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Introvert. Hermit. Recluse. Misanthrope. Outcast. Stranger. Loner. He's not the type that's easy to get along with or get to know. He keeps his own counsel, trusts himself above all others, and generally finds others annoying or else they're too much effort to deal with. He puts up walls, and they almost never come down. Even those that finally earn his trust or affection rarely learn the whole of him. Of course, there's safety in numbers and he's not about to shun perfectly good help when it's offered, just don't expect him to sit around the campfire and sing Kumbaya. Unless there's s'mores. Everyone loves s'mores.

You don't play well with others or make friends easily, but that's because people can't hurt you if you never give them a chance to. You get that there's safety in numbers, you just avoid getting attached.

Current Role

He was born pure in Sanctuary. As a kid he was small and had a knack for getting into places and going unobserved so he was handed over to the Monitors where he worked as a Tattler. He was good at his watch and report game. He even found a Savvy that was stealing resources and was going to report him. The Savvy managed to get a hold of him before he could run off and shoved his face in a fire in an effort to kill him. Luckily another Monitor had already been watching and managed to save Loner but the damage was done, he was nursed back to health but his face is a mass of burn scars that from that point he kept covered up with various masks. Everyone calls him Mask because of it, and he's fine with that.

Reaching adulthood he was sent to the Confessors. Still on the small side he wasn't great for being a Keeper, but something in him had snapped as a child and he was able to pull of the work of interrogation without it seeming to bother him. He doesn't seem to have much empathy left in him, but he also takes great pleasure in bringing down criminals like the one who burned him, with little pity or mercy. His service to Sanctuary has had him promoted to Copper, where he now watches the Monitors as closely as everyone else.

Previous Roles

Loner 1.jpg

Andrew McInverness (Isle of Dread)

You never had mates growing up. You had music, and it was always there for you. You consumed all of it you could, every genre. Over time your tastes refined and you spent your very first paycheck from your very first job on a shitty old guitar from a pawn shop. You still have that guitar. You never really wanted fame, but you got it. You were discovered at a small, local gig and the next thing you knew you were selling out Wembley. The money was great. The attention is fucking torture. All you want is to make music, but being a musician today means being a celebrity. You nearly ODed a couple times, but your boy Smith keeps saving you. He's followed you everywhere since you helped him out on the street one night. You keep threatening to fire him, but you both know you won't - he's the only person you can tolerate for more than a day. Even your band drives you close to murder.

Now you're on this fucking island because your manager said the money was too good to pass up. Great. Stuck on an island for thirty fucking days with a bunch of kids. Your band are having a great time, too, which makes you even more miserable because fuck those cunts. Now you know what Hell is.

Loner Callum 1.jpg

Callum McClane (Alien Mutation)

You're a Callum model Synthetic, made exclusively for the Colonial Marshals to be a living crime lab. You can do on-scene in minutes what a traditional forensic team needs days in a lab to accomplish, after collecting the evidence. Most of your line simply go by Callum as a last name, and give no first name, but you have a fondness for American cinema, and in particular the old cop movies of the 20th century. You chose McClane as a last name in honor of the DIE HARD character played by Bruce Willis, making Callum a first name. It's not unheard of, but it is unusual. Your precinct has long ago realized you're eccentric, even for a Synthetic, and they just roll with it. You know many of them make jokes at your expense and look at you as an expensive piece of equipment more than a colleague, but you also know they run to you the second they need you. And they always need you.

Loner Glenn.jpg

Glenn McTavish (Prosperity's Price)

Robert's youngest son. Born during a reaping, blue with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, Glenn survived by a miracle. However, the rest of his childhood was plagued by frequent bouts of illness and a poor constitution. He spent his youngest years sheltered by his father and developed a reputation for aloofness and oddity. Everyone expected each reaping to be his last and he survived every one. That is until the seventeenth one, during which he disappeared for a few days. After that his health improved and he declared his intent to leave the town. He headed east, to one of the universities out on the coast. But as with all members of the founding families he was pulled back, returning just after the last reaping. He has since taken over the old herbalist and apothecary that the McTavishes acquired when the Crenshaws left town.

Loner McQueen.png

Julian McQueen (Slasher)

Julian's happiest childhood moment was the day his parents announced they were getting divorced. Father was an American diplomat in Scotland, Mother was a fiery Scottish civil servant, and their marriage was a lot like haggis: ugly, messy, and desired by no one. Dad went home, and Julian stayed with Mom while his older brother Angus went with Dad. Mom never really got over Dad, as bad as they were together, and his life was made miserable for lack of a better target. Then she up and died.

Julian had to finish high school in the US, and only because Dad pulled strings did he get into American college with so much of his transcripts a mess as far as American requirements. So off to UO he went, as it was Dad's alma mater. Angus was waiting for him and dragged him kicking and screaming into the fraternity. Angus means well, but seriously does not understand his baby brother, and all of his helping usually just makes things worse. Like this Summer adventure, for instance.

Loner Mesingw 3.jpg

Mesingw (Carnival)

Coming To America

Missing wasn't always missing, once he was Mesingw. He was born of this land and his people lived on the eastern shores and were some of the first to come into contact with the new arrivals. His people wore his mask and he aided them in their hunts. He was the master of game, and the preserver of the balance of nature. The woods and the wilds were his, but he also knew an eternal truth..

Something bigger always comes along to hunt you.

And so was he pushed back from the eastern woods to the plains of the Midwest, and eventually his people stopped wearing his mask. They stopped calling on his aid. He no longer spoke into their dreams. They no longer called upon his blessing in the hunt. But there's another eternal truth..

A cornered animal will do anything to survive.

The Bear Tamer

What is a being of the wilds to do when it comes to survival? Tend to his flock. Animals and menageries have always been part of traveling shows. This way at least he can make sure they are treated with respect and dignity when not parading on stage. It is a sad consequence of the need for survival and something he accepts with a grim stoicism. To the patrons he is as much an oddity as his bears. Something to be gawked at.

At least the bears make for decent company.

Loner MacLeod 2.jpg

Jamie MacLeod (Project Icarus)

Jamie comes from a family of tech nerds, and he stands out as particularly skilled. Ever since his great-grandfather worked for Weyland-Yutani building synths, members of his MacLeod clan have found themselves naturally drawn to the fields of mechanics and engineering. A brainiac, Jamie plowed his way through his education, graduating with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering by 22. His final project being a cybernetic arm he built for himself to replace the arm he lost in an accident. He was recruited by Weyland-Yutani, where he had been interning, and became one of their prized engineers.

He discovered some dubious practices though while he worked for the company, and when Penumbra came knocking in an attempt to recruit him he was only to happy to shift loyalties, even when the price take was a little corporate espionage. He took several confidential schematics and prototypes with him when he jumped ship, and Penumbra has been keeping W-Y off of his back ever since. He found his way into Penumbra's drone projects and has been contentedly working there ever since, occasionally going off site to repair, maintain, or deploy drones to various Penumbra interests.

When the chance came to explore Icarus, well, he wasn't interested at all in the slightest. But he owes Penumbra and when they told him to jump, he jumped. They wanted one of their best on the mission and so he had to go. At least that's how he sees it. Not to mention a personal stake, one Dr. K.J. MacLeod a biotech scientist that was on the first mission, a friend, confidant, and his brother's spouse.

Loner Marchant 1.jpg

Theodore Marchant (Bonds of Blood)

Eldest of Robert and Monique Marchant's children, Theodore was never the most athletic or popular kid growing up. He was aloof at the best of times, but he had a quick mind and a keen sense for opportunity. Being a son of one of the wealthier families in town kept the bullies at bay and bought him at least a few friends growing up, but he always saw it as a trade. Beer for companionship, weekends at the lake for friendship. After graduation a few stings were pulled and his father got him into Yale, when he eventually completed his Law degree. He came back after graduation and now works for his father's bank as their personal legal pitbull.

Previous Incarnations

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