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Current Name
Yves Bloomquist

Current Occupation
High School Senior


For the Director Only!



Life isn't free, it's not just some hobby. Life is the career, man, be excellent at it - or why bother?

You daydream through life, walking off of cliffs following butterflies. There's a certain wisdom and serenity to your blissful reverie, a freedom that others don't get. Oh well.

Current Role

A child prodigy with robotics, Yves has semi-taken over his father's robotics team going from mascot to driving force when he started tinkering with the team's projects. Now The Silicon Warriors are a top contending team in the emerging hobby of fighting robots for sport and bragging rights. They hope national attention will grow it into a TV sensation but that's a few years off yet. When he's not gliding through his classes, he can be found hanging with the drama kids on occasion but tends to get to his robots as fast as possible.

Previous Roles


Adam Yates (Isle of Dread)

You see a lot more than anyone realizes. Think think you're not paying attention, too caught up in the moment, or just oblivious, but you're not. You notice things. You saw your parents' divorce coming before they did when you growing up. You saw that college was no longer worth the money, but being good at something is. You saw the talent agent in the pizza place you worked to pay the bills, and you befriended him. You saw him sneak in the back at the open mic you didn't invite him to, but subtly made sure he knew about. Comedy is about two things: observation and timing. Everyone thinks you're blandly wandering off the cliff, but you know exactly what you're doing. You always do.

You're something of a master of ceremonies for the festival. There's not enough material in the world for a comedian to entertain several times for the same people over the course of a month, and they weren't hiring one-shot acts, so you met in the middle. You'll do parts of your routines, some song and dance bits, a few stage tricks, and introduce acts as they come and go. At the end, you'll have a ton of great new material to build from with all the crazy rich-kid things you'll see, and a nice balance in the bank account.


Charlie Eastwick (Alien Mutation)

Dispatch. You're basically dispatch, sending Marshals out, looping them in with others, keeping things coordinated from your comfy desk. You ARE a Marshal, and there have been occasions where you've gone out into the field, but they aren't very often. Many times during the refinery season you're the only one in the office because things run on a skeleton crew. That leaves you plenty of time to doctor files and documents, lose evidence, and help various smugglers (but mostly Monroe) do their thing. You get a nice cut. Everyone in the bureau thinks you're affable if a bit lazy and scattered. That suits you fine, as it makes you the least likely suspect to be doing such meticulous and detailed sabotage.


Isaac Munson (Prosperity's Price)

Being a Munson is easy. TOO easy. You're wealthy, educated, and everything is provided for you. You're smart, but get bored easily, and what others see as a short attention span or flightiness is actually a need for something challenging. So you play it up, the affable but distractable gentlemen that everyone likes but few take seriously. It suits you just fine.

For at night, especially come Reaping, you are El Sable (The Saber)! Masked and dressed in black you stalk the streets and countryside, protecting those in need from those who would do them harm. Fighting off the minions of Evil. Holding the Reaping at bay. You're great with a sword and not too bad with a gun, luck and skill flow through you in equal measure, and you can afford any tools you need. And best of all, NO ONE would ever believe it's you.


Oscar "Oz" Knight (Slasher)

Oz has always been a creative sort. The particular sort of creative that does things his way on his schedule. He's smart - very - but has no interest in doing things he doesn't want to do. So his grades have been scattered, projects and hobbies come and go, but when quizzed or tested he aces it. This has been the cause of quite some consternation for his parents.

He should have a degree by now, and he has more than enough credits to, they just aren't all the right credits, and so school goes on. He's a giant nerd with a vivid imagination and an eye for framing that's genius level. Still photography is his thing, but cinematography is his major. The big picture. That's where his focus is.


Loki (Carnival)

Interested in running the games (especially those involving sleight-of-hand, speed, illusion, trickery, and luck). Card games and card tricks. Shapeshifting.


Ulysses Beauregard (Project Icarus)

NOT Mining, otherwise entirely up to TD.

Potential idea: per the evil overlord list, the (not actually) five year old child to have on hand to spot the obvious flaw in overwrought but not so cunning plans.

Work schedule crazypants for the next few weeks, especially weekends.

TD says: Research, both Science and Cultural. You're the go-between for them, and help both check their work.

Previous Incarnations

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