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Copper (Was a Counter)


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If you have a choice between lucky and good, always choose lucky.

Life is a game, if you're not going to play, why are you here? At the end of the day, you place your bet and you take your chances. It's not that one shouldn't know the odds - one should always know the odds; It's that sometimes the potential pay-off means that even long odds are worth the chance. And sometimes, sometimes, you just have a feeling. A little voice that says 'roll the dice'. Win or lose at least you played. And sure, sometimes you make calculated cover bets or hedge and sometimes you go all in. The trick, the true essence, is knowing when to do each and then not turning back. So figure out what you're willing to risk, make your choice, and let the dice fall as they may. And when your bet is called, hope you're not left holding aces and eights.

You can't win if you don't play, as the saying goes. Risk brings reward, and you're the one willing to get the biggest rewards. Sometimes it all goes wrong, but that's luck for you.

Current Role


Faustina was born in Sanctuary. The oldest of several half-siblings from the same mother. Xavier being the next youngest. She was often told when she was small to watch after and take care of her younger half-siblings, particularly Xavier and Eponine, who were twins. Unfortunately, there's a reason that eight-year-olds shouldn't be left in charge of two five-year-olds. Faustina became distracted enough by something that the two had enough time to wander off and Eponine fell off a wall they were playing on and died. Faustina has never quite forgiven herself for not anticipating this and preventing it.

She's always been odd, but her talent for math and her obsession with details meant that she was assigned to the Monitors as a tattler to be trained towards being a counter.

Her contamination didn't really become obvious until later - she has asthma of a sort, mostly triggered by physical activity. She can climb stairs, but climbing too quickly leaves her out of breath. She can run for a short time, but sustained running will cause her to start gasping for air. She's more sensitive to certain kinds of fumes than most. Cold air can exacerbate the other problems.

She is an absolute true believer in Sanctuary as the best hope for the continuation of humanity and will, as such, ruthlessly protect it. She is also scrupulously honest and lacks any kind of tact at all. She will say what she thinks as she thinks it with very little in the way of filters or softening.

She plans obsessively for the future, looking for potential disasters to circumvent or mitigate. As such, she is very invested in efficiency and in backup plans and safety margins. Though she cares about safety margins for the society, not so much for the individual. Individuals are only worth what they contribute towards the greater good.

Previous Roles


Felicity Bloomquist (Bonds of Blood)

Did you hear Felicity's back?
Didn't she move away with her parents to San Francisco or something a couple of years ago?
Yeah, well, she's back, apparently and no one is saying why, but it has to have been something serious for them to transfer her right at the end of senior year like that and pack her off to live with a cousin.
Well, it is Felicity. She was always a little wild. Not stupid, but wild. I mean, she'd sit there and calculate how likely she was to be injured jumping off a cliff and then just go do it because apparently a two point five percent likelihood of breaking a bone was worth it. She actually said that to me once. So who's she staying with if her parents aren't back, too?
I heard Ellen's going to be taking care of her.

Someone has to take the risks, and Felicity has always been one of the people willing to do just that. I mean, not if she felt the reward wasn't worth it, but she always had a disturbing tendency to calculate the odds, look at the reward, look at the risk, and make a choice. Oh, and she does math in her head. When she says she's calculating the odds, she really is and will likely tell you what they are if you ask. Sometimes even if you don't. She also had some odd ideas about what constituted a reasonable reward for a given risk.

At least when she was younger, she loved games and would always play to win, but was gracious in defeat. She could be sweet or mischievous, and could often charm the adults into letting her get away with things she shouldn't by either her smile or her sheer precociousness.

Now she's back and there's no sign that her brilliance is dimmed any, though there might be a harder edge to it. Time will tell.

In terms of the families - well She's a Bloomquist with all the charm and luck that goes with that, even if she's a second cousin or is it third? Second once removed?

Previous Incarnations


The Gambler (1)

People call gambling an addiction. They're wrong. It's not the gambling itself, it's the adrenaline rush that comes with it. Whether it's a high stakes game of poker or betting the blonde's going to be the first one to die in a movie, the Gambler will take you up on it. They have a somewhat jaded perspective on life, truly embracing the 'I have nothing to lose' culture at least on the surface. The Gambler is sharp though, smart. Always calculating the odds of every situation, figuring out which side of a bet will help them to better come out on top. After all, sometimes the brunette has to die first instead for a bigger payout.



Sophia Wallson (Project Icarus)

Sophia Wallson comes from a long line of mercenaries and mauraders. Her family has always been on the wrong side of the tracks. They work for the highest bidder and don't beat around the bush. While under your employ, a Wallson is loyal - maybe to a fault. But that loyalty vanishes once the job is done and the payment settled. They could be robbing you blind just a few days later. Sophia wanted to try and break the mold. Staying the straight and narrow path - though she couldn't help but inherit some typical Wallson traits such as not tolerating bullshit. She had always loved spacecrafts and learned to the basics at a young age from her father. Eventually her path took her through the necessary flight schools and landing a job on transport detail with an up and coming corporation called Mangosys at the age of 20.

Mangosys. A well known corporation for all the wrong reasons. Roughly 5 years ago one of their top pilots - Sophia Wallson, 25 -returned to one of their many outposts in a barely functioning pod. She and her crew had been transporting a rather expensive shipment, halfway to their destination when they were bombarded by mauraders. They knew all the ships weak spots and Sophia barely escaped before the whole ship blew. She wasn't able to save anyone else. Mangosys's internal investigation found the wreck - sans anything that would be able to really cooberate Sophia's story, and some of the cargo. It didn't take long for Sophia to be put under arrest for a numerous number of charges such as Conspiracy, Theft, and Murder.

Now, after 3 years of prison with no real end in sight, Sophia has been 'leased out' to pilot this mission for Penumbra. She doesn't know who and she doesn't know why, but she'd rather be behind the nav console than prison bars any day.