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As self-reliant as you are self-destructive, you refuse to follow anybody's rules but your own. No matter what the world expects of you, you do what you want, when you want, and you never apologize. You're not always sure what you're fighting against, but you'll find something! When people push you, you push back. And you Always. Question. Everything.

The system is a trap, and authority is a prison. Buck the system, question authority, and always be true to yourself. Your integrity is all you really have.

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Georgina "George" Lester (Bonds of Blood)

This boring little town, how you long to get out. The drugs and the alcohol can only blunt the edge so much, and sometimes you just have to scream. The literal bastard child of the possibly trashiest family in town, it's not like there are many expectations to live up to, but somehow, you still manage to disappoint. Not that you care.

You wanna know about me? Sure, I'll tell you all about me, but I can pretty much guarantee you won't like what you hear. My dad knocked up my mom, like, two wives ago. Or something. I don't know. I never really bother to pay attention when someone tries to explain it. He's a fertile asshole, end of story. So, blah, blah, blah, they get married when Dick and I are, like, 12, and then before we even get used to having him around, he's split and it's back to the three of us again. Not that it matters. He's useless whether he's around or not. I mean, at least we still are his kids, not like some of my half-not-siblings, however the fuck that works.

You keeping up so far? Need me to draw you a picture? 'Cause I can pretty much guarantee it'll be pornographic... No? Okay, man, your loss.

So yeah, I guess you could say it was a... what did you call it? "Difficult upbringing"? Yeah, okay. Ha. Sure, it was that. Whatever that means. Is anyone's upbringing [i]easy[/i]? Yeah, we were broke as fuck and nobody showed up to parent-teacher night, but money is just a construct and school is just brainwashing anyway, so screw it. I'd drop out if I weren't waiting for them to kick me out, anyway. Not gonna make it easy on them, you know?

Previous Incarnations


The Rebel (1)

This is an individual who has beef with society. One large enough to make that person want to break all the rules, just because. They just naturally hate being told what to do and take a huge amount of pleasure in being contrarian and challenging authority.



Eugene Warner (Isle of Dread)

Money can't buy you everything. Your family has a lot of it, and you're still flailing, trying to find meaning and direction. All you really have is going against 'the system'. You rebel not because you have a better way, but because it's something to do. The status quo is boring, bad, and you desperately want something else. Anything else. You haven't found it, but you're looking.

You're an attendee at the festival because you're bored and can afford it. Maybe you'll discover something new, something interesting, something to give you meaning.

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The Rebel (2)

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Adam Winterbourne (Alien Mutation)

You, Captain Ward, and the recently-retired navigator, Yeardly, were the original founders of the full-share collective that is the Hephaestus. It was your baby, the last of the independent long-haulers, a true collective crew. You were rebels and rockstars in the mining world for staying indie and not selling out. It's been a long run, filled with ups and downs, butt maybe it's coming to an end. Yeardly bailed at the end of the last haul. Ward is talking about cashing out after this one. You're over fifty, and being the anarch space miner is a young man's game. You still value your independence and are proud of what you accomplished, but you aren't sure you have it in you anymore. If Hartmann wants to keep it going, maybe you can be convinced to stick around a few more years, help him consolidate shares, and leave things in his hands. Or maybe this is it for you. You don't have all the answers.


Malcolm Hargreave (Prosperity's Price)

Malcolm is the first in line to inherit the Hargreave legacy despite the fact that he doesn't share the same failings that his father caters to: he doesn't drink to excess, he doesn't chase every skirt in town, he isn't really a lying bastard, nor does he have a score of children to his chagrin. In fact, Jack wasn't always a lecherous bastard. If anything, his keen intellect was passed on to his son early on to educate and instill a sense of hard-work. Malcolm is the beneficiary to the fruits of past sacrifices and tributes but he sees no reason to keep the ties that bind anymore. They've been established and he has been trying to figure out a way to rectify ancient mistakes. The more that Jack drinks, the more Malcolm becomes at odds with his father when it comes to decision-making in all ways except business. Malcolm is quite good at managing the booze industry and keeping morale high with the laborers they employ.


The Rebel (3)

We need systems to survive. Every community needs norms, laws and organization in general. To be with people is to live in a system.

Unfortunately, every system contains within it the potential for misuse and corruption. Laws are only as good as the police and judges who enforce them, taxes are only as good as the politicians who spend them, and so on. To willingly persist in a broken system is to allow yourself to be broken, too.

Rather than choose to let things fail slowly, to be the frog in the boiling pot, we have to remain vigilant about the systems and hierarchy around us, always ready to do our best to fix what’s broken-- or tear it all down, if we have to.

‘Who watches the watchers?’ is a job for all of us.



Sonya Queen (Slasher)

Sonya grew up a part of the New England elite, the kinds of blue bloods that talk like the Howells on Gilligan's Island. Everything was perfect: her parents were kind, her friends were nice... except that's its own kind of prison, because everything was also the same. Everyone had the same perfect lives planned out, start to finish. Everyone wore the same kinds of clothes, had the same sorts of hobbies and activities. There was nothing new to see, no ground to break, no way to find more in a world where nothing is ever really wrong. Sonya could never really get the hang of life without mistakes or discovery, no matter how comfortable.

She now lives very much by whim - playing dumb if it amuses her, flirting with whoever she wants, joining a sorority for shits and giggles. She does what she wants. That doesn't mean she hurts others intentionally; she's actually a pretty sweet girl. Still, sometimes it happens by accident. She's a good Sister nonetheless, helping out the others whenever she can. She's always there to listen, and can do more than her fair share of talking if allowed.


Phoenix (Carnival)

OOC NOTE: Any god/monster types have permission to know Nina's Coming to America and Carnival of Wonders bits of her sheet IC, and/or have met her at some point. :) She traveled a lot, and has been around since Egypt. Those who've known her before, know her to be wildly optimistic, quite fond of her fellow gods/monsters and humanity in aggregate, culture, and art in general.

Coming to America

The Phoenix can’t be bothered with trivialities like when, precisely, she was born. Timekeeping is drudgery, and drudgery is one of the many things that mortals are for. It did happen in Egypt, in a time of great plenty. In those days, she was known as the Bennu, a goddess herself. She basked in their praise and worship, but just as importantly, she reveled in the idea that Egypt was the center of civilization.

When Alexander the Great conquered the Achaemenids, one world and one time in history died, and Phoenix died with it. When she came back, (spending GP accrued long before Cyrus the Great was ever born), she was renewed in more or less her present state, as the Phoenix instead of Bennu. She was a monster rather than a goddess, but one who belonged to many peoples instead of just one. To this day, she feels Alexander did her a favor. He was dead before she returned, but it didn’t matter. Keen to explore a new center of civilization, she made her way to Greece. From then on, she simply followed whatever she perceived to be the center of mortal culture, moving from novelty to novelty. She spent a great deal of time meandering through the Roman Empire, delighted by all the new sights and songs. Her travels led her to many places, and offered her an opportunity to meet almost everyone who was anyone in myth and legend.

By more modern times, she ended up in Britain, enjoying being at the center of their trading empire, where goods and stories all flowed. The loss of power and faith wasn’t lost on her, but she refused to worry about it, changing with the times the way she always had. She was an early adopter of the United States as well, coming over shortly after the Revolutionary War. She wasn’t sure about them until the French backed their independence, but after the dust settled, she found her way to the East Coast.

The Carnival of Wonders

Since then, she’s been content to wander the country, paying little attention to the particulars, surviving as a singer, a dancer, a teller of tales. She was a relative latecomer to the Carnival itself, arriving in the winter of 1933. Though she does not share her community’s dire view of these ends times, she does want to spend these difficult times with family and friends. She offered to be their fire eater because it appealed to her to get paid simply for eating supper in public.


Alannah St. George (Project Icarus)

The St. George family were scientists in bio-medical research. Her parents met in school, fell in love there and stayed together through their dissertations. She looked through her first neutron microscope at the age of 6. Science is all Alannah has ever really known. Unfortunately, the firm that her parents were employed at was purchased by Weyland-Yutani when she was 17 years old, the bio-medical research team folded into bio-weapons research. Her parents refused to play ball, and not only were they terminated with a loss of all benefits, but an executive named Burke had them blacklisted after a very public and vocal disagreement about the ethics of his initial research proposal.

Alannah was talented enough to get a full scholarship to the university of her choice. Though her upbringing focused on biology, she found herself more drawn to social sciences. When she graduated, she received job offers from a half-dozen major megacorporate research teams. She refused, wanting nothing to do with them, particularly because her field would have made her a marketing expert. She stayed in academia instead, where she has become an important name in her field. Unfortunately, she was out of the game for awhile when her lymph nodes were confirmed to be cancerous, requiring an entire synthetic replacement. She's feeling a lot better now, but it's left her in massive debt. When a contact of hers said that they could get her a spot on Project Icarus, she had no choice but to take them up on their generous offer, now owing them a favor in return. The pay will be enough to put her back in the black, and she reasons that at least Penumbra is one of the better corps out there.

So now, she's the Cultural Team Coordinator, working to figure out if there is some kind of intelligence behind the asteroid.