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Copper (Keeper)


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Always "professional" no matter the profession. Even in dire situations, there are things that people need and are willing to pay for. Some might call him cold, calculating and opportunistic. At some point, those same people will thank him for providing just the service that they so desperately need.

Even in the darkest times, people have wants and needs. You're there to get it for them. It has a cost, of course, but that's how the world works. Any situation can be made profitable.

Current Role

Born the son of a pair of Scavengers who stopped by Sanctuary briefly on their journey through the wasteland, Locke was practically sold to the Triumverate for supplies at the age of eight. His Scavenger parents boasted that his blood was clean and would have just as easily taken him along with them to the next town if their trade was not accepted. Being an attractive and intelligent young child helped their case and originally Locke was selected to join the Fortunate caste, but at the last minute, perhaps due to his confidence and bravado, he was placed as a Tattler instead.

The Monitors were a seemingly good fit for Locke. Even as a young Tattler, he felt that his job was important, something that he thrived on. Once he came of age, he was placed into the Keeper branch and did quite well for himself. This attracted the unwanted attentions of one of the Coppers, a man named Rand, who was grooming another young Monitor, Castor, that Locke was surpassing. It didn't help that Locke, himself, was a somewhat arrogant figure. Proud of what he's accomplished.

To knock Locke down a few pegs, Rand accused him of various minor, but still grievous crimes of corruption especially for a young and new Monitor. Much of these accusations were backed up by this man's associates in various castes who have some sort of working partnership with the Copper. Looking the other way etc. To make an example of him, he had Locke's face scarred and disfigured to remind Locke and everyone else of his failings. The scarring and humiliation broke Locke, in a sense, psychologically.

From that point, Locke threw himself into his work and became more withdrawn among his Monitor friends. He needed to make a name for himself and to shed away the alleged sins of his past, at least so much that people forget all about them completely. If he was a go-getter before, he was wildly driven now. He grew to having a reputation as being ruthless in his work.

In a twist of fate, Locke eventually brought accusations of corruption on Rand, the 'evidence' being quite substantial with the help of his own associates, some of whom he owes a favor to. It's not that the Copper was a complete innocent, having done this exact same thing to Locke years ago. Due to the abundance of evidence provided, Rand was exiled. This was also something that helped advance Locke's career, bringing down corruption at that level.

Eventually, he rose up to the rank of Copper for his diligence and hard work. Unfortunately, through the years, he's become more like the man who tried to crush him in his youth, with his twisted entitled beliefs.

Previous Roles


Conrad Wellson (Isle of Dread)

Madison is the oldest, the princess, and she had everything handed to her. You had to work hard to stand out and get what's yours. That's why you're the idea man, the innovator, the one who's going to conquer the world. Luckily your sister likes you and has always looked out for you, which means that while she has the money, you have her ear, and she's a lot less brash and confident than you are. Sure, it always takes convincing, but you're going to make the both of you rich and famous. Not that you're poor now.

It all starts with a name, a brand, and this festival is the best way to get the spoiled, self-absorbed brats of the wealthiest one-percenters to know who you are. Show them an amazing time and they'll have Daddy funding every project you can think of. It all rides on this, and you're going to kill it. The future is now.


Rhys Driscoll (Alien Mutation)

You've done a few different things in the course of your life so far. You flew cargo hauls, you did a stint with the Marshals, and you were even briefly a PI. None of the jobs held your interest, though some paid better than others. What you learned in all of them is that the real money is in smuggling. Most smugglers have a hard time because they generally got into things early and have lived a life of crime, collecting a record. You have no record, and in fact used to be law enforcement. So you established a security company, licensed and bonded, to give you the perfect cover. Sure, you actually do security work, and your team is good at it, but the things that you can smuggle in guarding giant haulers like the Hephaestus pays so much more. You know the Marshals, how they work and what they look for, and you easily circumvente it. And on the odd occasion when you get a bit of heat, most of them have a price for looking the other way. They get bored and frustrated out in the frontier like anyone, and need the extra cash.


Cillian McTavish (Prosperity's Price)

Cillian is Seamus' ambitious middle son and the manager of the family's gambling hall. Not content with his position in the birth order, he believes that he's far more capable than his older brother, Patrick, when it comes to running the family. Like his father, he has a keen business-minded intelligence and quite the magnetic personality. In his job as both manager and sometimes dealer at the gambling hall, he's just as good with his fists as he is with a gun. Being devilishly charming, he's also one of the town's most eligible bachelors; something which he is trying to remedy. To bring in new blood, he put out an ad for a mail-order bride last year only to have her murdered before their wedding day during the Reaping. If at first you don't succeed...


Christian Price (Slasher)

Christian likes money. He loves it. Growing up in an upper-middle class family in Seattle meant he never went without it, but he always wanted more. Good grades and a college degree in Finance set him up perfectly to make plenty of it, but then the S&L scandal broke, banks tanked and his plans got derailed. Working as a bank branch manager, while not a bad living, was not how he pictured his life going.

What made it worse was watching the fat cats who broke everything come in and stash all their valuables in vault boxes. One in particular was largely responsible for ruining the life of a local cop that Christian had to turn down for a loan. He'd never seen such a strong, honest man so broken and adrift, nor had he ever seen such hatred as when that cop saw the guy that cost him everything. After the suit left, Christian commiserated with the cop and unintentionally let slip that the guy had a renaissance masterpiece rolled up in a safe deposit box. One simple comment forever changed both of their lives.

Now he's Joshua Gray, hiding out in a lodge in Nowhere, Oregon, and looking forward to a very big payday.


Mad Sweeney (Carnival)

Coming To America

There once was a mad king named... no. Wait.

The Tuatha de Danann were a noble and... no. Shit.

There once was a man from Nantucket? Ah, fuck.

What does it matter? Some Irish folk came over on a shitty boat to escape their shitty existence, or more likely to work off their debts or prison sentences, and they brought with them all their baggage. Some of that baggage was stowed away in their hearts and heads. One particularly cunning, crafty and handsome bastard was the leprechaun. This was before the damned cereal and bad horror movies, back when they weren't wee green folk with pots of gold, but instead brash, brazen and right glorious bastards who fought, fucked and filched their way into hearts and panties far and wide.

Irish people who remembered where they came from left out milk, fruit or sweets to curry their favor. That favor brought luck, good fortune, and occasionally a swift kick in the ass for those who had wronged them. But forget to thank them and they could be just as cruel to you. Not many people make offerings anymore, and fewer still say thanks, so they take what they can get. Entertaining a crowd for a laugh. Selling them a fool's treasure. Coaxing them into a bet they can't win. Fate is a fickle bitch, but a leprechaun knows where she's ticklish.

Bally of Burlesque

No leprechaun is more at home than one who is enthralling a crowd, fleecing them of their hard-earned money, and plying them with drinks and debauchery. Being the bally for the Cooch Tent has all that and more. He gets the crowds ready for the ladies - and gents! - entices them with promises of more behind the next curtain for just a bit more coin, then delivers them to the pudenda promised land. Then it's time for drinks with the crowd as they carouse and fornicate.

On a good night, he even gets into a brawl.


Constantine Thornton (Project Icarus)

Born the third child of the prestigious Thorntons, a family who had made their wealth beginning with investments into technology and mining operations, Constantine was always overshadowed by his older siblings. First of all, there was a fifteen year age gap between himself and the youngest of his older siblings. Secondly, he was the child of his father's second wife, which put him at odds with the rest.

While his father held no animosity towards Constantine, his favor still fell with his two eldest. They were the children of his cherished first wife after all - his rock and equal. His second was a young socialite who he married on the behest of one of his old friends.

Because of this, Constantine struggled to make a name for himself as his siblings held the most important positions within the company. They also made it a habit of turning their noses down to many of the ideas that he had pitched to them.

So when word got out that Penumbra was putting together a team to investigate a mysterious occurrence out in the middle of nowhere, while the board looked the other way for less risky investments, Constantine tossed his name into the hat and was selected as the Mining Mission Director, in part, because he was investing in the mission and he already came with mining expertise. He was young and mostly unproven, but he believed that he needed this. He needed a way to prove his family wrong and show him just how capable he truly was. He would return to make the Thornton name proud.


Landon Marchant (Bonds of Blood)

One half of the boys thought to be the the twin sons of Karl and Beth Lester, that turned out not to be the case. More than likely the cause of Karl and Beth's divorce when they were twelve. After Karl sued to have the Lester name removed from the boys as to not have to pay child support for them, Robert Marchant stepped up and took them under his wing, finding them 'salvageable' despite his dislike for both his own brother, Vincent, and Beth. He's been grooming Landon and Lucas ever since to live up to the Marchant name. Landon is pretty proud to be a Marchant, believing that this is where he belonged all along. He strives to be successful and to make a name for himself. The more serious of the twins, even with his white trash upbringing.

Landon is always on the lookout for opportunities to get ahead in life. He can be as crafty and ruthless as his brother for often another person's feelings are rarely ever put before his own, unless that other person were Lucas. He usually has an agenda for most things, including friendships, but on the inside, it's harder to actually gain his trust despite how friendly and warm he might pretend to be.

He despises his mother and isn't fond of either of his fathers. Something about the whole messy divorce had made him distrustful of most people, a little paranoid and has filled his sleep with vivid nightmares, turning everything he fears and despises into the things that haunt his dreams at night. It's nothing that he really talks about and if anything, Lucas is one of the few who knows about it. Landon hoped he'd grow out of it, but ever since the breakdown of their family, it continues to subconsciously bother him.

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