill the void. The arrow always points forward for The Soldier. Regret cannot be in their vocabulary.

You are a cog in a bigger machine, and you do your duty. You may not be an actual warrior every story, but you serve in your own way and follow orders. It's what you were born to do.

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The Soldier (1)

Putting duty before all else. Whether to family, country, or those in need. Even when it's bad or inconvenient for him. And even when he isn't asked to step in.



Stacker Halloway (Alien Mutation)

Formerly a Colonial Marine who served with distinction, you're now the head of Special Tactics for the Colonial Marshals on the Noc. When smugglers get into a turf war, or a brawl breaks out in the dive, you and your squad get the situation under control. You're armed and trained for full-on riots, but riots don't happen on this station. It would be bad for tourism. You'd like to take your squad and shake down half the casino staff and most of the hookers, but Chief Lydecker won't let you. Everyone knows the corp quietly wants the drugs and smuggling - it's all bought by the tourists. So you chip away at them where and when you can, backing up Deitchrich when he has something solid to move on. It's bullshit, but what can you do?


Stacker Munson (Prosperity's Price)

Always a dutiful son and grandson, Stacker used his physical gifts to help them family by joining the Army and learning to soldier. It was a rougher life than most of his kin, accustomed to luxury and higher education rather than physical exertion, but he was an impressive specimen and excelled in all athletic areas. So while he still got a fine education like all Munsons, he left home at 16 to join the US military. He was an exemplary soldier in the cavalry, quickly climbing the ranks of his unit, but when his tours were over he resigned his post and returned home. Military experience was, after all, only a means to an end.

Ever since his return he has served as the family's protector and bodyman, accompanying anyone headed into potential danger. He also undertakes dangerous and questionable tasks given to him by the matriarch of the family, Old Widow Munson. He's essentially the family's 'problem solver'.