The Fatalist

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Current Name
Hexeyed Charlie

Current Occupation
Booze Slinger, Storyteller, Shit Disturber


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You're all going to die. Just watch. This will never work out, and you told them so, but they ignored you. Anything that does work out is just setting you up for a bigger letdown later.

Current Role

Hexeyed Charlie was born with nothing and you can't take it with you, so he's out to get some something while he's here.

He was semi-raised in Gastown, used and abused by his shitty father, a mean yet charismatic bastard named Devil Dog. Then DD managed to piss off everyone he knew in town, forcing himself and Charlie's mother, Bells -- desperately in love with DD, unfortunately -- out into the Wasteland and on the run. DD started a syndicate, a mean group of bastards known as the Bayonets, and they robbed, cheated, stole and killed all across the sands. Then DD, the drunken bastard, managed to get himself killed, too. Bells succumbed to contamination not long after, dying of her sickness. The kid, almost a teenager by now, would have to make his way on his own.

Scrambling together odd jobs, he darted in and out of several Scavenger groups along the way. At some point during his adolescence, the voices and the extreme mood swings started. More trouble followed as it's wont to do when you're talking to people others can't see and going without sleep for days on end. Having learned a little chemistry from an ex-Savvy, he took to brewing his own moonshine and stealing it whenever he couldn't make it. Drinking was a good way to cope with the voices, though sometimes it made things worse. It certainly didn't help his natural recklessness. It did encourage his natural tendency to tell stories and tall tales, something he's known for to this day.

A survivor out of sheer spite, he's managed to live awhile this way: moving from group to group in his souped-up ice cream van, peddling wares of all kinds, but especially alcohol and the things that go into making it. He even managed to stumble upon a group of Scavengers led by some ex-Bayonets, now known as Mashers. Acting like they respected him for his old man's rep, they attempted to swindle him. But clever Charlie got the upper hand, making off with highly valuable white mold and some of their stash before high-tailing it off to Sanctuary. It won't be long before they come to get their dues, however...

Previous Roles


Dr. Hal Lockwood (Project Icarus)

Dr. Hal Lockwood is a real doctor -- okay, so he’s a PhD. That counts! He’s a homegrown Earthling who studied psychology on Earth for a lot of years and manged to not fuck it up for long enough -- despite having some serious odds stacked against him, like a shitty childhood -- to go on to graduate.

Lockwood was always a bit weird. Early on, he got it into his head that aliens have pretty much taken over human society on every level, and mind control by these aliens is a very real thing. It’s what got him into psychology in the first place, even though he’s always wanted to be a writer (and still writes plenty on the side, from academic papers to fiction). He specializes in forensic and investigative psychology with a focus on extraterrestials. If he has to, he’ll handle personal case files, but he finds most people messy and hopeless and isn’t great at giving advice.

He ended up at Penumbra because a school rival, unbeknownst to him, recommended him for the job -- so that Lockwood could replace him. His rival, Ken Alcott, had no interest in sticking around...for some reason. He let Lockwood take over without Lockwood even knowing, as Alcott was long gone by the time Lockwood got to the station. Lockwood is secretly afraid of space, but he really, really needed a job.

Now he’s stuck here, at least for the time being, sniffing out mind control and anything out of the ordinary, not quite comfortable with Penumbra (or authority in general), prone to drinking too much, sleeping too little, and running his big mouth at the most inopportune times.


Hendrix "Squid" Lester (Bonds of Blood)

Hendrix Lester is Lennon's fraternal twin and Morrison's kid brother. He gets along with those two pretty well, but hates his father with every bone in his body. Despite his cool name, many folks call him by his nickname, Squid -- he's so named for his ever-inky fingers. (Plenty of people still call him Hendrix, though. He won't punch you for it.) Squid's got aspirations to be a writer, and is pretty much writing every chance he gets. Though he's a fiction writer at heart, he occasionally writes for the school paper. He's also paranoid, twitchy, and prone to losing his temper and getting in fights, which results in plenty of detention and talkings-to by guidance counselors and principals. "For such a smart kid," they say, "you should know better."

Previous Incarnations


The Fatalist (1)

We're pretty much fucked.



Martin Skinner (Isle of Dread)

You grew up loving music, but you sucked at it and no one ever makes it big, anyway, so you decided to write about it. You've met a lot of acts, almost all of them superficial hacks, and you never fail to be disappointed by them. It's not like they make good music anymore, so you're not surprised.

The magazine sent you to some rich kid festival on some shit hole island for thirty goddamned days, and you plan to drink your body weight in alcohol. It's the only thing that will keep you sane while you file your reports on how fake and exploitative the whole fiasco is.


Ian Brennan (Alien Mutation)

Space has thousands of possible ways it can kill you, and you know every single one of them. In fact, life persisting in the face of such ridiculous odds is almost a miracle. Everyone thinks you're a cynic, a 'Gloomy Gus', but you really aren't. You aren't afraid that everything will go to shit, or that you're all going to die. You KNOW it will and you are, because that's basic math and science. Everything ends. Entropy will out. But that also doesn't mean that it can't be delayed. There are always cheats and work-arounds for those that know how to find them. You are one such person.

You're the chief scientist on station, which means the fusion reactor and all the really complex systems are yours. Colby runs the reactor crew in the refinery level, but you oversee it all. Avery runs the repair crew, but you call the shots that keep the lights on, the air breathable. Every day the entire station doesn't die, screaming, you call a victory.


Rory McTavish (Prosperity's Price)

The youngest son of Seamus, he was always an odd sort. His father being gregarious and charming made it all the more strange that he should be, well, morbid. He was fascinated with dead things as a child, learning taxidermy from a member of the Davis clan, and apprenticing with the town undertaker at the time by the age of twelve. What really made it unusual was the delight and joy he found in such dark and sordid things. He truly seems to love his work with the dead. While he can show the families of the deceased the empathy and grace his father has in spades, it's always mixed with that jarring, cheery morbidness. It makes him difficult for many normal people to handle.

He knows a fair bit of medicine thanks to his work, and often consults on murders and strange deaths for local law enforcement. He can stitch a person up in a pinch, and knows more than most about anatomy, too. And for those in need of certain... questionable goods for occult practices? He's been known to deal.


Zack Thomas (Slasher)

Zack was allergic to everything as a kid. Everything. And he got sick regularly. His mother raised him by herself, and she did everything she could to protect him from the world. She wasn't going to lose him like she lost her husband. As he got older, Zack realized that there was absolutely nothing wrong with him and his mother was mentally ill. He graduated high school and got the fuck out of that house.

Nice thing is, he had an account waiting for him upon turning 18, put in place by his father before he passed. It came with a catch - he had to go to college and get a degree. So he did. He goes to college, is in a frat, and even attends his classes, but all of his free time is spent gaming. He never got to as a kid. He's still adjusting to the fact that everything he knew growing up was a lie, not to mention all the horrible diseases and ways to die that Mom filled his head with. It's hard to have much faith or belief in anything after that.