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There is an essential tragedy to someone who loves life, who wakes up each morning curious to see what happens next, but who when bone meets grindstone makes hard sacrifices at his own expense.

Sacrifice is the highest calling and most noble endeavor. You give and give, and then you give some more. Others need things more than you do, anyway.

Current Role

Xavier is an Etherite Professor specializing in researching old world Chemistry and applying it to modern problems.

   O- (Universal donor)
   Contaminted (Klinfelter Syndrome)
   Saavy (Etherite Chemistry Professor0

Xavier is Faustina's little half Sibling from a fortunate mother and different fathers. Once upon a time, Xavier had a fraternal twin named Eponine, after the character in the folk song. Their Mother being busy, their big sister looked after them from an early age, and really is as much mother as sister still to adult Xavier. When they were five, the twins, slipped away while Faustina was doing...Xavier doesn't remember. They were playing follow the leader and Xavier really never did have much sense when it came to self preservation. They were skipping along the top of the wall, with him in front. He heard her make a small scared sound, and turned too late to catch her hand as Eponine fell.

After that they were a quiet, serious child focused on thirstily sucking up learning. It was like he was trying to achieve for two. They were soon trying little experiments on their own. It was pretty clear which direction the child would grow, and those interests were fostered. The child grew into an adult fascinated by old knowledge and chemistry in particular.

The physical differences weren't readily apparent until their age mates hit puberty and Xavier... didn't mature exactly as expected. Even if they hadn't obviously been contaminated, Xavier is sterile as a result of Xavier's condition. By the time Faustina and Xavier's contaminated status was known, their Mother had had several other children each by a different father. They also consider visa a sister, even though she's Faustina's sister, not X's by blood.

They still look up to their big sister. They are still obsessed with science. They still do little experiments outside their field to try to figure out how to people. They are friends with KTT, who they helped get reclassified as saavy, and work closely with Kat, whom they synthase essential compounds for. They achieved Professor status, which, with his sister going a little gentle on resource allocation, has allowed X to branch out some. Some of the chemicals they make now are recreational. They make like all their chemicals a little too much.

Previous Roles

Martyr3 02.jpg

Finn O'Neil (Slasher)

Finn is an idealist with a practical streak. He was that kid who was always trying going to marches and organize student protests in aid of the support worker strike at his school. This is how he got into Law in the first place: He wanted to help working people in tough spots; he wanted to make a difference in the world in an immediate, practical way. Getting people who couldn't afford fancy lawyers a fair shake in the justice system seemed to be a way to do that. As a result, his paid work basically funds his subsistence and his pro bono work. His car is nearly s old as he is and barely runs. His nicest possession is his suit, which is old, but well cared for. His one indulgence is accessories: pocket squares, unusual socks, ties, and the like. The suit was a graduation gift on his graduation from the U of O Law School.

It is through his reputation as a defender of the little guy crushed under the boot of the class system that Finn ended up tangled with the Flying Monkeys. His deep and fundamental sympathies were with the innocent people crushed in the crash, though he was still in school at the time. He had no expertise in civil law, but he donated what time he could to help in the aftermath, and after passing the bar always had his eye out for the victims of the crash when they were forced by circumstance to cross the line legally. The wrong people were clearly being punished for the crimes of the rich.

It wasn't a far leap for him to want to help a group of modern day Robin hoods trying to take back what the rich had stolen from their victims. He let his sympathies be known, and once contacted, their conversations became veiled under Attorney Client privilege. While not the type to actually go on heists, he tuned out to be very willing to help them in a variety of other behind the scenes ways either with legal knowledge or contacts.

Hanged Man.jpg

Osiris (Carnival)

Coming to America

Little drips and drabs of belief followed various people and artifacts across the Ocean, but Osiris himself came to America during the massive Egyptian fad that started with the discovery of King Tutankhamen in 1922. Occultists and museum goers and school children and all sorts of people became fascinated with Egyptian religion, and some came to believe. The strong spiritualists and occult movement that grew particular strong because of the losses of WWI combined with the fascination in all things Egyptian to the point that people tried to create or recreate rituals and prayers.

And so Osiris came across the ocean in a boat with artifacts headed to museums and things were good for a while. America is a fine place for a god who dies and is pieced back together to become something new and strong and prosperous after. He criss crossed America with his Priest and Priestess, collecting cultists and making crops grow.

The Twenties were a boom time, but fads have a way of fading, and while the jewelry designs inspired by Egyptian art and museums still had devotees, and the Prairie started blowing away, the God found himself once again falling on hard times. Coming apart and building again from nothing is in the nature of this God, and so he finds himself here.

The travel has the benefit of letting him kieep his scattered network of followers together, at least, and the roar and admiration of the crowd helps keep a little something of him alive.

Kemen the Astonishing

Kemen joined the Carnival not long after the market crashed, in May of '30, bringing his trunk of dandified evening clothes and several other trunks full of equipment and notes with him. While he still has a sliver of his old power left, he focuses now on illusions and slight of hand. After all in the glory days the priests used to use all manner of tricks to earn the awe of worshipers even when the Gods and Goddesses themselves were at their strongest and miracles were more common.

When he was traveling in Occultist circles, he made a study of the many tricks and illusions charlatans used and he was fascinated by the human stage magicians and escapologists. He saw Harry Houdini perform a number of times when Houdini was alive, and enjoyed his brother The Great Hardeen anytime he had a chance along with other Magicians. He had made a hobbyist study of stage magician tricks and working out how they were done was an entertaining intellectual puzzle, and small performances for followers an evening's entertainment.

Now the hobby has become a matter of survival and he has thrown himself into the role completely, trying to build an image that suits his new role in life.


Angel Ocasio (Project Icarus)

Angel went into corporate space marines right out of High school. It's not like he had particularly good prospects and his family had neither money nor connections. He signed on to one of those four year contracts where the corp pays for college after service and then you owe them another four years after, but the degree gets you better career advancement options. One of his early deployments was on a base Jasper 'Jazz' Bloom was in the process of helping to excavate a new military base on an asteroid in the belt and they made friends there.

Angel was a pretty good at it and showed real leadership potential, which was why he was on the SPQR-30 mission as a corporal in the first place. It wasn't supposed to be too hairy, but hairy enough to give him good experience and test his mettle. It was supposed to be the making of him, but it very nearly destroyed him.

The second Looey was useless. Aren't they always? And the Captain went down early in the ambush. The Lieutenant got them all turned around and they missed the rendezvous. He was screaming at someone up line when he stepped on the mine. He tried to save Sarge by literally throwing himself in front of her, but a sniper got her in the back just the same. Bleeding and battered he kept trying to move the remnants towards the new evac point. Li Ting was the calming voice in the earpiece. The one that helped him keep a level head and alive. He was one of two survivors.

It took him a while to heal physically and he was still in leg brace and crutches when he started school again. he opted for the Investigation/Security/Criminal Justice program. he was done with being boots on the ground, but really he couldn't think of what else he might want to do. This was a good fit with his skill set. He worked hard to get himself back in shape after everything.

That mission still haunts him and the nightmares never really go away.

He's turned out to be an excellent security officer, intelligent, dedicated, good at listening to a variety of people and using people skills more than fighting skills to keep people safe. he is very, very motivated to keep people safe.

This mission will be his first as Asst. Security Chief. He's tasked to work closely with the entire crew as a go-between for sensitive subjects.

Young Oscar 2.jpg

Hector de la Huerta (Bonds of Blood)

During the complicated time of the collapse of ray Thistle's first marriage, he had a relationship with Luz de la Huerta, a first generation Portuguese American Immigration lawyer working in San Francisco. Hector de la Huerta is the result.

Last Summer, he had a romance with Cash Freeland. Hector was sweet, the perfect sensitive boyfriend at the time, but it didn't last. Only Cash got the offer to come home, and Hector couldn't pretend anymore that his Mom wasn't not terminal in the immediate sense and he did that guy thing where he shut down emotionally. He knew full well it was the asshole thing to do, especially given Cash's vulnerability, but he was angry at the world and he was not handling things and taking it out on people who care about him is what he ended up doing. So he pushed Confy away.

During that summer he rescued Jade from a violent asshole at the beach and thus made friends with the triplets.

His mother having died of cancer over Christmas, Hector was packed off to live with his only surviving relative: His real father. He is trying to learn the mortician trade.

Being the new kid in school halfway through senior year is never easy. Doing it in a small town where everyone knows everyone else is harder. Adding on his grief and anger.... Not an easy adjustment. Add in a new boyfriend Morrison Lester on the Downlow who broke his heart in the end? He's miserable. And he's been taking it out on Cash Freeland.

Previous Incarnations


The Martyr (1)

When you think of a martyr you think of someone selfless. Someone saintly. Someone willing to give you the shirt off their back and the very blood from their veins. That's not him. A real martyr doesn't know they're built for self-destruction. He wants to live. He wants to thrive. He doesn't know he'll be the one to take the bullet until it's too late... and that's the real tragedy.



Taylor Everrett (Isle of Dread)

This was not how you thought your life would be. You went to West Point. You served in Iraq. You went to work for a good security contractor. Yet here you are, personal gopher and babysitter for three rich girls named Taylor. You work for Taylor Wright's family, so technically she's thee most important Taylor, but the other two go everywhere she does and get her into no end of trouble. You do your best to keep up.

That's why you're on this damn island - for a month! If you can get all three home without anyone dying drunkenly in a bonfire, you'll call it a win.


The Martyr (2)

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Robert "Bob" Trevalsky (Alien Mutation)

You were never a bad cop. A dirty cop, sure, but a lot of Marshals are. You weren't helping human traffickers or drug lords, just looking the other way when people wanted to move tech of questionable ownership through the station you worked on near Jupiter. You knew that station like you were born on it, and you made your way all the way up to 3rd in command for the Marshals when it all went down. Never mind the traffickers and drug dealers you busted, the real, good work you did - your side line made you dirty, crooked a shame to the Marshals and they all turned on you in an instant, even the ones just as dirty (or more!) as you. Right when your life as a free man should have been coming to an end, a strange thing happened: Penumbra, the megacorp that owned Jupiter Orbital, dropped all the charges and refused to cooperate in prosecuting you. Turns out they had a job for someone with your skills and moral flexibility - someone who knows the the difference between victimless crime and the real thing. They hired you to run corporate security for the new station they were opening, Tenochtitlan, and specifically the security for the casino, resort and promenade. You've been a roadblock for the local Marshals ever since, helping Cole Monroe, Venus, Katja and Marshal Eastwick run their operations geared toward bringing the tourists what they want.


Robert Colton (Prosperity's Price)

Younger brother of Roger, he is the ranch blacksmith and oversees that end of business. He prefers the hard labor of a skilled trade to sitting up high on a horse and giving orders. As with all the families, only the family head (Roger) knows the real details of the Deal, but Robert has seen enough to know he doesn't care for it. He may have have calloused hands and dirt on his clothes, but it got there from honest work and not deals with demons.

His children are what's most important to him, and he's there for them even when they screw up. He'd do anything for them.