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In anything there is need, and where there is need there is cause. Motivation, trajectory, goals. Purpose. All the Crusader needs is need. Once his teeth are set into a cause, he does not let go. Come Hell. Come high water. Nothing but death will keep the Crusader from fulfilling his cause and as we all know, death is subjective.

You're driven to do what's right, especially when it's dangerous or unpopular. Conviction has no meaning if it can be discarded as inconvenient.

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Hector "Heck" DeWitt (Prosperity's Price)

The DeWitt family has long been a law and order clan, with differing takes on what 'law and order' means. The middle son of the late Sheriff Earl DeWitt has a very... unique take on it for the times. Like his youngest brother, Zachariah, he's a progressive and forward thinker who dares to believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, women are equal to men, people of color are equal to whites, and things like 'Dead or Alive' are barbaric. Every person charged with a crime deserves a trial to prove guilt or innocence, and so while he's good with a gun and has served as a deputy in the past, he got a degree in law and acts as the public defender for the region, often going out and bringing in outlaws - his clients - himself before the bounty hunters get a chance to 'Dead or Alive' them. This puts him at frequent odds with some of his family.


Kirk Patterson (Slasher)

Born into a ranching family in Texas, Kirk grew up with a healthy respect for the land and nature, a bit more of a Teddy Roosevelt conservationist than his conservative family might have hoped. It therefore wasn't surprising to them when, rather than following the family tradition, he wanted to go to school on the West coast and enter the forestry service.

There was a different reason, though, one they only discovered after he left and they couldn't do anything about it. Film school. He wanted to make documentaries to share nature's wonder with the world, and over his time at Cal Arts one of nature's best kept secrets became his obsession: Bigfoot. He would be the one to prove to the world that the creature exists. Just wait, you'll see.


Fenrir (Carnival)

Fenrir. A werewolf, the head bouncer that nobody wants to call on to help. His crusade is the huge crusade of seeing people worshipped, though he's always bitching about how he could just end the world right now.

  • Potentially eats the people who cause too much trouble. Nom nom nom. Anyone want a pair of boots?
    xxxxxExplorer: Llesenia lost one, got a spare?

Nick Kolvek (Project Icarus)

Per TD. Visionary's twin brother.

TD says: Chaos theory and hypothetical sciences. You guys are driven by the idea that this is only one version of reality, that reality is subjective, and physics is too. Multiverses, all that.


Dick Lester (Bonds of Blood)

Coming soon! Donna's son with Karl.

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(First Name) Deitchrich (Alien Mutation)

Tenochtitlan Station is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Gambling, prostitution - both of which are legal here - is only the tip of the iceberg. A lot of drugs come through, the wealthy tourists gobbling it up like candy. Stolen good, restricted goods, even human trafficking - it's like the wild fucking west out here. Your dad was a heist man. He spent more years in jail than he ever did raising you and your siblings or being there for your mother. She was your hero, a saint, and she worked hard doing honest work to make ends meet. Now you honor her memory by trying to shut down people like your father, but it's a losing battle here. Penumbra, the megacorp that owns the station and runs the resort, casino, and brothel, helps cover up the smuggling because it's mostly for their high rollers. You do the best you can, knowing it's not nearly enough.