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Organic Mechanic


For the Director Only!



Want to see a monster?

Look in the mirror. You try to hide it, to keep it secret or push it down, but it's there. It's always there.

I'm the freak, the leper, the monster, and I wear it for all to see. I show you that you're too comfortable. Too complacent. We're the monsters, and what we do to each other is worse than any horror movie. I peel back the skin, reveal the truth, spill its entrails.

Come closer. You want to see something really scary?

You revel in the strange and unusual because you yourself are strange and unusual. You're fascinated by the things that give others nightmares, which can be good or bad depending on the situation.

Current Role

Born the child of raiders out in the wastes, 'Little Bug' as they called her lost her legs from just above the knees down at 6 in an explosion. Most raider gangs would have simply let the child die - a disabled mouth to feed is just a drain on resources - but the Bug was already a prodigy at mechanics, her tiny hands deft and nimble, so they saved her and nursed her back to health. A bit more than a year later, the gang was wiped out in a fight with the Children of War and the children like Bug were taken back to Sanctuary.

Her mechanical skill could have been useful among the Children, and while she's disabled she IS Pure and could have been Fortunate, but it was the Green Man who took one look at her and claimed her for the Savvy. Her ability to adapt and work around her disability impressed him, and her mechanical talents showed an aptitude for learning. He named her Arachne and had her learn medicine along with mechanics and engineering, shaping her into a gifted Organic Mechanic. She's an inquisitive thing, always watching and learning from the world around her.

In her medbay she has a harness that's suspended from the ceiling and can move quickly all about by pulling different chains. It's like she glides through the air on her web. It has a number of extra 'limbs' attached to it, equipped with lights and clamps and other tools to keep her hands free for the important stuff, and further adds to the 'spider' imagery.

Outside of her medbay, she gets around on an old, refurbished 'Tony Hawk' (the only name she knows for a skateboard). While she makes prosthetics for others, she rarely wears them herself - her amputations were rushed and crude, not done with future prosthetic use in mind, and so using prosthetics is painful for her.

Maybe being born to raiders taught her how brutal life can be, or maybe she didn't particularly like them. Whatever the case, she showed none of the resistance and anger often seen in kids of vanquished foes taken in by the Sanctuary. There was no re-programming needed and no adjustment period. She simply made the best of her situation, as she always has.

That's not to say she's sweetness, sunshine and rainbows. Far from it. She's impatient, surly and vulgar, her tongue as sharp as her scalpel. She does everything for herself, rarely asking for help, and heaven help the fool that tries to do something for her. If she's bitter about her disability, hardened from a childhood among raiders, or just a massive cunt, who can say? More than a few War Kids are creeped out by and afraid of her, dangling over them with sharp instruments and a little smirk. No one looks forward to a visit to the Spider's Den.

Unlike most Savvy, she keeps her hair short and dresses in leather and vinyl, more like the Children do.

Previous Roles


Esmeralda Cortez (Isle of Dread)

She's always been more comfortable in the shadow than the light; more comfortable seeing then being seen. She knows beauty when she sees it and longs for it as anyone else, but she sees what happens in the real world: beauty fades, beauty is broken. She's a photographer, and some of her photos sell well -- the Cemetery Series in particular. She has lately taken to photographing life and interposing death upon it: between filters and photomanip in Photoshop, the living are dead walking in her art. Why? It makes people think. It shocks people.

She tries to capture the truth in anything horrible and preserve it, because she knows the truth of horror is that the world is horrible, no matter what. If you want hope? You need truth, first. Then you can have hope. Blindness is for the weak.

She's reasonably famous, makes a solid living, but her fame-niche is a bit extreme: she's come to this island to find the darkness in the wilds, because she fully expects it'll be there.


Ramona (Alien Mutation)

You are one of the rare Ramon/Ramona series of Synthetics produced by Weyland-Yutani for the niche market of 'Synthetic Companions', personal playthings for the wealthiest of consumers. Your buyer was a freak and a right bastard, regularly 'killing' you during his fun. It gave you a very skewed perspective of what sex, love, violence and affection are, and it ultimately bit him in the ass when he accidentally asphyxiated himself and you let him, thinking he was showing you just how much he loved you. His daughter inherited everything and wanted no part of Dad's twisted sex toy, so she cut you loose.

You wound up on Tenochtitlan Station, employed at Eclipse as an exotic entertainer. It took some adjusting after the extreme parameters you were used to, but you're slowly settling in and learning more about humanity beyond your limited and warped experiences. There's absolutely no hiding what you are, though - Synthetic - as you're really weird even for one of them.


Maria de Guadalupe (Lupe) Hargreave y Orzibal, AKA Bella Muerta (Prosperity's Price)

You're a Hargreave by right and blood, even if you're made to go by Orzibal - your mother's last name. Like most of Jack's bastard offspring, everyone knows you're his but you have no official standing in the family. The Orzibal family is Blood, too, but they don't have a use for more daughters, so there was never any future for you there, either. You decided to forge your own path.

You joined the Widows young and have been riding with them since you were fourteen. Now nearing twenty-five, you're second in the ranks and the designated monster of the gang: anything that needs done, you do. You long ago stopped pretending that you were headed anywhere but Hell, and you've sold every last ounce of yourself for the power necessary to beat the Devil at His own game. Your guns are infernal relics given to you by a demon and cause you to suffer wounds when you use their power to rend the souls of their victims. You call them the Stigmata Sisters, Mercy and Vengeance.

You revel in the darkness that surrounds you, painting your face like a skull, dressing in black and acting every bit the monster you've become - to hunt monsters you became a monster - but underneath it all is the lonely girl that never fit into either family and simply wants to belong. You've found your place with the Widows, and you'll stop at nothing to protect them.


Maxine Rodriguez (Slasher)

Born in San Diego, raised mostly in Guadalajara, she's always felt like she doesn't fit into either American or Mexican culture. The only real culture she has, then, is film - movies are her life. She's a font of endless movie trivia, has a special affection for bad B movies and horror flicks, and doesn't have a ladylike bone in her body. She's vulgar, crass and crude, and those are her good qualities. Max is sharp but not book smart, creative but in disturbing ways, attractive but largely unlikable - a snarky bitch. It's probably all rooted in deep self-esteem and/or Daddy Issues, but she doesn't let anyone get close enough to really find out. She fancies herself a LaVeyan Satanist and wears a Sigil of Baphomet necklace.

She's attending Cal Arts as a Senior, about to finish her BA in Film with an emphasis on Artistic Design. She can do everything from makeup and hair to blood and practical effects, including prosthetic and robotic effects. She hates the pioneering field of computer effects because she feels it has no soul. She and the rest of her crew are at the lodge over Summer before their senior year to make their senior film, which she was told would be a horror movie. As such, she's come with lots of props and toys that can be used to create all sorts of mayhem.


Gran Brigitte (Carnival)

Coming to America

Gran Brigitte was born in America. Her beginnings are a mix of poor Irish women sold into servitude alongside the slaves in Louisiana, where Voodoo was just starting to solidify. The Irish girls brought their gods and their poppets - little dolls that would one day become known as voodoo dolls - and one of the biggest goddesses-turned-saints they spoke of was Brigid. The African slave women wove a little bit of everything together - including Brigid - and Gran Brigitte was born. Some say that unlike the other Loa she was white. Others say not. Gran Brigitte, therefore, often appears as a young woman of mixed race.

She's fortunate in that she has followers out there to this day, unlike so many of her peers, but the slave owners did what they could to stamp out the native religions of their stock, and the rise of evangelical Christianity isn't helping. She's at her best when the carnival is in the deep South.

Madam Bree

She's been with the carnival since its early days, by choice and not necessity. She could have stayed in the South and tended to her small flock, but upon Emancipation some of her people spread out, and so did she. She's had a number of acts in her time - snake charmer, spirit medium, erotic dancer - and she still does some of each even now. She took over the Cooch Tent when Ishtar bailed in '31 to go to Hollywood, and has been running it ever since.

Gran Brigitte, or Mamma Brigitte, or Madam Bree, she answers to any of them. She's the 'house mom' in stripper terminology, the madam in prostitute terminology, and the boss in simple terms when it comes to the Cooch. She manages the talent, sets the lineup of dancers, books the Johnnies for the prostitutes, and makes sure the entire herd of cats doesn't shred itself to pieces. She often still performs, usually a mix of striptease and snake dancing, and still takes occasional appointments to speak to the dead.


Dr. Madeleine Moreau (Project Icarus)

Penumbra will put up with a lot for genius. Mads is a perfect example. A child prodigy in the bio sciences, she was scooped up by the company fresh out of getting her doctorate at 19. Why does a company dealing primarily with power and energy need a forensics genius? Accidents happen, and so does corporate sabotage. To unravel the truth of an incident that costs the company billions, they want the best, and when it comes to forensics there are few better than Mads.

She's also a moody, morbid, temperamental nightmare. She generally loathes humanity, and the feeling is usually mutual. She wears what she wants, works how she wants, and does what she wants or there's hell to pay. The company has decided it's better to stay out of her way and let her do her thing than it is to try and get her to conform. It causes problems with her colleagues and co-workers when she basically gets away with murder, but having things like hard evidence of W-Y sabotage and being able to force them to compensate the company for vast damages and loses is worth the headaches.

She's on Project Icarus as part of the Investigative mission to determine the cause of the loss of the first mission. Whatever drove them mad and killed them (or made them kill each other) is her highest priority. Secondary is assisting the Research mission in its work in unraveling the mysteries of the asteroid.


Star Thistle (Bonds of Blood)

Youngest of the Thistle triplets, Star is the quiet and truly freakish one. Neither daring like her sister, or oddly cheery like her brother, she's dark and severely moody, silent much of the time and quite foul-mouthed when she does speak. She spends more than a healthy amount of time at the cemetery, recording 'EVP' sessions where she asks questions of the dead and plays back the recordings later to see if they answered. She claims that they do, and has produced a number of rather unnerving recordings she says are proof.

She has a reputation for random, casual hookups followed by the cold shoulder without warning. She's never particularly affectionate in these short-lived 'relationships', but she's nice enough. That is, until she suddenly shows no interest anymore. She's close to her siblings and has a very few close friends, but shows little interest in socializing beyond that.

Her activities at school include Art and Drama, often combined as the set decorator for shows, though she occasionally acts and is surprisingly good. Also somewhat surprisingly, she's one of the Peer Crisis Counselors, listening to and helping/supporting other students going through teenage angst. Outside school she plays bass guitar in 'Violent Violet', Arthur Bloomquist's band.

Previous Incarnations

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