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Imperator of Arms


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The Rogue is a different sort of opportunist driven by greed, curiosity, or whatever with little regard for laws, taboos, and social convention. Is it underhanded to just be very, very resourceful? The Rogue could care less. Rules and Laws are obstacles, not barriers. It can only make the acquisition more exciting! They circumvent a problem rather than tackling it head on, and change environmental and social conditions to favor their needs. Traps? Locked doors? People that like to say 'no' a lot? Not going to keep him from his goal. He'll undo or work around it.

Everything (and everyone) is an asset, and this resourceful bastard will try to cash in on that.

Some people just can't stay out of trouble. They push the button, open the door, check the basement, or whatever it is they know they shouldn't. They can't help it. Adventure is fun.

Current Role

Vishys was born in the Bullet Farm.. Since he could crawl and reason and was small enough to get into tight spaces he, like the other kids, were tasked to go into mine shafts ad collect smaller things, and recollect bullet casings to be blessed in the forge and play attendant in the Crucible. he learned a lot about how to weld and how to even make a bullet. While this fascinated him the coal dust and gunpowder in heavy clouds ruined his lungs. Growing up it would become the thing to tank his immune system and some day he will, as they say there, "Drown in the soot" or a life of pneumonia, black lung, and inevitably lung cancer. Someone he will only know as his Guardian, who owed his father a favor, grabbed a few things and fled with him out into the wastes.

In the wastelands they met up with Sebas (Scholar) and his mother trying to find someplace away from the Crucible to be never told why. Sebas' mother took them to Citadel after his Guardian passed from the same sickness he was born to. Once there his friend was being taken up on the lift as intake. Vishys (not yet so named) climbed up not wanting to be separated from the only person he knew. The Warkids on the lift tried to throw him back but he caught a pantleg and scaled the warkid. When they tried to pull him off to push him off the lift again he bit the ear off the Warkid trying to pull him down. The War Mother said to bring him up and named him.

After living there for over 30 years in devoted service to the Garage waiting for his time to ride to Valhalla, he's taken a more philosophic approach to their purpose. A worthy death can only be given by the sacrifice of a worthy life and so he helps the Warkids gird for that day in arms and spirit. Some Imperators protect the road, and he protects the Garage like some tech priest of parts. Someone's got to know what we have, what we need, figure out how to make these things and get more dakka on the battle wagons, and reporting back to the monitors and War Mother that nothing's gone missing. All things passing through the Garage go by him and he's familiar with the Monitors and Scavengers as a result. As an expert armsman he also helps train the intake and the war pups how to fight and win.

Glory to those that gird us for war that we may do glorious battle to get the Citadel what She needs til Valhalla.

Views on the caste?: What does a man with a half-life concern himself with? That the Warkids lives have value to give their death value for the Rock so they can live forever gloriously in Valhalla. He has Afterlife problems to worry about for people, This life problems are someone else's to suss out. So long as the Garage gets what it needs. Praise be to the Engine.

Previous Roles


Francis Sinclair (Alien Mutation)

Mining is a means to an end. It gets you a paycheck while you go from place to place, stealing, smuggling and trading your way to fortune. You help Driscoll with his little 'operation' on the Heph, stashing things in cargo, making sure it gets through the docks. It's good money. Good enough that you have your own side-line going without him. You couldn't really care less about the ship or if it keeps hauling - you like some of the crew well enough, but that's personal. Business is business. If cashing out gets you enough to start your own smuggling operation, you'll take it.

Caleb Colton.jpg

Caleb Colton (Prosperity's Price)

This is the confident, younger son Roger Colton sends to resolve problems on his behalf. A shrewd businessman he makes the effort to be fair in Roger's stead, but when fair fails that's where Caleb really shines. Clever and charismatic, Caleb is quick in negotiation with words or with iron, but always has a plan and an faint smile to go with it. There's more than an ace up this gunslinger's sleeve and he's not afraid to pull that card and use it. He is the embodiment of "If you treat your people well, they don't question how the fortune finds them" and he sees his people are treated very well.


Lyle Lucas (Slasher)

What's a kid from a wealthy family to do when his parents live apart but aren't technically divorced and all he wants is a goddamn hug? Steal shit, that's what. And when they don't notice, or worse, don't seem to care? You still bigger shit. Do this long enough and - provided you don't go to jail - you get good at it. Lyle got very good at it. He never did get that hug, though.

Now he's out of school, has no interest in college and even less in being home - Mom or Dad's - so he fucked off and got a job fixing plumbing at the Eager Beaver Lodge because why not? He continues his greatest passion, lifting various things from guests as they come and go. His big boss knows about it but doesn't seem to mind, so in return he helps the old Vet out here and there. It's not a career path or a way of life, butt it's enough for now.


Coyote (Carnival)

Coming To America - Chasing the Sun

In the beginning the Earth was Frozen and cold and the Night God went about making the stars creating a path between the heavens and the mortal earth. Some say Coyote came here when he stalked a path connecting the heavens to the 4th world creating the Milky Way. He battled the 10 evil moon gods to free the sun and bring warmth, and fire, to the land of eternal winter to allow the humans there to know light and joy. Man rejoiced and Coyote laughed.

There are many legends shared as Coyote's people lived in harmony with his many children. He taught them how to survive, how to listen, and how to be clever in getting and creating the things they need. Conversely, he has also taught his humans the dangers of creating traps for their greed, arrogance, and carelessness. Sometimes he has taught by his example as his heart is often bigger than his brain in seeing the holes in teh path ahead of him. Above all, he loves his people, and loves to be loved by them.

Dog Without a Bone

The last hundred years have been heartbreaking for Coyote. Many of the gods joined the carnival to seek adulation in a world they are abandoned in. Not Coyote; his people never stopped loving him, but there are those that have been forcing his people to stop being. With the gentrification of North America being pushed by industrialism the way of live for the Tribes of Coyote are dwindling. They lose land, their way of life, and many are forced to abandon their very culture to conformity for the sake of survival.

Having found Missing Coyote takes his stories now with him joining the Carnival of the very gods that were brought over by the people who destroyed his. They travel the circuit that follows the migration paths of his children and their lost tribes checking in on them, and bringing them word from one another, a story, some hope to hold onto that Coyote has not forgotten them. In the big top he narrates the beauty of Missing's dance with bears and music keeping the lost legends alive to delight one more child to remember the animals are listening. In the Midway he's been selling stories and legends with trinkets and jewelry to those that seek to find, and get them to believe enough that they can keep him long enough he can help his lost survive.

He is a lost romantic in love with a time that is over trying to consort with his people's hope helping them remember their prayers for help to figure out how to endure are not wasted; so his people know they are loved and not forgotten.

Old Dog's New Tricks

One more time around the circuit. Those whose love burns like the stolen sun will survive being hunted and endure never to be extinguished.

These days Coyote tells his stories as the bally for the sideshow. It suits him fine. Everyone needs help, and he made the promise to them he would not forget them or let them be forgotten.


SSgt. Malcolm MacLeod (Project Icarus)

Ssgt. Malcolm MacLeod served with the Colonial Marines running special ops focusing on infiltration and removal of difficult targets. He met his future spouse, K.J. a doctor of Bio-Engineering, when an unlucky sniper took his eye while on assignment. They, and Mal's brother, built and installed test bionics to rebuild it. After he put in his 10 years he retired, He and KJ got married, and he turned his skills into a formidable career as a freelance security consultant. It was very Norman Rockwell Retired Government Assassin in Space(tm) for a while and life was great. He can retire happy now and get out of the lifestyle?

He could until 5 years ago when Pneumbra needed an expert for a mission and KJ was called to be the Bioengineer on the Icarus I. It should have been 16 months. It's never just 16 months. How do you say good-bye to your loved one for one mission, and then find out you’ve lost your soulmate altogether? Months grew into years and Malcolm became detached and resentful until he heard about a mission to find out what happened to the Icarus I. Unable to let go of the past, or this opportunity, Mal put old skills back to work. He sabotaged the newest recruit to be sent to the launch site and joined the security detail using his identity, and sneaked aboard the Icarus II for one more mission. He can’t rest without answers, but will the answers ever let him rest again?

JOURNAL: Eye Cam feed


Lucas Marchant (Bonds of Blood)

The other half of the boy thought to be the son of Karl and Beth Lester, that turned out not to be the case. More than likely the cause of Karl and Beth's divorce. Really, see Landon for details on that. After being thrown away and rejected by he father that raised them he has strong feelings on that. Like his brother, he has been proud if not overly eager to prove to Robert Marchant that he was right in grooming them for greatness in the family's name. Landon is the planner, Lucas is the salesman and the executor. With the twins' questionable upbringing he's very good at getting what they need and what they want.

Previous Incarnations


The Rogue (2)

Some people just can't stay out of trouble. They push the button, open the door, check the basement, or whatever it is they know they shouldn't. They can't help it. Adventure is fun.


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