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Current Name
Sky Bloomquist

Current Occupation


For the Director Only!



It's a wonder how one can go through life as if on a hunt. There are no allies, only those who will aid you in the goal of hunting the prey. Only those who will distract the eyes of many while you move in the shadows, ever ready to spring the trap.

Stalking, tracking and observing, that's your trade. You go into the dangerous places and figure out what's going on. You rarely attack head-on, though. That's for heroes and idiots. You plan and use every advantage you can.

Current Role

Sky Bloomquist is the older brother of twins Art and Zane and the second oldest of the sons of Erik and Stina.

Sky was always the protective older brother to the twins. Though only behind Silvio by one year, Sky is always someone who's always been intrigued by the world, always seeking questions to mysteries and answers to situations that seem to be non-existant. Stoic and tough, he tried to keep the twins out of trouble as best as he could, though it usually ends up being him rolling his eyes and just toughing it out.

Fascinated by reading Sherlock Holmes novels as a child and through annoyance of the media always asking questions instead of seeking out the answers, and with a natural inclination for heroics, when Sky became old enough, he went to college and later the Police Academy, coming out of it with a tried and true detective position.

While he has a solid track record for solving crimes, Sky is also someone who snoops around places he likely shouldn't be snooping around. Yet, through all, he's always there for his family and tries to at least keep a protective eye on everybody, lest they get into too much trouble.

Previous Roles

Mighty Zeus.jpg

Zeus (Carnival)

--Who is Zeus--

Zeus is the Father of the Greek Gods and King of the Greek Pantheon. He is the ruler of the skies and the skies are his domain (which is ruefully shared with very few other deities). Zeus is the God of the Sky, Thunder, Authority, Hospitality, and Honor. He is considered to be the mightiest of the Greek Gods.

--To America--

The King of the Gods (of the Greek Pantheon), Zeus, was realized once again in the Greek Immigrants that came to America in order to start a new life. Once there, Zeus had subtly helped the Greeks that still called him a God with good weather which lead to bountiful harvests. However, when Christianity and other religions seeped into his own people, Zeus had left them, realizing that the age of wonder was coming to an end.

For a few years, Zeus was inactive. Until his return.

But, as it turns out, Zeus was only active for a brief moment. His anger over discovering the loss of one of his Godly brethren had sent the Wrath of Zeus upon the southern half of America. It is still considered one of the worst storms in human history.

Eventually, Zeus found himself in New York after many more years of sublte actions of helping people (the Greeks) and even a few Italians who knew him as Jupiter.

--The Carnival of Monsters and Gods--

Zeus had come across the Carnival when ith ad arrived in New York City. Curious, and ever always the lavish entertainer, Zeus had summoned an Eagle, which he had named Alcaedus, and joined with them.

Hoever, this is very recent, and Zeus has recently taken the position of Falconer, dazzling the crowds with his magnificent eagle.

Previous Incarnations


The Hunter (1)


I am the wolf in the dark.
I am the owl in the trees.
I will go into the darkness where others dare not tread.

Be my prey beast, man, or knowledge, I will track it to the ends of the earth and damn any who get in my way.



Maata Kahloa (Isle of Dread)

The youngest of eight and only girl in the family, you come from a native islander family that's one of the oldest and most respected on the islands. Honest, hardworking fishermen by trade, your family feeds much of the populace. You grew up a tomboy, surrounded by seven older brothers, much to your mother's consternation. Dad just rolled with it and took you out fishing and hunting with the boys. You know most of these islands better than just about anyone, and you're great at mixing it up when drunks get out of hand in town. That's how you got hired to run security - the Wellsons saw you put down a couple drunks, and were wanting a local that knows the ropes to be close at hand. You've never 'run security' before, but you seem to have a knack for it, and Heller has tons of concert and festival experience as a roadie and gives you advice.

Most of the islands. Nobody really knows the Gray Island, because no one goes there. Well, rebellious teens do, when they steal their parents' boat and go get drunk there to be edgy - something you might have done once or twice. You really have no idea if it's cursed or haunted, but you do know that knowing over a hundred of your ancestors were slaughtered there a few hundred years ago by white missionaries makes you queasy. Your family isn't thrilled you took the job, but they long ago accepted that you do what you want to.


Michel Thorne (Alien Mutation)

After a violent and heroic stint with the Colonial Marines left you missing your left leg from just above the knee down following a bug hunt on RG-249, you entered into the world of private security and military ops. A contract with Weyland-Yutani scored you the best cybernetic leg on the market, and you've been escorting executives ever since. It's been a bit boring compared to getting your leg chewed off by a sand leech, but things are about to get a lot more interesting. VP of R&D Thorson is headed into the field on a black book project involving some kind of alien creature, and you're going along to keep him alive and help secure a specimen. They aren't telling you much beyond that, but you're used to being tossed into a storm and told you don't need to know why. It's what you do.

Hunter West.png

Nahimana Munson (Prosperity's Price)

You were only eighteen when the Wounded Knee Massacre happened. You weren't there -- obviously -- but people you knew were. Maybe had it been some years before you wouldn't. Maybe had your tribe more readily resisted being moved into residence you wouldn't. Maybe...

But you did know them and it did happen. And it set off a fire within you. A dark fire that emanated from deep within the bowels of the earth and was fueled by the visions of the Ghost Dance itself. For you had not seen the visions Wovoka had, but had seen and spoken to ghosts themselves. You have witnessed portents in the flames of fires. After that day, your fate was sealed: you would be a medicine woman. You were good at it, too. Not just the spiritual side, but tending to the people of your tribe. Knowing the right herbs. Treating their ills. And when the time called for it? Finding the right curse, the right spirit, or the right path for their revenge on that which wronged them.

In your early-twenties, smallpox came to your people and you knew you had to do something about it. So you pleaded your case with the spirits. One answered the call.. or so you thought. Your people were saved from the illness, but something else dark and sinister had been invited into the village. The only way for them to be saved was to give in and move into residence and you? You were cast out to never return. You learned to fend for yourself and survive on the plains and it was out there you came across Gabriel Munson, half-dead: a white man, a herald for all things bad for your people. But something told you to help him all the same. And in doing so, you found you had common goals. So you became his guide on the plains and somewhere along the way, you became his wife.

Now he's returning home and bringing you with him. How will the people of Prosperity react to an outsider? How will you react to them?


The Hunter (2)

Be it for sport or survival, on your own decision or at the orders of others, human or not, you are the apex predator of whatever situation you're in.



Dante Richards (Slasher)

Born and raised in the rural North of California, near the Oregon border, Dante comes from a family of survivalists that have been convinced The End Is Nigh since the Cuban missile crisis. He never bought into the hysteria, but learned all the ways of hunting, tracking, foraging and more just like the others. He also snuck off to watch movies and engage in other forbidden activities with more 'normal' friends. Trained as well as he was to take care of himself, running away at 16 to go join civilization wasn't hard to pull off. He got a job, got his GED, and started taking community college classes. He eventually got accepted into Cal Arts for acting and stunt work.

He isn't required to be on this trip, now a grad student and TA, it's Summer after all and the students can make their film however they like. But he convinced them having a trained stuntman, safety expert and survivalist would come in handy, and so he's along for the ride. Mostly it's an excuse to chase skirts - both those in the group, and the plethora of sorority girls that will be vacationing there. A guy has to have his hobbies!