The Dead Pool

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For humor and fun, below are the various characters in the game, and those who are calling them to die first (or next, once someone does). Put your Archetype after the name to pick that person.

The Addict (Danny Novak): The Defender, Loner, Athlete, Rebel

The Adherent (Victoria Duchamp):

The Advisor (Raul Santiago): Bravo, Thrill-Seeker

The Analyst (In Chargen):

The Artist (Arthur Le Blanc):

The Athlete (Warren Beausoleil):

The Beast (Marc Westin): Caregiver

The Bon-Vivant (Scott Dixon):

The Bravo (Roxie Moretti):

The Capitalist (Christian Price): Melancholic

The Caregiver (Laine Gallagher):

The Competitor (Christine Lake):

The Confidant (Derek Bloom): The Addict, The Confidant, Penitent

The Coward (Colorado Jones):

The Creepshow (Maxine Rodriguez)

The Crusader (Kirk Patterson):

The Dabbler (Tabitha Ryder):

The Defender (Michael Black): The Scholar

The Deviant (Addison Barrett):

The Explorer (Misty Alvarez):

The Fatalist (Zack Thomas):

The Fool (Oscar "Oz" Knight):

The Healer (Willow Darragh):

The Heretic (Thomas Hill):

The Hunter (Dante Richards):

The Idealist (Reno Fisher):

The Innocent (In Chargen):

The Judge (Jimmy Leiataua}:

The Loner (Julian McQueen):

The Lover (Tallulah Bennett):

The Martyr (Finn O'Neil): , Bon-Vivant, Capitalist

The Medic (Matthew Pryce):

The Melancholic (Jonathan Hawkins):

The Pedagogue (Ethan Drake):

The Penitent (Emily Reed):

The Rebel (Sonya Queen):

The Rogue (Lyle Lucas): Pedagogue

The Scholar (Bastian Roen): Martyr, Rogue

The Scientist (Naomi Koda):

The Soldier (Cassandra Wei):

The Stoic (Jackson Ryder):

The Survivor (Theo Quinn):

The Thrill-Seeker (Kimberly Alistair) DECEASED: Rebel, Explorer

The Vigilante (Mallory Miller): Vigilante

The Visionary (Danica Durant-Knight):

Coroner's Report

Maxine Rodriguez
 (Archetype): Lanced with two rebar stakes by Nails, stepping in front of Bastian to shield him.
Roxie Moretti
 (Archetype): Electrocuted by Freak in his dying moments.
Addison Barrett
 (Archetype): Addison, usually so on-the-ball even in a crisis situation, is briefly distracted by the arrival of the ghosts actually ‘’helping’’ them. sure, he’s seen some of it with his own eyes, but this is a different story altogether, and might even seem to alarm him.

Should have stayed completely engaged, though, as is his norm, because all it takes is one fraction of inattention for the double fishmen on himself and Sonya to gain the upper hand, just enough time before he can shoot them first. He shoots anyway, but one of them knocks the gun out of his hand. They’re pissed at him. He’s killed several of their brethren. Perhaps that’s why the pair of them, tearing into him with their claws and teeth, begin to drag him back towards the lake. Finally, Addison’s unflappable coolness breaks. He snarls and kicks and struggles to get out of their grasp, eyes wide and wild, but with the wounds they’re inflicting, he doesn’t get far. The last thing anyone hears of him, before he’s dragged down into the water and almost certainly his death, are his horrified, high-pitched screams.

Bastian Roen
 (Archetype): Killed by Nails as he was avenging Max.
Danica Durant-Knight
 (Archetype): No. Not after all of this. No. This isn't happening. Danica's eyes flare wide as the thing slithers up from behind what she thought might serve as their cover to overwhelm Oz as he takes that last, fateful shot.

"No." She says it out loud. No, Oz, for the first time, she's telling him no. She is not going to run. "No," she insists. "No." This time, she's screaming it, and flinging herself bodily at the thing that's tearing holes in Oz, absurd renaissance faire sword-first, battle bimbo bikini and all.

That singular focus on burying the blade in the beast does the trick. She does. It sinks into slimy skin, but in the very same motion, sends the creature's clawed hand clear through her chest and out her back, in part driven by her own momentum and determination.

She coughs, blood spluttering from her lips as looks down to Oz, ache in her eyes, before she glares at the creature. "The Lady of the Lake says 'fuck you'."

And then, she crumples, silent.

Oscar "Oz" Knight
 (Archetype): Oz is too focused on the task at hand, playing big damn hero it seems. He's sighting down the rifle again and letting off another blast of buckshot with at least nominally satisfying results. Well, that is right up until a fishperson leap sout of the side brush and wet clammy hands start pawing at him like a prom date. "Fuck!" is all he manages to yelp as he struggles and tries to use the stock of his gun to thwart them. He yells at Danica and the rest, "Run!" But to no avail. There are crunchy wet sounds shortly after that signal the demise of the nerdling.
Misty Alvarez
 (Archetype): Confronted by Mahoney as she and several others were trying to escape the underground altar room, Misty tried to prevent him from flinging his bear trap at her friends by grabbing hold of its chain. Unfortunately, he was far stronger than she could've anticipated, and with a supernaturally vicious yank, he sent her flying straight into a wall.
Lyle Lucas
 (Archetype): The Freak flails as Lyle just watches with years of pent up rage keeping that expression still. And then the kickback; lightening arcs high. Muscles start to seize, and the rubber soles of his boots blister and pop; partly starting to melt. The truth of it is running a current through Lyle Lucas isn't that much more difficult than microwaving a chicken nugget. He sees Ethan start to fold and it's almost slow motion. One hand turns up the volume flipping Freak off again, now face to face. His other hand squeezes around Ethan's as he can feel the muscles in his skin cook.

Lyle would love to tell Ethan a hundred things he always knew. Really he'd just like to live and get off this damn island with him, but that? That ain't the reality. It's a damn shame he'll never know Ethan lives, but he can die hoping. And with that he lets himself fall on him in that last effort of trying to insulate his best everything, because fuck these assholes. They don't get to fuck with his boy. Hitting the ground that remaining eye just stares, until the expression fades from it replaced with the dullness of the one he lost.

Christian Price
 (Archetype): He was shot four times by his fiance, Vivian, who trailed him to the lodge.
Marc Westin
 (Archetype): Skull crushed by Mahoney.
Kaspar Henrik
: Crushed skull
Danny Novak
 (Archetype): Stepped in front of Mahoney's bear trap to take the hit for Sonya.

Danny swallows hard when he hears Mahoney's greeting of 'Fuck!' His blood runs cold at the appearance of the ghost. Sonya is chanting, and Danny can hear the scrape of metal on metal as Mahoney hauls back with that chain. He has only one thought: Sonya. He steps between her and Mahoney as the trap lashes out, and he pivots to face the ghost.

The trap slams into his body instead of hers, and despite the shock and fear and pain, it's all right. For at least a little longer, Sonya gets to live.

He has no pithy remark for Mahoney, no parting shot or cool last words. He arches as the teeth of trap rip through him, and when he coughs, there's blood frothed on his lips. He rasps for breath, but he's in tatters, bleeding out and fading fast. With a small shudder, he goes limp. He's gone.

Tommy Rodgers
: Tommy fell onto the broken stem of a golf club and was killed instantly when Mrs. Dini blew up the ground.
Kirk Wachowski
: Very, very thoroughly electrocuted by the Freak's final, dying attack.
Paige North
: Paige is being torn into but she is silent, save for the wet gurgles from her ripped throat. She is still alive, eyes wide, as Derek falls beside her.
Drake Ashton
 (Archetype): Drake Ashton's body is found in his room, having died from a systemic infection caused by the Ballerina's bite. It doesn't seem to be contagious, just a bacterial infection.
Angus "Gus" McQueen
: Nailed through the head by Nails outside the shed.
Derek Bloom
 (Archetype): Derek Bloom was a lot of things. A lot of things no one really knew. But, for all his vanity, jealousy, coke rages, and complete forgetfulness, at the end of the day, Derek could be counted on for one thing. Derek Bloom-no, North, had your back. No matter what. He didn't have to say it for you to know. He was just there. Always. And when Oz, his romantic rival and his recently reunited sister begin to be overtaken, he doesn't hesitate. He runs in, axe up and ready to fight, no matter what it took.

But Derek is no match for the fish people. Too many. Paige is being torn into but she is silent, save for the wet gurgles from her ripped throat. She is still alive, eyes wide, as Derek falls beside her. They claw and rip into his back and he /can/ scream and he does. Something loud and primal that'll bounce off the trees. The kind of scream that'll be heard for years to come, when you come here, at just the right time.

Eyes open and glassy, he and his sister stare at one another, one bloody hand reaching for the others...until a fishperson snaps Derek's hand off at the wrist, ripping it away.

And then, there is nothing more from the siblings North of Kansas, USA.

Kimberly Constance Alistair
 (Archetype): Theo hits Mahoney, and Kimberly kicks him, but neither do anything noteworthy to him.

The chain catches Theo's legs, tangling up his feet and tugging them out from under him. It sends him falling back to the ground, back of his head hitting concrete with an audible *crack!* It almost knocks him unconscious, the room spinning.

That leaves the bear trap, which hits Kimberly full in the stomach and snaps. It then falls to the ground with a clank, along with most of the cheerleader's entrails, splattering wetly at Mahoney's feet.

It's gutted her.

Kimberly has a rather startled look on her face. The coke confuses things clearly. "That...all you got? Kinda tickles..." She says before starting to blow a bubble even with a cocky smirk. Then she crumples in a bloody heap.

Jessica Nichols
: There's a loud, wet slap of bare flesh as Big Boy crashes into Jess at full speed, cutting off her scream, then a louder, wetter *CRUNCH* when he drives her into the wall. She shrieks a wet, gurgled scream, then crumbles to the floor a broken mess when the giant steps back.
Candice Flick
: The ground rumbles, heaves, and then starts to disintegrate and collapse under them. "'Rado!" The look of realization and recognition come to Candice's face immediately as the tree she and Colorado are hiding behind starts to press forward leaning down on her. Muddy once-white Reeboks scramble for purchase and find none. It's a moment, only the fraction of one moment that her expression looks up at him afraid, and with tears that might speak apology. There's no time to say anything so she does all she can: push Colorado away from herself as hard as she can and pray to God he clears the tree.

In the end there is fire and dust. In a way it might be true of all things, even good things. She's not found at first from the size of the maple until there's a hand connecting to an arm, and the body of Candice Flick crushed as if by some giant rolling pin. Her blue eyes dull, staring wide in the same expression with the dust muddying up her face where her tears dry.

Tallulah Bennett
 (Archetype): There are MORE fishpeople coming! "Alright, Lulu, this is what you are here to do. Protect Sonya, make sure the ritual succeeds," she thinks, trying to ignore the frightened tears that begin to dance in her eyes. She knows she's not made for this. She has tried to be smart this whole time, letting others more capable 'do the things'. Sitting out on the bench, that's the spot she is used to. But she can't. Not this time. Her hands shaking, her breaths coming in shorter gasps from fear if not from asthma, she lifts that can of hairspray and the lighter when the fishperson gets close. Glancing towards Sonya, she says, "give the rebel yell, Sonya. You do this."

Stepping to the side she yells at the fish. "Time for a fish fry, fucker!" Clicking the lighter... nothing happens. Her thumbe tries again, and again. Nothing. Nothing but a spark. If only she had a zippo and not some cheap ass Bic. "No..." She shakes her head, the fish gaining on her. She tries to dash further to the side, her thumb starting to feel raw from turning those damn wheels, "" She is starting to sob, finding it hard to catch a breath now when she is slammed into by the fish, those dagger sharp teeth and claws filleting her easily. Blood splattering like the red paint she is stained with, she manages one last deep breath, enough to scream like a banshee until her throat is slashes open by those claws. Eyes wide with fear, she falls limp and unmoving.

Finn O'Neil
 (Archetype): Electrocuted by the Freak.
Nicholas Fletcher
: Doomed!
Cassandra Wei
 (Archetype): Was caught by the pelvis in Mahoney's bear trap while dragging an unconscious Julian to safety at the end of the mission into the bunkers. Subsequently bled to death.

Cassandra lets out a feeble whine as she is reeled in like baited fish. All she can do is hang there as Mahoney examines his kill, staring daggers at the man-turned-monster through the haze of pain. Somewhere along the way she dropped her pistol. She can't even shoot him for good measure.

When he drops her and presses a boot onto her back, she figures that is it--that he'll crush her chest, make her drown in punctured ribs and a mangled heart. She never expected what he'd do next. Cassandra lets out a horrified scream as he effectively severs her body in half, trailing tender muscle, shards of bone, and long sinew from the jaws of his trap.

She doesn't move when he yells, doesn't move when he disappears. He must have sensed the ritual, she thinks. She hopes that this was enough.

"...Fuck you," she gasps to the empty, blazing room.

Evaline Mitchell
: Killed by Nails during the mission to kill the Freak.