The Competitor

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Current Name
Maddy Funk

Current Occupation


For the Director Only!



Life is a competition to survive. Every aspect. Every moment. You have to better than everyone else or you disappear into ignominy. There is personal competition - being more athletic, better looking, smarter - but there is more to it than that. Everything you are involved with has to be the best; business, possessions etc. And anyone you know, and allow into your life, has to be doing their best for you. If not...get rid of them. Do not confuse competition with destruction, others can be more useful to you 'alive' than 'dead', but make sure that you will be the one always at the top of whatever you do.

For some people, everything is a contest and there are always winners and losers. You're a winner. You live to compete and thrive on success and glory.

Current Role

Maddy had it all. A job as a respected Monitor that had her set for life in Sanctuary - until she screwed up an escort job.

Though she wasn't exiled, she was kicked from the Monitors and had to prove herself as a Scavenger. Wandering the wastes, she is doing what she can to get back into the triumvirate's graces and get her position back.

CHARIOT (10 points max)

Armor 3 (6 points)

Ramming Weapons (3 points)

Previous Roles


Christine Lake (Slasher)

There's the real world, and there's the world according to Christine. In her world, she's a beautiful, smart, kind and virtuous princess making her land a better place. She's stern but fair to those that serve her, rewarding loyalty and innovation, and she's always benevolent to her subjects. All she wants is the best for everyone.

It's not all her fault. She grew up spoiled and wealthy, given almost everything she asked for. What others had or did better, she worked her ass off to beat them. She always wins. Now out of college with a degree in hospitality management, she's the Director of Guest Services at her family's lodge, which they bought in 1971. Her title is largely meaningless, something Daddy gave her to make her feel happy and busy. Tony Dini runs the place and calls the shots, but he's careful to make those decisions sound like they are her ideas so she doesn't call Daddy and cause him headaches. The rest of the staff try to stay on her good side as well - angering her means Dini gets an earful. That never ends well.


Nike (Carnival)

Who is Nike

Nike was the winged Goddess of Speed, Strength and Victory. Older than the Olympians, she sided with Zeus in the war against the Titans and became his companion (he promised to protect her in return for her support) as well as good friends of Athena. One of her roles was as a charioteer who selected from the dead those who were worthy of greater reward (similar to a Valkyrie).

Coming To America

This personification of Nike arose in the Smyrna settlements in Florida but really got going during the American War of Independence; strengthened by the exultation of victorious battle and eventual liberation. Not many at the time would have called on Nike by name, but rather she personified victory (Victoria being Nike's Roman name) and the drive to become something new and successful that was expressed by the country.

War is always a boost for Nikki with so many worshiping the concept of victory but it is not her only source of adulation. Competition in all forms can be fed on, and what better country could she exist in than the United States? A nation full of people driven by a desire to succeed. She was boosted by the American Civil War and the freeing of slaves. By the wars against Mexico and Spain. World War I was another big boost. Every war providing the exultation of victory, fuel for new ideas, and a desire to be first to achieve something.

Unfortunately, with the Great Depression, there is not much victory or success in any form. Nikki has suffered because of it and is doing her best to relight that fire in the American people.

In the Carnival

Nikki was not in the Carnival from the start. After leaving Atlantic City, she headed for New York to try the club circuit there. It didn't work out and, having kept in touch with some of her colleagues from New Jersey that went to the carnival, she decided to join them.

She has been in the carnival a couple of years now, often being the first person to arrive in the next town to drum up business. Her chariot of choice now being a Rolls Royce Phantom II. Other members of the carnival sometimes traveling with her to look over the potential customers - and meals in some cases.

Nikki has a cult with her in the guise of the 'All-American Big Boom Band'. All members must be able to play instruments, or sew/design sets, and they are devoted to her. Her job in the carnival is to provide entertainment in the Big Top as well as musical accompaniment to the acts. Specifically musical concerts/dances are also performed if the carnival stays in the area for a sufficient amount of time.


Ronnie Bosch (Project Icarus)

Hellas (or Hell's Ass to those who know it) is a slag heap of a planet. It only exists to be exploited - and that includes the people who live in it. Into this wondrous paradise was born Ronnie Bosch. No one is sure who her parents are/were. It takes a village to raise a child or, in this case, a rowdy mining community. As soon as she was able, Ronnie would be down in the mines, wriggling into the tiniest spaces, and making sure she could find the best veins.

Ronnie's whole life has been mining. Everything associated with it, she wants to be the best, and that includes the partying after a twenty hour shift. Adept with the machinery of the job, she gained a reputation as someone you could rely on to find and mine the highest quality ores. She also gained a reputation as disrespectful and a loose cannon.

By her late teens she had left Hellas, or been asked to leave, and was moving from mining colony to mining colony. Never staying in a place too long - usually to avoid arrest - she is a sought after for her work skills if nothing else.

Ronnie's last contract found her on LV-366 where the colony governor treated her like trash; cutting her out of her shares. In return, she treated him like a vein of ore and introduced him to a laser drill. On the run, she needed to disappear. What better place than the most dangerous job in the galaxy. Even if they find out she is there, who is going there to get her?

To get this job, despite her exemplary skills, she needed Minin to convince the company she was worth the bother. And now Ronnie owes her big time.


Ashley Freeland (Bonds of Blood)

(Subject to Director Approval)

Student President. Debating Team. Youth Politics Group. Fashion Guru. Clique Leader. Ashley is following her mother's social climbing example with enthusiasm. A shining example of the school and American values. Though, of course, there are things she is hiding.

Like her on/off relationship with Amy Lester which was close to being discovered before Cash's disappearance. Ashley is also hindered by having a heart. Her cold ambition as much about retaining a relationship with her mother as any true desire in her.

Previous Incarnations


The Competitor (1)

Everything is a game, everything has winners, and losers, and anything other than number one is a loser. She doesn't lose, it doesn't matter how she wins, though. If she comes out on top by playing it fair, that's great, but she's not above cheating to make certain that she ends up being the winner. Nor does it matter what game she's playing, sports, cooking competitions, spelling bees growing up, she did everything. The more trophies and ribbons, the more validated she felt in her life.



Blue Rosen (Isle of Dread)

You've always been the best - it runs in the family. Star athletes, leading executives, top entertainers - your family has them all. College is done and now you're striking out on your own, making a name for yourself. Whatever you do next, you want to do it better than everyone else, and right now the name everyone is talking about in the one-percent circles is Madison Wellson, the CEO of the festival. But she's not a branding and fame type, that's her brother, so what's her angle? What's she really up to with all this?

You intend to find out. Figure out why she cares at all about a music festival enough to actually run it - or fund it, at least - and find a way to scoop her. That's why you bought a ticket and came. Whatever she's into, make it yours instead.


The Competitor (2)

What is life without struggle or conflict? To you, it's meaningless.

There are many different types of ambition. The challenge is what you're after, whether it be physical or mental. Pushing boundaries and testing your limits is what truly makes you feel worthwhile.

You chase your goals tirelessly while some part of you wonders if you will ever truly be satisfied.



Dr. Jenette Sterling (Alien Mutation)

As a brilliant scientist and total sociopath, there is no question of whether or not a thing should or should not be done. There is only the question of whether it can be. If it can be, and if it'll make you prosper, then that is reason enough to do it. Project 937 is one such thing. The Company wants a specimen of Xenomorph XX121. Fine. You can do that. All the whining and crying about danger and ethics are just noise, and a perfect example of why you're headed to the top and Grey is not. You get the results The Company wants. This will be no exception.


Amity DeWitt (Prosperity's Price)