The Facility

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xxxxxIn between stories, your Archetypes exist in a place with no windows and no tie to an outside world. The Facility, the Hotel, the House - whatever they choose to call it, it's the only true home they have. It consists of a long hallway of doors, each opening to a personal room, a communal parlor, a communal dining room, and a room best described as a dispensary. There is no time in the Facility, no day or night, and no clocks. It simply is.

xxxxxAll of the Archetypes' needs are provided for. They have a closet full of clothing that suits their personal archetype, touch screens in the dispensary offer every kind of cuisine and beverage they can think of, and they can do anything they with their time. There are no jobs, no chores or duties. It's timeless leisure.

Waking Up

xxxxxThe first time an Archetype completes a story, dead or alive, they wake up in darkness in their bed. The lights are motion sensitive, and while tossing and turning doesn't trigger them, sitting or getting up will. They awaken with no memory of anything outside of their first story - there is no 'before the Facility'. They find that memories of the story are vivid and real, but memories of their role's lives before that story's starting point are not memories at all, just 'things they know happened'. A birthday, a first kiss, the birth of a child - if it didn't happen within the confines of the story, it's just postcards and sticky notes. They don't have actual memories of it happening, only a sense that it did. They may be hazy at first, but within a few minutes or hours all of the story itself comes back to them. An Archetype might believe they still ARE that person, the role they played, and this is some sort of afterlife. Or they might have a feeling that it wasn't really who they are at all - it's up to the individual player.

xxxxxSubsequent 'wake-ups' are different in that they're here again, just like before. They have multiple story memories and start to realize something far more complicated is going on. They're living out these stories, sections of their roles' lives, like actors in a movie. How this changes them and their perspective is, again, up to each player. Create your own theories.

xxxxxEach time they wake up, they do so with one single item from the last story that belonged to their role - this item is at the player's discretion, but cannot be a real weapon. Stage or show weapons, replica weapons, essentially props that are useless in a fight are fine, however.

Your Room

xxxxxEach personal room is the same size and shape, but the furnishings and decor vary wildly. Every room is a large-ish hotel-style bedroom, with a bed, a night stand, a vanity, and a walk-through closet that connects to a bathroom with a toilet, shower and tub. These are the standard features. The details depend on the Archetype, and are up to each player. One Archetype may have a king canopy bed, fine art on the walls, and a wardrobe of designer fashion. Another may have no paint on the walls, a concrete floor, a cot and a closet full of fatigues. You decide what fits your Archetype. Each personal room does not start locked, but can be once occupied. Looting the room of another Archetype who is not currently in the Facility is pointless, however, as we'll get to. On the outside of your door, subtly woven into the wood grain, is an image related to your Archetype and marking that door as yours. Ask The Director for your image.

Facility Life

xxxxxThere are no clocks, no day or night, and no seasons within the Facility, but everyone finds themselves tired at around the same time. Soon, regardless of where they are or what they do, they fall asleep. When they wake up they are back in their bed, in their night clothes, and everything in the Facility has been cleaned. Dishes are gone, discarded clothes are back in their closet, clean and fresh, and any item taken from their room is returned to its place. No one sees how this is done. It just happens.

xxxxxBeyond that, Archetypes may do as they please. There are hundreds of books on the bookshelf, yet somehow any book they look for is there. Shakespeare? On the shelf. Medical texts? On the shelf. The biography of JFK? On the shelf. It may take time, but you find it. The same goes for games - any board game, any card game, it's there. There are no TVs, no movies or video games, and no radios or CDs or players.

xxxxxThere are no windows. There is always fresh air, the temperature just right, but there are no vents. Food and drinks (alcohol, but no drugs or medication) are dispensed inside seamless cubbies below the touch screens in the dispensary. These cubbies have no vents, no panels or hatches. Food and drink simply are there when they slide open, utensils provided, temperature to your tastes.

xxxxxYou cannot escape the Facility. Walls cannot be torn through, and neither can the ceiling or floor. Damage to furniture and such is repaired each time you wake up, back the way it was.

xxxxxAs Archetypes return to the Facility upon death in a story, those still alive are nowhere to be found. Their room is unlocked, but no one is inside. One by one, they simply return. Sometimes someone new steps out, and sometimes they don't return at all.