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There is much more to healing than mere reassembly of the body. This Healer is obsessed with the holistic. It begins with the purely blood-and-flesh as a skilled MD (or equivalent), but it continues with advanced studies in psychiatry (or equivalent) to aid her in assisting people in mental health. Once that is accomplished, her devout belief in a Pure Land tradition of Buddhism has her committed to aiding people's "spirit" (for want of a better term), bringing them into harmony with themselves. This is, after all, the final step toward a life of harmony with all others.

This is an overwhelming task she has set for herself and thus she is sometimes overwhelmed. At times like these who will tell the Healer to look her own way?...

You're driven to fix others, body, mind or spirit. You can't stand to see others suffer or in distress. Do what you can for those in need and make the world a better place one person at a time.

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The Healer (1)

She is the woman that would stand out in a crowd even if you put a sign on her back that said 'Don't look at me.' The kind of woman who is kind, yet sometimes hard in whatever setting she is. She is the woman who is strong, except when she's not, and sometimes she's not even that. She's one who is wearing the latest fashion but doesn't really care. It's just a thing for her. She doesn't try to look pretty or do her face, she just is.



Veronique Summers (Isle of Dread)

You seek to help nurture natural, healthy healing. That's why you dropped out of med school - much to your family's dismay. You studied yoga, the chakras, reiki, meditative healing, herbalism, dream therapy and every other new age and 'traditional' medicine you could find. Do you believe in all of it? Not entirely, but there are elements in all of it that can help and do good. Health, ultimately, comes down to happiness and state of mind. All of those things help reduce stress, eat and live better, and feel better. Isn't that what really matters?

You're at the festival as a compliment to the medical staff, not in competition or opposition. They handle dehydration, cuts and sprains, things like that. You help with day-to-day wellness. You can tell that some of them think you're a hippy loon peddling snake oil, but you don't care. And if things get messy, you DID go to med school for several years and have much of the same training they do.


Dr. Olivia Ashlund (Alien Mutation)

You come from a good family, attended the best medical schools, and were hired by The Company straight out of university. You've had several posts - on a 'shake and bake' colony doing research on the effect of alien worlds on the human body, in a weapons lab studying damage and damage prevention of different weapons and armor, and now as the medical officer for The Project. Project 937 is the most secret of secrets, and you were chosen because you're efficient, rational, and young enough to not have a lot of friends to leak information to. You are responsible for the health of everyone on The Project.


The Healer (2)

A healer isn't so much taught as born. At least the good ones. The ones that feel the need to help others, to fix illnesses and injuries or just right the wrongs for people. Sometimes, it's just practical, logical. There's some caring, but empathy can be hard to maintain, when you can't win them all. This healer isn't quite there yet, but she has her moments. For the most part, she relates to and cares about her patients beyond their wounds. Sometimes, not so much.



Willow Darragh (Slasher)

Willow comes from a rural family of outdoorsy types, Dad a logger (don't call him a lumberjack!) and Mom a stay-at-home wife who gardens and forages a good deal of their food. Living off the land is what they do. She learned a fair bit of medicinal herbology from her mother while growing up, and the rest of her medical training came from formal, structured classes. She's a certified paramedic and nurse.

The lodge is only a bit over 100 miles from home, and she's settled in nicely as one of the on-call medical staff. There's no doctor on-site, but she and another EMT can cover most of what comes up - at least long enough for an ambulance to get there. Serious emergencies get a chopper brought in, but she's never seen anything that serious in her two years on the job. Usually it's cuts, scrapes, bad sunburns and sprains. Easy stuff.