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Guilt. Responsibility. I need to make it right.

Things weren't supposed to go this way, and I want to help. I need to make it up to you.

Is it for you, or is it to make me feel better about my own guilt?

I'm sorry.

Somehow, it's your fault. You did a bad thing, but now you can atone and make it right. Balance the scales. Your burden is heavy, but it's yours to bear.

Current Role

'Lynch', as she's known, came to Sancuary when she was young.

Young enough to become a warkid. With her bad leg and her constant cough, she was never going to be anything else.

She has a leg brace that helps her get around. But she's slow. Unless she's in a car. Woman can drive like the wind.

Rumour has it she was caught alone by some band out in the wastes. Strung up and left for dead. Lynch has the scar of the rope burn that earns her name.

She's touchy about it.

Vehicle Stats: Armour 3 (6 points) Extra Gunner Bay (4 Points) Nitro Booster x1 (3 points)

Previous Roles


Madison Wellson (Isle of Dread)

As the older of the Wellson siblings, everything has been yours since birth. You're the princess, the perfect daughter, and the future of the family. Your younger brother, one would think, would be the 'male heir' typical of most families, but the thing is? He's not a Wellson. He's Mom's pilates instructor's kid. Dad suspects (Mom knows for certain and drunkenly confessed to you one night) and has always been harder on Conrad as a result. You feel guilt and have looked out for him as best you can. It doesn't help that you're not the most confident person and he has magnetic charm, but you often give in to him because you carry the secret he doesn't know.

This festival is his idea. The abandoned island? His idea. That doesn't mean you don't have your own irons in the fire. The entire thing is being powered by solar, with cutting-edge panels designed by Dahlia Adams. You're giving her a proving ground on a technology that could revolutionize the third world, and you'll make a fortune if it's successful. Let Conrad go play rock star with the kids. Big sister is cementing the future of the family.


Kylie Shorley (Alien Mutation)

You're not proud of your past. When you were young, you worked on Sevastopol Station, and when things there went to hell, you became one of the looters and pirates. You even shot a woman and you don't know if she lived - given how that whole nightmare ended, she probably didn't. You got out on one of the last hijacked ships, then promptly had your crew turn on you, take everything, and ditch you on another station. You've changed your name and gone incognito ever since.

Now you work on the docking level of the refinery at Tenochtitlan Station. You pilot power loaders, move cargo through the umbilicus, and oversee the unloading. It's hard work, but it's honest. You're not hurting anyone. You're not stealing. You just want to live your life better than you were, before.


Nettie Hargreave (Prosperity's Price)

Annette Hargreave is Jack's only legitimate daughter who was so promising. She was obedient, loyal, educated and hard working. She has a bit of faith to her, but was often also quiet and introspective. In a completely uncharacteristic move, she left to join the Widows. The life of an outlaw isn't one she's really suited to, but the fight is an important one to her, and she remains fiercely loyal to Prosperity, her family, and even her father despite his inclinations. While the Widows keep their skills sharp, 'Nettie' is the one that makes sure they don't go too far, and don't lose sight of their real purpose.

Recently, she's taken on a leadership role for the little outlaw gang, focusing on being ready for the upcoming reaping.


Emily Reed (Slasher)

Emily grew up in relative comfort and stability. Her parents were well-off, always did charity events and made a real effort to maintain appearances. Behind closed doors was another story. Mom was a drunk with a pill problem to boot, and Dad was a white-collar criminal. The lesson Emily learned was that you are what people think you are, so if people think you're a good person, then you must be. Doing good things in public makes you good.

She's a good sister in her Sorority, gets good grades, and volunteers for good causes. The problem is she's smart enough to know that's bullshit, but has heavily invested in the idea. To admit it now would bring a lot of painful changes and tons of guilt. Like Daddy going down in the bank scandals last year. Who wants that? So she drifts along, plays the role, and tries to ignore the hole she's digging in her soul.


La Llorona (Carnival)

Coming To America

Call her Lamia, and remember the daughter of Poseidon, the Queen that earned the jealousy of Hera, cursed into a child-eating serpent monster after an affair with Zeus, her own children killed. By herself or Hera, the story changes with the telling of it. In Hellenistic folklore, it was not children that she hunted for, but the conception of her shifted into that of a sultry seductress who enticed young men and devoured them.

Call her the Succubus, a demon in female form that would seduce men, draining the very life of them, making them her own until it killed them.

Call her the Rusalka, river spirit, malicious to mankind, though it were not always so. Luring and drowning those to their deaths that fall under her charms, an unclean spirit.

Call her La Llorona, the woman who had everything, except the attention of her own husband. In jealousy, she drowned her own children, and was overcome by grief. She searches for them even now, to seek her lost children. Any children. Other children. They are often not seen again.

A combination, and a retelling of the same story appropriated time and time again by various cultures over the years created a handful of beings. One of those beings has ended up here, a mixture of lust, longing, and regrets over her lost children. No longer is she left offerings, no longer is she feared like she once was. And disappeared children get a lot more attention these days ... but she can still bask in the adoration of others at the most basic level.

Carnival of Wonders

Call her Lorraine. Dancing for the filthy masses of mortals wasn't how she imagined her existence ending up, but it's mildly better than sitting in a river hoping for the right people to come along to scare the life out of -- literally. Bedding them for their brief moments of adulation in her arms is definitely better, and allows her to lean into that aspect of herself even further.

And sometimes, when it's quiet enough, some who won't be missed might never be seen again after an evening with Lorraine.


Samantha Davies (Project Icarus)

TD says: Icarus Project Director. You feel guilt for what happened to the first crew, fought against sending a second manned mission, and insisted on going yourself when Penumbra ignored you. You want answers about the first mission and came in person to get them.

Doctor Samantha Davies has been a Penumbra woman for most of her adult life. An astrophysicist noted for her leadership and management skills more than her research, she made a quick track towards heading up her own teams for various projects for the company. But nothing so interesting happened until the report of KV-273 came accross her desk. When it was just a doomed astroid full of precious resources for Penumbra to exploit, it was hardly worth her attention. When it started making up its own rules in regards to all known laws of physics, Samantha was more than a little intrigued.

Penumbra was at first, primarily interested in the mining mission, and the fact that the asteroid had stopped seemed to be a stroke of luck. The reasons why got the interest of others however, and talk of potential alien technology was considered, or even a quirk of nature that could somehow be discovered and harnessed put Project Icarus into full go. The problem of landing any sort of craft on the asteroid was the first challenge. The asteroid itself may be able to ignore the gravity of the black hole, but humanity had to assume they couldn't. Samantha set her team to work, and the first mining and exploration mission was sent to exploit the asteroid and try to learn how this all happened.

When things went badly, Samantha tried to convince Penumbra the risk wasn't worth it. While Penumbra may be convinced that they've solved the problems the first expedition encountered, Samantha would prefer years more time with theories and simulations to be one hundred percent sure of that fact. Overruled, she's happy enough to keep the company's line -- there's no more danger than any other deep-space mission. Still, she's insisted on going herself to see this through and figure out what happened to the people that got sent here because of her. And to figure out how this asteroid is even doing this.

As a leader, she's a serious, no-nonsense woman that demands excellence in people and has little time for frivolity. But she is not unreasonable, and has a rare knack for helping and inspiring others to excel.


Amy Lester (Bonds of Blood)

Another child of Amber Lester, the 'good' Lester, Amy's got the short temper and follows the quick path to solving problems with violence like a lot of her family tends towards. High School's a thing, when it has to be -- There's plenty of classes she'll get out of, if she can.

A quick temper and a decently intimidating attitude lead to her getting into a lot of scuffles, but whenever she does hurt someone, she's always helping them up afterwards and feeling at least a little bad for her actions once the anger clears.

What she's doing with her life is an uncertainty. There's the auto business, and while she hasn't taken to the like of a mechanic like her mother, and her sister seems to be following in those same footsteps, Amy might do some work here and there but otherwise, she's got her whole life in front of her to figure these things out! And surely her family will just give her a job if she needs it.

She's incredibly athletic. Volley ball, swim team, track, she'll try and attempt to stick with most of these things if she can balance the time needed. She's got a thing for her own health. She doesn't smoke and she rarely drinks.

Previous Incarnations

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