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Plant tender (Reaper)


For the Director Only!



There are people in the world that others are simply drawn to. On the surface, it might seem that they have a stunning appearance, or perhaps they are kind-hearted, or even enthusiastically cheerful and upbeat, lifting others spirits. In certain cases, that might be all it is. In others, it is something deeper. It manifests as a desire to be near them, being so feels like a salve to an ache they can't explain. Not necessarily a romantic or intimate desire, but a deep-rooted one nonetheless. She can be seen as a muse to the artist, an inspiration to the uninspired, or simply the hopeful romantic in love with the idea of love. It is essential to her own well being, their desire to be near her. She needs people, thrives on their company, feeling the highs and lows of all their emotions. Alone is a devastating and frightening state of being for her. Do not underestimate her though, there is much more to her than simply this. She is The Lover.

You need others, need interaction and emotion. Feeling is how you know you're alive. You are not a fighter, unless they threaten what you care about, in which case you'll cut a bitch.

Current Role

No current role.

Previous Roles


Tallulah Bennett (Slasher)

Pretty, likable and talented, Tallulah, Lulu to her friends, would have it all if not for her frail health. She was good in school as a kid and always had a talent for painting, but illness would knock her back a lot and kept her from truly excelling. Others around her found her encouraging and supportive, but also a bit excitable. There's sometimes too much of a good thing.

She bounced from romance to romance, graduated high school and lucked into a scholarship by winning an art competition, and jumped at the chance to go to a good college. She joined a sorority, trying to live life to the fullest even if it costs her. Some days she just can't keep up, but she always tries. When she can't, she never resents the others and cheers them on from the sidelines.


Taema and Tilafaiga (Carnival)

Coming to America

Titi, or, the twins, Taema and Tilafaiga, traveled from island to island for as long as they could remember. Sometimes, there was good reason (like, to learn something new or not killing your own people), sometimes just because they wanted to. Born on the island of Samoa they would swim all over the Polynesian region; Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii, even New Zealand. Wherever life took them, they swam. They gained followers in new lands. Some of them would even travel (though by boat) with them. But times marches on and as it does, things change, civilization progresses. They begin to forget the old ways and though their story is still passed down, many in the islands have begun to not recall the story of Taema and Tilafaiga quite so readily, though many wear the ink upon their skin representative of Taema, the deity of tatau. Seeking to expand their following by visiting new lands, the ocean currents took them to California. America, land of opportunity... only, it was the middle of the Great Depression. They were here though, and with them came some of their followers. Might as well have some fun and make the best of it.

Carnival Life

They were born Titi and Titi; twins joined together back to back at the buttocks. Early in their existence, their bodies became separated when struck while swimming by a canoe. This is one of the times a twin changed their name to commemorate the occasion. Now, though they live as separate people, they have fused themselves together for the sake of art. Becoming a Freakshow Carnival act, they have earned their own Private Tent for the show, despite not being with the carnival long at all. They and their followers have been known to keep to themselves at times, but they all pull their own weight one way or another. Titi gives the Rube's whatever show they pay for. Sometimes, they just stand there to be ogled. but if more coin is given, well... you pay extra, you get extra. The lucky ones get what they pay for, others might regret their choices in life that led them to this moment if all does not go well. After all, one shouldn't mess with a Goddess of War.


Luna Marlowe (Project Icarus)

My top pick for role would be Cultural/Intelligence Research. It seems to most match the way I play my characters (curious, ask questions). Second, I think, would be Science Research for similar reasons... figuring out, studying, analyzing. I am, however, open to anything.

TD says: Science team. Working to figure out how the asteroid is able to do what it does.


Lana Reed (Bonds of Blood)

"Behind every polite smile hides a truth unspoken."

Previous Incarnations


The Lover (2)

You need others, need interaction and emotion. Feeling is how you know you're alive. You are not a fighter, unless they threaten what you care about, in which case you'll cut a bitch.



Venus (Alien Mutation)

Venus. Just Venus. You're not a Synthetic, but you're as perfectly pretty as one, and you only go by one name. It makes people wonder and you're fine with that. No one knows where you came here from, what you used to do. Were you an escort yourself? Are you ex-corporate management looking for a change of pace? Nobody knows for sure. Mystery is good.

Secrets are sexy. You hear lots of them in your work, your boys and girls collecting secrets and feeding them to you like pollen in a bee hive, and you're definitely the queen bee. You're a gracious queen, though. You treat your children - human and Synthetic - very well, and they look up to you. Few realize that your club is actually a part of Penumbra's corporate espionage division, but that's exactly what it is. Executives and developers from all over the charted worlds come to the Noc to play, and you make sure they have the very best time. Then, it's just a matter of waiting for them to say the wrong thing at the right time. You're rarely disappointed.


The Lover (1)

Basic. Bitch. Social. Media. Star. Clapback. #moreawesomethanyou



Buffy Ryder (Isle of Dread)

You use what you got, right? Some people have a natural talent, or a knack for a certain skill or area of knowledge. You have an amazing body and a pretty face. How is that so different? An athlete makes millions off his freak-of-nature body and he's a hero. You make hundreds on a pole with yours and you're a whore? That's the patriarchy for you. So yeah, you started as a dancer, but realized the real money was in internet fame. You started a Youtube channel, began working your way into events and shows, and the rest is history. You've been with some of the biggest names in entertainment, and every one of them fell for you. They couldn't help it. You love them all too, in your own way.

You're at the festival as an invite, one of the social media darlings they're trying to use to get in with the cool kids, and that's fine by you. You plan to do what you always do: have fun, get likes, and break a few hearts.